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Quick Thoughts
* Wictory Wednesday! ... help(ing) Mark Kennedy get elected (in Minnesota) to the Senate in 2006!
* I have made some changes / additions to NIF's template ... the InfoSysSec 'Information Security' scroller (near the bottom, for now anyway), a better threat advisory level indicator, I put the "War declared on America" counter back on, and check out the cool 'who referred people here' (from TrueFresco)

* Peterson gets the Death Penalty ... good, now if only it didn't take 20+ years to complete ... obviously I am pr-Death Penalty; but let me add that if you could guarantee a convict would never escape and could be subjected to hard labor for the rest of his/her life I would be all for that!
* Australia : 160mpg cyclone 'ravages' town
* Philly 'crisis' : 21 murders in one week ... lots of mis-guided propaganda surrounding this (blames the guns, and similar tripe) ... condolences for all of those killed!
* OPEC : +500k barrels per day ... speculators keep price obscenely high (~$54.60) ... speaking of oil : US Senate Split on Alaska Drilling ... too bad, this should be an easy yes ... UPDATE : Oil hits $56+! ... ouch ... on the good side, ANWR Drilling OKed! ... excellent, Seward's Folly to continue paying off! Vote was close - 51-49 ... and more thoughts here ... 'should have done this 10-15 years ago'
* SEC taking civil action against Qwest-7 (Nacchio, et al) ... on the wake of Ebbers recent trial this probably has those guys just a bit worried ... so (cough) sad
* DC : Recent Anthrax scare a 'simple sample mix-up' ... still good practice ... and serves to remind us that we are vulnerable, and that the
* US Trade Deficit hits new high ... $665.9B; 5.7% of the GDP ... also, new home construction hit the fastest pace in 11 years
* Asia : 'Crippling' drought ... "governments have declared disaster zones"
* Iraq : Assembly sworn in ... amidst explosions
* Russian airliner crashes ... details sketchy; either all 49 dead, 17 survived, or ... um ... something else. Regardless, condolences to all those killed and prayers for as many as may have survived!
* Cali : Gay Marriage issue to go to the voters? ... again ...
* DHS publishes terrorist 'possible strike list'
* Ending the Amtrak debacle ... "By all rights, the corporation should be facing anti-trust charges from the Justice Department. Instead, it comes back to ask Congress for more money each year." ... not a single rail system within the US is profitable
* Florida : Alligator kills man ... "Residents said they had fed the alligator" ... stupid & illegal
* Georgia : Ashley Smith, Brian Nichols hostage, to receive $10k reward! ... good for her! Although, the reward was up to $65k at one point ... why doesn't she get it all?
* Holocaust museum opened in Jerusalem ... "a place of 'deep shame' for every German" ... thanks for the heads-up, SCA ... who also makes an excellent, and accurate, observation ... go read his post ... and sounds like Khaled Mahamid is trying to resolve one aspect of this? (Hadn't heard of him until just now, so can't comment too much ... anyone else have a relevant thought or three?) ... and it continues to amaze me that some still deny the holocaust happened!
* North Dakota : 3rd grader 'commutes' to school ... on a mule!
* Students walk out of school ... "protest over a speech by the New Jersey Secretary of State Regina Thomas"
* JP Morgan, et al. settles suit ... for $6B! ... Hi Bernie, your going to jail!
* Best Blogs honored ... what, no NIF???
* Blake verdict reached, to be read @ 17:30 ... *not guilty* on 2 charges, jury deadlocked on the 3rd ('lying in wait' charge)
* Common Aero Vehicle - any weapon (1000lbs), any where in the world, in two hours ... when it absolutely, positively needs to be there ... um, in two hours ... SWEET!

* Terri : She's not out of options ... "Greer issued a steady stream of rulings denying almost every motion the Schindlers raised. He denied some of them summarily, without hearing arguments or evidence" ... and, as mentioned yesterday, you must read this post ... it must be good, it has been picked up by both BlogsForTerri and Hyscience ... and HB701 moving forward! ... AND You can stillhelp : Go here and contact these people ... to make it easy, here are the email addresses:

* John Failure Kerry vs. Bloggers? ... thanks to MadTech for the heads-up!
* Activist Judges are basically saying "You must follow the laws that we don't"
* Ultimate Gaming Table ... Eddie, pony up the cash ... this is exactly what we were talking about awhile back :)
* Modern Liberalism vs. old-school/Traditional Liberalism
* Is Blogging a white male's sport? ... or is that a crock of ____? ... or, maybe it doesn't matter. But, I am a white male (who is over 18, under 65, not gay, not handicapped, not unemployed and not dead) so noone cares what I say/think
* AirSnare!
* RFID washer ... zap RFID tags ... nice, or really bad, depending on your perspective!
* Sneak Peaks at IE7 ... codename : Rincon ... how dumb is that? ...
* 'Large' doses of HPMC help your body resist fat?
* 'One China' vs Independent Taiwan
* Hubble-fight continues?
* US may ban the sale of SSNs ... good!
* 'Hackers' accused of, and plead guilty to, causing 'public safety threat' ... How stupid is he to muck with 911?
* Insta-Building - Just add water ... holy what the ...
* WD Caviar 200GB 7200RPM HDD for $102 ... free shipping, no rebates reqd
* WinOS+QEMU+Knoppix 3.8 = WinKnoppix! ... sweet; mine is DLing nowDL not working yet :( ...
* Woman can't hold their liquor ... ok, so the article is about the affects of binge drinking being more severe on women, but seriously - most cannot hold their liquor!
* MS does 'paid for' searches ... just like everyone else, dammit
* Skype for PPC : Free calls from a Pocket PC ... now we are talking!
* Online purchase profiling?
* Lexus RX400h ... "the closest thing yet to a guilt-free SUV" ... but expensive : "$3,000 to $5,000 more than the nonhybrid version, the RX330"
* China build Launch Platform #4
* RedHat Fedora "Core 4 test 1" Available
* Embryo cells not all identical ... new word for the day : totipotent ... and why not all cells are
* 'Super Resolution'?
* Apples to get two-button mice? ... "always the innovator" ... :) ... oh, and Apple execs pocket $50M
* FollowUp : Inmarsat is in orbit
* Scientists with too much free time : Sheep have closer relationships, better friends
* Firefox extension 'Butler' ... search tweaks ...
* PowerPoint Makeovers? ... hmm, I (cough) don't know any large consulting company, that uses lots of Powerpoint slides, that could possibly benefit from this ...
* Enterprise - the end is near ... I wonder if the whole TrekUnited thing can save it?
* 'Strange' Anti-Americanism ... cool little video I managed to miss, until now ... thanks Cao
* Priceless quote, from Cuba ... read the comments ...
* Akamai, #1, acquires Speedera, #2 ... all stock deal ...
* GM's EV1 no longer ... mostly unrelated, GM's bonds are now one step from 'junk' status ...
* More on Mars ... "flowing water, large glaciers and active volcanoes" .. speaking of Mars : Opportunity's Mini-TES (spectrometer) shut down
* Asia in a race for time against next earthquake
* UK +Stem Cells
* RIM settles lawsuit, at a mere $450M ... "you can't walk around a respectable management consulting firm without walking into consultants busily scrolling through e-mail on their BlackBerry handhelds" ... hey wait, we don't have those! Not fair!
* Asterisk - VOIP of the future? ... Linux PBXs ...
* More on MS ... -PWs, +2 factor authentication ... no password for you ... finally!
* Linspire 5.0 released
* X Chromosome mapped ...
* Yahoo360 ... blogging, social network ... invite only, beta
* Linux cloning made easy?
* Programmer's Guide to the Mind
* FCC Chairman picked - Kevin Martin
* FDA approves Brain Cancer drug - Temozolomide
* Vitamin E can kill you?
* We all know Moore is a liar, but is he a hypocrite too? ... and even his ex-manager agrees
* New words for the dictionary
* Watch the cost of every bill in Washington ... COOL! ... like the cost of the Senate's proposed FY06 Budget is $8,348.43 per person
* Digger (always a worthwhile read!) trawls the web ... and I hope he includes me :P

* True : Where do rights come from ... an amusing look at a serious issue
* UF : Phighting Pharmers if Phabulous
* Sweet T-Shirt : Soldiers need Hummers
* Real Jacko found; corpse @ Neverland ... died 18-20 years ago ...
* Son proudly carries on family's tradition of smoking ... that is almost WTW-compliant :)
* US list of possible terror plots ‘not detailed enough,’ complains Bin Laden
* Calorie industry expects record-breaking year
* Precision Mousing ... like Operation, but all modern & stuff
* Cheney was the White House reporter ... mustache falls off ...
* All minority staff attends mandatory diversity training
* WTW : Back hair, IQ Test, Nude restaurant
* WTW : The Baby Mullet
* WTW : TV : "Carter County"

Quote of the Day
Wisdom from our friends (well, friend) at SCA
* The IRS employees tax manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.
* Americans collectively eat one hundred pounds of chocolate every second.
* Children grow faster in the springtime than any other season during the year.
* If Wal-Mart was classified as a country, it would be the 24th most productive country in the world
* Washington, D.C. has one lawyer for every 19 residents!
* For people that are lactose intolerant, chocolate aids in helping milk digest easier.
* Americans will spend more on cat food this year than baby food.
* Mosquitoes prefer children to adults, blondes to brunettes.
* The 7-Eleven Extreme Gulp is 50% bigger than the volume of the human stomach!
* 23% of all photocopier faults worldwide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their butts.

More Quotes of the Day
New UN slogans :
* If a corrupt, bloated bureaucracy can't solve it, then it's best left festering.
* Genocidal dictators, beware our harshly worded letters.
* Having discussed at length almost every major crisis in the past 60 years.
* If our baby-blue helmets don't scream seriousness, then are non-binding resolutions do.
* Defeating evil... as long as the cowardly French and the evil Chinese Commies don't use their veto power.
* Pointless squabbling brought to an art form.
* Check with our job opportunities center for great benefits and embezzlement opportunities.
* If troubles abound, we'll be nearby doing nothing.
* You can't spell "unethical" without U.N.
* Honest; those people were raped before we got here.
* If you don't like us, our 156-4 vote says it’s the fault of Israel.
* If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial America.
(More at link below ... I couldn't copy *all* of them, could I??)
thanks Right Wing News! (or IMAO, you pick :))

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