Is it spring yet?

Quick Thoughts
* OK, I got my snow fix. Now I am ready for my "drive around with my top down" fix. Bring on the 60+ degree, sunny days ...
* and don't forget, it is Tuesday - which means we should all take a sec to remember Kerry's 180! ... and lookie what I just found - PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :)
* The search for Jessica Lunsford has been canceled due to lack of evidence / progress, sadly she is still missing ...

* Iraq : Raid Juhi, the judge overseeing Saddam's trial, has been assassinated ... Additionally, a video showing a kidnapped French journalist has apparently been released ...
* More on the UN rapings ... sadly, Kofi still has a job ... and, speaking of the UN, heads (finally) starting to roll ... and roadblocks to Oil for Food Fiasco investigation ... and
US vs UN WRT abortions ... and, I'll even throw this old link out there : Sign here to help kick the UN out of the US :)
* Iraq (follow up) : Death toll in Hilla car bombing now listed as 106 ... was reported as high as 146 ... still very sad, condolences for all those murdered
divorce suit filed
* Jose Padilla must be released or charged ... this case is a little different, as he is an American citizen ... having said that, could/should the law be changed? ... and more thoughts here
* Federal Judge comes home to two bodies ... apparently they were her husband and mother ... wow ... prayers & condolences, regardless of who they were ...
* Decency rules coming to satellite?
* US Supreme Court rules on Death Penalty for minors ... no longer legal ... another wrong decision :(
* German jobless rate sets a new record ... 5.2M unemployed, or 12.6% ...
* Kobe settles
* Almost-live Bloggingreporting from the Jacko trial
* Teachers setting a bad example, again ... don't get me wrong, 2yrs w/o raises it ridiculous but not assigning homework? WRT the after-hours work - grade the HW as a class exercise, the students -might- -actually- -learn- -something- ...

* Terri : 'Terri is each of us' ... found via steal the bandwagon ... and more here ... and support HB701 ... in short : a re-worked Terri's Law, that does not violate the separation of powers ... UPDATE : divorce suit filed
* Grading governors ... "first place went to Arnold Schwarzenegger"
* PWL on Judge Michael McConnell on The Establishment Clause ... did you know - "The First Amendment, of course, prohibited the federal government from establishing a national religion, but left the states free to establish or support religions within their jurisdictions" ... ?
* Ward Churchill : CU ponders buyout ... no no NO NO - grow a pair and just fire him, there are more than enough reasons (even if you discount his ludicrous speeches) ...
* Down with Amtrak (subsidies)
* Socialized medicine kills
* Sudan, still into genocide
* ACLU +1 Conflict of interest ... can't let a little thing like that get in the way of their agenda, now can we? ... and more anti-ACLU : Thomas More Law Center ... and more anti-ACLU factoids here
* 'Eurotalk, Oil, and China' ... interesting read ...
* A letter to Bush, on eminent domain abuse
* Malkin's thought & analysis on blog readership ... and check the bottom, Hawkins is now deuce-proof (and living the dream, or working on it)!
* A little thing called perspective - WRT torture, world opinion ... old doc, but still relevant ... thanks Rob!
* HP dumps 'OpenView Storage Area Manager' ... I wonder if the rest of OpenView is going away? (it should :) )
* Japan, to the moon ... to be called Moon Unit 1 ... or "Death Star" ...
* Illegals cost Arizona $28k/day solely in delayed deportation costs ... and, as a reminder, they cost the US $68B/yr! ... and here's one way to fight that cost ... proposed law would allow employers to be sued for firing legals and replacing them with illegals
* Merrill Lynch - $1M ... fraudulent ratings ...
* Who said " "There are people who feel left behind and [that] might stir up negative feelings against India because they do not understand the economic benefits of outsourcing"" ... Hint : not a Republican ...
* Insecure (local) Indexing
* Multiple Sclerosis -1 treatment option ... drug pulled ...
* CNN to run liquor ads
* Leaking gravity? ... no dark matter here ...
* Wanna be invisible? ... seriously ... well, not really invisible - but very well hidden ... as long as you are tiny (microscopic) ... (or reallllly quiet, Private Donut)
* Thoughts on Grey Networks ... and people who are "corporate IT renegades" ... hmm, dunno any of those ...
* The horrors of the Internet
* Stop and think about Kyoto ... which the US (luckily) did not ratify / join ... "The Clinton Administration, which supported the treaty, put the price tag between $225 and $400 billion a year with job losses of 1.1 million to 4.9 million"
* US ranks 13th in broadband deployment ... partially because we are geographically disparate, and have old telco equipment. Anyway, we should fix that (Verizon's FTTP sounds like a winner, or maybe forget wires and just go WiMax?)
* Response to Bill Gate's comments on the Public Education system ... disciple the children ...
* The Wal-Mart effect, revisited
* Santorum, possessed?
* Happy (first) Birthday to the 'Museum of Left Wing Lunacy'
* Kids need meat ... "inflicting vegetarianism on children is unethical"
* Social inSecurity reform will not raise the debt
* Gerrymandering in Georgia
* Defend the defenders ... more USMC 2nd Lt Ilario Pantano fallout ... help them!
* Meet the next Walkman
* Inside the iPod ... re-program that bad boy ...
* Wanna see what those little magnetic strips actually have on them? ... strip snoop ...
* Yet another Bagle variant
* Google, Firefox - in bed together?
* Costa Rica to outlaw VOIP?
* Solaris10 review
* Genesis still yields some valuable data ... burning & impact didn't destroy everything ...
* Want stuff cheap?
* Methinks Redbus is going to blow a few SLAs ... colo facility goes dark ... "Power to our rack has now been down for more than three hours"
* Observations on Rather, going down

* True : The title of this book alone would be worth it, the content an added bonus!
* RVB #50 coming soon ... sponsors can get it now, and "Church is the team killing F-tard!" ... :P
* Iran says it seeks to build nuclear-powered birdhouse
* Michael Moore blames Bush for "Plague of Democracy"
* Bugs Bunny pimped out by greedy execs
* True : A little Lebanese lullaby
* True : Dumb crook of the week ... found via The Art of the Blog, who got it from FARK

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