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* Federal Appellate court considering case now ... it is amazing that the most powerful nation in the world is having such a hard time saving one life
* Judge Whittemore officially joins the "Starve Her" crowd, says no to re-insertion of her feeding tube ... each judge (so far) as repulsive as the next
* Thoughts on Terri's CT scan ... "I have seen many walking, talking, fairly coherent people with worse cerebral/cortical atrophy. therefore, this is in no way prima facie evidence that Terri Schiavo’s mental abilities or/or capabilities are completely eradicated" ... read that again. Then again. Now think about killing this poor woman.
* Naturally, the ACLU makes it's odious presence known
* Our best 3-in-1 Friend(s) @ SCA present(s) an interview
* Urgent : Request for 'local' supporters of Terri ... "all decent minded people to attend a special meeting with Bernie McCabe, State Attorney of the 6th district in Clearwater, Florida. The offices are located at 13355 49th Street N., the phone number is 727-464-6221" ... click for more!
* Urgent : Everyone can (should!) (must?) call these Florida state Reps ... "HAVE MERCY ON TERRI SCHIAVO — PLEASE VOTE TO SAVE TERRI’S LIFE TODAY"
* Terri could be fed orally, if allowed ... also, in the comments : Jeb Bush can still help! Email him @ Jeb.Bush@myflorida.com
* Judge Whittemore delaying ruling ... I don't understand why he wouldn't, at the very least, order the feeding tube back in WHILE THE CASE IS ONGOING? Why are we playing with a life like this? ... reading elsewhere that he is not going to order the tubes re-insertion, and that the Schindlers are appealing
* Review of the law and facts, and how both are being ignored ... "Not only do we treat our murderers with more care than we treat incapacitated patients like Terri Schiavo -- we dispose of our property with more care than we are disposing of her life" ... "In other words, the kind of testimony Michael Schiavo gave would not be sufficient (or even admissible) to affect the disposition of Terri's property -- but it is sufficient to end her life."
* ABC presents deceptive poll ... what media bias?
* Michael Schiavo, always a class act ... "'Instead of worrying about my wife ... they should worry about the pedophiles killing young girls'" ... translation : "Just let me kill my wife while you go worry about other people killing other people"
* The party of abortion and euthanasia says that the absence of meaningful mental activity justifies starving and dehydrating a human being to death ... "Were Terri Schiavo a dog or a terrorist, she would have received a more vigorous defense from Democrats on Sunday night. Even vegetation in Florida's wetlands inspires more concern from Democrats than a human being dismissed as 'being in a vegetative state.'" ... speaking of dogs : this is what theyare about to do to Terri ... "The last six weeks of its life were probably a living hell, this dog has gone through a couple of months of suffering"
* Where Are All of the Feminists For Terri ... mighty fine question! ... and, related : Man, Curb Your Wife
* Interesting perspective from Ogre ... the recently passed law might be (is?) unconstitutional; but Mikey should have been arrested and Greer should have been replaced ... on the other hand, other thoughts here ... "We'd have more sympathy for this argument if the same liberals who are complaining about the possibility of the federal courts reviewing Mrs. Schiavo's case felt as strongly about restraining the federal judiciary when it comes to abortion, homosexuality, and other social issues they don't want to trust to local communities. In any event, these critics betray their lack of understanding of the meaning of federalism" ... "One could say that the new federal statute embodies federalism values, because it attempts to restore the choice made by the democratic branches of state government and to remove the obstacle set up by the state court" ... found via LTG ... and Levin audio that tell us Congress is well within it's rights
* Crackers thoughts ... "It is pathetic that the Democratic Party has added the slogan, 'The Party of Death' to its long list of slogans including: 'The Party of No', 'Stalin Lives', 'Join the Party! – The Socialist Party!', 'Let Teddy Drive! (The Party)', 'Conservatives Suck!', and my personal favorite 'I know you are, but what am I?'"
* Here is a blame list, if the worst does come to pass

Quick Thoughts
* Hey, I am up to 15k hits since January 4th ... cool!
* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :)

* US Bishops against the Death Penalty ... sorry to hear that ... here is where they are wrong : "We cannot teach that killing is wrong by killing" ...w e aren't trying to teach that killing is wrong, we are trying to teach that MURDER is wrong. I wish we could spend all this effort on the victims and on prevention, rather than wasting it on those who kill, rape, commit pedophilia ...
* Minnesota : Update : Reservation /. School shooting, 10 dead ... killed his grandparents, 7 classmates, and then himself ... condolences for all those killed and prayers for their friends & family!
* Iraq : Ukraine pulling out ... already started, to be completed by year's end ... 18 Ukrainians have been killed; condolences for them and thank you for your valiant service!
* Hogzilla : REAL! ... 800+lb porkie; that'll make one heck of an Easter ham! (except for the whole "it s been in the ground for 6m" thing, that is)
* DNC Chairman Hillary Dean? ... Is Howard Yeeaarrggh Dean already her lapdog?
* Another info hack : 59k peoples' info at risk ... California State University, Chico.
*Nuclear Korea : Talks to resume? ... meanwhile, they "also said it was prepared to mobilize its military to thwart any 'provocative moves.'" ... and more here
* Iran, masters of irony : 'US leaders are warmongers' ... as they continue their secret, illicit plan to build nukes? ... what makes it even funnier : "his speech was interrupted by crowd chants of 'Death to America!'" ... that's right, they want us to die, but we are the warmongers ... and more here
* Canada : A 'Welcome Mat' for terrorists? ... and more immigration stuff here ... and remember, a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure!
* Chirac : We won't sell weapons to China ... riiiight, and you wouldn't sell oil to Saddam either? Then why lift the ban?? ... or is it because you'll be too busy surrendering to China to bother making a profit?

* Hillary, et al, want to ditch the election rules ... "its actual effect would be to make it impossible for polling-place officials to determine which votes should be counted and which should not" ... "The bill specifies that an applicant's failure to provide a Social Security number, a driver's-license number, or any proof of citizenship may not be considered a 'material omission'" ... read that last part again ... now read it again ... do you understand what that means? ... and remember, in NC (Hi Ogre) your vote doesn't matter as the state legislature can change the count :)
* Meet your FW needs with m0n0wall?
* Big Bang : 1T degrees? ... Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC) making quark-gluon plasma, I hear it is good on ice cream once you get past "the putative plasma explodes more violently than predicted (the 'HBT puzzle')" part ...
* Preople : People ranking ... "TJ Evans" gets a 4560 ... it also lets you pit two names against each other (a la GoogleFight), neat!
* Some not-random thoughts from Uncivil Rights ... no guarantees, Constitutional Law is dead, etc.
* PCs make kids dumb ... d00d, th4t 1s teh sux0rz!
* Some thoughts on 'the nuclear option' ... an end to filibusters, Democrat still to be obstructionist? ... "Senate minority's conduct is actually worse than exercising an 'unenumerated power.' It is affirmatively denying the full Senate the opportunity to exercise an enumerated power"
* More on Moussaoui ... important point : "The ruling also allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty if Moussaoui is convicted of participating in a terrorism conspiracy"
* Killer Super (Solar) Flares
* MCI really doesn't like Qwest ... turning down a $1.7B better offer to go with Verizon ... interesting, shenanigans? ... Ya know what would be funny - VZ buys them and then immediately sells them to Qwest, say it costs $.7B for getting everything arranged and closed they still pocket $1B! That would be Hi-larious! (And I wish I could pocket just$.001B for 'enabling' such a transfer')
* Misc thoughts : bused vs bussed, Lebanese vs Syrian, etc. ... and some Bush'isms :)
* Global Warming = Ant invasions? ... makes them smaller, but more numerous ... quoting FARK : I for one welcome our insect overlords ... but I'll stock up on RAID and ant pellets anyway
* Innocent DNA causing a stir ... hadn't thought about that ... privacy issues aside, it would be beneficial for law enforcement to have DNA samples from as many people as possible, wouldn't it? (those who are innocent now can be guilty later)
* USB-Drive apps ... portable Firefox is sweet, by the way ... and Thunderbird + OpenOffice pretty much round-out what you need :) (even WinCE is mentioned)
* More USB drive goodness here ... making a "smart USB flash drive ... will enable consumers to carry all of their personal computer settings, applications and data for use on any PC wherever they go"
* A resume search engine?
* FINED : Rubbermaid -$4M ... put kids lives at risk, pay a fine ...
* FINED : ClearChannel -$90M
* FINED : Time Warner -$300M
* Oracle wins the Retek acquisition race ... but Oracle still lost their CFO to BearingPoint (Harry You, BE's new CEO)
* Eidos, sold ... Lara Croft just couldn't save the company ... and SCi counters
* HP buys Snapfish ... a day after Yahoo bought Flickr ...
* GM crops take a hit - bad for wildlife?
* Keeping your home healthy ... "some of the potential perils lurking: Poisonous lead dust, toxic molds, radon, all sorts of allergens, chemicals vapors, and carbon monoxide"
* The future : Firefox & Open Standards ... mentions OpenOffice as well :)
* 'Star Wars': III, II, I, ripoff
* 5 inventions to change your life
* Apple fixes iTunes 'security hole'
* eScrabble shutdown ... amazes me they didn't realize they would get shutdown; or why they didn't sell it to Hasbro to begin with? ... oh, article agrees - "Hasbro should pay Jared, not sue him"
* More on Kofi's ineffective UselessNations reform ideas
* Most IT Projects fail, and how you can try to make yours not be one of them
* Xdrive Turns Cell Phones Into Mobile PCs?
* Mathematical pattern puzzle solved ... all started with Ramanujan, a stop with Ken Ono, and ends with Karl Mahlburg? ... partitions, congruences, patterns ... well, not ending really - "the result will probably be applicable to problems in areas far afield from mathematics. He and Mahlburg note partitions have been used previously in understanding the various ways particles can arrange themselves, as well as in encrypting credit card information sent over the Internet"
* Wildfire mathematics?
* DC++ file sharing
* Win Mobile 5.0 leaked?
* Convert urine (and/or sweat, etc.) into water ... actually, you can drink your own urine when it comes down to it - IIRC it is 'safe' for 2-4 hours. Icky, but better than death! I guess the purification thingie in the article would be just a bit better, since that actually gives you water (not urine)
* Dark Matter doesn't matter? ... "Einstein 'was right when he said he was wrong'"
* Gates : "PC not dead"
* Net Porn illegal in Utah
* Acetone increase your car's fuel efficiency 15-35%? ... is that a joke?? Someone help me here!
* Desperate Housewives Spam + Malware
* Cel Phone as ISP

* UF : Hubble, the 'ant' fryer

Quote of the Day
If it looks like a Nazi, and quacks like a Nazi... it's Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Waxman, Conyers... et al
thanks A. Truman North!

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