Happy St Patrick's Day

Quick Thoughts
* Well, not that happy ... seeing as I 'gave up' alcohol for Lent. I don't know what I was thinking ... :)
* Check out the Terri updates ... getting close to the wire!
* Jody - this title was not randomly generated :P
* ... and Blogger is really sucking this AM ... slow, unresponsive ... I know it is free, but Google still needs to fix that! (atleast for me)

* Symantec raised Internet ThreatCon to 2 (of 4), due to a McAfee vuln ... can yield URACE (Unauthenticated, Remote, Arbitrary Command Execution)

* Happy St Patrick's Day ... and good info here ... and some toasts
* Harry You named BearingPoint's new CEO ... apparently CFO'ship at Oracle not good enough? ... and files a 12b-25 'cuz the 10k is gonna be late
* Oil up to $57+! ... OPEC upped production, but speculation is that they will be unable to meet demand ... so now it is ~$22 too much, per barrel (and FWIW - after adjusting for inflation, this is not actually the most expensive oil has ever been ... but it is getting dangerously close) ... and more on ANWR drilling's recent approval ... and again - 10-15 years too late to help us now, but still a great thing!
* Illegal residents to get Social inSecurity benefits? ... WHAT?? ... that is asinine, and criminal (literally) ... let's hope that effort fails, or it may be totally impossible to save this ponzi scheme
* Congress all up in MLB's grill ... is this really the best thing for our legislators to do doing? I would much prefer they all focus on saving Terri Schindler Schiavo ... see below ... for those who care : live video feed of Roid hearing here
* Wolfowitz nomination (to be the next President of the World Bank) a shock for Europe ... "Along with the nomination of Bolton, the US is putting the biggest skeptics of multilateralism in charge" ... and I guess they think it is a bad thing for the US to put the US's concerns first? Is there any nation that doesn't place a higher value on their own priorities vs the priorities of others? No, I didn't think so ... but they still slam us when we do ...
* Jacko : His housekeeper has a few incriminating things to say ... "described Neverland Ranch as a place where children 'became wild' during long stays without their parents, drank alcohol in Jackson's presence and often slept with the pop star"
* Global Warming 'time lag' in oceanic heat dissipation .. regardless of cause ... assuming it is actually happening
* Afghanistan : Blast kills 5 ... condolences ...
* Massive ($432M) Cyber-heist thwarted ... that's the good news, the bad news is that they go in in the first place ...
* Douche threatens to blow up a 777 (Moscow - Tokyo) ... had no explosives ... to undergo psychiatric eval
* Iran : "Forget about diplomacy, this is war"?

* Terri : Court won't block feeding tube removal ... but US Congress to the rescue? ... would be very gratifying to see the Legislative Branch accomplish something meaningful, and to stop Judge starve her Greer from imposing his beliefs on her (something the 'Save Terri' crowd is being accused of!) ... Jeb (and Florida Legislature) under attack as well ... by pillar of moral values Michaelstarve herSchiavo ... meanwhile in Florida, "Terri's Law" (bill) passes the House ... excellent news! The Senate needs to sign off as well; of they need to hammer out their disagreements FAST ... Also : US House passed a bill as well, but Senate Democrats blocked it - DeLay hoping to try again ... keep up the fight!! ... terrorists get treated better ... strong words, and I can't say they are wrong ...
* More WEP vulnerability ... active attack method = "any WEP based network with or without Dynamic WEP keys can now be cracked in minutes" ... and (following one of the links in that article) : walk-through of basic WEP attack ... step-by-step, for Red Hat 9 specifically ... and, on a very related note : NetStumbler 0.4.0 is available
* Plasmonic PC chips? ... "scientists would love to use plasmons to ferry data around computer chips because they could operate at frequencies 100,000 times faster than today's Pentium chips, without requiring thicker wiring" ... nice!
* Worms in decline? ... all about the botnet, dude.
* Hitachi +1 robot ... Emiew(that's the line / model / family name, the two individuals are Pal and Chum, how gay) ... on wheels (think Segway :P) and fairly fast, relatively speaking (3.7mph)
* MS 'Indigo' released
* Hydrogen cars by 2012, from Daimler Chrysler ... I wonder if that includes anything from the Jeep line?
* Abortion, due to a cleft lip ... another example of the total abuse of a system that is allowing what is already a reprehensible practice ...
* Spammer sues Anti-spammer for $4M ... well that isn't right ... "SLAPP" ... FTR : it sounds to me like Omega World Travel (cruise.com) doesn't have a case and is suing just to shut Mark Mumma up. Let's hope this gets thrown out of court :).
* Why power plants need anti-virus ... "The problem is that IT people don't understand SCADA and SCADA people don't understand security"
* IRS employees share their passwords with 'hackers' ... how (cough) helpful of them ...
* Google yanks 'Google X' from Lab ... project down, project down ...
* Java moving closer to Open Source?
* More on MS's newly released adCenter ... fairly blatant knock-off of Google's adSense ...
* More on Mars' Dust Devils ... they are helping to keep the Rovers' solar panels clean & operating efficiently! Bonus!
* ISS falling apart ... one more broken gyro and there will be no Shuttle docking going on!
* MS EOLing VB6 support
* Thoughts on the Shuttle's modifications, preparations, etc. ... US to (finally) return to space
* More on animal free ESCR ... and it is still a slippery slope we must read very carefully on!
* Hi-Fi (and High$) headphones
* Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, has an atmosphere ... sweet ... and more here
* A dark underbelly to accepting online payments?
* Business Process Management: Taking All The Right Steps ... So, just what is BPM anyway?
* "Geek Tech Deals" ... looks decent
* WinXP x64 free ... for 30 days, anyway
* Draggable & Clone-able GIFs ... kinda cool!
* 144megapixel camera
* Trend Micro Spam Filter - review ... oh, and this 'beta' is available free!
* Open season on cats ... and yes, dogs (German Shepherds specifically) are far superior!
* Traffic Light changers!?
* S. Korea having a territorial dispute with Japan?
* More on the Corrie Family ... "Fighting the Dumb Fight" ... excellent!
* Japan shuts down the "Asian Women's Fund"
* Dell quits 'white box' PC market ... no more generic here
* Google : GCode ... open source directory, links to SourceForge ... will try to look into this more later ...
* US : 1B airplane travelers / yr by 2015

* True : 13 things that do not make sense ... placebo effect, the horizon problems, Dark Matter, Tetraneutrons, Dark Energy, a 10th planet (and a big one, at that!), Cold Fusion ... etc. ... good read!
* Things geeks do on St. Patrick's Day
* Should be a new OOTS today! ... can't wait to see if the roses do any good ...
* UF : he is teh master ... phighting phishers is phun, and phabulous
* Senate okays grinding up hippies for oil ... Eric Cartman agrees, damn hippies! ... "Firefighters don't just concentrate on putting the fire out, you know. They put the fire out while subtly fueling it with lumps of coal and such, tricking it into thinking that they're friends, until bam! There's some more water!"
* Funny celeb pics
* New font debuts at FontCon
* More bits of useless trivia ... and Yet more useless trivia ... all cool!
* TRUE! : Phone company Customer Service employees should probably not send pictures of their anatomy to customers ... also TRUE : Telco's shouldn't spam
* Gates : King Nerd of the British Empire
* The evil plot to silence McChin
* Canada builds their own Missile Defense Shield ... "Canadian scientists, who normally used their modest resources to calculate complex hockey pool data"
* Britney gives Jacko (bad) advice ... get drunk, fight

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