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Quick Thoughts
* If anyone cares - I have decided that I like having randomly generated titles ... so get used to it (unless I have a reason to pick a title, in which case I will).
* It is Tuesday - which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :)

* St Helens is ashing all over the place ... 5:25pm, ash plume reached higher than 30k' ... video here
* Kosovo : UN indicts PM Ramush Haradinaj for War Crimes, PM resigns
* Afghanistan : British aide killed in drive-by
* China : may use 'non-peaceful means' to stop Taiwan 'secession'
* More SCOTUS fallout, France likely (cough) 'supporting' the US as usual, Iranian spy satellites being launched ... " Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, creating a new job market for hit men under the age of 18" - hahha, well said!
* Laughing is good for your arteries, blood flow
* Teresa says the vote was hacked ... naturally, she has no evidence or logical basis for this ... another 'person' who cannot accept the fact that we didn't elect her waffling, loser, traitorous husband ... :)
* Senate (rightly) defeats (both) minimum wage increase proposals ... increasing the minimum wage is completely the wrong answer, and the political aspect is largely driven by union backers whose already inflated hourly rates are typically based on the minimum wage ... and More thoughts on Minimum Wage ... quotes one of our favorite moonbat punching bags, Abigail ... and on a related note " 'Cowardly lions in the GOP?' ... (cough)Arlen Specter(cough) ... "With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?"
* UK : CC Fraud hits new high
* Germany : Snow-swastika near Berlin airport
* Vietnam +more Bird Flue cases, on retest ... that is not so good ...
* Iraq : Iraq Islamic Army: we refused ransom for Italian journalist
* Italy regretting the 'policy' of paying ransoms ... they have paid $15M in the last year ... $15M supporting those who are kidnapping and killing our troops ...
* More Union thuggery
* Russia : Chechen rebel leader killed
* UN reaffirms anti-cloning stance
* Mexico is worried that the Minutemen will be rough on the illegals trying to enter the US ... here is a thought : if the govt is worried about them stop them from leaving their country, or more specifically - stop them from entering ours! ... meanwhile, legal immigrants are always welcome
* Clinton back into the OR ... should be quick op ... as much as I disagree with his Politics, I hope he comes through OK.

* Terri : Vote yes for HB701! ... and can she still be rehabilitated? This Nobel Prize-Nominated Doctor says "Yes!" ... that is not good news for the "Kill Terri Coalition" (aka Mr Schiavo)
* Ultimate gaming interface? ... THG rates it a "must have"!
* American Prospect's Franke-Ruta vs the good people @ Powerline? ... and more here, from PWL themselves
* McCain has some dirty laundry? ... that isn't so good ...
* Democrats complain that Republicans are "working feverishly to undermine democracy here at home" because they want to stop the Democrats from Filibustering ... can you smell the irony?
* Privatize the USPS
* Google Desktop no longer 'beta'!
* Bloggers safe from FEC ... or maybe not ... and Bloggers might be safe after all ... and check this : A blogger gets a press pass ... thanks Zeke!
* Nuclear Cybersecurity brouhaha
* Controlled Neutrino experiment
* Self-configuring, high speed, wireless mesh networks? ... Intel introduces 802.11s ...
* Ward Churchill is a fraud ... the blog ... thanks Raven!
* Canada going all 'big brother'?
* Social inSecurity : 'They think you are stupid'
* Risky real estate
* Your cel phone will get a worm - eventually ... soon?
* USDOJ goes with Corel (over MS) ... mostly ...
* A few thoughts on Internet Security ... and, on a related note : more phishing fun ... and Too big to test?
* Hubble sees impending destruction of galaxy
* Wanna snatch an expiring domain?
* Smut : OK for kids, not for adults? ... Montgomery County Board of Education inconsistencies
* Spelunking on Mars?
* Monkeys can judge others' field of vision ... useful for snatching their food
* Motorola rolls out some VOIP gateways
* Cronkite : 'Rather should have left sooner' ... in not so many words
* Wanna use your GameBoy Advance as a GPS mapping receiver?
* CNN still all about typos and misrepresentation?
* Some thoughts on the Continuity of Representation Act ... "sweetness is not the odor it emits"
* Science proves yet another portion of the Old Testament (of the Bible) to be true
* Need to find a good quote?
* Dean's Machine fighting against the Govenator? ... how do you find that many people able to drop what they are doing and go hand out pamphlets? Don't jobs get in the way of your schedule just a little bit? ... and more relevant thoughts here ... "at some point they’ll actually have to be for something , rather than just against everything" ... and and they lie to their 'base'
* Man over machine - robo-muscles just not cutting it (yet)
* Black Hawk Down ... XBOX version to support teams of 50 people!
* Need to send a quick, anonymous email? ... MailFreeOnline has an idea for you ... can send anonymous faxes, SMS as well ...
* Space Touristry to happen in 2006?
* Germany : Land of no ISP-privacy?
* XBOX2 peeks ... three 3.0 GHz PowerPC cores, GPU is a generation beyond the ATI X800 (500MHz), 256MB RAM (4x what the XBOX has), dual-layer DVD-9 discs (same as XBOX, but 7GB now), Live and HD reqd for all games ... SWEET!
* Ethically and medically safe Embryonic Stem Cells? ... still uses 'donated embryos' so great care must be taken about how this is administered, if it becomes more common-place that is
* BitTorrent 4.0 Client released
* Firevision leaves customers in DNS limbo
* Air getting genome sequenced?
* Symantec Enterprise Firewall and Enterprise Security Gateway appliance products DNS-related vulnerability
* Need a Hot Rod PC case? Mod it!
* Remember : Moore lies
* Does Sgrena lie as well?

* New OOTS (yesterday) ... name your class features, and PiƄata the Raven
* Reality TV, and Reality, unfair to Blacks
* Game : Rubic's Cube!
* Fearful over rumors of visiting Hillary, Clinton gives bed to Bush Sr.
* Greenspan to head up U2, Bono to head up World Bank
* Iraq Exit Strategy : through Iran
* Goan ... Smee ... ... thanks John!
* SCOTUS bans all violence in the media
* Victims sought for next weeks shooting
* True : Playgirl's editor-in-chief is (now) a Republican! ... money quote : "Republican is a man who would fight, bleed, sacrifice, and die for his country. Could you imagine what that very same man would do for his wife in the bedroom?" ... UPDATE (032105 : she has now been fired!)
* True / NSFW : Sexual harassment training video
* BBC receives complaints over lack of flesh
* Lewinsky announces that she made Clinton tapes
* Nuclear Korea announces the obvious
* Robot Republicans taking over Washington
* True / Sad : Father-Daughter team busted ... for selling ... cookies

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