PETA, 180!

Quick Thoughts
* Terri : Linked below, but seriously - go read this post
* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :)
* Remember : Today is (also) The Third Annual International Eat an Animal for PETA Day ... pic below (links to official site) :)
* Check out my new, (cough) awesome, (cough) HI-TECH logo ... it says, of all things, NIF

* Iraq : 3 bombs kill 5 in Baghdad ... condolences ...
* FollowUp : 103 MS-13 (alleged) gang members nabbed
* UK : Axe murder ... in daylight, no less
* Israel : Jericho being handed over
* Border Patrol to (finally!) get Terror Watchlist info ... let's hope this bill passes!
* New York : Hoax transmission raises security alert @ LaGuardia
* Haliburton on the ropes ... $108M being questioned
* NAACP's Mfume wants Sarbanes' Senate seat ... Admiral Ackbar says "It's a trap"
* Philippines : Police assault jail held by militants ... 22(+?) inmates killed
* Hosting Companies hit ... all hosted sites turned into nice little malware distributors
* New York : Overly sensitive teen sues NYPD
* More on yesterday's Anthrax scares ... two instances ... and more Anthrax scares? ... IRS getting looked at ...
* "Today's NIV" Bible released ... 7% of the text has been changed ... is this a good thing? (doubtful) ... and more here ... "Out: 'When God created Man, he made him in the likeness of God.' ... In: 'When God created human beings, he made them in the likeness of God' " ... blech
* Challenge the Pledge, lose $1M ... OK, so the two issues were mostly not-related ... and it is more like he doesn't gain $1M ... regardless, every battle Michael Newdow loses is music to my ears!
* MCI/WorldCom ex-CEO Ebbers 'Guilty on all charges' ... a new era of corporate leadership / responsibility ... we can only hope so! ... "one count of securities fraud and seven counts of false regulatory filings - crimes carrying up to 85 years in prison"
* Texas : Gunman kills 3 in Dallas from sunroof of Jaguar ... condolences ...
* Weather : Parts of New Mexico get 3 feet of snow!
* Yellowstone Super-Eruption to end us all? ... saw a thing on this on the Discovery channel awhile back ... not a good outlook, especially for Yogi Bear (or anything else that breathes, needs sunlight, etc.)
* Progress in Jessica Lunsford case? ... pray ...
* Iraq : US accidentally kills Iraqi General? ... well, that is not good ...

* Terri : An excellent post on Terri & Michael ... this should be required reading before anyone starts a discussion on this topic, in fact - for everyone period!! Truly excellent article!
* Scalia slams Juvenile Death Penalty Ruling ... when he's right, he's right - it was an absolutely terrible ruling
* Pay by fingerprint ... cool; just keep it secure!
* Iraq : Italy not leaving ... good; Sgrena's lies have little effect ... also, I disagree with one line in this article : "Calipari was killed by U.S. troops, which mistakenly opened fire on his vehicle" ... we did NOT mistakenly open fire, we were following proper procedure (when a vehicle tries to run a checkpoint, it gets shot) ... saying it was a mistake places blame on us, instead of on the driver ... UPDATE : Italy is leaving, in September ... too bad ...
* Banks 'wasting millions' on two-factor authentication ... Schneier speaks out
* Nokia sued over exploding phone
* New Zealand : MS in patent 'blitz'
* Independent Star Wars film ... the FX look SWEET! (especially for an indie / non-profit movie)
* More on 'millipede'
* The Internet, now w/ Organized Crime
* VOIP security fears ... beware VOMIT code (not a biological thing, just read) ... even worse (?) : VOIP-SPAM = SPIT, and it is coming soon!
* China insists law authorizing force is 'for peace' ... in other news (cough) : white is black, stop means go, Ward is a great teacher, Sgrena is a loyal American, and the UN is a valued International body ...
* WoW : 1000 players perma-banned for selling gold
* Mountain -living is healthier ... duh!
* Cooperation / charity is in our genes?
* Philips introduces UMA : GSM, GPRS, WLAN
* The blind, fragging the blind ... never saw it coming ...
* More airborne microbes than expected?
* IPTV coming 'soon'?
* Israel guilty of ethnic cleansing? ... hardly; read the article
* Report Auction Fraud
* Citing OpSec concerns, USAF pulls launch schedule from web
* GIs on trial for drowning of Iraqi ... some questions remain ... pray the truth comes out!
* Einstein@Home ... you can help!
* DIY GameBoy!
* Intel announces Wireless MMX2
* More on 'millipede'
* IRA losing support? ... aw, so sorry
* Bloggers against 'comment spammers' ... misdirected / misguided / ill-fated? Maybe, but still funny!
* Master the basics ... the right way to learn ... anything! ... related : Triple Your Personal Productivity ... "The average full-time office worker doesn't even start doing real work until 11:00am and begins to wind down around 3:30pm"
* "Family Manifesto" being released today'ish
* Tracking Botnets ... hopefully they get caught, before they catch you ...
* Syria trying to work with France to 'pull an Iraq' ... use economic ties (cough-oil) with wishy-washy nations (cough-France) to support corrupt governments (Cough Iraq, Syria)
* My Pet Jawa (beta) hits 1M visitors ... I should see that, in say 20 years :( ... some of us are envious of your mastodonic visitor count ...
* TiVo might survive after all; inks 'long term' deal with Comcast ... my DVR is about to be TiVo'ized
* Gmail (finally) going public?
* Metcalfe's Law, rebuked?
* MS releases Visual FoxPro9
* DaVinci Code is a bunch of "cheap lies"?
* AOL fixing Terms-of-Service ... in reaction to the "all your IMs are belong to us" issue ...
* Dust Devils on Mars
* Metallica site hacked ... neener neener
* Floppy-based firewalls ... cool, but I still think everyone should have a hardware/appliance firewall ... and a personal/software firewall ... and some AV, and some anti-spyware ... and check out Qwik-Fix and WinBlox too!
* Speed kills .. slow down (don't get me wrong, reasonable speeds are a-ok ... however, 106 is a bit excessive)
* Dragons are coming! Animal Planet, March 20th, 8pm EST ... looks cool, and a very slick site ... some missing : Platinum, 5 headed, -lich, etc. :)
* "Peak Oil" vs "Abiotic Oil" ... and, interesting : 040604 : Shell shuts down refinery to inflate prices ... only marginally related : Slurry Fracture Injection : a way to get rid of waste ... such as oil field waste / by-product ... cool!

* The next "24" : Jack eats a sammich
* Lettuce needs respect
* This just looks wrong
* NSFW : 'Music Video' - Too Many Guys ... sound & video
* Horse balls? ... sound & video

Quote of the Day
Spazz` : I know that I'm supposed to respect my neighbors' culture because they're Hispanic, but I wish that wife beating was a little quieter.
thanks BASH!

BONUS Quote of the Day
thanks Don & Mike!

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