Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Quick Thoughts
* Interesting - on MLK day I have seen not a single article on any of the big MSM sites that mentions this fact, let alone actually discussing his life, his accomplishments, etc. Regardless, we should all take a moment to reflect on this great man, and see if we have in within ourselves to accomplish great things as he did. Some good thoughts here and here and
good link-farm-style round-up here ... and MLK would be sad about the way we have 'progressed'? ... oh and look, Kerry (ab)uses MLK day to take a sore-loser-shot @ Bush ... he is so pathetic.

* Iraq: Bishop Gorgis abducted!
* Inaugural security problems - VBIEDS ... and Malkin's comments, with a cool pic! ... and remember the context
* Iraq: Graner sentenced to 10 years for Abu Ghraib ... some complaining that 10y isn't enough. IMHO - 10y is about right.
* Subway crash in Thailand injures ~140 ... subway is only 6m old ...
* Airbus unveiling 'Super Jumbo Jet" ... weighs 305 tons, carries 555 ... and some pics here
* 67 year old gives birth to twins ... and she's quite the looker ... (cough)
* FOX does the appeasement thing? ... will run PSAs from an organization that has terrorist ties
* Egyptian Christian, and family, slain ... and more here
* Citizens’ Self-Defense Act ... make it happen!
* Iraq: Car bombing, Assassination both kill 8 ... updates: 81 suspected insurgents detained ... as 22 have died today
* EU may ban Nazi symbolism ... I am by no stretch a Nazi-sympathizer, but aren't these supposedly free societies?
* Tsunami-themed malware ... despicable ...
* Several on-air slip ups on TV ...racial slurs, dead teenagers ... several firings.
* London Times (via PLW), on Bush
* Spain indicts 8 more (suspected) terrorists
* Absentee voting for Iraq's upcoming elections
* Babawa Wawa ambushes Mrs. Bush, and someone has some not so nice (but correct) thoughts on that! ... "I'm Barbara Walters, and I was once a respected journalist"

* South Park Conservatives! ... and here I thought it was just a half-joke!
* NEA fears merit-based pay? ... and read the comments, a lively discussion ... and more here
* Some 'Questions of the Day' on Tax Cuts ... worth reading! ... hint:old-school Dems were FOR TAX CUTS.
* WinXP unattended installation creation directions! ... nice! ...
* True mobile computing
* High(er) Speed Broadband in our near future ... Comcast "is expected that the company will raise its basic level of service from 3mbps to 4mbps for download, and from 256kbps to 384kbps for upload" ... sweet! ... meanwhile, Verizon's FTTP program aims to get you 15mbps+ ... sweeter! ...
* Black Holes trigger star birth
* The reason some standardized test scores are 'plummeting' ... when you quit teaching the important things, kids quit learning the important things ...
* FDA : No OTC Mevacor
* More Oil-for-Food-Fiasco follow-up ... UN : still corrupt, broken and UNneeded?
* Overclock your calculator! ... for the uber-geek in you ...
* Shakespeare had Syphilis?
* Iraq: Elections are coming soon ...
* CIA : EU might disappear w/i 15 years? ... unless reformation occurs ...
*" What was the population of the United States of America in the years 1850, 1900, 1950, 2000. What is it today?"
* Is our soon-to-be new AG soft on immigration issues? ... let's hope he gets over that!
* More on the incredible shrinking deficit
* A(nother) Review of Blog
* More thoughts on Ed Kennedy ... open mouth, insert foot ... logic defying statements like "Democrats may be in the minority in Congress, but we speak for the majority of Americans"! ... or we can quote Ted Kennedy, if you prefer? :P ...
* Patterico attacks the LA Times, Part One ... and Part Two
* More thoughts on the no-longer-secret US operations inside Iran ... the word for today is treason ... and The Art of the Blog's thoughts
* Thank You Tony Blair!
* Plan B w/o a prescription? ... good thing, IMHO!
* Online Hymnal ... Methodist-oriented, and with the music!
* "I’m sorry - you’re just not worth it" ... a quick note to wayward/lazy parents ...
* Honoring a monster? ... child-molester bio-pic up for Best Movie? ... found via LongTimeGone
* Troops damaging historic area ... the answer is the terrorists shouldn't hide in historic areas, mosques
* Ever want a PC that looks like an NES?
* Micro-Machine builds its own muscles! ... next, old-school 'B' movies and robotic overlords
* Ski resort prices shoot upward ... $100k for a parking space, renting a whole mountain?? ... methinks I'll just stay home and play with the kid, or play Halo2 :)
* Primer for Big Screen noobs
* Test for ADHD
* The Jeep Gladiator ... concept "Super Utility Truck" ... it's a transformer! (watch the video, you'll understand)
* Gore! Gore! Gore! ... why not, he has about the same chance as Kerry did (and not like Hillary would let him slide in) ... Oh, and you need to see the pic :)
* Communism ain't dead yet
* No WMDs in Iraq - revisited
* Want to make a clear HDD?
* Motorola + Oakley = Bluetooth sunglasses ... and Motorola is also embedding wireless tech into clothing
* Google plugging holes

* New OOTS! ... cross-class skills are the key to a rich and
fulfilling life!

* New RVB (#47)
* True: How to block IE users from your site ... knowing that this means 90% of the world can't get to your site
* True: Elektra bombs ... it did worse than Catwoman! ... My wife & I went and saw Meet The Fockers instead :P (worth mentioning, for me anyway - this was our first 'date' since Riley was born!)
* True: No one checks the signature
* The Walmart Prank
* Evil American culture invading China ... KFC going like gangbusters!
*Wish it was True: href="http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/005/141kgagb.asp"> Alternate Inauguration Address : America is divided by jerks
*True: The degradation of Jackson's Face ... found via TigerHawk
* Turn Windows into Linux ... be sure to catch step 11! (Thanks Paul!)

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Quote of the Day
"Today, Social Security is sound, but a demographic crisis is looming. By 2030, there will be twice as many elderly as there are today, with only two people working for every person drawing Social Security. After 2032, contributions from payroll taxes will only cover 75 cents on the dollar of current benefits. So we must act, and act now, to save Social Security." (emphasis added)
-- President William Jefferson Clinton, 1998
thanks NTU!

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