Day One

* Terri's first day w/o her feeding tube ... prayers continue! (and phone calls, and emails, and vigils)
* More facts ... "The primary evaluator, Dr. Ronald Cranford is a board-certified neurologist who specializes in PVS cases. Why do I mention this? Because he has also been on the board of the Euthanasia Society of America and has ties to the Hemlock Society. He is called as an expert witness for euthanasia in "Right to Die" cases. Dr. Cranford has also advocated denial of SPOON-FED feeding."
* Schindler family going to try and give her a glass of water ... that article does misrepresent (or, atleast, mislead) by saying that "Doctors have said Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state" ... something that is definitely in question!

* WorldCom board -$20.25M
* Lebanon : Bomb, 9 injured
* Rehnquist back to the bench!
* Jacko tried for a mistrial ... judge (rightfully) said "no"

* EC to fie MS $5M/per day? ... if talks fall through
* iTunes, -DRM!
* Wardriving / HotSpot maps
* GM adds audio-in jack to car radios!
* Gmail > 1GB?
* Halo2 expansion pack coming? ... sweet; because while the game itself rocked the ending was a bit weak! ... speaking of XBOXes : Are they still lighting up? ... 'XBOX turns into ex-box'! HA!
* Need to know a pinout for something?
* What do to if stopped by the Police ... or better yet - don't do anything illegal ... and I still don't like the ACLUseless

* Peep surgery ... found via No Idle Brain

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