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Quick Thoughts
* Blogger is sucking again/still ... viewing blogs = great; editing or posting comments = sux0r!
* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :)

* WRT the autopsy ... interesting that Felos keeps talking about just Terri's brain, and deflects questions about the rest of her (abused?) body
* Jesse Jackson pops in ... did he wait until now for some good reason? Maybe, so he would know there would be no impact from his showing but still attempt to garner some PR? Or am I just overly cynical?
* Jesuits for death? ... "Why does the ADA give the disabled ramps at restaurants but permit trapdoors at hospitals?"
* She is being dehumanized

* Earthquake : Death Toll up to 1000 ... condolences and prayers for/to all those affected ... or maybe Death Toll is closer to 500? ... or maybe closer to 2000?
* SCOTUS reviewing 'Fair Use' ... don't let MPAA/RIAA kill the tech world ... and why are most tech companies not trying to help keep this safe (instead they are, tacitly via their membership in the BSA, helping to kill it - shame on Cisco, MS, Apple, Dell, IBM (props to Intel, kinda)) ... "Let's see how Apple likes it though when iPod sales are halted for a few years as the courts decide how legitimate the device really is" ... OTOH : P2P ...where the P is for Pedophile? ... and : SCOTUS also hearing 'cable modem case' ... all due to FCC's outdated Telcom regulation; ridiculous 'data' vs 'voice' service distinctions (especially now that voice really is just data :P) ... and more from the 'black robed nannies'
* Pentagon yanks USAF's purchasing authority ... no $200B for you!
* Pope returning to hospital? ... prayers ... and he is getting a feeding tube! (Don't let the Death Trifecta (Schiavo, Felos, Greer) find out, they'll have it removed)
* SCOTUS : Newspapers can be held liable for reporting the news ... "refused to shield the news media from being sued for accurately reporting a politician's false charges against a rival"
* New York Post 'dumping' 1.5M copies ... and counting them as 'paid circulation' ... WTF?
* Boy Scout leader tagged for Kiddie Porn
* Lebanon : PM resigns
* Cochran dead @ 67 ... condolences; and no more chewbacca defense
* Falwell hospitalized

* Iraq : 'Smells like Iraq Spirit' ... good summary of (mostly) good news! ... "Anyone still labeling Iraq a 'failure' is either moving the goalposts or deaf, blind and prejudiced"
* More ASCR vs ESCR ... " stem cells from hair follicles can change into neurons" ... see, no baby-killing required
* Directed, non-dispersed sound? ... sweet! ... "does for sound what the laser did for light"
* Palestinian scholar : US will cease to exist in 2007
* North Carolina : State Govt doesn't understand the definition of the phrase 'budgetary cutback'
* Oracle on buying spree - snaps up Oblix (security firm)... Hey, I know this consulting company, who just hired Oracle's CFO as their CEO, who also does a lot of Oracle & PeopleSoft implementation work ... sssshhhhhh! (I know, the new CEO said BE is not for sale) ... speaking of a certain consulting company, BE just picked up $31M contract from San Diego ... and hey look - San Diego County's CIO is 'Michael Moore' ... ha, that's funny. (Not the Moore we all know & hate, but still funny)
* 'How to Mix Religion and Politics'
* Don't grow up / advance too fast ... "The human mind is a force of roaring strength and whimpering fragility all at once"
* Americans too sleepy for sex? ... not me!
* Samsung starting RS-MMC production ... relatively high speed, small and decent capacity (32-256MB now, 512MB w/i 3m, 4GB in early-mid 06!)
* More details on the asteroid impact that presumably killed off all of the Dinosaurs ... "The falling spherules might have heated the atmosphere enough to start a global fire"
* Toshiba introducing 'miracle battery'?! ... "capable of being charged to 80 per cent of its full capacity in under 60 seconds" ... "nanoparticles" ... extended duty cycles as well ... nice! ... and more battery research going on ... exactly; focus on making my laptop and cel phone last longer!
* 'Superpotential theory" / "energetics" - weather control, force fields, earthquake creation, 'scalar potential interferometer', 'oscillation of the curvature of spacetime', more powerful than nuclear weapons ... wow, methinks they need to loosen their tin-foil helmets just a bit! Unless it auto-magically works, then I want one, or three ... um, flux capacitors and don't cross the streams?
* 'The Israel-Nazi Slander in Historical Context'
* 'Big' airlines (finally) becoming more flexible / competitive? ... too little too late? (and why does the Federal Govt keep bailing out these failing operations? Someone care to explain, and justify, that?)
* Gere makes (presumably) sucky movie, but makes up for it by condemning China and criticizing France ... France, in response, surrendered ...
* Terrorists using the 'net for fun, profit, deception
* Rhode Island to pick up a Kennedy in Senate '06? .. trade a RINO for a Kennedy? Some amusing comments in the article ...
* Osprey enters 'final test phase' .. gotta love CNN's choice for the title : "Crash-prone aircraft enters final test phase"
* Wanna uninstall MS Messenger?
* We need more nuclear power ... I've been saying that for awhile!
* 'Natural Language' into code?
* A quick hit on another reason why comment-spammers suck
* Jacko plays the race card ... "in case you've been waiting on Michael to put down his copy of 'Barely Legal' long enough to play the race card, you've finally got your wish"
* Former Cheney aide signs Cheney daughter to book deal ... "mid-six figures" ... Viacom/Simon & Schuster says it is not a "thank you" ...
* Awnold - the Tuminator? ... married life being a little too comfy? (I know the feeling)
* Most Americans sleep poorly ... not me! ... and "adults need a minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep a night", whatever - try 5-6 on a good night!
* more on XRAY-based Fingerprint lifting
* Apple G5 LED hacking
* Passive FTP vs Active FTP ... for those who don't understand the difference ... wouldn't be necessary if FTP was a well behaved TCPIP app/protocol - but it isn't
* New CFG video ... Bush vs Graham, direct link to video
* Rather a little too happy?
* Blogger-Journalist line blurring?
* Interesting thoughts on Organ Donation, and why some people don't do it! ... I admire his logic; however - the chance of possibly saving a life but choosing not to mitigate the risk of the downside of his argument (go read the article for details)
* Aaron, from Aaron's Rantblog, returns! ... he was a daily read before, and will be again!
* Those advanced Europeans

* Paul Krugman (NYT) 'loony as a June Bug ... "barking like a sick puppy at the moon!"
* Destroy web pages ... cool! ... nuke my site here! ... check out Mars Attacks, and Biological, and burn ...
* God slams DeLay
* Kyrgyz President ousted, stripped of vowels
* Irrational number causes tragedy at Google
* Forcibly tattooed ... ya know, I've passed out and been tagged with markers ... but tattooed? Those are not your friends! ... "the attackers used a homemade tattooing instrument ... the victim would require plastic surgery or a laser process to remove the ink"
* This guy stacks pennies better than you ... and apparently has MUCH more free time than I do!
* EPA to drop E, P from name ... "We're not really 'environmental' anymore, and we certainly aren't 'protecting' anything"
* WTF? Asian-Walmart Rapper? ... and he moonwalks ...it hurts
* Fellow pervert Jeffrey Jones to testify on Jacko's behalf
* Harvard Pres to wear dress for a year
* DIY : Sideways room
* Panda mating = crowd pleaser
* 'Stress Relief' : peepeeface ... found via SCA, although I am not sure he/they are proud of that :)
* Stallone vs Awnold for gubnership
* Tony Hawk hires consulting firm to find new ways for him to sell out
* Easter Bunny detained

Quote of the Day
The best way to escape your problem is to solve it.
thanks SurinderXX!

Scud: The other day, in the park, I was wondering why Frisbees look bigger and bigger as they get closer to you
Scud: And then it hit me
thanks BASH!

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