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* Terri has died; December 3, 1963 - March 31, 2005 ... prayers, condolences and a moment of silence ... may she Rest In Peace ... more here ... Mikey "I love killing my wife" also ejected people from the room immediately prior to her passing, cruel bastard
* Killed by Euphemisms?
* Malken's thoughts
* Mel Gibson : It's modern crucifixion
* Felos, one strange cookie
* Its not just the Religious types trying to save her ... and a quick fisking of Maureen Dowd

Quick Thoughts
* Thursdays are "Stop the ACLU" day! Today's thoughts are WRT the ACLU's euthanasia policy/statement ... particularly poignant timing, given the recent passing of Terri Schiavo. Here are a few more Anti-ACLU thoughts
* I made a Top25 list! ... #25 to be specific, and major thanks to Carl @ NOfP - the name of his blog alone makes it worth a read, and the content will keep you coming back ...
* Blogger = teh sux0r (again) ...

*Nuclear Korea : NK demands that US dismantle 'all potential nuclear threats in the region' ... right, we'll get right on that!
* Iraq : Suicide bomber kills 5
* Iraq : Bomb kills 8
* US should pull out of South (non-nuclear) Korea
* Brussels, France and Germany destroying the EUnuchs
* Iraq : American kidnapped
* US : Wolfowitz approval expected
* US : White House Cabinet members kept under 'tight reign'
* South Carolina : Duct Tape factory explosion kills one
* Crack injection on the rise?
* America's 'spy agencies' dead wrong ... "the United States knows 'disturbingly little' about the weapons programs and threats posed by many of the nation's most dangerous adversaries."
* E. Coli : 'Petting Zoo' cases up to 22
* Maynulet = GUILTY ... not so sure I agree with that, but a word of caution to our soldiers - no more mercy killings! ... "The killing was filmed by a U.S. drone surveillance aircraft"
* NYP reports on Daily News 'dumping' ... while Daily News reports on NYP 'dumping ... are they trying to make print-news (or, atleast the reporting on that industry) interesting / amusing again?
* "Pope Shooter" had help, from inside the Vatican? ... and he is now suffering from a UTI, high-fever. Continue prayers for his health & well-being.
* Israel : Terrorists stepping up their arms smuggling ops
* Koppel, out
* Oil : Could hit $105/barrel! ... WTF?

* Go , FAIR TAX, go! ... aka "National Sales Tax" ... and more here!
* Show & Tell : EU GDP growth vs US GDP growth
* Interview with Scorched Earth's creator ... and download a 3D remake of Scorched Earth here
* Bush deserves more credit
* Review & comment on Volcker's latest 'report'
* Moore hosting a 'Stop the nonexistent Draft Day'
* Win2003sp1 RTM'd ... and WinXPpro64 RTM'd also
* Comdex canceled again
* ANTS or Mars ... ANTS = Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarms
* ICANN imposes $2 Internet tax ... also adds .travel and .jobs. Two more useless GTLDs; how about a .blog??
* Govt backed hydrogen-powered car R&D
* BYO Hoverboard!
* IVF Mixups to be prevented by 'tags' ... IVF Mixups?? Well, that seems quite bad!
* Questionable practices by WordPress? ... helping GoogleBombers?
* VeriSign - fox guarding the hen house?
* Win2003sp1 RTM'd
* Robotic Death from above : new UAV/UCAVs ... sweet!
* Python tutorials
* Ever need to weigh things that only weigh a zeptogram? ... "A zeptogram (10-21)g) is roughly the mass of a single protein molecule"
* New MS Exchange in 2006
* Frenchies can now work more than 35 hours per week ... 'Utopia banished' - HA! ... "a 2003 heat wave killed 15,000 elderly French men and women while their families were on vacation and medical personnel were restricted from working overtime -- even to save lives"
* Golden Palace continues their wacky advertising : pays chick to change name to, that's right, Golden Palace
* Review of Linspire 5.0
* Rabies 'outbreak' in Western Europe
* PSP Linux?
* FBI vs blackened.net / infoshop.org
* Commute times going up ... not good, especially when coupled with gas prices :( ... (due to my 'work hours' being shifted by 3 hours my commute is only (cough) about 45m each way; if I was straight-up 8-5 it would be 90-120m each way)
* "True" Conservatives vs. "True" Liberals
* Fined : Suge Knight -$107M
* Jihadis to use Canary islands to wipe out US East Coast ... terrorist-induced mega-tsunami ... and, for the short version, click on this
* Online Privacy does exist; Thanks to Tor? ... onion routers, privoxy ...
* 'Phony paper' shows bias against Social inSecurity reform ... and another phony crisis ... the real root of the real problem - illegal immigration
* Aspirin 1, Coumadin 0
* DNS revamp needed
* No USMC pics allowed in school ... what bias in academia? ... and more here
* CHT gets some MSM pub ... CHT is here
* Foggy Bottom Throws a Block for bin Laden
* No More XBOXes!
* The Lifter? ... " works without moving parts, flies silently, uses only electrical energy and is able to lift its own weight plus an additional payload" ... "Elektrokinetic Apparatus" ... electrostatic effect ... real?
* Mission to Pluto, and the politics of Plutonium
* Dems complain about voter fraud, but also refuse any form of ID being required ... funny ...
* Afghanistan : Either the beard goes or I do ... very interesting take on Special Forces, living the myth :)
* A few thoughts on Hanoi Jane
* Earth overheating, from the inside?

* GTA : Lego City!
* True : RVB PaintBall ... sadly, it is in Texas. Hi Charlie!
* True : Naomi Campbell + PDA = the beatings will continue until morale improves!
* Forbes releases list of Top Party Corporations
* Live-in BF = the father they never had
* Mandela: Michael Jackson gives me strength
* Second-hand spit = bad
* Cochran appeals own death
* Flash Game : Laser Envy
* Border control jobs outsourced to Mexico
* Bush preemptively attacks Social inSecurity
* Schiavo doctors say starvation not painful, encourage Red Cross to cease African food distribution
* Alien Loves Predator (#93) ... and you should start at the beginning! ... SERIOUSLY - READ ALL OF THESE, THEY ARE GREAT!! ... I love the Internet!

ENGAGE - For a Secure Israel (EFSI)


Chamberlain of Magnetic Strip Cards

Terri Schiavo. A life. Not a political campaign. Not a contest. Not a game. Not a reason to be right or wrong. Not even a reason to argue. Not a reason to throw stones and to threaten others. Terri Schiavo is a life slowly slipping away. She is not a symbol or a martyr. She is a disabled woman someone deemed without worth. Let us show her worth through her memory, not by who said the most clever thing or wrote the best article. Certainly not by arguing and fighting among ourselves or viciously attacking others. But by respecting life and living. By coming together and giving a voice to those who cannot speak and by not letting her die in vain.
* Autopsy cannot confirm a clinical diagnosis? ... I did not know that ...
* Federal Appeals Court to review case ... let's hope they make the right decision, and that it is still able to make a difference (and, just to be cynical, if this does work out you can bet Jesse Jackson will be all up in the cameras) ... and more here ... "they're going to actually hear the case as a trier of fact rather than merely determining whether proper procedures were followed in the lower courts. That's not the charge of the appellate courts." ... UPDATE : DENIED
* More thoughts on the slippery slope we are currently on (and sliding down?)
* Liberal Jews against Terri?
* Terri's mother appeals directly to Michael Schiavo
* Some thoughts on the Republican Identity ... "divide between the “traditional small-government” Republicans, and the “moral issue” Republicans, a schism between “Law & Order” Republicans and “Crusade” Republicans, from “George Will” soft speakers to “Ann Coulter” rants. We are, it is claimed, divided against ourselves" ...
* CBS already has obit written ... and it got leaked ...

Quick Thoughts
* It is Wictory Wednesday ... um, details to follow! (Until then, just focus on Kerry's 180 :P ) ... UPDATE : Help re-elect Lincoln Chafee (R-RI)
* Blogger is not sux0ring today! It is actually working! (The fact that this surprises me should send a message)
* And yes - this post's title was randomly generated (Sorry Jody - couldn't think of anything meaningful / useful / amusing)

* Iraq : Car bomb kills 1
* Earthquake : Death Toll hits 1000 ... "officials have said it could climb as high as 2,000" ... more loss of life in an area just-recently ravaged (12.26.2004 quake/tsunami killed 225k) ... condolences and prayers for all of those affected ... they had a 5.8 aftershock as well
* Sudan : Darfur Death Toll 'may be 300k' ... but remember, the Useless Nations said it was not genocide ...
* Zimbabwe : They apparently have a different definition of democracy over there ... and check the pic below (and click on it; it goes to Cox & Forkum's post on this topic)
* Spain : Man with 1.5 tons of dynamite busted ... (assuming this is terrorist related :) hmm, almost like appeasing terrorists by electing a communist government doesn't dissuade them, go figure
* US Army is court martialling a Captain for 'mercy killing' ... this sounds like a dumb move by the Army ... ?
* HP +1 CEO, Mark Hurd (from NCR)
* Verizon -$7.6B, +MCI ... Qwest still fighting ... (and wining that their ~$8.5B offer was rejected)
* Japan : Another group suicide
* NYC to tax commuters / telecommuters ... WOW; expect more businesses to move out of NYC ...
* NFL + Steroids
* Joan Kennedy found unconscious, in a street, with a broken shoulder ... developing ... (atleast she wasn't trapped in a sinking car)
* GDP +3.8%
* Cloning of horses approved
* Seal culling begins today
* Florida : Beaches closed due to shark swarm
* Pope being fed through nasal tube
* Iran opens 'secret' Nuke plant
* Girl calls 911 after hearing gunshots ... dead mom, dying dad ... wow, condolences for her parents (and prayers for her!)

* Useless Nations + EUnuchs : Kofi will survive ... "There is a lot in this report that would result in the firing of a mere mortal, but this is the most anti-American and pro-despotism Secretary General in UN history" ... very related : "Volcker's commission has actually impeded federal authorities" ... oh, and lookie : whole lotta' shreddin' goin' on! ... nope, no evidence here (anymore)
*Point : 'Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career' ... and counterpoint : 'Ten Reasons Why Blogging Doesn't Matter'
* AWOL : Alcohol With Out Liquid! ... eliminates hangovers too!
* CAIR boycotts National review, Google drops Jawa Report ... Malkin tells CAIR and Google to shove it ... AMEN! ... and for a laugh, read Jawa's response to Google News "Unless, of course, Google News considers saying bad things about Jew hating anti-Semites, fascists who would impose religious law, or those that cut off the heads of innocent civilians hate speech. Cause in my book, that's a good thing."
* The Arc of Tyranny? ... found via Martini Pundit
* Mind reading chips
* Gummi bears defeat fingerprint sensors ... sweet! (literally)
* China : Givem an inch and they’ll kick your balls in
* UK has a plan to save us from earthquakes, tsunamis,, asteroids ... dunno if I would put it that way; perhaps they have a plan to warn us of impending danger ... warning != saving (in all cases, anyway)
* Dying stars can kick-start life on previously frozen planets ... but 'grace period' only lasts for several billion years, so get in line early ...
* GigaBeam went live yesterday in NYC ... "WiFiber" ... gigabit (1.25gbps, actually) wireless (microwave) ... 10gbps next year!
* Unanswered lunar mysteries
* Arthur Andersen class action suit begins
* Become an 'Instant Expert' in the Quantum World
* Photonic CPUs by next year?
* What Aaron did on his blog-vacation
* A Soldier Died Today ... touching poem
* DIY Planner 2.0 released
* SMC releases broadband router + dual print server (USB & Parallel)
* Wanna record radio on your PC?
* Battlefield robo-medic!
* Google buys Urchin SW
* THG starts a blog! ... welcome to the party ...
* Social inSecurity Unions practicing 'hypocrisy of the worst sort' ... "Given their sordid history of raiding union pensions for personal gain, labor bosses are in no position to offer advice about ethical management of workers' retirement funds"
* XBOX +Doom3 ... and FULL version was leaked pre-release!
* More on the use of ASCs instead of ESCs!
* 'GOP Talking Points' fake memogate ... what media bias?
* Nancy Powell : Incompetent ... and still sucking on our tax dollars ..
* Jacko : Virgin until 32?
* More on resistant HIV strain, in NYC
* Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'?
* SCOTUS fallout : Hurry, get that new iPod .. before it is illegal
* Another example of why Gun Control cannot work!
* TV Everywhere!
* Play with colors
* UK : Defend your property, get 6m in jail ... "the law is on the side of the yobbos, these criminals, not the victim"
* North Carolina : Govt preemptively suing for right to keep secret meetings
* Dollar poised for reversal?
* Toshiba unveils world's fastest memory
* 'Robotic' butterfly - moves w/o motors ... 'flexinol'
* Wanna be a human lie detector?
* OpenSSH + PuTTY = Firewall breaker?
* Text to GIF
* 1M FPS camera!

* New OOTS! ... "went down faster than a kobold with a lung infection"
* Felos : Michael Schiavo looks 'Peaceful, Euphoric' ... "Michael Schiavo, entered the 11th day of depriving his wife of food and water looking peaceful and 'as beautiful as I've seen him in years.'"
* Islamic Fundamentalist Paradise? ... very nice, Raven!
* True : Shooting cats upsets your neighbors ... I didn't even know there was a FecalGram service!
* A valid reason to disagree with GWB ... :P
* Republican in-fighting!
* All of our Presidents' ... Hair?
* Hillary in 08 ... flash movie ... the juggling Moore alone is worth it!
* True : RoboWar : High-schoolers trounce MIT

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Relationship Humor

At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?"

Yes, I am. I married the wrong man."
A lady inserted an 'ad' in the classified: "Husband Wanted".

Next day she received a hundred letters.

They all said the same thing: You can have mine."
When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him.
A woman is incomplete until she is married. Then she is finished.
A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?"

Father replied, "I don't know son, I'm still paying."
Young son: "Is it true Dad, that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?"

Dad: "That happens in every country, son."
Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.
Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all.
First guy: "My wife's an angel!"

Second guy: "You're lucky, mine's still alive."
Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are attractive to the opposite sex.
Husband and wife are waiting at the bus stop with their nine children. A blind man joins them after a few minutes. When the bus arrives, they find it overloaded and only the wife and the nine kids are able to fit onto the bus. So the husband and the blind man decide to walk.

After a while, the husband gets irritated by the ticking of the stick of the blind man as he taps it on the sidewalk, and says to him, "Why don't you put a piece of rubber at the end of your stick? That ticking sound is driving me crazy."

The blind man replies, "If you would've put a rubber at the end of YOUR stick, we'd be riding the bus, so shut the hell up."
(Not safe for work :) )
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... Thanks Aaron!


Regent of The Opposite of Paranormal Vegetables

Quick Thoughts
* Blogger is sucking again/still ... viewing blogs = great; editing or posting comments = sux0r!
* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :)

* WRT the autopsy ... interesting that Felos keeps talking about just Terri's brain, and deflects questions about the rest of her (abused?) body
* Jesse Jackson pops in ... did he wait until now for some good reason? Maybe, so he would know there would be no impact from his showing but still attempt to garner some PR? Or am I just overly cynical?
* Jesuits for death? ... "Why does the ADA give the disabled ramps at restaurants but permit trapdoors at hospitals?"
* She is being dehumanized

* Earthquake : Death Toll up to 1000 ... condolences and prayers for/to all those affected ... or maybe Death Toll is closer to 500? ... or maybe closer to 2000?
* SCOTUS reviewing 'Fair Use' ... don't let MPAA/RIAA kill the tech world ... and why are most tech companies not trying to help keep this safe (instead they are, tacitly via their membership in the BSA, helping to kill it - shame on Cisco, MS, Apple, Dell, IBM (props to Intel, kinda)) ... "Let's see how Apple likes it though when iPod sales are halted for a few years as the courts decide how legitimate the device really is" ... OTOH : P2P ...where the P is for Pedophile? ... and : SCOTUS also hearing 'cable modem case' ... all due to FCC's outdated Telcom regulation; ridiculous 'data' vs 'voice' service distinctions (especially now that voice really is just data :P) ... and more from the 'black robed nannies'
* Pentagon yanks USAF's purchasing authority ... no $200B for you!
* Pope returning to hospital? ... prayers ... and he is getting a feeding tube! (Don't let the Death Trifecta (Schiavo, Felos, Greer) find out, they'll have it removed)
* SCOTUS : Newspapers can be held liable for reporting the news ... "refused to shield the news media from being sued for accurately reporting a politician's false charges against a rival"
* New York Post 'dumping' 1.5M copies ... and counting them as 'paid circulation' ... WTF?
* Boy Scout leader tagged for Kiddie Porn
* Lebanon : PM resigns
* Cochran dead @ 67 ... condolences; and no more chewbacca defense
* Falwell hospitalized

* Iraq : 'Smells like Iraq Spirit' ... good summary of (mostly) good news! ... "Anyone still labeling Iraq a 'failure' is either moving the goalposts or deaf, blind and prejudiced"
* More ASCR vs ESCR ... " stem cells from hair follicles can change into neurons" ... see, no baby-killing required
* Directed, non-dispersed sound? ... sweet! ... "does for sound what the laser did for light"
* Palestinian scholar : US will cease to exist in 2007
* North Carolina : State Govt doesn't understand the definition of the phrase 'budgetary cutback'
* Oracle on buying spree - snaps up Oblix (security firm)... Hey, I know this consulting company, who just hired Oracle's CFO as their CEO, who also does a lot of Oracle & PeopleSoft implementation work ... sssshhhhhh! (I know, the new CEO said BE is not for sale) ... speaking of a certain consulting company, BE just picked up $31M contract from San Diego ... and hey look - San Diego County's CIO is 'Michael Moore' ... ha, that's funny. (Not the Moore we all know & hate, but still funny)
* 'How to Mix Religion and Politics'
* Don't grow up / advance too fast ... "The human mind is a force of roaring strength and whimpering fragility all at once"
* Americans too sleepy for sex? ... not me!
* Samsung starting RS-MMC production ... relatively high speed, small and decent capacity (32-256MB now, 512MB w/i 3m, 4GB in early-mid 06!)
* More details on the asteroid impact that presumably killed off all of the Dinosaurs ... "The falling spherules might have heated the atmosphere enough to start a global fire"
* Toshiba introducing 'miracle battery'?! ... "capable of being charged to 80 per cent of its full capacity in under 60 seconds" ... "nanoparticles" ... extended duty cycles as well ... nice! ... and more battery research going on ... exactly; focus on making my laptop and cel phone last longer!
* 'Superpotential theory" / "energetics" - weather control, force fields, earthquake creation, 'scalar potential interferometer', 'oscillation of the curvature of spacetime', more powerful than nuclear weapons ... wow, methinks they need to loosen their tin-foil helmets just a bit! Unless it auto-magically works, then I want one, or three ... um, flux capacitors and don't cross the streams?
* 'The Israel-Nazi Slander in Historical Context'
* 'Big' airlines (finally) becoming more flexible / competitive? ... too little too late? (and why does the Federal Govt keep bailing out these failing operations? Someone care to explain, and justify, that?)
* Gere makes (presumably) sucky movie, but makes up for it by condemning China and criticizing France ... France, in response, surrendered ...
* Terrorists using the 'net for fun, profit, deception
* Rhode Island to pick up a Kennedy in Senate '06? .. trade a RINO for a Kennedy? Some amusing comments in the article ...
* Osprey enters 'final test phase' .. gotta love CNN's choice for the title : "Crash-prone aircraft enters final test phase"
* Wanna uninstall MS Messenger?
* We need more nuclear power ... I've been saying that for awhile!
* 'Natural Language' into code?
* A quick hit on another reason why comment-spammers suck
* Jacko plays the race card ... "in case you've been waiting on Michael to put down his copy of 'Barely Legal' long enough to play the race card, you've finally got your wish"
* Former Cheney aide signs Cheney daughter to book deal ... "mid-six figures" ... Viacom/Simon & Schuster says it is not a "thank you" ...
* Awnold - the Tuminator? ... married life being a little too comfy? (I know the feeling)
* Most Americans sleep poorly ... not me! ... and "adults need a minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep a night", whatever - try 5-6 on a good night!
* more on XRAY-based Fingerprint lifting
* Apple G5 LED hacking
* Passive FTP vs Active FTP ... for those who don't understand the difference ... wouldn't be necessary if FTP was a well behaved TCPIP app/protocol - but it isn't
* New CFG video ... Bush vs Graham, direct link to video
* Rather a little too happy?
* Blogger-Journalist line blurring?
* Interesting thoughts on Organ Donation, and why some people don't do it! ... I admire his logic; however - the chance of possibly saving a life but choosing not to mitigate the risk of the downside of his argument (go read the article for details)
* Aaron, from Aaron's Rantblog, returns! ... he was a daily read before, and will be again!
* Those advanced Europeans

* Paul Krugman (NYT) 'loony as a June Bug ... "barking like a sick puppy at the moon!"
* Destroy web pages ... cool! ... nuke my site here! ... check out Mars Attacks, and Biological, and burn ...
* God slams DeLay
* Kyrgyz President ousted, stripped of vowels
* Irrational number causes tragedy at Google
* Forcibly tattooed ... ya know, I've passed out and been tagged with markers ... but tattooed? Those are not your friends! ... "the attackers used a homemade tattooing instrument ... the victim would require plastic surgery or a laser process to remove the ink"
* This guy stacks pennies better than you ... and apparently has MUCH more free time than I do!
* EPA to drop E, P from name ... "We're not really 'environmental' anymore, and we certainly aren't 'protecting' anything"
* WTF? Asian-Walmart Rapper? ... and he moonwalks ...it hurts
* Fellow pervert Jeffrey Jones to testify on Jacko's behalf
* Harvard Pres to wear dress for a year
* DIY : Sideways room
* Panda mating = crowd pleaser
* 'Stress Relief' : peepeeface ... found via SCA, although I am not sure he/they are proud of that :)
* Stallone vs Awnold for gubnership
* Tony Hawk hires consulting firm to find new ways for him to sell out
* Easter Bunny detained

Quote of the Day
The best way to escape your problem is to solve it.
thanks SurinderXX!

Scud: The other day, in the park, I was wondering why Frisbees look bigger and bigger as they get closer to you
Scud: And then it hit me
thanks BASH!

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Captain Emeritus of Lolly-Gaggers

Quick Thoughts
* Earthquake : 8.5, off coast of Indonesia ... or maybe it was an 8.2 ... 'occurred in shallow waters, less tsunami threat?' ... UPDATE : tsunami warning issued ... developing ... 'upgraded' to 8.7 ... tsunami fears alleviated (none present currently) ... death toll expected to hit 2k! ... pseudo-related : victims of DEC26 earthquake/tsunami being told they cannot re-build ... can't let humans come before trees, can we?
* Forget about the stupid sports part of the article, but what the hell is wrong with these people? ... "The crowd booed the U.S. national anthem ... fans chanted 'Osama! Osama!'" Ya know what? If they hate us so much WHY DON'T THEY STAY THERE? I am glad we are beefing up our border security and I hope the gangs targeting the 'minutemen' get beat down hard

* Code Blue Blog : Terri did not suffer her brain damage outside the hospital--it occurred while she was hospitalized ... CBB is a great site, and thanks to Cao for the lead :)
* On the radio they are saying that regardless of what happens now (i.e. - even if the feeding tube is reinserted) it is too late. There are so many things wrong with what has happened, but Kender says it better than I ever could.

* Terri received Last Rights, Communion ... something her 'loving husband' was trying to deny her
* Fighting over the body, burial method, etc. ... I want to know why an autopsy isn't being demanded! ... more here ... there will be one
* BlogsForTerri taking up the 'greater' cause
* NOW doesn't care about her
* Everyone, regardless of your opinion of the situation, should read this
* Ben Stein's thoughts ... and some very good responses
* Her Fifth and Fourteenth Constitutional Amendment rights being violated
* Media vs Religion (Christians, specifically)
* Whither AG Gonzales?
* Libs like governmental involvement, sometimes ... "The difference is that in Mrs. Schiavo's case, Congress backed off after passing a bill that merely asked a federal court to hear the case from scratch, something that U.S. District Judge James Whittemore declined to do. By contrast, those who wanted the federal government to intervene in Elian Gonzalez's case went all the way, supporting a predawn armed federal raid on the morning before Easter to seize the 6-year-old boy despite a federal appeals court's refusal to order his surrender."

* Florida : 12yr old abducted
* Honeybees dying? ... 'vampire mite' - bad news for just about all crop farmers (and, obviously, for honey makers) ... "two-thirds of the citrus, all of the watermelons, the blueberries, strawberries, pecans and beans would disappear"
* Iraq : They did have Anthrax ... 12 years ago .... and they were lying; but they were lying by not admitting they had destroyed it. Good for us, them and the world - it got Saddam removed. Sadly it has not been without cost; all of those killed in action.
* Jacko : Past evidence will be permitted!
* Death Penalty tossed because jurors quoted the Bible? ... and not in the way your think!

* IRS to tax eBay sales as income? ... (I am not an accountant, but) I would say you fight back - count all sales as losses (I paid $20 for it, sold it for $10, net loss $10) and deduct them! ... This also sounds like another reason to ditch income tax altogether and go to the FAIR tax
* The next Internet
* 'Security and Prosperity Partnership Initiative' (US, Canada, Mexico) ... just like an MRE, 3 lies in one - Not secure, not prosperous, not a partnership ... "Such exercises in empty rhetoric have become a threat to our national security" (for the MRE it is not a meal, not ready and not edible :P) ... and A hypothetical : Gringo in Mexico
* Some thoughts on sleep deprivation ... some of us live in that state!
* GM Food : Golden Rice
* Yahoo not just giving up to Google ...
* Hamas buys ads on Google?
* SEC subpoenas 12 AIG execs
* Sony ordered to halt sales of PS, PS2 consoles and some games ... oh, and to pay $90M in fines. 'Stop-sale' on hold while appeal pending.
* THG goes to Hot Import Nights ... cars, computers, gadgets & chicks
* McCain trolling to 2008? ... Kyoto-lite ... to affect 'global warming' by even less than thirteen-hundredths of a degree?? ... speaking of GW : ancient farmers helped stave off an ice age?
* Sungard LBO - $10.4B
* 'Face Blindness' ... I think I have this ...
* SCO finally launches their "IP rights" site ... go there for a laugh,. before they go out of business :P
* How bands get screwed
* BlogTorrent - BitTorrents on your blog? ... interesting, but can't play with / test it ... I use Blogger :(
* Iraq (Poem) : Naught's solved by war?
* Text to Binary ... fun ... well, for some of us
* Rapists work in the schools?
* BioEthics ... I know someone who works in that field! "Doctor Father Doctor Kevin" (he is one of the good ones :) )

* NEW OOTS! ... evil tonsils, and Dwarves fear Treants
* NEW RVB ... #53 is available, for sponsors anyway :P
* TRUE : Lawyer, and member of local school board, offers to accept 'lewd acts' in place of legal fees ... indecent proposal indeed!
* iPod warnings ... news article first, then the funny parts
* Another Optical Illusion ... still not as cool as this dragon! (direct link to video)
* True'ish : Politicians and Commandments ... or, if you prefer : Politicians and Pork

Quote of the Day
War is God's way of teaching geography to Americans
... and the counter : War is America's way of teaching democracy to foreigners
thanks Lt. Col. Stan Giles and The American Spectator!

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And, naturally, Riley had a great First Easter! :
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Happy Easter

Quick Thoughts
* (6) “Don't be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him. (7) But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.’ ” ... Gospel of Mark, Chapter 16, verses 6-7
* PS - not much blogging going on here today ...

* The fix was in ... from the very beginning? ... and more reason Mikey cannot be Terri's legal guardian
* Variations on a Martin Niemöller theme ... they came for ...
* Need another example of Mikey's 'vested interest' in Terri's untimely demise? Think book deal!


Almost Easter

* 'Last appeal' pending? ... ruling by noon today ... DENIED ... but not giving up yet ... desperate last hope
* I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do
* Root of problem = poor lawyer in the beginning?
* Jeb blew it ... had an automatic stay, and didn't know it?!

* Iraq : 3 GIs killed ... condolences
* Afghanistan : 4 GIs killed ... condolences
* Taiwan : Massive protests ... 1M people!
* Restore the Berlin Wall? ... now that would be a big step backwards ...
* World Cup kills 5 ... and I thought Basketball fans got beat up good ... condolences!
* Angola : Marburg outbreak death toll up to 115 ... condolences & prayers ... it is hitting adults now, largest outbreak ever killed 123 ...

* Podcasting for money
* ID Theft victim strikes back
* Grafedia - 'hypertext graffiti'
* Navy goes Open Source ... atleast a little bit
* DIY : speaker cables
* The Internet, to sleep by
* System cleaner / optimization tool


Good Friday

Quick Thoughts
* Pray that it is good for Terri, although that remains to be seen ...
* Particularly fitting for today : The Lord of the Dance ... music & lyrics ... and thanks to Donegal Express for reminding me :)

* Parents appeal Whittemore's latest decision ... "Terri Asked to Stay Alive"
* Felos donated to Greer's campaign ... more dirt on the oh-so-honest Murder Trifecta TM of Mikey Schiavo, Greer, Felos ...
* Ars Technica tries to start a discussion ... no offense, but isn't it a little late to START NOW??
* Whittemore gets another chance to get it right ... still waiting ... meanwhile, Terri is showing signs of dehydration ... "it doesn't look like we have much left" ... UPDATE : Whittemore denied their request (again)
* D. James Kennedy says governor must 'disregard' judge to save Terri ... meanwhile, Jeb indicates he won't defy court order ... it would be interesting if he did. And another thought (scary for those of us who generally don't like governmental involvement) - What if he did? What repercussions are you afraid of when your brother can pardon you? Just a stray thought.
* Excellent point-counterpoint on why TERRI SHOULD LIVE
* The 'Exit Protocol'
* And, just in case you doubted Michael's 'scumbag' status
* Pseudo-Related : Living wills not enough?

* Iraq : 23 Iraqi's killed by insurgents 11 Iraqi Police Commandos killed by suicide terrorist bomber ... condolences for those killed., and prayers for the wounded (including 2 US GIs) .. kinda related : female cops ... and insurgents looking for an exit strategy?
* Kyrgyzstan : Looting!
* New York : Mob-run 'weed ring' busted ... confiscated : 1ton of weed(!), $3M in cash ... site had used "$800k in stolen electricity" .. and Shocker : underage pot use is bad
* Jacko : Child's prints on porn mag
* Iowa : Amber Alert - Jetseta Marrie Gage was taken by Roger P. Bentley ... hearing that Amber Alert canceled, a body has been found (positive ID pending)
* F16's for sale, but to India or Pakistan? ... Solution: Sell them to both!
* Cambodia : Bird Flu instance #3?
* Airborne SARS?
* Petting animals makes 9 kids sick with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) ... improper hand washing,
* UN report may indict Kofi! ... finally 'revealing' what most have been pretty sure of for quite sometime! ... meanwhile Former UN Chief thinks the UN should not be held accountable ... more scandal : UN also cannot manage to use their phones properly, to the tune of $500k!
* Walmart -1 Director, others ... unauthorized use of corporate-owned gift cards and personal reimbursements
* Iran : Arms build-up

* Diabetes cure : ESCR vs ASCR ... why actually focus on a cure when they can focus on killing babies?
* Blogs / Bloggers safe from FEC? ... no more insurrection? ... or are we still at risk?
* Le Tax? ... this is the wrong answer - dual taxation is even worse than what we have now! We need the FAIR TAX ... better than the current debacle of a tax code, and also much better than VAT. It is a consumption tax and takes the place of income taxes! Go to that site, read the FAQ ... and support this!
* The 'joys' of Socialized Medicine ... in Canada, eh? ... "The average Canadian family pays about 48 percent of its income in taxes each year" ... "at present rates, Ontario will be spending 85 percent of its budget on health care by 2035"
* So, just who is Ward I might be getting fired! Churchill ... excellent read; check all of the things he isn't (despite his claims to the contrary :) )
* "Doomsday Nerds"?
* Social inSecurity : GWB tweaks plan
* Investment Scams ... sidenote : #1 on the list is the good old Ponzi Scheme. Want to take a guess at what the world's largest Ponzi Scheme is? ... BZZT; TIME'S UP : Did you guess / know it is Social inSecurity?
* Select-a-baby
* Joke-e-oke : for the wannabe stand-up comedian ... like karaoke; but instead of sux0ring at singing you can be teh sux0r at telling jokes
* Remember - Internet != anonymity
* This octopus 'walks' ... I tell ya what, octopuses are damn amazing creatures. Between the 8 pseudo-independent arms, color+texture changes, big eyes/brain, etc they are awesome - and all this with no spine (and the ability to fit in amazingly small places)
* VOIP intro / review ... related note, my office just got VOIP'ed last weekend - and everything works pretty smooth!
* More 'very high energy' sources out there ... proton accelerators?
* More on "Universe's Expansion, Dark Energy not required"
* Un-crewed Space Shuttles? ... or, even better : Space Elevator ... that would be sweet!
* MultiCore CPUs require MultiThreaded games ... requires 2-3x the amount of work of single-thread ... ouch
* RoboFest
* Google OS in 2012? ... and be sure to watch EPIC :)
* Army goes with Alienware! ... sweet; now that should be on a recruitment poster!
* Veejay : free audio / video editing for Linux
* YAFFE (Yet Another FireFox Extension) : from Answers.com ... I'll try it out, but Google is still my primary :) (even if they are a 'blue company')
* 7m video of the 'Wanaque vortex' on eBay for paltry sum of $1.3B
* An alternate to AES?
* Cigarette Lighter MP3 player
* BlueGene * 2 ... I wish I could double my laptop's performance ...
* WoW causes ID-theft scare ... statements had incorrect bill-from address/info ...
* Lightbulbs : supermodels of inefficiency ... duh; giving off ~5x heat vs light (wasted vs useful) cannot be a good thing!
* Barbara Bush says Hillary will run, and lose, in 2008
* More than you ever wanted to know about Windows' page file
* Enterprise 2hr finale imminent, here are some details
* Google blocks 'hate language'
* Overclocking - Liquid Nitrogen = 5GHz!
* Drinking legislation, misguided?
* Massive star cluster
* MS beta : Unified Update
* ISS 'phantom torque'?
* Cheat on your husband, sue for divorce, get $40M+ ... (cough) Susan Sosin is a tramp (not a personal attack, just a statement of fact).

* New OOTS! ... evil sorceress tramp -1, rogue - 0 (bard almost scores)
* “Coupled with an unprovoked attack by misguided Iraqi shopkeepers last week on innocent freedom fighters bravely preparing to attack an elementary school” ... go read this!
* Flash Game : Squares ... I got 1164 ...
* A sneak peak @ Charles' wedding
* Fidel retiring to the US
* Peterson, Hacking, Simpson agree : "Don't do it yourself!"
* Scissors ... bad ... direct link to video/audio
* Jacko's feeding tube removed
* Midget wrestling ... direct link to video / audio ... body slam from 3' just doesn't have the same, um, impact ...
* True : Wanna be a dork Master Chief for Halloween?
* 'Lucky' pet stories ... and by lucky, I mean ...
* Flash Game : Whack Boss!! ... and it has a 'boss key'!!

Quote of the Day
* Shane : there is a special place in hell, down the hall from Hitler, for real player
thanks BASH!

* "Freedom of speech makes it much easier to spot the idiots."
thanks jcrue!

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