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Quick Thoughts
* TJ=2, FLU(?)=1 ... I am pulling ahead ('Tylenol Cold', and its non-drowsy counterpart, each get an assist)
* My brother-in-law did indeed make it home, safe & sound last night. Check yesterday's post for the mushy stuff.
* Interesting - History Channel's "High Hitler" (TiVo'd from the other night) says Hitler was on Meth, Strychnine, Nightshade and that he had Cerebral Palsy and very likely had Syphilis as well ... fun!

* Iraq : Death Toll hits 1500 ... everyone should take a moment today, and every day, to thank God for all of these brave men (and women) and to pray for their safe return. Also pray that Iraq is able to form a stable, democratically elected government.
* More SCOTUS fallout ... "The authority of Supreme Court justices derives from the authority of the Constitution: once they deny its authority, they deny their own" ... "they invoke a living Constitution, but that just means the real Constitution lies dead at their feet" ... "What Anthony Kennedy calls cultural evolution looks more like regression -- a return to the tyrannies of Enlightenment Europe" ... and more SCOTUS fallout ... the Constitution vs the World ... and more SCOTUS fallout ... "International Mob Rule 1 - Constitution 0" ... and more SCOTUS fallout here
* Indonesia : In a travesty of Justice Abu Bakar Bashir, a key regional terror leader linked to the killing of 202 people, gets only 30 months in prison
* 27 illegal immigrant sex offenders being deported ... a step in the right direction
* An undersea vacation ... that doesn't get you wet, unless using your room's private pool
* Australia : BCE to supplant BC? ... "a case of political correctness trumping history" ... "This is a case of history being rewritten" ... how inane!
* Oil hits $53, keeps moving up ... refinery outages partially blamed ... and nearing $55 ... and Oil clears $55 ... settles 'down to' $53.57 ... and OPEC : Oil may hit $80! ... wow, that is only $45 too much (per barrel)!
* Goss overwhelmed? ... Negroponte to pick up some of the load, once confirmed that is
* ~50 Dolphins beached
* Real Estate still hot ... for now ...
* The stolen election of Wash State deemed "clearly unacceptable" ... strangely, no re-vote mentioned
* Another chink in the US's armor ... imprisoned jihadi's, and free flowing communication from them
* GlobalFlyer makes it! ... around the world, non-stop, no refueling, in 67hrs (less than the planned 80hrs) ... congrats to Steve Fossett
* Will $3.5B buy the NHL?
* Canadian beef industry 'devastated' by mad cow ... don't feed cows meet and you might not have this problem ...
* YATSSS - Yet Another Teacher-Student Sex Scandal ... atleast this one is ugly ...
* Iran : Nuclear storage bunkers being built?

* Terri : You can help prevent a murder
* FEC to regulate blogging?? ... uh oh ... McCain-Feingold rearing its head ... and follow-up here ... from the left & right!
* Hydroelectric power : not so clean?
* Just say No to teacher's unions ... why not all unions!
* Social inSecurity reform not dead yet ... and an interesting idea : raise the $90k cap in trade for getting rid of the odious AMT ...
* Eolas smacked around, MS wins a round ... and the Internet is saved ...
* Federal Air Marshals in trouble?
* UN : An org whose time has gone
* Spammer conviction overturned ... the Internet is at risk again ...
* Think your WoW character is undefeatable? ... watch out for professional hits! :)
* ATI HyperMemory : hi-speed & low cost? ... thanks to PCI Express
* Scientists got the twin rovers mixed up, put wrong instruments in ... but they still work just fine, thank-you-very-much
* TigerDirect's $99 page ... MS Wireless KB & Mouse for $75 ... mmmmm
* Symantec patents virus detection ... well, a way of scripted detection ... does that sound bad to anyone else?
* Mercora : 20k channels of streaming music
* MS displays robotic nannies
* More Byrd-Nazi fallout ... did you see the pic at the end of yesterdays post? :)
* Double-Slit experiment in Time (not space)
* Public Schools - a sin?
* Find a planet & you get to name it ... YADCP (Yet Another Distributed Computing Project)
* Re-use that old PDA!
* IBM and Intel, in love again
* eBay : death spiral ... ok, maybe not - but still valid points
* More on the UN growing a backbone ... and is it too little too late?
* Blogging is good for your health? ... maybe for your brain, but my waistline disagrees!
* I Want to Live ... wow, song & video about adoption (specifically as an alternative to abortion) ... found via Mozifix
* Bankruptcy reform ... and Kennedy trying to attach a minimum wage increase (from $5.15 to $7.25!) ... evil ...
* Mugabe (in Zimbabwe) admits defeat?
* BBC - what media bias?
* VA Gubernatorial race getting some attention ... Kaine pretending to be moderate (just like Warner did), hopefully losing the battle to Kilgore ... always more @ VA Conservative
* Thoughts on Sex Ed, Abstinence, etc.
* ESCR, and remembering eugenics
* Good Internships
* MS new IM release "soon"
* Young star emits old star xrays
* Google AutoLink : the enemy
* Google, AOL - the battle for local search
* Speculation : Geena Davis to play female President on ABC ... blech
* Democrats, embracing defeat, name building for Daschle
* Wanna save 3M babies per year?
* Let's all reflect on Rather's career, shall we?
* A Guide to the Major Internet Bodies ... the 10 org you should know, but probably don't (with the possible exception of ICANN & IANA, and MAYBE W3C)
* TiVo vs MS vs Cable
* $3M raised so far to save Enterprise
* Marc Rich involved in Oil for Food Fiasco?
* Was Uday about to commit some regime change in Iraq? ... always consider the source ...
* More Texas vs free WiFi
* AMD still fighting the good fight ... simultaneous release of dual-core mobile & desktop chips ...

* New OOTS! ... "Operation : Send in the meatshield" is canceled ...
* True : SC&A bring us another idiot, to make you feel better ... not to be forgetting Abigail's Magic Garden ... as SC&A says : Read them, and feel better about yourself!
* NHL lockout affects dozens of fans
* SCO to (finally) sue self, for violating NDA with self
* SCOTUS mulls Commandments, Divine Intrusion
* SCOTUS rules on Ten Commandments 'Kid Boiling' Prohibition
* SCOTUS rules Death Sentence "cruel and unusual" for cruel, unusual minors ... "When I was 17, I was young and foolish, and didn't understand what I was doing," explained the murderer of a family of five and their dog. "In fact, I distinctly remember thinking, 'I'm sure this is the right thing to do, and I'll probably get an award or something.' Of course, the instant I turned 18, I realized all too well the folly of my ways."
* SCOTUS rules (5-4) that all US marriage dowries "must include three non-diseased oxen."
* SCOTUS rules on Eminent Domain, includes intellectual property ... "Dateline March 3, 2035" ... "Chief Judge John Edwards" ... "that damn Scalia just won’t die" ... "do something about those damn Baby Boomers that just refuse to die" ... "cryogenically reanimated body of Sammy Sosa, now 426 lbs. of pure muscle" ... "UN Secretary General Abu Musab al-Zarqawi" ... well said!
* Jacko says stunt face did it
* Jacko says I told that boy to beat it
* Narcoleptic coworker?
* Update : Al Gore won the Iraqi election
* UF speaks the truth on IT
* Web Surfer attacked by shark
* True / Amazing : Moore & Moorewatch agree on something!
* BTK regrets lame nickname

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