Admiral of Beating Dead Horses

Quick Thoughts
* Today's title was randomly generated, and I like it ... Think ACLU, think UN, think Ward Churchill (CU Pres left!), think John Kerry - those are topics that should be dead horses, but aren't (yet, except for Kerry :P) ... and when they are, I will go beat on them some more(like Kerry - it is almost 180-Tuesday ya know).

* Iraq : Terrorists kill 16 ... a car bomb, three roadside bombs and small arms attacks three checkpoints ... condolences for all those killed and prayers for the wounded
* Iran : Nuclear facility underground ... still making dubious claims of peaceful intentions ...
* Iraq : Italy was intentionally keeping the hostage deal a secret? ... contributing factor to Giuliana Sgrena's wounding, and the death of a guard
* Colorado University -1 President ... citing Ward Churchill as part of the reason, hopefully Ward is next :)
* Boeing -1 CEO ... after affair (someone couldn't keep his plane in its hangar?) ... other reasons cited, details not provided
* Chemical leak in Utah ... evacuations ... Update : chemicals ate their way out ... improper container used
* Buffett betting against US? ... we are at risk of becoming a "sharecropper’s society" ... when he speaks, everyone should listen, even if we disagree :) .. .even asDow approaching 11k
* U.S. targets spy services abroad
* Syria moving forward with 2-phase withdrawal from Lebanon ... not quite what the world wanted ... and more here
* Moldavia staying communist
* Vietnam +1 Bird Flu instance
* Still more on the Armanious Case ... it will be very interesting to see how this ends; sadly none of that matters for the murder victims ...
* Saudi : "Oil prices 'unrealistically high'"" ... damn right they are, about $20/barrel too high ...
* New York Pres -1 Editor ... quits (instead of 2wk suspension), due to tasteless "52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope" cover story
* Australia +1 cyclone
* Terrorists targeting offshore call centers!?
* US ambassador to the UN chosen ... thankfully, not Clinton
* ClearChannel signs 50yr deal w/ China
* Did you hear about the Chimp attack? ... "St. James Davis, 62, lost all the fingers from both hands, an eye, part of his nose, cheek, lips and part of his buttocks" ... damn
* Fire in Dominican prison kills 134 ... condolences ...

* Minimum wage, increases thereto, is/are bad ... and more supporting data here
* How America has become a multicultural madhouse
* Google Desktop getting better
* Milk !+ stronger bones?
* Skype + Broadreach = VOIP + WiFi = Free calls
* Sharansky's other letter ... Israelis being executed by PA
* Super Battery? ... new Li-ON that can be "fully charged in just 6 minutes, lasts 10 times as long as today's rechargeables and can provide bursts of electricity up to three times more powerful"
* WinFS being back-ported to WinXP!
* WinXPsp2 & Win2k3 vulnerable to (venerable) LAND! ... only a scant 8yrs after originally discovered ...
* Outsourcing more expensive than in-house service?
* Let's think about our priorities for a moment ... Martha vs Ivan Henk's son?
* Pete says Clinton fails again ... and again and again ...
* The nanny state, still going strong ... Chapel Hill legislators, apparently bored, to require registration & tagging of every beer keg ...
* Duty, Honor, Country ... wish we heard more like these!
* More lottery BS in NC?
* Edible Nanotech?
* Social inSecurity fix : Raise the retirement age .. I agree with this as one component of fixing the Ponzi scheme we call Social Security; in fact IMHO it should go up 1 year every 4 years until it reaches ~75 (with everyone over 55 now left unaffected)
* More of Edvard Munch's works stolen ... following the theft of "The Scream" last August (you'd think they'd start guarding these things :) )
* Autism, Eye Contact, Threat Response ... "they perceive faces as an uncomfortable threat"
* ACLU + NAMBLA ... strange bedfellows?
* Dell sued for 'deceptive financing'
* Compaq Presario R3000Z for $399.99 ... after rebates, etc.
* More on getting deuced ... 'fired for blogging', ICYDK ... one good quote - "The First Amendment only restricts government control of speech. So private employers are free to fire at will in most states, as long as it's not discriminatory or in retaliation for whistle-blowing or union organizing, labor experts say." ... exactly, and that is why Ward Churchill should be fired :)
* The Puzzle of (a gas giant's) planetary formation
* Meet Nortel's new President & COO - Gary Daichendt, one of Cisco's (now ex)VPs
* Firefox dev problems? ... well, that isn't good!
* (Another) DIY PBX
* NSA announces new crypto standards ... ECC, ECDH, ECMQV, ECDSA ...
* Xtra Google?
* Geek Tech Tips
* Small cars fare poorly in crash tests ... duh? ... "The institute was most critical of the Neon, saying the car performed so poorly that the driver likely wouldn't have survived the crash"
* Maxthon IE addon ... tabs, etc. ... or you could just use Firefox
* Violent, terror-connected gang threatens to confront civilian immigration patrol
* SVHS tapes in DVHS recorders? ... like the old floppy trick :)
* Pete says Blogs/Bloggers are safe from the FEC ... let's hope so, but we shall see
* An example of Social inSecurity, as it really is
* Video : Another UN failure
* Cel phone radiation : background, and ongoing
* US : no astronauts in space until 2015?
* Belkin : Why wait for standards? Have a Pre-N router
* Microwires to replace DVD-ROM? ... wouldn't quite go that far, but still pretty cool!
* Mouse not required : Roller Mouse Pro
* Privateer remake complete! ... mine is DLing now ...
* US Army : Black recruitment #s down 41%?
* The Looter mentality ... "Increasingly we are becoming a society not defined by wealth or social status, but rather one based on those who can and do produce and those who live off the fruits of those who labor"

* Syria Wants more family time
* Pope, not enough time for his blog
* Google acquires gun company just to screw with people's heads
* Queen gives a gift to Charles ... ACME!
* I've really got to make less time for God in my life
* Cool Poll, about Commie Italian reporter
* Bush half-penny
* No (oil) supplier left behind
* Pope back in the hospital, this time for a circumcision

Quote of the Day
ppg: if guns kill people
ppg: then pencils misspell words
ppg: and cars make people drive drunk
ppg: and spoons made Rosie O'donnell fat
thanks BASH!

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