Quick Thoughts
* Click the Pirate flag over to the right, and see who else believes blogging is a sacred expression of the First-Amendment-protected Right of Free Speech and why I/we will continue posting whatever I/we want! McCain-Feingold was enacted under false pretenses to begin with and, taken to its extreme, could be used to stifle everyone's ability to say anything politically oriented in any public forum about anyone.
* Bush signed Terri's bill ... more below.
* ... and Becky is sick, so I am home babysitting :(
(the :( is me being sad that she is sick, not sad that I am home with baby :P ... so far it has been a decent day, although not much tele-work or blogging done)

* Bush signs! ... the Schindlers now get to go to a Federal Judge, who will hopefully show better judgment than Judge starve her Greer ... trial @ 3pm EST ... trial over, no word yet ... that might not be good ...
* Call to action : send food to Terri ... symbolism at its best; NetGrocer recommended :)
* US AG involvement?!
* Malkin's update / round-up
* AEI's thoughts ... more clinical diagnosis / comments
* Another must-read!
* CQ comments ... and be sure to read the comments, specifically Cao's! (Comment #8, I believe)
* Right to die, kind of ... a great thing that everyone should remember : "In the only "right-to-die" case ever heard by The U.S. Supreme Court they ruled that families did not have an automatic right to insist that hospital workers stop feeding their relative. The court however indicated that the feeding tube could be removed if they proved by "clear and convincing evidence" that the patient had previously indicated that they would not want such treatment."
* Think about what it is like to starve to death
* Liberals for Terri ... proof that there is some sanity & reason on the left side of the aisle! ... "A place where we can all appreciate the dirtbag that is Michael Schiavo and the death troika of George Felos, Dr. Cranford and Judge Greer"
* Compassion Nazis
* Vatican weighs in
* Hennessy speaks out ... "I will put it flatly: Terri Schiavo does not meet the standards for removal of life support under Florida statutes or case law. As a result, Florida judges have invented a law to meet their personal prejudices in the matter. More accurately, Judge Greer refused to consider both case and statutory law in this regard."
* Thoughts on the Dems' 'Execution Conga Line' ... damn Superhawk, that is a perfect description / name for their policy ... and here I thought ECL meant 'Effective Character Level' :)
* Facts vs Michael
* Michael Schiavo : "My wife would not want to live like this" ... my response : "Would your wife want to die like this?" ...

* Florida : Jessica Lunsford murder suspect charged ... John Couey, long history of child abuse, etc.
* Iraq : Insurgency fading? ... and What media bias?
* Minnesota : School shooting
* US nearing 11M illegal aliens ... a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure ...
* Sickos in your 'hood? ... use the tool, and encourage lawmakers to make tougher penalties for child abusers!
* EU : so good its founders can't adhere to its rules
* Michigan : Ford plant fire/explosion
* No SCOTUS for Moussaoui
* Iraq : 26 insurgents (terrorists) killed in counter-attack
* Kyrgyzstan : Riots taking over ... another pro-Democracy revolution?
* Dallas, not so safe
* Saudi trying to quell oil supply fears
* DNA found in tears to help convict murderer ... Samantha Runnion (5) allegedly killed by Alejandro Avila; her DNA found in his car ... God Bless DNA!
* Dow @ 7wk low ... oil, and Fed raising rate not helping
* Endangered Species Act : thirty years of zero accomplishments
* Scientists study Anasazi Calender

* Social inSecurity : Use the Dems' words against them! ... and more on Social inSecurity
* More Rathergate round-up / follow-up .... moderately long read; but well worth it!
* Unions dying ... "(good, bad or indifferent) organized labor is quickly becoming a thing of the past"
* Ethics in Blogging?
* Army Reserve enlistment age upped to 39
* Test your pages load time ... mine ranked poorly due to the one video link, all the graphics and the scripts, oh well ...
* Boxer (accidentally) exposes a bit of obstructionist bias in her party
* The Art of Assembly Language Program
* The Moscow that was never built
* RINO infestation in DC?
* AFP sues Google
* Your very own cel phone ... oh, and cel tower, and 30mi range
* Ask Jeeves sold for $1.9B ... one expensive butler!
* Wining Peace Activist of the Day : ' Ira (Seattle)', at Indymedia ... follow the link to actually see the phrase "capitalist catastrophe" get used! ... I left a charming comment ...
* Another "human body = broadband network device" possibility ... nice!
* Your cel phone is not out to blow the gas station
* The myth of black soldiers dying disproportionately
* Wanna make your own WoW sever
* Need to find a Corporate Logo
* MS Windows Memory Test util
* 2*160GB HDDs for a total of $60
* Remember : Google doesn't like blogs
* Playgirl fires Republican ... quick, someone call the ACLU - I am sure they are Ready, Willing and Able to ... ah, nevermind
* Corzine (NJ-D) compares Cheney to Saddam! (WRT Social inSecurity)
* Camilla could be the queen

* New OOTS ... bluff bluff bluff
* True : The History of the Finger
* True : Faux lesbians ... I keep telling my wife all women could be bi-sexual! ... and you can bet $$$it works!
* Useless Nations : Kofi's idea of sweeping reform is to propose a whopping 10-20 prison sentence ... Sadly, this isn't that far off the mark ... Kofi needs to go, and the UN needs to go away ... and remember, they have been trying for 10+ years just to define what terrorism is! ... and Reform report calls for 'UN-Mitigated freedom'
* True'ish : Hugo Chavez : 'Condi drams about me' ... I wonder if the dreams involve the words "Headshot"?

Quotes of the Day
* It's incredible to me how much these people SUCK. Like a shop-vac on steroids. And crack.
thanks Beth! ... 'these people' being those who are trying to murder Terri.

* If by life support you mean food, then I am on artificial life support as well.
thanks Gindy!

The opinions expressed are really your opinions as well. You just refuse to admit it to yourself.
... from Tom

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