** FLASH : 09:00 EST : Fulton County, Atlanta : Judge & Deputy shot in courthouse, (allegedly) by this man:
Click for BackCountry Conservative's Liveblogging of this
** Judge Rowland Barnes dies ... perp stole gun from a deputy inside the courthouse? ... suspect on the run ... 2 deputies were shot, with a deputy's gun, perp was also a rape suspect who has now carjacked 2 cars (maybe 3, and other attempts?) in his escape attempt(FOXNEWS ) ... also shot another 'court staff member' ...
** ('alleged') perp's name is Brian Nichols (added pic above), he apparently also brought a shank into the court Wednesday ...
** now reporting 3 fatalities (Judge, a Deputy and the Court Stenographer) ... all Atlanta public schools are now 'locked down' ... still developing ...
** 12:30 - WAGA - possible suspect sighting in Lakemont Appts? (15mi outside Atlanta) ...
** 13:45 4 schools still remain in lock down ...
** sidenote : perp is (was) a Unix Admin. I could make a joke, but won't do so (yet).
** Suspect's license plate might be 6584YN ...
** Rewards totaling $60k; can't bring anyone back but hopefully it helps catch this scum.

Quick Thoughts
* I am sick again ... cough still around, now joined by its friends headache and body ache ... this sucks, feel sorry for me (after your moment of silence, see below). Oh, and if you won't do that then atleast do something useful : read about the Fair Tax ... especially the FAQ, and dream about a world without income tax.
* And my home Internet connection keeps flaking out ... and Blogger is being flaky. The minute little things we consider the horrors of our modern life!

* Spain : 3/11 Anniversary ... please observe a moment of silence for the 191 souls lost one year ago ... and pray that the countries of the world are able to prevent similar terrorist acts
* OnlineCoalition.com - fight the FEC ... and protect Blogger's First Amendment rights ... and go here and sign it! (banner below :) )
* US & EU agree on how to stop(slow?) Iran's nuclear ambitions
* Jacko : suicide fear? ... and is he nearly broke?
* Florida : TP Tax?
* More evidence that Bart Ross killed Judge Lefkow's husband and mother ... I do hope they continue investigating, to ensure this isn't one heck-of-a-good framing ...
* 100 new Billionaires this year ... net worth of $2.2T ... Naturally, Gates still on top (11 years running)
* UK begins releasing terror suspects ... unusual legislative quandary
* Iraq : Update : 50 were killed in yesterday's suicide bombing ... more condolences ...
* Oil down just a bit ... still $18 to high
* Pope speaks
* Sen Paul Sarbanes (D,MD) retiring! ... well, not seeking re-election anyway ... he is "Maryland's longest serving U.S. Senator"
* Canada : Free heroin for addicts ... "It's part of their crime prevention program. It is not part of their stop-taking-illegal-drugs program."
*N(uclear) Korea redoubles its stranglehold on its own populace
* Pakistani helped Iran get nuke tech
* Nevada : 1700 Driver's License 'blanks' stolen
* Syria pulls 6k out of Lebanon ... not enough ...
* Serbia : Blast near UN HQ
* UK : 12yr old gets life in prison ... for raping teacher
* Israel : Hospital performing human experiments?
* UK : Terrorism bill passes ... a win for Blair, a win for the world
* Has OBL retired? ... 'handing the reigns over' to Zarqawi? ... HAHHA : "Dear Abu. I'm afraid I must announce to the world that, as a pitiful schmuck hiding in a mountain cave, I am powerless to organize or conduct any more terrorist attacks on the Great Satan of America. Can you do anything? I know you're being hunted down in every mud-hole in Iraq right now, and it might be a little difficult for you to make your way undetected to the U.S., create your own terrorist network since mine obviously no longer functions, and start your own terrorist war there – but do your best, OK? I am depending on you, since our Islamofascist brothers can no longer depend on me. Yours, Osama."

* Terri : Businessman offers $1M to save Terri ... wow ...
* CNN lies with pictures ... CNN : "We report, we decide" .. hahha!
* Fed vs State govts, and why this is news to Jesse Jackson ... Government in general should only do that which the populace cannot ... and the federal government should only do that which the 'lesser' governments cannot. And here's a thought as to why/how Democracy fails
* Security to be an in-house job
* Evidence of dark energy missed 30 years ago ... whoops?
* Thoughts on trusting Bloggers ... and why you shouldn't trust them, or anyone else ... (IOW - always consider the source, they almost certainly have their own agenda (I know I do! (that is, I do question the source ... and I do have an agenda :) ))
* Kasparov to retire, fight against Putin
* Home Theater PC
* Finding Pluto
* Women leaving IT?
* Dyson to 'unleash' self-repairing vacuum ... not quite, but a step closer - it orders its own parts! ... an army of vacuums expected to dominate the world, any day now ... :)
* Nintendo starting Handheld war?
* Clinton (all Dems?) believe the whole "Its your money" thing is just spin ... I'd leave a comment, but Bloggers' comments appear to be broken right now, everyone should use HaloScan :)
* More on Apple vs Bloggers ... what First Amendment?
* Courtrooms could host virtual crime scenes
*.PDF : 'Hindsight' - debugging in reverse?
* More on the death of Internet privacy ... or atleast your ability to be anonymous
* Aircraft need better ventilation ... make air travel healthier
* WiFi sec - getting worse?
* SANDisk intros 2GB flash drives ... cool titanium case ...
* TiVo aiming for the PC?
* Powell last day @ the FCC
* XBOX2 post-sale revenue plan? ... they are going to take all my money, I can feel it ...
* Elderly blindness caused by mutation? ... no word on flight, telepathy, claws or weather control
* A brief glimpse into the relative sizes of our solar system
* A great look into Google Cookies and Google Print
* Beth's weekly wrap-up
* MadTech's weekly wrap-up
* No fence to stop illegals? ... I'll say this again - a nation that cannot protect her own borders is not safe ...
* Abbas failing to disarm Palestinian terrorists ... they broke in a disrupted one of his meetings ...
* Churchill officially accused of plagiarism ... no surprise there ... already know he is a traitor, liar, art forger, verbal terrorist ... note : those are not ad hominem attacks, just facts
* Dean docs to come free ... hmm, I wonder what he is trying to hide?
* Apple attacks Bloggers (again), and wins

Still Here?
Out of deference to those murdered in Madrid one year ago and those murdered in Atlanta this morning, I have moved this out of the 'top slot' ... stick around, there's good stuff below here too!
* Friday's Gratuitous Blegging : Sign up for clickies (seriously - you can see lots of new/interesting sites and get more traffic for yours) ...with me as your referrer (in order of preference):
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* US forces in Afghanistan find detailed diagrams of Russell Crowe
* Flash/Game : CCL ... like The Incredible Machine, or Mousetrap ... sweet!
* Gasoline for Hillary ... better than votes!
* Sad/True? : Preparing for the impending Blog-crackdown ... "having a loaded gun (like this one!) while blogging is what computer security professionals refer to as 'physical security.' ... use a pseudonym, like "puppy blender" (long live puppy blender)
*Rappers praise Hunter S. Thompson's aim ... "One shot...wow"
* Networks refuse to air bin Laden tape after finding no new information about Jackson case
* Office Talk
* Terrorists to release world's funniest joke
* Jacko cites molestation as reason for tardiness
* Rural strategy : move to the city
* TheOnion headline generator
* US doesn't want Alanis
* Baby : Condiment suckling
* Belichick tells Brady he has to have sex with his wife for salary cap reasons
* Super Nanny Dispatched to Nuclear Korea
* Italian hostages not helping Italy's image
* Martha : merge prison gang with corporation
* Cat terror : carnage with bird
* Despite Israeli pull-out, West Bank still gets pregnant
* Wow, watch what you say on the Internet - or this could be you ... found Beth ... NSFWSAOCOTWAWS (not safe for work, small animals, or children, or those with a weak stomach)... from SondraK ... :)
* True / Scary : Typo causes nuke scare
* My name is TJ, and I have a problem ... Bloginosis

Quote of the Day
"By abortion the mother does not learn to love, but kills her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, that father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. The father is likely to put other women to the same trouble. So abortion leads to more abortion."
thanks Mother Theresa, found via Ogre!

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