Seriously - Happy New Year, and Best Wishes to everyone!

Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $9,085,257.75 to date!

* Earthquake: US Govt ups aid to $350M ... 10x increase from $35M initial package
* Earthquake: Powell heading to disaster site(s) ... and ... How about diving during a tsunami? ... and take a look at this collection of satellite images
* Iraq: US rounds-up ~50 insurgents
* 175 killed in club fire in Buenos Aires ... "trapped by locked exit doors"
* Justice Thomas, Gift-gate? ... seems to be much ado about nothing ... unless/until the gifting law gets changed, that is ...
* Pfizer's next pain drug approved ... "Lyrica", who thinks of these names??
* These 4 people (allegedly) bilked Walmart for $1.5M ... printing new UPC codes, nice!
* UN aide insults Israel ... Kofi and the UN, perhaps BOTH should go :) ...
* More on the laser-lights-at-airplanes story
* Cease fire in Sudan
* Out with the old, in with the new - Yushchenko officially 'in'
* Italian PM attacked by a (thrown) tripod
* Pakistan - Bus Accident kills 31(+?)
* Oracle cans 4 PS execs
* FWIW - Washington State can still not explain voter discrepancies ... how convenient for the Dems :) ... also - more here ... dead people still on election rolls, etc.

* More thoughts on 'stingy Americans' ... and more here ... and more here ... and more here ... and note the above article about our Govt ponying up $350M now!
* UAL about to lose their flight attendants ... Union taking the company down?
* Paris terrorizing the Swiss? ... not Paris, France ... Drudge:"Paris 'Unwelcomed' In Switzerland"
* Another comet to look for ... "naked eye visible" ...
* Dell, VGA, PDA ... the Axim X50v ... still not enough for me!
* Your ambulance might be getting a virtual doctor
* "The Washington Post shows lousy judgment." ... oh, like that is a news flash?
* Deadly Lessons ... more thoughts on school violence
* IBM - GRID-ing for medicine
* RIAA, MPAA, P2P, malware
* More "It's the US' fault" blather
* Recently sold IBM division a big fat loser?

* This is an example of why Wash State can't elect a Governor in a straight-forward fashion
* OBL issues new year’s resolutions
* Todd Pinkston breaking barriers as NFL’s first woman
* White House pet in sex scandal
* Bongo News' Woman of the Year for 2004 is Paris Hilton


I never thought about it, but in my wanderings about the 'Net it was pointed out that spiders don't run javascript. What this means is that my blog roll (over on the right) doesn't REALLY count as links to those sites ... which is impolite.

So ... here is a quick & dirty list of sites I visit regularly/repeatedly, in no particular order. (In fact - I am probably missing some from my 'roll ... at some point in the future I'll update/verify these ... but will not be updating the post time/date anymore ... I lied, I AM changing the post date. But just so it stays within the last week or so (makes it easier for me to update :P ))

... some may be offensive, and some are even worse - wacky-way-left-liberal-radicals (my apologies for both :P ) ...

TJ'z Home on the Net
Power Line
Redstate || Collaborative Republicanism for the Masses
Blogs For Bush
Spreading Understanding
Welcome to AEI
Slant Point
The Rebel Rouser
The Club For Growth
Michelle Malkin
Blogs Against Hillary
Right Thinking from the Left Coast
Conservative Dialysis
Paratrooper's Blog
Shut Up Ed
Cao's Blog
It Is What It Is
Conservative Life
Conservative Insurgent
The Underscore
Google Blogoscoped
Media Slog By C_Neil
Right-Wing Stuff
Tales of a Farmwife
Mommy Matters
Ann Coulter.com!
News from the Great Beyond
PopcornTree / Alli Deluxe
Life Through The Slightly Crossed Eyes of TESTYPEA !!!
A Painting a Day
Economics With A Face
The Hackworths - Reproducing Since July 2000
Stupid Beautiful Lies
Stop the ACLU's radical agenda!
Diggers Realm
Blue-Eyed Infidel
National Center Policy Analysis
Capitol Hill Blue
Democratic Underground
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
BOROWITZ report.com
Broken Newz
Enduring Vision
Confusion Road
eBaum's World Main Page
glumbert.com : news, downloads, pictures, links
HumorFeed -- Daily News Satire Headlines
DrunkStunts - New and slightly improved.
Mobog - Send pictures directly from your camera phone
defective yeti
Welcome to Engrish.com!
Everybody! Everybody!
BASH QDB: Latest 50 Quotes
User Friendly the Comic Strip - The Daily Static
Day by Day
Google News
The Register
New Scientist.com
Scientific American.com
The Corner on National Review Online
Tom's Hardware Guide
The Smoking Gun
Ars Technica

Additions to this list:
Common Sense for America
Humor Hangout
Brian Damage
Marginal Revolution
I Love Cress
Life with Al
The World According to Nick
Commonwealth Conservative
Armageddon Project
TJ'z Home on the Net, via BlogSearch
RightWing NutHouse
Training For Eternity
Uncivil Rights
TS Right Dominion
KO Science
Physics Today
Jeff King
Space Policy
Jeff Blanco, aka Louisiana Conservative
Desert Smink
Blue Glow Worm
Rite Turn Only
Bounder of Adventure



I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $6,084,594.50 to date!

On a happier note - New Years' Party, My Place, start @ 18:30'ish ... to anyone I don't 'see' before then, Happy New Year!

* Earthquake: Drudge:400k dead in Indonesia alone! ... as if the official count of 120k wasn't bad enough! ... which is, sadly, outdone by India - Red Cross : "death toll from INDIA ALONE could reach 1 MILLION" ... beyond staggering, beyond words ...
* Red Cross website overwhelmed by donations ... go through 3rd parties, like Amazon (they are used to high traffic volumes :) )
* Red Cross : "US citizens have donated $18M so far"
* India also gets hit by a volcano eruption
* Again, the US is being criticized for trying to help ... damned if you do, damned if you don't ... and given what the UN did in in Oil-for-Food and in the Congo-Sex fiascoes perhaps we are wise NOT to go through them ... ?
* Beware 'shady' charities ... do what I did, donate to the ARC! (New 'Pay Box' to the right :) ) ... so very sad, but not surprising, that some would seek to do something like this
* 'Cabir' variants spreading in the wild ... infects Symbian OS devices
* A few thoughts on Saddam's legal team ... and more here
* New Jobless Claims down (again) ... economy getting better and better ...
* Iraq: Entire Mosul Election Board resigns? ... (12/31)UPDATE:Some reports are saying only 2 people quit, and that a Al-Jazeera was just a little hype-alicious.
* Rossi's last stand ... a request that will, of course, be denied as the Dem 'win' Washington State Governor-ship ... and again, by 'win' I mean more-than-likely-steal :) ... I like the way GOPBloggers put it - "Rossi should stop fighting for this election—but that he should not concede"
* 1000s of Iraqis finish training
* The option of 'moving' to US has kept the people of Mexico from revolting?
* Anna Nicole Smith -$88.5M ... judge reverses ruling ... sweet
* Canadian Beef, Mad Cow, and imports

* Walmart vs Unions ... and a hypothetical (for now) scenario for you
* OnLine time cuts into real-life time ... duh!
* Python saves twins ... Python the snake, not the language :)
* NetCraft releases 'Anti-Phishing Toolbar'
* New & Improved SETI
* DoD testing semi-active RFID
* Truth, Patton, and the Iraqi death toll ... read article for the connection :)
* NY - no place to run a business in/from? ... "exorbitant state and local taxes, undue regulation, outrageous energy costs, a hostile legal system"
* The Google Home Appliance?
* New worm - Phel - targets WinXP ... including sp2!
* Ann Coulter's review of 2004
* More ID vs Darwinism
* Comair redux
* Increasing Minimum wage = increased unemployment ... yes, it's true. Who agrees - how about Bill Clinton? (but don't hold that against me :P )

* New OOTS! ... I didn't know Gatewood was a halfling thief-barbarian ...
* Drew Carey - murderer
* Gift card used to purchase better gift card
* RIAA sues Santa, Children ... funny, or sad-but-true?
* Archaeologists find ancient race of skeleton people
* Al-Qaeda.com Bowl Seeks to Soften Image
* Least Popular Baby Names of 2004
* Nine in ten Satanists considered "creepy"

Click for Cool PIC!


Sorry - been in & out of the vet's all day, Mädchen having problems - mouth(?) issues this time :( ... UPDATE: $500 later, no problems found yet (bloodwork being sent out, and antibiotics being adminitered) ...


Radiator(?) Wednesday

President speaks, summary - we are sending Marines & an Aircraft Carrier over to lend assistance, and we are spear-heading the formation of a coalition to coordinate relief efforts. And he offered prayers to all of those affected.
Some nitwit reporters took this opportunity to ask questions about Iraq; IMHO this is very poor form!
... The President also mentions that the US is responsible for 44% of GLOBAL charitable donations.

Anyone out there know if there are any 'locater' services tunning for people lost, found, etc. in Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc.? A friend of mine is looking for some of his friends ... replies via email or comments to this post greatly appreciated!

BearingPoint matches employees' donations to Tsunami Relief causes ... I would like to say Thank You to them for doing so (effectively doubling my donation to the ARC!) and would encourage more companies out there to do likewise.

* Earthquake: Death toll rises ... official count = 67k, nearly 68k ... and "Lost Generation" ... up to half of the dead are children ... US giving $35M ... which doesn't count private donations (like mine!) ... UN saying 5M people are "left without the resources for daily life" ... and a look at the tectonic shift ... and Death toll clears 100k ... Fox still claiming 'only' 77k ... I cannot even describe how terrible this entire situation is.
* Iraq: "Death-Trap" kills 29 ... terrorists lured police there with an anonymous tip, the dead include 7 police ... which leads to the US launching a new offensive
* 'Huge' explosion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ... near Interior Ministry ... UPDATE : a second explosion (car bomb) in Riyadh, and shots heard ... Oil going up (based on fear) ... also FOX reporting 9 militants (and one bystander) now dead
* Some 'gun control' truths ... as San-Fran considers a Firearm BAN ('cause that worked so well in DC, right?)
* Tsunami Help Blog ... I hope they keep this site actively going, to help with future events ...
* Sales of existing homes hit record high
* CIA -1 official ... Jami Miscik, head of the CIA's analysis unit, will resign next year
* Soros + Tax Evasion = Fun! ... couldn't happen to a 'nicer' guy :)
* Orbach dead, at 69, of Prostate Cancer
* Washington State: Rossi calls for do-over ... maybe the Dems won't steal the state?
* Less Tech = more jobs in 2005?
* Romanian, 67, pregnant with twins ... and I heard yesterday that a 55 year old in Va is pregnant with either twins or triplets ... oh, and these will be her grand-children. No banjo music required (this isn't West Virginia :)) - it was IVF, she is 'just the incubator'
* Dollar reaches new low vs Euro

* More Santy variants floating around
* Podcasting, Broadsnatch, BitTorrent ... and other cool, techie-geek things :)
* Some thoughts on God, and natural disasters
* Liberalism's great failures, part 1 ... public schools,
* A warning for the GOP ... the password is "immigration"
* ViewSonic's (Wireless) Media Center
* Apple releasing a sub-$500 iMac?
* Shuttle gets a new fuel tank
* Ultra-High-Speed Camera ... "multi-thousand frame-per-second", using an array of standard 30fps cameras!
* CraigsList costing papers $$ ... a win for the little guy, or atleast it used to be the little guy :)
* Some lefties just can't get over losing
* Some thoughts on modern civility
* Pictorial Guide to Islam ... can't say I quite agree with the statements, but interesting none-the-less
* Magnet help arthritis victims? ... um - no, they don't
* "Not my friends"
* "Box Theory"? ... are our boxes being threatened?
* Vacation-gate? ... "It's as if Bush thinks that action is a substitute for news conferences"
* A few thoughts on the recently deceased Susan Sontag ... from Malkin, and - "Liberal bias? What liberal bias?"
* PoliPundit toots it's own horn
* Edison interviewed Ford ... interesting read ...
* "The Treatment" ... Bill Clinton's legacy, and some revisionist history ... :)
* More wacky anti-Christian goings-on
* Suspicious plane-tracking laser ... news just said there are 6 instances of this happening ... ?
* VoIP wins another trial
* LokiTorrent fighting the MPAA ... not just rolling over like SuperNova :), also - they are seeking donations to help cover legal fees
* Medivac choppers being grounded, Manufacturer not fixing them ... $5M gets you a very expensive, very large paperweight.
* Germany has a huge Solar Power Plant ... if they can make it that cheap/profitable maybe this is the quick way out for some of the world's energy problems?
* Amazon : Giving it away ... and still making money. Interesting!

* "In-laws serve no evolutionary purpose", scientist says
* Christmas Outsourced
* Paris Hilton vows to be EVEN MORE annoying in 05
* Entire Dodger's roster traded away
* NASA to spend $311M to destroy harmless comet
... maybe more later ...
* Babe Ruth named Least Valuable Player of 2004 - Edwards, Clinton place 2nd & 3rd

14:35 Radiator delivered, gotta go install it ...
21:03 = Radiator installed, tested and Chinese Food Delivered+Consumed. Bed Time? ... Oh yeah, and THANKS to Radiators.com for saving me $100+ (and I can get over the minor shipping snafu).


Radiator Tuesday

... or not. My radiator was not overnighted, so now I get to wait until tomorrow. A day off work, wasted. They are magnanimously refunding the $16 expedite fee, plus $4 for my trouble - w00t! That definitely covers the 8 hours of personal time I had to burn (ahem).

* Earthquake: Official death toll now @ 44k! ... a train in Sri Lanka was knocked off it's track, all 1000 passengers reported dead (SL saying atleast (and 10% of SL's total population is now homeless). Such a terrible tragedy; almost incomprehensible. Grievances, Prayers, and Best wishes to everyone who was killed, and their family and friends. News reporting that 'Supermodel' Nemcova survived by holding on to a tree for 8 hours, her boyfriend is still missing, dunno why that is really considered news. If you haven't, please donate some $ to help the aid organizations help that region out - USAID's tsunami assistance coordination site ... even better, I am partial to the Red Cross or the International Federation of Red Cross ... or here is a Long list of ways to help ... Drudge says death toll estimates will exceed 60k. UPDATE : current death toll is now at 59k, and WHO estimates the death toll will double due to disease. Simply amazing.
* Earthquake: Sri Lanka rejects some help ... Israel offered ... (found via GOPBloggers)
* Iraq: Police being targeted, 24 killed in multiple attacks ... more grievances
* Ramsey, MN - building explodes/collapses
* Cali getting some bad weather ... "Snow, rain, lightning, strong wind gusts and waterspouts" ... believed to have caused a major accident involving an 18 wheeler ...
* Iraq: Japan sending $97M in aid
* Iraq: Iraqi's helping train US troops ... a role-reversal :)
* N.Korea / Kim Jong-Il going down? ... couldn't happen to a more deserving person ... one of the links - "North Korea to 'Implode' within a Year" ... another link says it will explode, I wish they would make up their mind :)
* UN calls US stingy ... they want more of our money to embezzle ... they also said we should just raise our taxes and send more $. I abhor the UN more and more just about every day ... more news is coming out about how the UN KNEW the Oil-for-Food 'program' was being subverted, exploited, etc! ... update: UN backing down from the "stingy" comment ... doesn't change my opinion of the UN!
* China and Taiwan about to throw down?
* Consumer Confidence up ... and stocks too
* There are 295M of us ... or will be in a day or three :)
* PS -1 CEO ... all Larry, all the time
* Town celebrates Kwanzaa ... sure, we can celebrate a fake holiday with no historical basis, but don't dare even try to show a Nativity ...
* Canada - under-breeding?

* Prosperity is the best defense against Natural Disasters
* Asteroid impact probability 'downgraded' to 1-in-56,000
* Fannie Mae's ousted CEO to make $1M/year for the rest of his life ... and who said crime doesn't pay? I heard something about the SEC(?) looking into whether he should have been allowed to quit, or if he should have been forcibly fired (I like the latter option)
* Top 10 losers of 2004, #10-6 ... top 5 come later (such a tease)
* VA = tax surplus? ... don't hold your breath waiting for a refund ... read the whole article here
* Buying 'alternative' medicine over the internet ... graphic pic of damage done by "cancer salve"
* Some (amusing) thoughts on efficiency ... France's dual-use white flag ... too funny!
* Rumsfeld's record ... whether you are pro-Rumsfeld or con-, you should read this ...
* Thoughts on Home-Schooling
* Some companies going out of there way to help returning troops ... i.e. - these are companies you should support :)
* Extinction Level Events ... haven't read through it thoroughly yet, but sounds like an interesting site
* Personal accounts already work (which might be why the critics are so scared)
* Firms Pay Nothing, Get Plenty
* Distributed Vote Fraud
* Some thoughts from Nick ... on the earthquake/tsunami, and some things done in poor taste
* Virginia matters ... Governors, Senators ... and Presidents?
* Wire Mesh jitterbug thingie

* What type of Govt to set up in Iraq? ... "Republic: This is where Republicans rule the government. This is the one we have and the best of the imperfect governments."
* Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and a U.S. Marine were hiking through the Iraqi desert one day ...
* Chargers decide Murder-Suicide the only way out
* ACLU's portion of Hell nearly complete
* Baby: "Yeah, that's right," he said, "I do have a peanuts."
* US cancels Iraq debt, predatory lenders move in
* Baby: "Giving Tree" only takes


Just Monday

... Prayers and grievances to all those killed, injured or missing and their family/friends ... and the Redskins suck, Peyton Manning beats Mtouarino's single-season Touchdown record (Hi Eddie!), and Reggie White passed away(posted yesterday)

* Iraq: New OBL tape ... "those who participate in the elections are infidels" ...
* More Earthquake info ... Drudge says "Moved the entire island of Sumatra about 100 feet" ... 'disturbed' the Earth's rotation ... and 20k now reported dead ... and After-shocks are occurring, follow-up tsunamis a (sad/scary)possibility ... and Death toll now approaching 25k ... the bad news keeps coming in, and the death toll is expected to rise dramatically as relief workers begin the process of recovery. Such a terrible loss of life, and expected to be the most expen$ive event ever - Thailand alone is looking at $1b in lost tourism revenue, not counting the cost of the recovery! And, as if that wasn't ll bad enough - Now fighting to avoid disease outbreaks ... "typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea and cholera" ... 'they' are expecting the final death count to approach 50k! ... and a touch of GOOD news : 20 day old baby survives ... floated around on a mattress
* Iraq: Homicide Bomber misses Shiite Leader ... but still kills 9 ... make that kills 15 ...
* Iraq: US Soldier killed by roadside bomb
* China launches IPv6 network
* Iraq: Some thoughts on Democracy in Iraq ... "will Islam dictate the law in Iraq"?
* Market inching up more ... and oil sliding down a bit ... Dow above 10.8k, NASDAQ above 2100 ...
* Islamist law makes inroads ... polygamy about to be 'recognized' in the UK, and Canada ... the opposite of integration, the logical conclusion of this is to have separate laws (penal, tax, etc.) for EVERY subset of you civilization ... need I say this is the wrong direction to move in?
* Comair to continue having problems for DAYS ... that will certainly tarnish their reputation even more, and hurt their bottom line
* Rumsfeld : Plane was shot down in Pennsylvania ... ? ... that was apparently he mis-spoke
* 2 US-trained Iraqi's save a GI's life, using the training they received from us!

* Gratuitous Plug: Want Traffic? Join BlogExplosion! ... (and use me as your referrer, so I get some too :P )
* CL's Person of the Year - Patrick Tillman ... if you don't remember, he quit the Cardinal's to join the Army as was killed in action April 22, 2004 ... why'd he do it? : "My great grandfather was at Pearl Harbor, and a lot of my family has ... gone and fought in wars, and I really haven’t done a damn thing as far as laying myself on the line like that"
* Some great thoughts on "Progressive Liberals" from Cao ... "has opposed every war that America has fought in living memory, and it has found ways to sympathize or actively support every enemy America has face"
* Top Science stories of 2004
* Toyota Prius (hybrid) hits 130mph! ... NOT stock (obviously), and I bet it wasn't getting 66mpg at the time :)
* "Free software, no nasties"
* Opera 8.0 Beta released ... Firefox still better?
* Build Your Own Digital Picture-frame
* US Soldiers "fighting to get BACK to Iraq"
* Drug Companies warning employees about Moore
* Castro has some oil now too
* Creative out-iPods the iPod?
* Galactic Quiz
* Can man fly?
* Inside WinXPsp2
* Runner-Up Losers of 2004 ... they couldn't even win the Loser Competition :)
* Another reason to support Kilgore for Governor in VA?
* Iran's nuke sites being targeted by "UFOs" ... or by observation aircraft, you pick :)
* I have been hearing good things about "Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World" ... probably going to order it later this week, will let you know how it is (assuming I do order it :P)
* Wanna work for Uncle Sam? ... the obvious Intelligence Analyst shortage makes the news
* Hacktivist takes down a McDonald's/China website ... perhaps they should hire a certain InfoSec person?
* Amazon.com tops record for 1-day sales
* The Myth of the Separation of Church and State ... "the words: "separation", "church", and "state" do not even appear"(in the Constitution) ... "Our U.S. Constitution was founded on Biblical principles and it was the intention of the authors for this to be a Christian nation"
* How sciencetists(sic) calculate the chance of an asteroid hitting Earth ... sciencetists ... that's a funny typo! ... speaking of which - Asteroid impact 'upgraded' to 1-in-37 ... it was 1-in-300 a day or 4 ago
* How to get to a Hydrogen Economy
* Iraq: Letterman visited Marines ... "Anybody here from out of town?" ... funny :)
* WiFi in Texas parks
* History of the microchip
* ISP/telco shuts down w/ almost no notice to clients and employees ... that basically sucks
* Toshiba causing SD card shortages
* Want to help 'any soldier'? ... great way to make a difference!
* More on the problems in Washington state ... one election stolen
* Some thoughts against ID
* The Bible, in 50 words ... for those with ADD :) ...

* New OOTS! ... go ahead, take a level of Barbarian
* Travelers heartbroken as they are informed their Airline doesn't exist
* U.S.S. Constitution Makes Drug Bust ... "Without any engines to make noise, the frigate went unnoticed by the drug running boat Marciela on December 17 when it nearly ran into the sailing vessel. The Marciela opened fire on the Constitution with automatic weapons; but the heavy-caliber bullets, which would have blasted through a standard fiberglass hull, proved useless against the Constitution's 25-inch thick oak hull."
* FDA : "Who Cares?"
* Stolen office supplies discovered in Iraq
* Biblical Prophecy: How to make it work for you
* Blair discovers 3rd gear ... still no Reverse!
* Annual holiday newsletter from the cat clone lady
* Teens more willing to lie to researchers about their smoking/drug use
* Dog reads tea leaves, predicts earthquakes


found via The Least of My Worries



* Monster Earthquake ... 8.9, largest in 40 years, 6300+ killed, 100k+ displaced, tsunamis, ... grievances to all those killed and prayers family & friends of them, as well as for those 'displaced' ... found via Drudge ... and more here ... talks about 500k+ displaced! ... and this says 1M displaced! ... details still coming in / developing ... news just said 11k now dead, and Thailand's crown-prince is reportedly missing ... UPDATE: Upgraded to 9.0! ... per news - "5th strongest since 1900" and "equivalent to 30 billion tons of TNT" ... and death toll up to 11.5k now
* Iraq: Senior Police Officer killed ... more terrorist action, grievances to his family & friends
* Reggie White is dead at 43 ... heart-attack ... condolences ...
* Marxist rebels kidnap 10 in Columbia ... prayers for a safe outcome ...

* Yushchenko wins re-vote! ... based on preliminary info, that is ...
* Comair trying to recover ... after ROYALLY screwing up, US Air blames large #'s of sick-calls on their luggage SNAFU ... some people saying "Christmas was ruined"! ... and "Paratrooper's" thoughts here ... good ideas :)
* What's next for Google?
* IBM:100TB tape?
* NES emulator ... and speaking of NES, check out the NES over-clocking guide ... :)
* Gay penguins?
* Some thoughts on Va's upcoming gubernatorial races
* Bad week for Pennsylvanian Democrats? ... found via VA Conservative :)
* Interesting sounding book - Google Hacking for Penetration Testers
* Some thoughts on our Founding Fathers
* Some Christmas miracles ... from Michelle Malkin, "An airman home on leave from basic training jumped into the frigid water of the Arkansas River to save a mother and her 2-year-old son after their car lost control and crashed" and others
* I highly recommend Radiators-dot-com ... they same OEM radiator as AutoZone & Advance Auto sell, but for 1/2 as much ... and they offer an upgraded ("heavy duty") model that is still $100 LESS than the local stores! (Sadly, my radiator blew on the way to Apheresis - so the Red Cross doesn't get my platelets just yet :( ... Speaking of the ARC - Have you given blood lately?? What are you waiting for?)
* Want movie spoilers?

* Woman pays $50k for "cloned" cat ... not the kind of "clone' you think :)
* Christmas wins
* Embarrassing White House error blamed on Democratic Operative
* FDA Defends Approval of Rat Poison
* A Watley before Christmas
* American children don't know about Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen
* Bin Laden releases Christmas recording
* How to Make Love Like a Police Commissioner
* Pacers, Pistons players exchange firearms in goodwill gesture

Christmas Roundup
Most importantly - I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter (her first Christmas!) for which I am more grateful than I can say. And two great dogs. And lots of great family! And we are all in reasonably good health, although most of us have now put on a few pounds. (And expert for Mädchen, who is having some hip (& mouth!) problems ... still working on that ... )

Also - our prayers to Brett, my brother in law, who is stationed over in Afghanistan (USAF). He was able to send a video home and we got to see his base, some of his fellow airmen, and to get a better idea of what he is going through over there. On the video they talked about the "TLS" building, or "Taliban's Last Stand" ... which is now a big building with a big hole in the roof where the bomb entered :). Also got to see some Apaches, some C130s, a few Chinooks, their HMMVs, etc. Good Stuff, and we hope Brett comes home safe and sound in a few months.

Having said all that emotional stuff, let's get materialistic - I got some cool gift certificates (which are generally preferred, so I can pick out what I know I want :P). Got some clothes. Got a set of Dominoes. Got a Business Week subscription. The best gift - Becky got us a matching pair of Bibles, with our names inscribed (or whatever the right word for that is) on them - pretty cool. Yes, I am old now so appreciate all of these (even the clothes!). Thanks to everyone!!

Click for Christmas for our Troops



* Pope speaks ... and full translation of his speech
* Iraq: Suicide truck blast ... kills 9, grievances for the them
* Iraq: Two 'key' members of al-Zarqawi's network caught ... caught in Ramadi
* More voting problems in Ukraine
* Town in Texas - 1st White Christmas in 80+ years ... and I still have no snow :(
* Crazy man climbs world's tallest building
* Maybe Washington isn't lost yet? ... although I think Rossi won, I am not sure we should continue this odious contest-the-vote process :(
* Think your Christmas was stressful, atleast you weren't trying to fly ... if you were trying to fly, sorry! ... "Tens of thousands of travelers spent Christmas in an airport, as Comair canceled all of its flights and many US Airways passengers waited to be reunited with their luggage."

* Some cool picks from WFCAM

* New OOTS! ... greedy thief ... well, not really
* New REDvsBLUE!

Click for Christmas for the troops


Happy .5 year Birthday to Riley!

... Symantec raised Internet ThreatCon to 2 based on recent Oracle vulnerability ... they also mention, in passing, that Win* has a (new) unpatched vuln's ...
* Annan -1 aide ... Iqbal Riza, chief of his executive office, quits ... Oil-for-Food fallout?
* $US hits all time low vs Euro
* Putin questions US policy ... perhaps he feels we should accept more bribe and deal with corrupt governments, no? (and maybe poison foreign presidential nominees?)
* Malkin vs TSA ... Head of Federal Air Marshall Service lying?
* Iraq: Fallujah flares up, 3 US Marines killed ... prayers and condolences ...
* 50 year anniversary of first (successful) living donor kidney transplant
* Some e-tailers having Christmas problems
* Forest service relaxes rules
* Bad Weather pummels NE, MW ... they're taking all my snow??
* China closes 1k+ websites
* New Home Sales plummet 12% ... "largest drop since 1994" ...
* GM recalls 700k minivans ... that's what you get for driving a minivan :P
* MORE 'fun' in Washington State - 91 veterans want their votes to be counted ... sadly, it probably won't matter - the Dems have more than likely stolen the state ... and more here

* An interview with Ünter Klaus, CIO of Christmas HQ
* Opportunity gets a car-wash
* Crickets can exhaust themselves to death while courting females ... all the women's fault, by the way
* Killed by tomatoes ... anaphylactic shock ...
* More on the Titan rendezvous
* Flexible Scanner?
* Changes coming to SG1? : Anderson heading out, Tapping pregnant ... some speculation, some fact ... also - John Crichton (from Far-Scape, aka Ben Bowder) moving into SG1?
* 7th graders kicked out of dance for being dressed-up as Santa ... Principal Fred Muscara tries to defend the position, saying it is "politically incorrect" ... this is the kind of thing that kills me. The principal mouths off to the kid later on, Merry Christmas you grinch.
* $50k cat
* Mexicans go south for the Holidays? ... why don't we just secretly tighten up the border now and keep them there?
* Some excellent lawsuit examples ... true or not, they are funny and plausible!
* More thoughts on Immigration
* PWL recommends a few articles, from the Weekly Standard
* Dems flip-flopping on abortion?
* More on ID vs Darwin ... I don't think of it as one against the other; rather they can co-exist just fine.
* PWL : "One leftist gets it"
* Some thoughts on Rumsfeld ... "If this, combined with the armor non-controversy, is the worst that opposition to Rumsfeld can throw at him, like Coulter said, "I shall sleep well knowing that the secretary of defense has made so few mistakes for the past four years that liberals are reduced to carping about his autopen"
* Christians losing their constitutional right to free speech? ... and more anti-ACLU here
* Moore blaming the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

* Soy fire logs mean heat, good nutrition for homeless
*Web causes eyestrain
* Kofi & son to work at Starbucks ... coffee-for-food scandal to ensue
* USPS just shredding mail
* Baby: 'Noun' defined: anything i can put in my mouth
* Martha speaks from prison


Another Day, Another _____

* Tanker Truck makes big fire in DC ... kills 1 (driver, grievances to his family & friends), messes up traffic ... HOV restrictions on 66 lifted
* Excess weight, even if you are fit, takes years off of your life ... fat people like me need to get some exercise (i.e. - step away from the keyboard) ... 2x the danger for women
* Iraq: U.S. military investigates deadly Mosul blast ... and death toll lowered ... now say that 14 soldiers, four U.S. contractors and four Iraqi security personnel were killed ... Another 72 people were wounded, including 51 soldiers ... our grievances & prayers to the family, friends, brothers in arms of those wounded or killed ... and Mosul is in lock-down ... after yesterday's suicide attack
* Economy exceeds expectations ... and even faster in 'Red States' ... and Stock Market up, and going higher?
Stocks Up More, Oil down a bit ... and
* Fort Bragg - "sensitive item" missing
* Big Snow Storm ... "up to a foot of snow was possible in parts of Indiana and Ohio" ... and here's the map
* Russia-China alliance to pick up Yukos' assets?
* eBay-India's chief arrested, released in porn mixup ... more importantly, India is planning on implementing a DMCA-based law ... so atleast the US won't be the only country under such a ridiculous, odious law!
* Iraq: US Contractor pulls out ... "We reached a point where our costs were getting to be prohibitive," said Karim Camel-Toueg, president of Arlington, Va.-based Contrack, which had won a $325-million award to rebuild Iraq's shattered transportation system."
* Belfast bank heist nets $39M ... not too shabby! ... update: it was $42M, and will be nearly impossible to spend ... "fundamentally useless"
* Child Porn Bust in UK has resulted in 32 suicides! ... A total of 3,729 of the men on the list have now been arrested. Of these, around 1,600 have been charged and a further 1,200 convicted
* Diet Soda catching up to regular? ... my conversion to diet alone probably affected this count :)
* Fannie Mae -2 Execs ... CEO, CFO ousted. KPMG got cut as well!
* Dems officially steal Washington-state election, by 8 votes? ... last hope for (GOP) Rossi - "King County elections officials said Berendt's victory claim was premature and that the data the parties are seeing hasn't been reconciled" ... and more here
* Site of (one of) Jesus' miracles found?
* Pope JP2 to make Sainthood easier ... I am not Catholic, but is it really a good idea to drastically change the church's long-standing traditions in an attempt to serve as a "much needed example"?
* Canada population decrease? ... not yet, but soon ...
* Last Democrat leaving the party, please turn off the lights

* Malkin, on the persecution of Christians around the world ... includes some related links, like: Voice of the Martyrs, International Christian Concern, Montagnard Foundation, WorldnetDaily
* A Marine's father speaks, regarding the Military Condolence process ... "A simple peek thru(sic) the view hole in the door and the sight of dress blue blouses, white covers and white gloves tells you all you ever need to know" ... "Bottom line, we support Sec Rumsfeld. The people who are making a big deal about this have their heads up their collective a****"
* Atheists, PC gone wrong and Christmas ... "Christmas is a part of this country, as evidenced by it being a national holiday. Teaching what it is about, who it is about is NOT establishing a religion - it IS teaching history. Singing a carol, is NOT establishing a religion, it IS singing a song; nothing more." ... I couldn't have said it better myself! ... speaking of religion - it is officially "big news on the net"
* Creative Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA Sound Card! ... wow, get good sound from your laptop ... looks nice!
* More on Social Security ... "if the liberal establishment is so sure that reforming Social Security with personal accounts is such a terrible idea, then why do they have to lie about it?" ... found via Blogs4Bush
* N. Korea, 'only country on earth' free of AIDS ... and they deport anyone infected!
* Santy Worm defacing sites ... php vuln, uses Google to find victims, 1000s already defaced ... hey, I just found one that has been hit - glumbert.com ... Oh, do a google search for "This site is defaced!!!" ... HAHAHHA - Uh, I mean, so sad ... UPDATE: Google blocking Santy
* THG stress-test
* Theoretical review of a terrorist attack on a LNG tanker
* Russia test fires their heaviest ICBM ... the "SS-18 Satan"
* Self-Heating Coffee!
* Nanotech in space
* Botnet sued for something other than Spamming! ... cheating in 'Outwar', used Randex worm
* Recent Galactic Births ... and more here
* WD makes faster, cooler, lower-power-consumption, higher-capacity 'Caviar' HDDs
* Some states are growing (too?) fast ... "scrambling to update comprehensive plans and fix zoning ordinances"
* Some thoughts on Blogging ... from Mark Dery
* Va is not a 'battleground state' ... too many of us are still sane, logical and Conservative :)
* Did you know we have a " American Association of Suicidology" ... more tax $ wasted ...
* Thoughts on Pardons? IMHO - Pardons, Presidential or otherwise, should be avoided at almost all costs. If they were convicted by a jury they should face the punishment imposed by said jury (or by the judge).
* Counter the LIE-brary ... HAHAHHA, not too found of Clinton :) ... found via RebelRouser
* The 3rd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2004 Edition
* Decentralized Torrent? ... MPAA frowns
* Mars still Volcanic?
* More thoughts on Merry Christmas ... "If a tribe of Aqualishes wants to boil rhino horns in frog saliva on the National Mall to honor their deity, we'd have a commemorative postage stamp ready by next December. But let a Christian mention the baby Jesus to a kindergarten class and the ACLU wants an exorcism"
* Baby Killer Whale born @ Sea World
* SCO losing battle vs World? ... Q4 revenue takes a hit
* Forget 1GB email, how about 1TB? ... yes that is TB, as in Terabyte, as in 1000GB, or 1000000MB ... or 25x my current HDD :)
* Some Dems still whining about losing to Bush? ... that is soo last month, PWL adds (agreeing with Kos) "a Kerry presidency would've been an unmitigated disaster, with a hostile congress, budget woes, the mess in Iraq, etc."
* Hillary votes like an extreme liberal ... don't buy the transformation act
* Coulter, on the de-Christianization of the US ... "Happy Giving Tree Festival To All"

* Weed delivery saves Christmas
* Reindeer games turn ugly
* United States withdraws from special Olympics
* Invite MS to Gmail?
* Post-Melodramatic Stress Disorder
* Baby: Cute Girl an attractive nuisance
* Drinking & Driving School ... two great tastes, that taste great together(TM)
* Santa, beneath the suit
* Man made of money ... and Christmas shopping
* Santa dies in a shoot-out
* Stonehenge: Winter Solstice 2004 was Officially Least Nude In History
* Miss Tajikistan ready for Miss World Pageant 2005
* 10 more reasons to hate Rumsfeld ... uses speed dial

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