Day 6

Quick Thoughts
* Thursday is 'STOP THE ACLU' day ... today's focus in on the ACLU's desire with regards to the legalization of all drugs ... another worthwhile reason to STOP THE ACLU is their continued support for Michael Schiavo in his attempts to murder his wife (by abusing the judicial system)

* The SCOTUS has rejected the case ... Jeb's attempt at state custody is now the last legal option ... UPDATE : Greer denied that request too ... sadly, that is not a surprise. They are re-filing appeals, but at this point it is almost a foregone conclusion that Terri will die. I feel a little sick ... hmm, can DCF go in anyway?
* We Have Spoken. Now It Is Time To Watch.
* Joe Scarborough makes a plea for Terri ... and here is the direct link to video
* All hope relies on SCOTUS or Jeb ... the Florida Senate rejected a law by a vote of 21-18; sadly just 2 of the 21 voting for death were the determining factor in getting what they wanted ... -2 votes, -1 life
* Re-evaluation of Terri - not a vegetable ... Dr. William Cheshire is an"eminent neurologist who evaluated Terri Schiavo for the Florida state Department of Children and Families yesterday concluded she has been wrongly diagnosed" ... another in the chorus!
* WND presents the entire Terri story
* Most Americans are not familiar with the details of Terri’s situation ... and if she dies due to our collective ignorance we all bear some of the responsibility ...
* Mikey admitted not knowing what Terri's preference was! ... dunno how I missed this earlier!

* Minnesota : Much more info on Jeff Weise, the shooter ... wow, check out that pic ... lots of missed warning signs on that one! ... I agree - "Fortunately this kid took care of the capital punishment thing on his own", since the SCOTUS refuses to execute murderers (only comfortable doing that to innocent, helpless women in Florida)
* Cali : $3B Stem Cell slush fund bypasses legal hurdles ... throwing good money after bad, I'd say ... because while stem cells can do amazing things you don't need to kill babies to get them, Adult Stem Cells work just fine!
* UK : Reactors cracking? ... well, that isn't so good ...
* The Useless Nations admit that their military is, well, useless ... and ... they also say they gave the wrong reason for paying for Sevan's legal fees; but still plan on doing so (scum)
* Ward I might finally be getting fired Churchill?? ... long report; in short "further action may be warranted" ... translation : we might have the testicular fortitude to fire him ... (for any one of about 27 valid reasons)
* Kyrgyzstan : Govt HQ taken by protesters!
* China :Nuclear Korea not coming back to the non-proliferation table
* Estonia : PM resigns ... now forming their 'fourth government in six years'
* Sweden sold US unapproved GM corn ... this is what the pure-food people are always screaming about happening
* FollowUp : Refinery blast killed 14, ~100 hurt ... no cause yet, but terrorism not suspected
* UK : Iraq War - Blair cover-up? ... hope the truth comes out, and that everything works out OK for our friends on the other side of the pond
* Canada rejects US Army deserter ... excellent; send him back here for his comeuppance!
* Georgia : Brian Nichols' hostage, Ashlee Smith, is getting the reward! ... ~$70k; that she rightly deserves!
* IRS +$3.2B ... no tax shelter for you!
* UK : Govenator on trial

* Remember - Islam, the religion of peace ... school in Ottawa indoctrinating youth in the ways of violences; while our schools teach our children to bend-over to terrorists ... not a great combo, for us
* WiMax hype has peaked - now its time to deliver ... bring it!
* Polyamory the next 'big legal challenge' to marriage? .. and I do agree that "all women, whether they identify themselves as lesbian or not, are in some respects lesbians", but it has nothing to do with the debate for/against gay marriage nor polyamory :P
* Rathergate flashback : new document, new topic, same methods?
* T-Rex 'soft tissue' found!
* Firefox 1.0.2 released; everyone should use it / upgrade to this version ... and direct link to Firefox1.0.2-Win32
* Black Holes : 10 dimensional fluidic constructs?
* More on how the SCOTUS is failing all of us
* Forget Parrots; teach your elephant to speak! ... ok., so not quite - but they do modify their 'calls' based on surrounding noise / sounds ...
* Egyptian seafaring vessels found! ... and Yemeni pottery fragments ... (cough) I blame Ra, and his spaceship
* 30GB credit-card sized HDD ...
* Feel sorry for Google's founders ... billionaires get no bonuses, so sorry ...
* Sleep apnea, silent killer
* Bankers like Knoppix too?
* France not surrendering to Google ... cool - less cheese & wine in Google News results ... :)
* Shroud of Turin a fake? ... others doubt him
* Here is why the FEC will never be able to control Bloggers! ... but the law should be repealed none-the-less!
* "Electrovaya Scribbler SC2200 Windows XP Tablet Edition Notebook" Review ... 8 hour battery!
* Serpentine robots ... links to other robot projects too
* Solar Death Ray! ... cool! Mythbusters did something very similar, using polished bronze(?) shields to see if the could light 'enemy ships' on fire ...
* Arafat killed by Jews with fricking lasers on their heads? ... (cough) or maybe by a solar death ray? ... methinks someone needs to loosen their tin-foil helmet-strap just a bit ...
* Accounting is 'the hot job' ... auditing, corporate law, construction and healthcare also expected to grow ... I'll stick with InfoSec/Networking/Computer-stuff, thank-you-very-much
* On top of the other associated costs, Peterson's defense charged the county $229k to cover 'witness fees' ... and that was just the first trial, he has atleast two more IIRC
* LiteStep :
* Defeating HoneyPots
* More on Halo2 SP ... ETA May24th, $19.99 ... can't wait!
* Projected Optical Camo
* Firesale @ Tiger ... some FREE stuff ...
* Paula Abdul +1 Hit & Run ... yes,Paula - even famous people need to stop at accident scenes

* Angry bed positions ... from Mil!
* MPAA to fight piracy by making (continuing to make) sucky movies ... (cough) Gigli (cough)
* Greer to appoint a new "people's legislature", Jeb flees the state
* More UF, on picture phones : ""stealth biology visual data collection"
* Famous, but fake, technology ... nice! ... "sci-fi writers had to come up with a means of making speedy interstellar travel a possibility, snubbing Einstein's seemingly iron-clad notion of the constant, unexceedable speed limit of light"
* MS Bugs 3.0 for Windows
* Reporter blames retirement on Bonds
* Congress follows action in Schiavo case by declaring Jacko not guilty
* Scott Peterson = fertilizer
* Super Aids inspires Super Duper AIDS Parade
* SP's Armchair Nostradamus
* Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh or Drug Slang?
* Completely independent article says White House isn't paying off media outlets
* Keanu Reeves set to play Terri Schiavo in biopic
* Camilla to be king!
* Terri's case appealed to France's 'Cour de Cassation'
* Valentine's Day Consequences ... I know, not so timely but I still laughed

Quote(s) of the Day
GuiltySpark : Temporary retardation?
GuiltySpark : That would SO be a good card for a "Hax0r: Teh 1337 trading card game"
GuiltySpark : Temporary Retardation: Target creature becomes AOLer
thanks BASH!

* This nation, much like the Alamo in my great state of Texas so many years ago, finds itself besieged by enemies today - foreign and domestic. Global terrorism and even former allies now stand in direct opposition to us, as well as the extreme left residing in this great country. Here now, submitted not-so humbly, is one proud Texan & American's point of view. So much is at stake today - make sure you're informed and that you're on the right side.
thanks Alamo Nation!

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