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Quick Thoughts
* Sick today ... again ... damn
* It is Wictory Wednesday ... help Rick Santorum get re-elected (even if he did try to raise the minimum wage)

* Iraq : 2 mass-graves found ... 41 bodies found ... condolences to all of those!
* Lebanon to reinstate the PM?
* Oil up (surplus down) ... update : over $55 ... "New York Mercantile Exchange said an option with a strike price of $100 a barrel traded on Tuesday, the highest level thought to have traded on the exchange"
* IRA 'offers' to kill 4 linked to Belfast slaying
* Economy up, inflation steady
* Jackson's accuser takes the stand ... after a less-than-convincing display by others
* Florida : Couple arrested for child neglect - 17yr old caged & diapered ... weighed 49lbs ...
* Snack kills 27 @ Philippines school ... wow, and damn. I didn't realize how deadly the Cassava root is ... and condolences to all those poor children killed, and prayers for the other ~100 affected
* Gay couple sue over Anti-AARP ad ... a big whoops by USA Next .. but suing for $25M?? That is just a big egregious, yes?
* Annan : "UN Must Accept Hezbollah" ... ahem, no they shouldn't. Yet another example of the UN proving its uselessness ...

* CBO 'comes clean' : the Social inSecurity system has a big problem approaching ... 2008 is an important year!
* Licenses for illegals?
* Excellent thoughts on Capitalism, Democracy, Minimum Wage and America ... "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure"
* Kuwait joining the 'democracy party' ... not quite yet, but let's hope ...
* Rise of the NeoCons? ... and do you really know what NeoCon means?
*About Rabeh says the US staged Saddam's capture ... in case you didn't know, he is almost certainly lying :)
* Beer is not fattening
* Israeli Army frowns on D&D players! ...
* Americans like to sue ... is a dead dog actually worth $700k?
* Moon-based telescopes
* Google into VOIP?
* Lexis Nexis parent company hacked, 32k peoples' info at risk
* TDAs to replace PDAs?
* BT vs CWU ... union getting uppity
* More on the CELL
* Australia to fine for 'suicide info' ... fining for content is quite a questionable, slippery slope ...
* Homo-Necrophilia by a duck?
* l33t sp34k g3Ner4+0r
* TiVo hacks
* Stairway to Hell ... ol LedZep rumor true?
* Useful FCC rules!
* Rover anniversary (flash)videos
* 'Hacker' could tell you if you were accepted to college or not
* Lucent to host/manage your storage?
* Free, Online network utils ... cool'ish ...
* For those of us who don't care to watch CBS, here is Rather's farewell ... "Gunga Dan" ... Ha!
* Some more thoughts on the "Dean Machine" attempting to be obstructionists in Cali ... "Dean and his out of state Democrat buddies plan to stop that reform by spending $70 million in order to protect their union and special interest partners" ... thanks Gindy!

* Valve - are you ready to cruise the forums ... flash, check your volume!
* True : The OOPS list ... aircraft incidents ... funny / interesting / bothersome

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