The End of the Line?

* Judge starve her Greer NOT ONLY denies DCF's most recent filing, but he DENIES THEM FURTHER ACCESS TO TERRI ... how much can this man abuse his station before he is knocked down a peg?!!?
* 10-2 ruling; Appeals court says no ... on to the SCOTUS
* Updates ... Terri != PVS, Florida Senate fails,
* More info here ... everyone needs to understand that Terri has not received good medical, rehabilitative nor even diagnostic care!
* UPDATE : Avoiding SCOTUS, going Federal Appeals court (again) ... interesting
* Florida legislature has one more shot? ... and the most distressing part - "At least five of the nine Senate Republicans standing against the measure say they have no plans to reverse their position"
* 2-1 decision against Terri .... SCOTUS appeal (in progress) is the last chance,and I am afraid we already know how they feel ...
* When the Right to Die becomes the Right to Kill ... "And the next time I read anything about all the starving children in Africa or whatever nation deems my sympathy-of-the-week, I will remember how our judges allow disabled people to be taken advantage of in this cruel way. When you become a 'burden' to society, remember that they will try to murder you in this manner"
* Michael tried to kill Terri ... "Michael Schiavo once tried to kill his wife Terri with insulin shots" ... YET more reasons to look into the matter further before murdering this innocent woman ... and Michael Schiavo = abusive, greedy,lying
* Documents every adult should have, to prevent this scenario from playing out ... with the caveat that you must carefully consider what you put in these documents, don't make a hasty decision - it could end your life prematurely! And everyone should be an organ donor. And before that, everyone should GIVE BLOOD; I also recommend Apheresis (platelet donation)!
* A few thoughts from a lawyer
* 'Not Dead Yet'
* Judge Whittemore is wrong ... "there is powerful reason to doubt that Terri is in a PVS"
* A few (more) thoughts ... "Michael Schiavo won a $1.3 million medical malpractice judgment, but he used none of the funds to provide her with rehabilitative care. Over the years he had two children with his live-in girlfriend"
* Genuine has a thought or two for Michael ... I think he gives him way to much leniency/benefit-of-the-doubt.

Quick Thoughts
* It is Wictory Wednesday! (more to follow :P)
* Riley's 9m appt : 18.4lbs, 26.5" long ... just about dead-center 50th percentile for all main stats ... average in the good ways, extraordinary in others!

* Iraq : U.S., Iraqi Forces Kill 80 Militants
* Angola's mystery fever identified : Marburg fever ... "a dangerous hemorrhagic fever, from the Ebola family" ... killed 96 people in the last few months
* Afghanistan : Warplanes kill 5 militants
* Oil down a little, dollar up a little ... oil still ~$20 too high ... stocks WAY down yesterday, the +.25% rate hike not helping
* US-Mexico--Canada Security Conference not discussing 'migration' ... i.e. - we are not discussing the biggest security threat at the security conference ... on a related note : why we need REAL ID
* Iran and Nuclear Korea both coming back to the non-proliferation table? We'll see ...
* China : China faces severe water shortage? ... they could always convert urine, sweat (see yesterday's post)
* Lebanon : Syria leaving Lebanon 'soon'? ... the wash of democracy / citizen's rights continues to march forward ...
* Lebanon : Beirut +1 Explosion ... condolences for the two killed
* Pope having (more) health problems
* Kyrgyzstan : President fires Interior Minister
* Minnesota : More on Jeff Weise's recent killings
* NASA : May 15th Shuttle launch date? ... and shuttle launch schedule approved
* France to lose the EU? ... and remember, France has already been permitted to ignore some of the rules they are imposing on other countries
* Texas : BP Refinery explosion ... condolences for the 4 killed ... this is the 3rd largest refinery in the US ...

* Useless Nations : Sevan, head of the Oil for Food Fiasco, getting reimbursed for legal fees .... WHAT?? ... "Iraq oil money would essentially pay for Sevan to defend himself against charges that he bilked the program" ... another example of the corrupt, worthless UN ... oh, and this syndicate simply moves from one crime to the next ... Kojo in the hot seat; I am sure his legal expenses will be comped as well? (why not add insult to injury?)
* Screwtape revisited ... and a toast to the Father of Lies ... excellent read!
* Social inSecurity to be insolvent in 2041 ... one year sooner; and remember - 2018 will be the watershed year! (Coincidentally - Medicare will be insolvent in 2020!)
* John Edwards; 1-time Senator, failed VP and channeler of the dead, takes post at UNC ... "those who can, do; those who cannot do, teach" ...
* Don't worry, we are from CAIR and we are here to help ... cough ...
* Pop quiz : Cop beater, caught on video, gets how much jail time? ... the answer will surprise you! ... and more here
* Time for a federal spending cap? ... here's a better idea : FAIR TAX ... or, even better, do both!
* These plants defy (our understanding of) genetics / inheritance ... mutation not passed down ...
* WTO membership for India to cause generic drug shortage for poor nations? ... the law of unintended consequences in action?
* DC's (probably illegal) Toxic Train Law goes to Federal Court ... if it is upheld / reinstated it will set a very bad precedent!
* First extra-solar planets found! ... able to discern two planets, described as type : 'hot Jupiter' ... and more here
* Motion control coming to your PC ... Apple first?
* 'Pocket Rocket' - the fastest USB Flash around? ... SLC vs MLC,
* Wrinkles less than skin deep?
* MS hopping in bed with Symbian? ... and more here ... all an effort to kill RIM/BlackBerry
* Blood-Sugar-level sensitive contact lenses?
* IBM pays off Compuware, total of $400M
* International Obfuscated C Code Contest
* RFID : Music to your ears? ... "some constructive uses for the same RFID tags that we have all come to loathe" - I wouldn't say we loathe them; they have very valid applications ... and some odious ones as well!
* Virginia is for Kilgore
* Bill Nye, the Science Guy : not dead, has new show
* More 'XBOX goes boom' problems
* Membrane-free, alkaline fuel cell built ... no turbulence = no mixing of fluids ... in this case, it means : simpler design, 40% more efficient, 20-40% cheaper,
* 'Master CPU Timeline' ... with comments like "The current Intel Pentium 570 (with 3.8 GHz), also known as the mini heating and power station needs as much energy at full capacity as nine Intel Pentium 100 CPUs!" ... :)
* Wanna build a killer PC? Read "Advanced System Building"
* Rossignol surrenders to Quicksilver, now the world's largest maker of outdoor gear
* So-called 'Travelers' causing a row in UK ... '"assuming, of course, you can actually get away with calling criminals with poor personal hygiene a 'race' simply because they set up camp together"
* The date of Easter?
* Yahoo mail = 1GB
* Apple making a HD video network?
* TAXES : Free eFile!
* Techie podcasts ... and iPodder ... I am sure you can guess what this is for?
* Free file hosting for life? ... interesting, but what is the catch?
* Weird : The world's first intergalactic communication system
* GM to drop Buick or Pontiac?
* China : Water Buffalo cloned
* Jacko : Defense lawyer collapses, Judge refuse to permit computer evidence against Mikey ... saying it was 'cached material' so we cannot know whether it was viewed or not ... I am wondering if they had a real computer expert take a crack at it?
* Army expects to miss recruiting goals
* GOP -1 adviser ... "Republican media adviser R. Gregory Stevens, who was found dead in the Beverly Hills, Calif., home of actress Carrie Fisher on Feb. 26, died of an overdose of cocaine and the painkiller OxyContin" ... condolences for him, and (ahem) 'Drugs are bad, mmmkay?'

* True'ish : Some questions for Canadians ... a response to a twit ... and while speaking of Canada : American Idol judges review Canada ... true & not funny : woman (intentionally) tries to infect Canadian soldiers with AIDS ... WTF??
* New OOTS! ... plan Q .. plan R ... "Dad!", "Samantha!", "Haley!", "Elan!", "Hotchick!"
* New RVB! (direct link to ~22MB file)
* True : Air America : The doubts. The lies. The bounced checks. The heartbreak.
* Bearish move : Greenspan does the old 'Dine & Dash'
* Colin's tell all book : steroid use rampant in White House
* Bush offers retirees option of serving in Iraq
* Flash Game Grid - chain reaction ... I got up to 1650 1713 ...
* Rumsfeld warns Iraq not to do anything stupid without calling him first
* Africanized fleas a big scare ... "But if the stories are even half true, killer fleas are capable of cutting a swath of death across our nation, dotting the land with brittle, desiccated doggie husks"
* Shaq to testify about doughnut abuse in NBA
* Toy non-proliferation talks fall apart
* Reasons a messy office is better than a clean one
* National Gonzo Press Club vows to carry on HST's work
* Roommate with dumb superpowers?
* Pave Texas!
* Sumo dad lays down the law
* Dan McGwire loving not being his family’s biggest failure

Quote of the Day
* Starting with the lives that the Left has the highest, most caring, dotingly compassionate feelings for down to those who are seemingly worthless:
1. Terrorists who murder innocent Americans.
2. Convicted murderers and rapists.
3. Terrorists who murder innocent Israelis.
4. Tyrants who murder and torture their own people.
5. America hating academics.
6. Kofi Annan.
7. Illegal aliens.
8. Alaskan Caribou.
9. Equatorial rain forests.
5000. Inconvenient human lives.
5001. Inconvenient fetuses.
thanks Glen! ... and do go read the entire post; some other interesting observations/comments!

* Felos' label : Warning, may be fatal in proximity to helpless innocent people, use of this lawyer may cause unwarranted death by starvation and extreme anger coupled with activism in defense of life
thanks Kender!

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