Good Friday

Quick Thoughts
* Pray that it is good for Terri, although that remains to be seen ...
* Particularly fitting for today : The Lord of the Dance ... music & lyrics ... and thanks to Donegal Express for reminding me :)

* Parents appeal Whittemore's latest decision ... "Terri Asked to Stay Alive"
* Felos donated to Greer's campaign ... more dirt on the oh-so-honest Murder Trifecta TM of Mikey Schiavo, Greer, Felos ...
* Ars Technica tries to start a discussion ... no offense, but isn't it a little late to START NOW??
* Whittemore gets another chance to get it right ... still waiting ... meanwhile, Terri is showing signs of dehydration ... "it doesn't look like we have much left" ... UPDATE : Whittemore denied their request (again)
* D. James Kennedy says governor must 'disregard' judge to save Terri ... meanwhile, Jeb indicates he won't defy court order ... it would be interesting if he did. And another thought (scary for those of us who generally don't like governmental involvement) - What if he did? What repercussions are you afraid of when your brother can pardon you? Just a stray thought.
* Excellent point-counterpoint on why TERRI SHOULD LIVE
* The 'Exit Protocol'
* And, just in case you doubted Michael's 'scumbag' status
* Pseudo-Related : Living wills not enough?

* Iraq : 23 Iraqi's killed by insurgents 11 Iraqi Police Commandos killed by suicide terrorist bomber ... condolences for those killed., and prayers for the wounded (including 2 US GIs) .. kinda related : female cops ... and insurgents looking for an exit strategy?
* Kyrgyzstan : Looting!
* New York : Mob-run 'weed ring' busted ... confiscated : 1ton of weed(!), $3M in cash ... site had used "$800k in stolen electricity" .. and Shocker : underage pot use is bad
* Jacko : Child's prints on porn mag
* Iowa : Amber Alert - Jetseta Marrie Gage was taken by Roger P. Bentley ... hearing that Amber Alert canceled, a body has been found (positive ID pending)
* F16's for sale, but to India or Pakistan? ... Solution: Sell them to both!
* Cambodia : Bird Flu instance #3?
* Airborne SARS?
* Petting animals makes 9 kids sick with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) ... improper hand washing,
* UN report may indict Kofi! ... finally 'revealing' what most have been pretty sure of for quite sometime! ... meanwhile Former UN Chief thinks the UN should not be held accountable ... more scandal : UN also cannot manage to use their phones properly, to the tune of $500k!
* Walmart -1 Director, others ... unauthorized use of corporate-owned gift cards and personal reimbursements
* Iran : Arms build-up

* Diabetes cure : ESCR vs ASCR ... why actually focus on a cure when they can focus on killing babies?
* Blogs / Bloggers safe from FEC? ... no more insurrection? ... or are we still at risk?
* Le Tax? ... this is the wrong answer - dual taxation is even worse than what we have now! We need the FAIR TAX ... better than the current debacle of a tax code, and also much better than VAT. It is a consumption tax and takes the place of income taxes! Go to that site, read the FAQ ... and support this!
* The 'joys' of Socialized Medicine ... in Canada, eh? ... "The average Canadian family pays about 48 percent of its income in taxes each year" ... "at present rates, Ontario will be spending 85 percent of its budget on health care by 2035"
* So, just who is Ward I might be getting fired! Churchill ... excellent read; check all of the things he isn't (despite his claims to the contrary :) )
* "Doomsday Nerds"?
* Social inSecurity : GWB tweaks plan
* Investment Scams ... sidenote : #1 on the list is the good old Ponzi Scheme. Want to take a guess at what the world's largest Ponzi Scheme is? ... BZZT; TIME'S UP : Did you guess / know it is Social inSecurity?
* Select-a-baby
* Joke-e-oke : for the wannabe stand-up comedian ... like karaoke; but instead of sux0ring at singing you can be teh sux0r at telling jokes
* Remember - Internet != anonymity
* This octopus 'walks' ... I tell ya what, octopuses are damn amazing creatures. Between the 8 pseudo-independent arms, color+texture changes, big eyes/brain, etc they are awesome - and all this with no spine (and the ability to fit in amazingly small places)
* VOIP intro / review ... related note, my office just got VOIP'ed last weekend - and everything works pretty smooth!
* More 'very high energy' sources out there ... proton accelerators?
* More on "Universe's Expansion, Dark Energy not required"
* Un-crewed Space Shuttles? ... or, even better : Space Elevator ... that would be sweet!
* MultiCore CPUs require MultiThreaded games ... requires 2-3x the amount of work of single-thread ... ouch
* RoboFest
* Google OS in 2012? ... and be sure to watch EPIC :)
* Army goes with Alienware! ... sweet; now that should be on a recruitment poster!
* Veejay : free audio / video editing for Linux
* YAFFE (Yet Another FireFox Extension) : from Answers.com ... I'll try it out, but Google is still my primary :) (even if they are a 'blue company')
* 7m video of the 'Wanaque vortex' on eBay for paltry sum of $1.3B
* An alternate to AES?
* Cigarette Lighter MP3 player
* BlueGene * 2 ... I wish I could double my laptop's performance ...
* WoW causes ID-theft scare ... statements had incorrect bill-from address/info ...
* Lightbulbs : supermodels of inefficiency ... duh; giving off ~5x heat vs light (wasted vs useful) cannot be a good thing!
* Barbara Bush says Hillary will run, and lose, in 2008
* More than you ever wanted to know about Windows' page file
* Enterprise 2hr finale imminent, here are some details
* Google blocks 'hate language'
* Overclocking - Liquid Nitrogen = 5GHz!
* Drinking legislation, misguided?
* Massive star cluster
* MS beta : Unified Update
* ISS 'phantom torque'?
* Cheat on your husband, sue for divorce, get $40M+ ... (cough) Susan Sosin is a tramp (not a personal attack, just a statement of fact).

* New OOTS! ... evil sorceress tramp -1, rogue - 0 (bard almost scores)
* “Coupled with an unprovoked attack by misguided Iraqi shopkeepers last week on innocent freedom fighters bravely preparing to attack an elementary school” ... go read this!
* Flash Game : Squares ... I got 1164 ...
* A sneak peak @ Charles' wedding
* Fidel retiring to the US
* Peterson, Hacking, Simpson agree : "Don't do it yourself!"
* Scissors ... bad ... direct link to video/audio
* Jacko's feeding tube removed
* Midget wrestling ... direct link to video / audio ... body slam from 3' just doesn't have the same, um, impact ...
* True : Wanna be a dork Master Chief for Halloween?
* 'Lucky' pet stories ... and by lucky, I mean ...
* Flash Game : Whack Boss!! ... and it has a 'boss key'!!

Quote of the Day
* Shane : there is a special place in hell, down the hall from Hitler, for real player
thanks BASH!

* "Freedom of speech makes it much easier to spot the idiots."
thanks jcrue!

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