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Quick Thoughts
For the record : NIF is News-Interesting-Funny; i.e. - my place to list and comment on anything I want, or think you need to know. Furthermore, NIF is none of these things:
* National Information Forum
* National Ignition Facility
* New Israel Fund
* Norges Idrettsforbund og Olympiske Komité ... don't even know, or care, how that abbreviates to NIF
* NIF Ventures
* Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation
... now, on to the good stuff! (My NIF is better than all of their's combined!)

* Anthrax scare in Fairfax ... one test positive, followup tests negative ... developing ... also, speaking of Anthrax : NJ Post Office re-opens ... in a record-breaking 3 years ... ?
* Cali : Judge says No to Gay Marriage Ban ... we'll see how that plays out ...
* Saudi urges 2% output increase
* US Commercial Aviation not safe yet?
* Pope returns to the Vatican
* FollowUp : Brian Nichols talked to hostage for hours, seemed level-headed
* Sheik Convicted of Terror-Funding Charges
* Chechnya : Grenades fired
* Lebanon : Syria Out, Iran In? ... one step forward, two steps back?
* Idol front-runner drops out ... not really news, but so damn many sheeppeople watch the show ...
* FollowUp : Church(-meeting) gunman details ... his 'sect' ("Living Church of God") focuses on 'end time', believes we have only 5-15 years
* 03.15.05 = The Third Annual International Eat an Animal for PETA Day ... pic below (links to official site) :)
* Lebanon : Hundreds of thousands rally against Syria
* This is (one reason) why DC schools suck ... ok class, can you say "misappropriation of funds"? Yes, I thought you could
* Growing glacier defies global warming
* Illegals in sensitive areas ... again - a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure!

* Terri : Greer continues down the path that leads to death
* Impending credit implosion?
* Howard "Yeeeeaaarrggh" Dean's hidden docs go to court ... he admitted he was doing it so 'nothing embarrassing' would come out during his miserable Presidential bid (I say miserable because he got beat by Kerry ... come on man, by KERRY!) ... it will be interesting to see what he is hiding
* 5GB 'Pocket' HDD ... "flash killer"?
* IE targeted by malware, even if you are running alternative browser ... now that is downright rude ... funny/sad/scary, but rude
* Hillary's 'snow job' ... Hillary's virtual transformation into a motherly, centrist candidate continues ... "Many children's activists are just feminists who don't particularly like children, and certainly don't want to stay home and raise them. Their children's activism amounts to an attempt to shift responsibility for children from mothers to the state ... How do we feminists get the state to raise the children we don't want to?"
* Nationwide MS-13 crackdown?
* More on AOL's 'All your IM are belong to us' terms-of-service ... UPDATE : Your AIM is safe
* The Dream, Immigration - revisited
* $55 oil won't last ... "Fortunately, the U.S. economy is much less susceptible nowadays to the tax-hike impact of higher oil prices" ... "Rather than stagflating, today’s economy is quite healthy"
* UAW is anti-US / Marine? ... and petty, whining about parking spaces ... another example on 'unions gone wrong', and why IMHO their time has passed ... UPDATE : UAW surrenders to the USMC ... too late?
* Some galaxies grew fast, died young
* Death Threat quotes the Quran ... quote from one of his other posts - "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant" ... Islam, the religion of peace
* "Lies terrorists tell" ... interesting read, although his choice of fonts is rather large & bold ...
* No Churchill buyout ... that is good, sadly they probably lack the testicular fortitude to do the right ting and just FIRE WARD ... and Big Chief Fullocrap
* Saudi : We condemn terror; except against Israel ... not a quote, but that is what he means
* 'Partial screen dimming' to extend your laptop's battery 11x?
* Mapping LMC's magnet fields
* IBM moving forward to reselling of Lenovo gear
* CSI : XRAYs used to 'lift' fingerprints ... well, not 'lifting' them, but getting the picture
* 'Fingerprinting' gemstones ... well, not really a fingerprint - but every gem is unique when you use 'microspectrometry'
* EU, UN wrong ... but so is Bush? ... giving Iran too much time ... and Kofi should still be fired.
* Terrorist website posts DirtyAtomic Bomb plans ... UPDATE : this (or atleast some portion of it) may be a hoax ... developing
* MS loses lawsuit to Burst.com, $60M
* MMR vaccination does notcause autism
* More on Sgrena, 'communist hack' ... this just in : Sgrena's car - the (cough) real picture!
* Inmarsat launch delayed ... global, satellite-based broadband held up ... only 432kbps though :(
* Washington Post Editor : "I don't Think US should be the Leader of the World" ... what media bias? (Note : their is no 'leader of the world', but saying it the way he did implies that we are that leader, or trying to be ... which, FWIW, if any nation had to take that role I certainly hope it is US!),
* Blogs don't libel people. People libel people.
* XMEN3 gets a different director ... to focus on the Dark Phoenix storyline?
* MS monopoly will wane ... 800lb gorilla turns into 400lb gorilla? ... and consider the source (LinuxInsider :P )
* Boston : Cost of 'Big Dig' upped by $10M+ due to SW woes?
* Knight Online : Free MMORPG ... 280MB download ...
* Verizon to offer 3rdparty reseller access to FiOS ... aka FTTP; fiber-to-the-premise ... broadband baby ...
* Other use for CPU fan : beer cooler!
* Boot Knoppix from USB!
* A black mark for the "Greatest Generation"?
* Don't default on your taxes in India ... they'll irritate you into paying ...
* Don't like Walmart / capitalism? have no morals? Need money? ... for reference only, in the opes that they fix their broken system. If you try this I hope you get busted.
* DSW : 'hackers' nab info on 100k customers

* New OOTS! ... Bard, the anti-rescue ... and - I'll buy the roses, but where did he find the candy??
* True : Parading about a laundromat whilst nude is not such a great idea ... well, unless you like court time :)
* DOJ : Considering Space as venue for Torture
* Gay Test!
* EV vs (new) SATs
* Easiest quiz you'll ever fail!
* Evil Overlord Dungeon Prereq's
* Flash/Game : Kung Fu
* Tetris for Dummies
*March madness renamed ‘March bipolar disorder’
* Important Poll ... vote for Ward getting blown up, the rest are almost foregone conclusions! :)
* FBI Confines search to Strip Clubs, Hooters
* Zarqawi (now) has a Nevada Driver's License ... no chance this was a stolen blank, right?
* Flashback : Mickelson to Take Up Horseshoes, Hand Grenades
* Sean Connery quits; 'Shcrew Hollywood'

Quote of the Day
NobelDek : I got all my history from Age of Empires
JoseoftheWired : Using video games to learn history is probably a bad idea
JoseoftheWired : And the American colonists decided to rebel against the British because they were camping all the tea.
[7hs] : Brits lost because of lag
NobelDek : No, the Brits were noobs. They didn’t know how to play in DS_America.
[7hs] : The Civil War happened when someone turned FF=ON
JoseoftheWired : The Japanese hated the Koreans on their server so they invaded
[7hs] : Hitler used a wallhack to get into France
[7hs] : twice!
TheStupidOne : No ... Paris lagged out
Thanks BASH!

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