Quick Thoughts
* Underwhelmed by all the snow we don't have ... yet. They are still saying we should get 3-6" ...
* And I am feeling sicker ... really unsweet.
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* Iraq : Car-bomb kills ~100 ... wow, and condolences + prayers! ... and CNN says it is up to 110 now ... sadly, some now say 115 ...
* Lebanese govt = out? ... Lebanon's pro-Syrian government resigns, two weeks after the assassination of a former prime minister ... an entire govt resigning is a relatively rare (and, in this case, welcome!) occurrence ...
* Qatar signs $20B in deals ... ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch ... Natural Gas ...
* Fed : Income down, spending flat
* Saddam to be caged during trial ... befitting the animal he is ...
* 10yr old boy crushed by giant snowball
* More humane euthanasia ... this shelter will be 'no kill' by 2007 ... more adoption outreach and rescue programs (like this one in Virginia!) still needed! ... And Virginia Shepherd Rescue needs foster homes, help if you can ...
* OBL wants al-Zarqawi to hit the US ... naturally ...

* Terri : Euthanasia, political football ... and more here ... must read ... thanks Beth! ... and how about we all get together, and impeach Judge Greer? ... just a thought ...
* ISS getting supplies
* University of Colorado staffers, sheep to the end, defend Ward Churchill
* Arabs against al Qaida? ... finally ...
* National ID privacy scare - FUD?
* PoliPundit's answer to the illegal immigration issue ... found via Malkin :)
* Thoughts on Bush's budget, and the poor ... and welfare reform ...
* 10yrs old : Yahoo, Apache, eBay, Amazon, Netscape ... does Netscape really count, seeing as they are part of AOLTimeWarner now?
* Why Hawaiians != Native Americans
* Flat Tax, at work ... in Europe, not US :(
* More Dean notable quotables
* GlobalFlyer nears takeoff
* More on accountability in public schools
* Skype + txt
* Hacking Remote Control signals
* More on the 'dominoes of democracy'
* Unemployment : France=10%, Germany=11% ... US=5% ... so, who has the right idea here?
* More thoughts on Public School, evolution, big bang
* Saturn's radiation belts, on film
* Hot air on Wash Post Op Ed page ... is that a surprise to anyone?
* 'Progressives vs. Progress'
* Nuclear Korea, back at the table ... another failed tantrum / delay ...
* NBC - 'Network Blaspheming Catholics'
* Canada redefines spouse
* Qwest sweetening MCI bid (again)
* MS WMV in patent trouble?
* Sandisk intros waterproof USB flash drive
* 2 more retroviruses than can jump monkey-to-human
* Opera (the browser) against phishers
* The (cough) softer side of the black Panthers ... "No mention of Betty Van Patter, Alex Rackley, or more than a dozen others tortured and/or murdered during the Black Panther Party's heyday"
* CPU Cheat Sheet
* XBOX clusters?!
* RFID + DartGun?
* A little history of ringtones
* Teens not afraid of HIV ... young and dumb ...
* True Pope tidbits
* Keep Pantani in your prayers ... help if you are able! Go USMC!
* New season of Stargate, filming has begun
* US life expectancy hits all time high
* Thoughts on school vouchers
* More arguments against govt-run health care systems ... "nationalized British Health Service has been murdering tens of thousands of women for over twenty five years. They now admit it ... Handing over your health to the government increases the likelihood that you will become part of the next great silent medical pogrom."

* New OOTS ... re-ambushed, and go faster!
* More UF on pop-unders
* Air Force Outsources physical fitness program
* Canseco claims he injected Goldie Hawn with botox
* Females snubbed again in best actor category
* European protesters spell only 25% of signs correctly
* McGruff the Crime Dog arrested in kitty porn sting
* Fossils are a hoax
* Those tapes were due to a 3m cocaine binge
* Bush Diary
* San Diego deluged with up to .03" of rain
* Website Idea Generator

What missile shield?

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Quick Thoughts
* More snow (maybe) coming ... sweet.
* Feeling sick ... unsweet.
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* Iraq : al-Hassan (#36) captured ... Syria making nice? ... and I wonder who gets the $1M?
* Pope makes an appearance ... at his window, that is
* Iraq : Bomb kills 8 ... condolences for those killed near Mosul ...
* Jessica Lunsford still missing, no clues
* Russia moves forward helping Iran go Nuclear ... for "energy use only" ... we shall see ...
* Thoughts on (public) High Schools ... Bill Gates says ""America's high schools are obsolete" (while giving $700M to try and help)
* Global anti-smoking pact?
* Federated (Macy's, Bloomies) to buy May Dept ... $11B ...
* Protesters protest, despite govt ban ... in Beirut ...

* Rallies to save Enterprise
* Putin seems to believe Bush fired CBS employees over Rathergate ... that may be how it works in Russia, but not in the US ...
* Your Visa to get RFID? ... hmm, I can think of several ways this could be abused ... (especially when no signature is required for anything under $25)
* Unreal Engine 3 preview
* Russia trying to go to Mars?
* How to save Skype vmails
* Kilogram getting reworked?
* Your nickel gets a bison
* Thoughts on news aggregation / presentation ... um, like what I am doing here :P
* Introducing the "Count Every Vote Act" ... haven't read it yet ...
* 1TB of memory per square inch!
* 'Dyslexia' is actually hyperactivity?
* Buy a Cray, on eBay

* Broken Video - #1 ... and #2 ... and #3 ... links found here
* UF on MS's pay for bugs policy ... and makes an old-school reference to Gates' 640k is 'enough for anyone' ...



Quick Thoughts
* I find myself babysitting my beautiful 8m old daughter (pic at the end of today's post :) ) this morning - and let me take just a few seconds to say that as I sit here holding her, with her holding her morning bottle (of breast milk), that fatherhood is truly amazing ... actually, now she is asleep in Daddy's lap. Watching her grow, develop her personality, and reach milestones (she crawled for the first time on the 22nd) is the best experience in the world. Knowing that I helped make such a precious thing, and that this tiny, little person is totally dependent on us (my wife & I) really changes your perspective.
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* It is official - BTK has been apprehended
* Iraq : 2 killed in Baghdad, pipeline hit ... condolences, and to the US forces over there and to the Iraqi security forces - keep up the good work!
* S. Korea : US chopper (Apache) crashes, 1 GI killed ... during training, condolences & prayers ...
* Yemen : Court upholds death sentence in USS Cole bombing ... good!
* Egypt : True democracy coming? ... "President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday ordered a revision of the country's election laws and said multiple candidates could run in the nation's presidential elections" ... another example of Democracy 'breaking out'? ...
* Togo's President resigns ... the right wins again
* USAF pilot's remains finally come home ... was shot down during the Korean War ...
* Japan, back in space ... just waiting for the US to get back out there (with people, that is)

* Mapping the source of terror funding
* Legal reasons Terri must not be murdered
* Twice in the grinder ... "Made me pretty damn embarrassed to be a 'rear area warrior'" ... and it makes me proud to be an American!
* Thoughts on taxes, govt spending, etc.
* More truth on Social inSecurity ... "the trust fund "assets" total nearly $1.7 trillion in Treasury IOUs. Having already spent the money, the government in effect owes this debt to itself. Thus, to redeem these bonds, the government will have only four options: raise taxes; reduce Social Security benefits; reduce spending elsewhere; or borrow on the world market."
* More on LokiTorrent abusing the trust people put in it ... they don't even fight, handing the MPAA a victory, $1M, and all of the data on his servers ... regardless of the fact that he could have (probably) won the court case if he had a spine
* Battlestar Galactica, episode 1 (33) - available online, free, commercial free, plus deleted scenes!
* WRT Bush - "In Reagan's Footsteps "? ... even 'Der Spiegel' (leftish German newsweekly, which two years ago devoted an entire cover story to advancing the "Blood for Oil" thesis about U.S. ambitions in the Middle East) is now asking "Could Bush Be Right"? (the answer, BTW, is "YES!" :) )
* Honor killings ... ah yes, the religion of peace!
* Artificial atoms, quantum computing
* Toss Bashar Assad out
* Reparations finally a dead issue? ... funny : "chief appeasement officers"
* The pen, revisited ... "no grip" ...
* 'Give a little piece of yourself' ... wedding rings made out of your own bone ... creepy / icky ...
* nForce4 for Intel!
* Thought on Iran; censorship, protests, and Ahmad Batebi
* More thoughts on Canada's dropping out of the Missile Defense co-op ... "Canada has decided not to invest in its own self-defense"
* The power of ten ... just a zero, right?
* Blogs for Terri, vs censorship
* Video of Malkin subbing for Hannity ... covers a good range of topics - Terri, immigration, etc.

* New missile defense plan ... Oh, Canada!
* Pen-arate? ... same concept, butwit lighters
* UF : return of the pop-under

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Pick a title, any title

Quick Thoughts
* All our lovely snow is melting :( ... but we might get more next week!
* Prayers to/for the Pope, Terri Schiavo and little Jessica Lunsford
* Several links today were found via MadTech, go read him (after finishing here, naturally :P)
* Wow, "Dayside w/ Linda Vester" interviewing Omarosa ... they are having a (verbal) catfight; adding snide comments like dearie, honey ... doing old-school "whip it out and measure style" credential comparisons ... LV ends the interview with : "you clearly have studied a lot but still don't have a clue" ... nice!
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* Terri : DCF requests additional (60 day) stay, investigating abuse charges ... and a petition w/ 100k(!) signatures is being delivered to Jeb ... and the Vatican weighs in ... UPDATE : Terri has just received (another) extension!
* Pope is off the ventilator! ... still not allowed to speak ... some reports are saying he was never on a ventilator ... after receiving the trach he is reported to have (jokingly) written 'What have you done to me' :) ... developing ...
* Iraq : Terrorist ('cell leader') captured ... major catch!
* Iraq : 7 killed, including 3 US GIs ... condolences ...
* Suicide-Terrorist kills 5 at nightclub in Tel Aviv
* More on the missing 9yr old in FLA ... Jessica Lunsford, 4'11", 70lbs, Brown hair & brown eye ... no Amber Alert issued (does not meet all criteria, so let's get the word out the old fashioned way!)
* BoA : 1.2M accounts jeopardized ... back in December they lost some tapes, baggage handlers suspected ... wow, and this following ChoicePoint's Charlie-Foxtrot (more on ChociePoint below :) )
* FollowUp : "Hate Crime" charges dropped against Christians in Philly ... they were being prosecuted for reading the Bible ...
* Viacom posts $18B+ quarterly loss
* Qwest sweetens MCI offer ... when $8B is not enough
* PG-13 movie includes profanity ... including F???, S???, A??whole ...
* Vietnam +1 Avian Flu case
* US Economy growing better than expected ... imagine that, lower taxes & other pro-business moves yield a better economy ... hmm, whoddathunkit? ... and this, in spite of illegals costing the US $68B per year ... as many smart people are saying, a country that cannot secure her borders is not secure! ... and illegals buying houses with fake IDs? ... and more thoughts on our federal budget, deficit, etc.
* ANOTHER teacher-student sex instance ... added 'bonus' - toddler was in the backseat
* VA's next gubernatorial race : Kilgore vs Kaine vs Potts ... you tell 'em, Jerry
* ChoicePoint execs cashing out? ... let the investor lawsuits begin!
* Iran hiding nuclear technology in tunnels?
* Rice to London, but not middle east
* HIV infection rate in blacks doubles
* Adult Stem Cells work wonders ... without killing any babies(a la ESCR), wouldjya look at that?
* Powell criticizes Iraq troop levels ... um, yes and no ...

* 'Freedom Of Religion' not 'Freedom From Religion' ... well said!
* European racism, making a comeback? ... required reading!
* OptimizeXP ... and making XP start faster
* Inside HIV, protein magic
* Handheld laser 'pointer' - that can burn through a plastic cup!
* Soros, funding terror? ... no surprise there!
* Firefox 1.0.1 released ... click there, click free download ...
* Thoughts on ACLU's "No crosses on Federal property" crusade ... or, more accurately, a picture ... demonstrates a slight problem in yet another poorly thought out & misdirected ACLU plot against this country
* Librarians don't like bloggers either
* Regulate salt?
* Did you know that the NC legislature is trying to retroactively mangle last years
Cool - math + art
* Speculation : Trade Cheney for Condi, and prepare voters for 2008?
* Student expelled for writing a paper ... What bias in education? (Ward Churchill is not fired for aiding potential terrorists, but this student gets expelled for advocating spanking in the classroom) ... and, speaking of Churchill, just where is his thesis anyway? ... oh, and look - he forged works of art!
* SC&A : Are we living in 1984 right now, or will we be soon? ... very interesting post!
* The army as a gangster training ground? ... I had never thought of that ... funny : "no blood for bling-bling"
* MS clamping down (just a little) on WPA fraud
* UK recalls 140+ foods
* eBay, price-gouging?
* Stellar eclipse, March 3
* Scientific fraud - DDT ... Malaria, once near extinction, now one of (if not the) greatest dangers to humans
* Missile Defense system component (Aegis) successfully downs inbound missile ... Canada still withdrawing ...
* Ladies : secretly getting pregnant can land you in court! ... just read, its funny & true
* Google Calendar? ... still waiting on GBrowser too :)
* Making WiFi guests comfy
* Specter still an obstruction to progress?
* Compare and contrast : SCO & the Titanic ... "Captain Smith didn't steer his doomed ship towards the iceberg, he hit it by accident"
* Low-cost home surveillance system
* Simplifying CSS?
* SC&A : Think about patriotism
* United States Designates Muhsin al-Fadhli a Terrorist ... this was done back on Feb15, and as Cao points out the MSM is ignoring this ... again, what media bias?
* Coulter, on the "Gannon-gate" that wasn't
* Thoughts on Condi's wardrobe ... FWIW - I thought she looked just fine ... and now I feel just a bit homo posting a 'fashion' related link, not that there is anything wrong with that ...
* BTK suspect/'person of interest' arrested
* Gay men read maps like women?
* How can MS kill Linux?
* Solar Tower
* The first-ever WWW picture!
* Nero6 OEM - FREE!
* Nanoscopic measuring
* Filename extension list
* China walks out of Wireless LAN Security / Standards talk
* Phytoplankton, fed by floods?

* Pope prescribed Marijuana ... "The concern is that we'll find the Pope sitting in his hospital bed in a few days listening to rap-hop music and raving about murdering nurses"
* 1988 Dodge Aries - a new definition of class ... hot stuff, baby
* UF : Supports updating your Firefox!
* US Voting machines make democrats disappear
* Bush hosts G1 Conference
* New martial art : Thai Dai ... only for the bright, bold and color-blind
* Mike Piazza weds Alicia Rickter, still a homo
* Michael Jackson hospitalized for emergency bleaching procedure
* True : Stupid human tricks, or what love makes people do
* Bush fires nickname aide
* Nickie to stick around after all
* Flash Game : (NSFW/Sound) Drop Kick The Faint ... funny!
* Bush vs Kerry - in pictures!
* Sad? : Ransom Note Generator
* True : T-Mobile +1 victim : Fred Durst ... not really 'hacking', BTW - even calling it social engineering might be a stretch ...
* True : Do we elect 5yr olds? ... "he started it"
* True : Hard Drive Wind-chime!

Quote of the Day
SPEEDing|VoNK: You can't use Knoppix as a server can you?
bob: Why not, People use windows as one.
thanks BASH!

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Quick Thoughts
* Still on Percoset, still running slow ... and sadly unable to enjoy the snow we are getting :( ... and it is a big storm, supposed to drop up to 8" around here! … ok, so it didn’t quite hit 8”
* FOXNEWS : Amber Alert issued for a 9yr old in Florida (ticker not showing it?)
* Symantec has raised the Internet ThreatCon to 2, based on a Trend Micro AV issue (.arj vuln) and a Cisco ACNS vuln ...

* Iraq : Car bomb kills 15 in Tikrit ... 4 others killed elsewhere, more condolences for those innocent people killed ... site updated, sadly death toll is now up to 30 ...
* Bush : "Iraqis are experiencing their own 1989"
* US-Russia, united(?) against Nuclear Terrorism ... and pro-Democracy ... ahem, note that words != actions
* Pope back to the hospital ... and getting a tracheotomy? ... update : Pope is trach'd, "serene" and recovering ... was elective (non-emergency) ...
* Texas courthouse shooting kills 3
* Weekly jobless claims come in a bit higher than expected ... however, the 4 week moving average is still down ... and durable goods orders down a bit
* Oil hits 4m high ... hovering an easy $16/barrel too high ...
* Asian banks - no dollar dumping
* UK rolls out official govt virus alert site
* Canada refuses further participation in North American missile defense efforts ... US to continue anyway ...
* Sudan 1, food dye, poses risk worldwide
* UN Refugee Chief Lubbers quites ... more dominoes down, how may until Kofi?
* Wal-Mart -$7.5M ... discrimination case ... note that this will almost certainly be reduced by ~$4M+ (and expect an appeal?) ... still seems a bit high to me!
* People are sick : 7m old infant was abused, sexually assaulted ... "suffered damage to every vital organ and her tongue had been nearly severed" ... what is wrong with people? If the parents did it they deserve the harshest penalty possible, and then some. If not - how did this happen 'under their supervision'? Atrocious ... and, in unrelated news (aside from both being terrible examples of what humans are capable of) : Father kills 2 kids, self ... 1yr old and 2 yr old killed, 3 others live ...
* Female Suffrage in Saudi? .. more 'fallout' from the success of democracy spreading through Afghanistan & Iraq, maybe?

* Sign a petition to help save Terri ... and read about the 'exit protocol' here ... understand what they are trying to make Terri go through ... and you can make a donation for Terri ... and more here, 'Terri is not a houseplant'
* XBOX Hacking w/o opening the case! ...'soft mod' ...
* Ward Churchill's money trail ... "prominent, mainstream liberal organizations" ... and Ward is caught, on tape, supporting / advocating / providing instruction on terrorism
* IT people working too hard ... ain't that the truth!
* LokiTorrent owner a scumbag ... the lawsuit was a hoax, he took the money and ran ... ?
* The power of pessimism - in keeping your stuff safe
* Recharge your cel phone with a mobile turbine!?
* More thoughts on the abuse of 'Eminent Domain'
* Some thoughts on the BBC's ('Bush Bash central') rants against America ... we stick to our principles, amongst other 'evils' ...
* More thoughts on Ward Churchill ... and I disagree, he should be fired, and the 'problem' is getting much needed publicity ... free speech != hate speech, and even when free speech is free it doesn't prevent you from being fired by non-government institutions!
* Scientific tabloidism?
* Ice Shelf collapse - Global Warming not at fault
* Psychedelic drugs - a beneficial use?
* EDS closing 21 US, European centers ... more work to India
* Compression algorithms against HIV
* HP releases 'secure router'
* More thoughts on Media bias
* When cops are stuck between crime & politics ... " Special Order No. 1", and other reasons James Hahn may be ousted as Mayor ...
* FBI releases Sober warning
* Real people making real money in real estate
* Software that learns to translate by reading
* Thoughts on Russian democracy ... not great, but could be much worse!
* Martha trying to re-CEO herself ... excuse me, I thought this was expressly forbidden? Interesting ...
* Bratislava a good, and meaningful, place for Bush & Putin to meet
* Next XBOX to have a removable Hard Drive? ... 'xPod' ...
* Spaceplanes, in 2007?!
* Soccer link to motor neuron disease
* Advice for ChoicePoint victims
* Hubble, +1yr to expected lifespan ... 2 gyros work as good as 3 ...
* Gator (of GAIN infamy) CPO hired @ DHS ... they also have ex-DoubleClick'er ... both leave a bad taste in my mouth ...
* Sails making a come back? ... for cargo ships?
* Free SSL Certificate project ... and everyone should get a free personal certificate form Thawte! (can be used for S/MIME (email encryption & signing))
* Google cheat sheet - unleash your inner power searcher
* Another Pay-to-Surf program ... $.75/hr, auto-site rotation ... have a spare 'always on' PC at home? (Oh, and be sure to keep the spyware blockers up to date)
* Grow your own Breast Implants? ... stem cells put to (cough) good use!
* ESCR : Bush "vs" Romney?
* Thoughts on "A Twelve Step Program For Identifying and Eliminating Organizational Change" ... how to prevent change, how to identify those stopping change, etc.
* More on Paris Hilton's phone being 'hacked' ... some good thoughts, that more people should follow (including a reference to the SANS Top 20 list :) )
* Question : ' What percentage of Iran's population is under 30 years old?' ... wow! ... and read the comments, very interesting ...
* Japan.gov survives DDoS attack
* Misc Thoughts on Lebanon ... including the 'important quote of the day', below ...
* The (odious) ACLU rides again, against cops this time
* Korn losing drummer, as he is going to focus on his religious beliefs?
* Student suspended for 10 days for a little rubber band indiscretion ... facing expulsion ... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SCHOOLS IN THIS COUNTRY? ... More reasons to home school ... and here's another example - Principal, having instituted successful teaching policies, relieved of of instructional duties ... and by successful programs - I mean they were ranking #2 in the state ... "If someone goes outside the system to actually teach their kids in an effective manner, they are shunned and smeared"
* More thoughts on Social inSecurity ... found via Conservative Insurgent, who also offers this tidbit - "if Social Security is so stable, why not eliminate the current Thrift Savings Plan that Congress enjoys and bring all members of Congress under the security umbrella of Social Security where they too can reap the bounty with the rest of us"
* Use PayPal a lot? want a quick / easy way to calculate fees?
* Mating Crisis? ... seems like just about everyone I know is not only married, but actively reproducing!
* Trust your gut instincts!
* AmericanSpectator's way of representing the AARP, while humorous (and not to far off base) it makes it easy to sidestep the issue : that AARP has an extremely liberal agenda ... Oh, and DefectiveYeti brings us a humorous re-interpretation (sadly, he links to DailyKos - sorry)
Funny AntiAARP!, hosted by ImageShackClick for Click for Defective Yeti's interpretation, also hosted by ImageShack

* New OOTS! ... some ambushes just don't quite work
* True : PC PitStop put $1k in their EULA ... and proves that noone reads them!
* Increasingly, terrorists are chattering about Brad and Jen
* "Extreme Makeover" show admits it substituted supermodel Tyra Banks for contestant
* Airbus 380 causes despair in travelers
* Death by Blog
* The next James Bond? ... Kerry, Carter, Moore ... left out Kennedy-Bond, with two alternatives for drowning the evil of our world ..
* US sure N(uclear) Korea has nuclear weapons, lost tribes, unicorns
* Bush's approval rating jumps 12% among past evil rulers
* Common sense horoscope ... "Keep sulfuric acid away from children"
* Jews can't farm?
* France celebrates the end of Freedom Fries ... "W" Ketchup still kickin'
* Bush boosts spending on GOP Spinal research
* True? : NeoCon Circle Jerk ... excellent company to find yourself in! ... read the linked-to site if you want 'the other side' of the argument
* War on Terror Ends in Surrender
* Internet - better without trolls!
* More words of wisdom ... such as "A successful marriage isn't finding the right person-it's being the right person"
* Some late White Trash Wednesday

Offensive = yes, Funny = yes
... but only in that it helps to get the word out to those who might not be interested!
* Terri : Saved by 'Endangered' designation
* Terri : Diet Book
* Terri: Michael to auction Terri off
Thanks to Beth for pointing these out!
* True! : RVB having a PaintBall event! ... sadly, it is in Texas ... (the state, not the chick in black armor)

Quote of the Day
Contemporaries remember Hunter S. Thompson as ravenous, mutant 40-eyed lizard-demon
thanks TheOnion!

Important Quote of the Day
"It's strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq ... I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world... The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it."
Thanks Chrenkoff

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Who the Hell Do I Think I Am?

My Response to imao's question - "Who the Hell Do I Think I Am." (This is an example of a meme :) )

1. Who the hell do you think you are?
I am Timmmaaaayyyy! Or TJ. A 30yr old, half-alcoholic, college drop-out ... although I gave up alcohol for lent, and am making plans to return to college. I have a beautiful wife & amazing 7m old daughter, and two German Shepherds. I drive a jacked-up Jeep Wrangler, which (sadly) spends all of its time on pavement. I am a United Methodist (Christian), and very Conservative.

2. So, other than blogging, what's your job? Do you work at some fast food joint, dumba**?
Network Design & Support, Information Security.

3. Do you have like any experience in journalism, idiot?
Proud to say, NO.

4. Do you even read newspapers?
Rarely, sometimes I read their sites though!

5. Do you watch any other news than FOX News propaganda, you ignorant fool?
Not often, although I don't get to watch FOXNEWS very often ... those of us who have jobs can't watch lots of TV ...

6. I bet you're some moron talk radio listener too, huh?
Nope, I drive into work at 5am - not much talk radio going on then ... so I listen to CDs - currently George Thoroughgood. In the past I have spent lots of time listening to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson (my favorite band / artist) as well.

7. So, do you get a fax from the GOP each day for what to say, you @#$% Republican parrot?
Faxes are for old people! And red lights are for cops! (sorry, inside joke)

8. Why do you and your blogger friends want to silence and fire everyone who disagrees with you, fascist?
I want people to speak their mind, but I want them to be well informed when they do so.

9. Are you completely ignorant of other countries, or do you actually own a passport?
No, and No.

10. Have you even been to another country, you dumb hick?
Yes, as long as they don't (didn't) require a passport (e.g. - Canada, Jamaica).

11. If you're so keen on the war, why haven't you signed up, chickenhawk?
I am too old, and I can serve the country better in other ways. If it came down to it I would not hesitate to volunteer.

12. Do you have any idea of the horrors of war? Have you ever reached into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face?
Yes, but not from personal experience ... and no. Oh, does CounterStrike or REDvsBLUE count??

13. Have you ever reached into any pile of goo?
Yes, but not by choice. And does picking up after my German Shepherd Dogs counts ...

14. Once again, who the hell do you think you are?!
I am someone who was sickened by what I was seeing in the mainstream media during the last ~1.5 years of Bush's first term, and part of the process of becoming more informed included posting what I find ... mostly for my future reference (that was the original purpose of my blogging effort - organizing information / resources), but made available for all to share. And indexed by search engines, to boot!

Save Terri

An email I sent today ... (after signing the petition, that is) ... I encourage everyone out there to get informed about Terri's plight, sign that petition and send a similar email (modified to reflect your views, naturally) ...

ATTN : president@whitehouse.gov; vice.president@whitehouse.gov; jeb.bush@myflorida.com; lee.tom.web@flsenate.gov; speaker@myfloridahouse.gov

SUBJ : Terri Schiavo

Good morning, best wishes to all of you.

I am writing you this morning, as I am sure many others are, to ask that
each of you do everything within your power to prevent Terri Schiavo from
being murdered.

Let me say, that I support the 'right to die' for those who have proclaimed
their decision and meet a very specific list of criteria. Terri fulfills
neither of those criteria. Additionally, in Terri's case, under her
circumstances, this would not be mercy. Rather, it would be outright
murder. This decision was not reached lightly, and there are many resources
I have poured through to reach this conclusion.

To summarize - I support legislative, judicial and executive efforts that
will stop the forced starvation of Terri Schiavo.

TJ Evans


Still down, but not out

Quick Thoughts
* Down - as in on Percoset. Not Out - as in stuck at home.
* Child Abduction emergency alert issued in MD & VA ... 9m old is missing, suspect may be armed, and is/was wearing sweat suit & is driving truck with ladder rack ('Amber Alert ticket' not showing it yet :( )
* Bush, speaking in Germany, called for renewed Nuclear Power efforts here in the US ... Sweet!
* Ward Churchill's appearance @ University of Hawaii got a standing ovation
* O'Reilly just interviewed a freelance reporter on the deplorable practice of our border patrols; let me just say that a nation that cannot (read : will not) secure its borders is not secure!

* Read about Terri Schiavo ... this might (probably will) be the most important thing you read today! ... UPDATE(16:17EST) : emergency stay extended until 5pm FRI! ... and Cao raises an excellent point - where are 'the big boys' on this one? ... or, atleast she forwards a thought from Superhawk ... regardless, still an excellent question!
* India : Avalanche kills 200+ ... death toll still rising, condolences for all of them!
* Iran : More on the recent earthquake; death toll hits 500
* Iraq : Allawi trying to keep his job ... and, sadly, more violence - including a US GI being killed. Condolences for all of those killed, and prayers for all wounded / still fighting
* US Supreme Court to address the 10 Commandments ... it is embarrassing that this case made it this far, and I sincerely hope the Court shoots it down once & for all ...
* British store selling 'danger food'?
* More on the Bird Flu ... 'could kill more than SARS' ...
* Winn-Dixie, Bankrupt
* Mt St Helens still active, drops a slab of rock
* Airport inSecurity?
* Perchlorate found in Breast Milk across the US ... as well as store-bought (cows') milk, lettuce, water ... level is within ;safe limits; for adults, but a baby's threshold is much lower ...
* The Labour Party might be arrested under a law they are pushing ... amusing, but not good ... more importantly - it exposes a flaw in the wording of the law
* Another teacher-student sex case ... like a plague ... in this case, the 27yr old teacher is being "charged with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape"
* Cali : Storm death toll reaches 9 ... and one airport; 3rd heaviest rain ever
* Meet the Jackson jury ... selected in record time

* More on the Bush assassination plot
* Synthetic enamel for your teeth ... my hurting, enamel-less, heavily drilled teeth could sure use this!
* MS releases out-of cycle, 'critical' patch for XP
* Introducing GoogleMovies! ... I still wish Google was less blue, in more ways than one
* HIV starting to reveal its secrets
* Flickr + TiVo
* Logitech X-530 5.1 5-Piece System with Subwoofer Speaker for less than $45!
* Australia takes stance against kiddie porn ... ISPs will be held liable, with fines up to $55k ... I think this is going to be very hard to enforce for the ISPs ...
* Beijing makes 'major' purchase of Windows ... contrary to the policy it announced last year, saying it would support only home grown apps, etc.
* Arnold, telling it like it is ... upsets nurses, teachers
* Li-Ion battery +300%, & recharges in minutes? ... or 'hopeful hype'?
* EU trying to tackle RFID privacy issues
* Congress representation, graded for you convenience ... Virginia does pretty well (except for Moran, Boucher & Scott - if only we could get rid of them ... hmm ... :) )
* Some thoughts on Unions ... and how they want to kill Wal-Mart (I added that part)...
* Open Source VOIP PBX
* OASIS not open enough?
* NC to legalize Prostitution? ... and more 'fun' in NC
* Perle on France, Germany
* Quite a life story, thank you for sharing Raven ... and prayers for her & her husband!
* PS - Ward Churchill's tenure was a mistake ... seriously!
* Figures of speech ... the use of dysphemisms should be limited ...
* The curse of the Iceman?
* Podcasting not going to change the world? ... maybe true, but the same was said about blogs ...
* Dutch firm helps you dump your significant other ... a sad example of what we have all come to ...
* Astronomers spot 'dark galaxy'
* Sony (completely) drops the Clie ... no PDA for us ...
* 9/11 victim ID effort has ended ... over 1000 victims unidentified / unidentifiable
* India - the next knowledge superpower?
* Being frozen for 32k years doesn't stop these little buggers
* WiMax - the good and the bad ... but no ugly!
* Roaming ducks pose Avian Flu threat?
* NetGear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router for $9.99!
* No AMD @ Dell!
* The good folks at SysInternals have released RootkitRevealer ... on the heels of "Rootkits coming to Win*" ...
* PowerPod; a TrackerPod for your camcorder
* Raptors ranged far and wide
* The rise of the weblication?
* McCain - how liberal is he?

* True : Students pay 200quid for a laptopbag of potatoes
* White Trash Wednesday, sayings
* Bush gets the munchies
* Jude Law's first 100 days, as People's SMA
* Cuba's aid package to tsunami victims arrives - 10 blankets, box of cigars ... read what the response was :)
* Minnesota isn't comfortable asking for more interstate funding,
* Baby : Office chair a quart low
* Town replaces jury with 'Magic 8 ball'
* I support the occupation of Iraq, but not our troops
* BBspot Labs Tech Tips
* True? : Russian scientists develop tablet to prolong drunkenness
* "No Name-Calling" Week Degenerates into Violence
* Use of word "crisis" reaches crisis proportions
* Rapper MC Bush
* Miller Brewing pestering local man to drink responsibly
* Baby : The correct way to calculate the age of your child is "((F-5) + ((S*3) / (W2 - A)) - C) months" .. timely, since today is (according to the calendar anyway) Riley's 8m birthday!
* Another dose of Wise Words ... such as "It isn't difficult to make a mountain out of a molehill, just add a little dirt"
* Put those seniors to work!
* Black Superheroes need Affirmative Action
* Elevator Disco
* Write-in candidate ‘Yankee Go Home’ wins Iraq election
* Baby : Tired of looking at same 4 Uterine walls ... "I'm not even a child yet, and already I'm being treated like one"
* True : SC&A : Destroys poor Abigail, and her Magic Garden ... and wow, she is WAY out there. Her little magic garden could use a dose (or 5) of reality ...
* Yeti Sports - this is still hilarious!
* True'ish : Iraqi govt to-do list

Quote of the Day
vapoR: lately my mother has been complaining about how much time the dad has been spending in the computer room..
vapoR: she comes up to me and goes "For Christmas, I want you to get your father a gift that will get him out of that stupid computer room!"
vapoR: so i went out and purchased him a wireless router :p
thanks BASH!

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Percoset = a day off of work

Quick Thoughts
* Not moving too fast today, please be patient ... Percoset is good ... wow, have made it quite a long post today - sorry!
* Riley, on the other hand, has crawled, for the first time, today! Sweet!

* Sponsor MadTech in his March of Dimes 'Walk America'! ... UPDATE (022305) - I made my donation, and my employer matches!!

* Bush assassination plot ... 23yr old, was a high school valedictorian, now working with/for al Qaida ... had been held in Saudi Arabia for 1-2 years ... developing ... name = "Ahmed Omar Abu Ali"
* High Court to review assisted suicide law ... Terri's fight goes on ... note that, in general, I support 'assisted suicide', but in cases like Terri's this would be murder ... and USSC also to review BitTorrent!
* Blog for Terri, great site for info! ... and more on Terri, and her 'winner' of a husband, here ... and UPDATE : Judge has issued emergency stay until 5pm tomorrow; until after further court hearings
* More on Iran's latest earthquake ... "hundreds killed" ... condolences ...
* NATO commits to help in Iraq
* More on the recent Amber Alert - car found, suspect in custody, mother & son still missing ... worst feared, suspect (he might be the father of the unborn child, btw) charged with 3 counts of murder! ... UPDATE : speculation=bodies of all three found, sadly. If true, condolences for them and prayers to their family and friends ... UPDATE : some reports now saying 'not all three bodies' have been found / recovered ... UPDATE : Scumbag has admitted to smothering both (all three, counting the unborn child) and burying the bodies.
* Don't forget about, or underestimate the successes of, Afghanistan! ... I certainly haven't, especially since my brother in law is over there now!
* Annan - "United Nations is 'Vital to Humanity'" ... I think it is just vital for his employment, and to keep him out of prison
* Man forcibly incarcerated for being, of all things, fat
* It is Tuesday .. Kerry, sign your 180!
* Pope : "Pope Calls Gay Marriage Part of 'Ideology of Evil'"
* More UNfinished business ... 6 years, no progress (except maybe back into civil war), status quo @ the UN
* Eminent domain - when the govt says "all your base are ..." nevermind; this is a serious abuse of power! ... and undermining the basic property ownership rights of all US citizens!
* Sowell's random thoughts for the day ... timely, relevant, worth reading! ... ends with "People who oppose the privatization of Social Security call it "a risky scheme." But is anything more risky than turning money over to politicians and hoping that they won't spend it before you retire?"
* Chirac 'snubs' US - disrespects NATO, talks up the EU (what is French for douche :P) ... YET more reasons (in addition to their valuing $ more than freedom) for us to forget about France and Germany; not to sound rude / crude / egotistical - but seriously, how long would their precious EU last without the US on the global 911 speed dial ... and more details here ... since the first link was pretty light in details ...
* Iran jails editor for 14yrs ... 'insulted leaders' ... ah, yes - Iran, bastion of freedom ...
* more on Nuclear Korea's (cough)"willingness" to return to the 6 party talks
* More on Cali's extreme weather ... rain, mudslides, etc ... 6 have been killed - our condolences to them!
* Oil back up over $51! ... and DOW plummets ~147, and dollar slides ... interesting and queer, given the overall good position of our economy! .. was this mostly due to OPEC threatening a production cut? ... and maybe just a tad of speculation, naturally ...
* UN/ITU to take ICANN's job? ... I am vehemently opposed to the UN getting any new power, especially in my field :(

* Gates & Buffet wrong on the US$?
* Santorum talks up Bush's Social inSecurity reform plan ... which is good, but Santorum is also pushing for a minimum wage hike ... which is bad, because - remember - minimum wage increases are bad for everyone!
* Democrats taxing the poor, for/via their sins?
* Hate mail for the troops? ... this is just sad ...
* Hinchey unhinged, Rove an evil mastermind ... "Rove doesn't have to scheme to make Democrats look like idiots. They do a fine job on their own" ... oh, and a comment on Google vs Blogs ... and his comments here, in mp3 format ... 2.8MB ... and, also from LGF ... is this going to be known as (gasp) 'Hincheygate'?
* British Sex Ed hits new low
* GW deserves a holiday, on the right day! ... and more on GW here ... and yet more here ... and here is GW's first Inaugural Address
* Judge not?
* UT2003, the training tool for the future!
* Cabir still infecting cel phones
* More on ChoicePoint, and ID theft
* Cops cleared on all counts, yields no media blitz? ... what media bias?
* UN hiring (former) Kerry aides to run a blog? ... 'cuz they worked so well for him, right? let's hope Kofi gets the same end-result ...
* Those crazy Scientologists ... cruise sets up 'assist' tent on 'War of the Worlds' set
* Scott Ritter, traitor?
* Pulsars making (gravity) waves
* RNC has a 6-to-1 financial advantage over DNC
* More on the search for life on Mars
* More Personal Area Networking, at 10mbps
* Children need flu vaccinations more than the elderly
* Thank our Troops!
* More on the biggest explosion ever recorded (by us, anyway :P )
* Can terrorists build a nuclear bomb? ... and how hard / easy is it, anyway?
* Free boxes from the USPS! ... max of 500 per order
* Cato's recommended fix for Social inSecurity
* EU = socialist?
* December' 26th tsunami revealed ancient city
* Computer screens are BAD for your eyes ... added to the list of the biggest dangers to your eyesight ... new term - "Computer Vision Syndrome"
* 3M Security glass ad ... real money in there??
* Turn old gear into useful things - like Cyrix CPUs into hotplates! ... I suspect they have officially been slashdotted; i.e. - site not currently available due to the user load
* Wormability formula to predict next major malware outbreak
* Thoughts on the next generation of gaming consoles
* Can TiVo be saved?
* Artificial eyes by 2010?
* Who was Bush talking about when he said "I'm looking for a good cowboy" ... and some comments on that statement
* Borders to be secured by volunteers? ... the return of the 'minuteman'!
* More on another MS patent - 'IsNot'
* If you think getting deuced (fired for blogging) is bad ... these people are IN JAIL due to their blogs
* 'Piss on Bush' ... shocker : made by a socialist! ... such a sad, sad thing ... and I wonder what the reaction would be if an American company put out something similar with Chirac, Putin, Schroeder and/or the country of Belgium on it? Or maybe Iran, Syria and Nuclear Korea?
* Glorifying the Drug Trade in Mexico?
* Addictive maps from Natl Atlas
* 'Does Dan Rather work for al Jazeera?'
* Court slaps FCC, WRT DigitalTV & DRM
* WiFi @ 80mph!? ... and more on WiFi 'stealth attack' vulnerability
* IBM's Hurricane souping up Xeon servers?
* HP + planned obsolescence? ... hard-coding 'stop workie' dates on cartridges?
* Portable / Solar charger for your iPod
* WinXPsp2 failings ... and, did you know that WinXPsp2 throttles uncompleted, outbound TCP connections to 10 per second ... for P2P'ers, or those of us who use tabbed browsers, that is not so good. Now you can fix it :) ...
* Looking for a .DLL?
* Brocade's now-ex-CEO has a pretty big golden parachute ... not as big as Carly's, but $910k/yr + private jet, etc. is still pretty darned healthy!
* Free surge strip! ... in-store only (CompUSA) ...
* SWEPIII pictures (& spoilers)

* Male escort infiltrates al-Qaida
* Bush in Europe: a faux pas already ... sprouts and waffles cause protest
* MS releases XBOX05 ... "identical to the original, but built with an integrated fire extinguisher and smoke alarm"
* Things not to put on your resume ... like "I am extremely loyal to my present firm, so please don't let them know of my immediate availability"
* True : Poking the bear
* Scientists confirm smelt it / dealt it correlation
* Drunken dog rampages neighborhood
* Public television fails to make children gay, PBS President resigns
* True? : Competency, the career killer?
* Bush tapes up the ante
* TRUE : Amusing Veritas FAQ ... what is Unix?
* True : WhatIsMyIP.com site apparently just sold for $386k ... guess I will quit using it now, use whatismyipaddress.com instead :P (make sure you are running popup-blockers!)

Quote of the Day
loderr13: hey, what's worse than finding a worm in your apple?
loderr13: give up?
loderr13: Finding OSX in your apple.
thanks BASH!

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