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* Friday's Gratuitous Blegging : Sign up for clickies (seriously - you can see lots of new/interesting sites and get more traffic for yours) ...with me as your referrer (in order of preference):
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* Iraq : Italian journalist freed from captivity, only to be fired on by US ... Giuliana Sgrena (and others) wounded, Italian Secret Service agent killed ... US guards say they fired warning shots, etc. as car sped towards checkpoint ... still not good ... prayers & condolences!
* Ukraine : Fmr Interior Minister commits suicide ... was to be questioned about a journalists murder
* Canada : 4 Mounties killed ... greatest loss since 1885 for the RCMP ... perp then killed himself (why didn't he just do that first??) ... condolences
* France : 66 busts in child sex ring ... sickos going to jail ... we should round up NAMBLA here in the 'States likewise
* US Cotton subsidy ruled illegal by WTO ... pardon my ignorance, but why are we subsidizing them in the first place?
* More thoughts on oil's overly high price ... "the state of demand and supply for oil does not justify current prices, but market fundamentals do not matter much to hedge funds"
* White Supremacist group applauds the viscous murder committed against US District Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother ... evil is as evil does, and let's pray they catch who did this ... condolences & prayers to Lefkow
* BearingPoint to open SDC in Miss ... and our stock is back up over $8 (still a tad below the $18/21 IPO)

* Terri : More on the behind-the-scene shenanigans in trying to murder an innocent woman
* NOfP provides an excellent analysis on the SCOTUS Roper decision ... aka the no-death-penalty-for-minors decision ... one excellent quote : "America was founded as a rejection of European law"
* WCC Divestment from Israel? Israpundit's interview with Prof Merkley ... the WCC, which apparently I am a member of (via the United Methodist Church), advocating a 'divestment' from Israel ... interesting, to say the least ... for reference : WCC's press release here ... talks of divesting from companies involved in the 'occupation' ... I am left wondering, as a relatively uninformed individual, what the source & extent of these divestitures are ... is this Anti-semitic in origin or an honest attempt to help bring about peace? I welcome comments & feedback!) ... a comment from Israpundit's site (left by Erez Uriely, Director, NIS): "The statement that these methods of pressure are aimed at 'supporting peaceful solutions to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict' is untrue. The encouragement of financial blackmail and economic sanctions is directed against Israel exclusively, and is therefore clearly intended to support the Arab war against Israel."
* Washington State has bill (HB2178) which would hold game developers "responsible for the actions of any one under 17 who commits a crime, due in any part to playing a game" ... this is not good, and wrong in SO MANY WAYS ... did someone out there make a game about stealing an election we could sue?
* MadTech's Friday Rant ... check it out every Friday, and everyone should support WalkAmerica ... for the March of Dimes (and, to all you BE employees : BearingPoint will match this donation!)
* Huckabee, Covenant Marriages and the evils of divorce?
* Superstring Theory confirmed by 'mirror galaxies'?
* What has America done for us?
* Mitnick : "Better security not about tech"
* Galaxies have a strafe mode? ... sideways movement
* Wanna see Mercury? ... the planet, not the toxic heavy metal
* Intel sees virtualization as key to child-proof PCs ... but they fail to answer a few key questions
* Hacking Cingular, Sprint PCS, or T-Mobile voicemail ... or should I say, how to protect yourself?
* Thoughts on Unions
* How to maintain a healthy Windows system ... alternate answer : eject CD tray, insert Knoppix CD, reboot, select boot from CD, hit [enter] ... hehhe
* From SC&A : Interesting perspective ... as always
* Hobbits! ... seriously, and they were smart too
* How much graphics power does a PC really need? ... um, more!
* The battle against entitlements ... let's get the fiscal back in Conservative ...
* Ogre, on RINOs ... in NC specifically - but worth a read for everyone ... and how often do you see an ogre with a green hat?
* Cows hold grudges? ... so don't tip them over?
* Apache 2.0.53 released
* Silicon goes 3D
* Free Laptop light ... enter code DG05104@00490672
* How screwed up is the world?
* Next iPod specs unveiled? ... 5GB, 3x battery ... still an Apple :P
* Denise Richards, back on the market ... and, coincidentally, so is Charlie Sheen (like anyone cares)
* MSN Messenger 7.0.0632 leaked
* Cali : tentative ruling : Bloggers don't get the same 'protection of source' rights as journalists ... EFF mad
* 125yr old Brazilian!?

* Flash Game : MiniGolf ... turn your speakers down ...
* Martha's prison has 12m wait list ... popular with CEOs
* John Grisham, on Saddam - "The Tyrant"
* Air Rock Idol
* Terror Level raised after shoe throwing incident
* Americans relieved tsunami all taken care of
* Work-Life balance
* Oscars for fat stars: the Oscar-Mayers
* Christian monument has no relation to Christianity
* This has to be fake? Wrestler ...
* UF : Stef installed beta SW ... actually that SW seems to work pretty good ...
* True : Martha's prison stay ... "She foraged for dandelions and other wild greens, concocted recipes in a microwave and even ate from a vending machine. She also participated in nightly yoga classes, spent time on crafts and writing and lost weight" ... yeah, I can see how those forms of punishment really encourage us law-abiding citizens to not break the law ... oh, and now her measly salary of $900k/yr starts back up, along with any other endorsements, etc.

Quote of the Day
Please do the needful.
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