A Saturday like any other

Quick Thoughts
* ... Like any other, except that my computer - MY COMPUTER - went into a conniption fit. Other people are allowed (supposed?) to have problems ... but me? Anyway, after a 'repair' and updates (still in progress) I think all is well ... we shall see!
* Oh, and I have to work tonight (midnight'ish) ... sucks.

* Lebanon : Partial Syrian pullout ... not quite enough? ... and more here
* Pakistan kills a couple al Qaida suspects ... and capture 11 others
* Iraq : Running recap of the Italian Journalist story
* FCC : Block VOIP, get fined ... good!
* The hate crime that wasn't!? ... still pray that justice is server for the murdering of the Armanious family ... found via Capital Region People
* A little CO problem at Swimming Pool in Michigan ... CO as in Carbon Monoxide, not Colorado
* BTK confessed ... to those 10 murders, more to follow?
* Web-enabled ATMs? ... why does that not seem like a good idea? (And didn't BoA get hit by Slammer due to something similar?)
* Best Cars ... Outrage : (my) 97 Jeep Wrangler not listed! :)
* Dolphin beaching due to sonar?
* Blair : Stop the needless panic
* Christian frat can ban homosexuals ... wow ... first lawsuit, of many(?) ...

* Terri : Abuse claims being heard
* Facial Recognition - on your cel phone!
* Your PC can be positively tracked on the 'Net
* Homemade Lazer tag!
* How Firefox works
* Why vendors should not try to bypass popup-blockers
* Battle of the Blogging Engines ... Blogger (what NIF is on, atleast for now :P) gets a 4 out of 5
* An end (finally) to anti-moon trip conspiracies? ... and, FWIW - Phil Plait has been saying this for years
* FCC member in favor of Municipal WiFi ... follow-up to this Texas story
* More on the Florida Dolphin mass-beaching
* Podcasting, Satellite vs Radio
* GMail and GWeather improvements
* UNESCO : Defining Diversity Down?
* Sperm Clock? ... (actually - this is a forensic tool to help determine the time at which rape occurred - nothing dirty) ... first it was a Sperm Magnet, now this - amazing what you can do with those little swimmers!
* Attack of the Bi-pedal Dinosaur Robots?
* Smallest start ever found ... not Webster nor Gary Coleman ... :)
* Trying to play 'unrecognized' movie formats?
* Firebox : General cool stuff
* Top 10 reasons to switch to Apple .. I don't see "Hardware Monopoly" listed ... ?
* New law, phishing even more illegal ... fraud not enough?
* Roslyn sues to recover the 'missing' funds ... good! It is called accountability!
* More on Apple's apparent belief that the Constitution doesn't apply to Bloggers
* Malware doesn't even try to be 'lightweight' ... this one will DL 65MB if needed ... (cough) guess that extra 200GB of HDD space won't be totally wasted ...
* Negative review of Carly's leadership @ HP
* Gaming on Linux
* Mickelson on a roll ... leading the PGA-money list, wearing a BearingPoint cap the whole way
* CIA : Rendition is OK ... not used for torture

* UF Stef, on Firefox :)
* Conan vs Conan ... O'Brien, Barbarian
* Ward Churchill to seek Byrd's seat in 2006
* MoveOn is blowing the winds of freedom
* Annan: Bush destroying Arab unity
* Jobs surge, Leisure Index slumps
* NY jittery over Martha's release
* Martha struggling to make it 'on the outside'
* Nevada adopts streamlined history curriculum
* Bus Diary : Lying contest with Putin
* Spammer realizes noone is reading his emails!

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