News: ... almost time to vote Bush back into office!
... My prediction - Bush wins with 54%, Kerry loses with 45% ... Nader might get 1%
* ...DHS holding press conference shortly ...
* US attacking in Fallujah ... air-strikes now, build-up for major offensive?
* Kerry/Edwards balloon goes does ... just like their candidacy, I hope. :) And a fire on Edward's plane forces it to land as well.
* Dept of Labor memo - "Bush is going to win"
* Iraqi's for Bush

* Some thoughts on Global Warming
* Making your cel phone more durable ... "Super-Tough coating"
* More on US GDP growth
* New IE bug ... WinXPsp2 NOT vulnerable, another reason to upgrade/patch!
* Mad Cow in Humans, in New York?
* Did I mention Harkin lies?
* Gel arouses women ... I thought that was the smell of money that did that?
* UN tries to influence elections

*True: Kerry disrespects gathering

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