Terri's Day

Quick Thoughts
* Terri's feeding tube is (currently) scheduled to be removed @ 13:00 EST today ... let's hope & pray that this does not happen - it will be a case of outright murder performed with the implicit and explicit approval of the Legislative & Judicial branches of both the state (Florida) and the Nation (US).
* Schiavo's attorney (on FOXNEWS now) calls the US House's subpoena 'a cruel trick', encourages people to encourage their Rep's to commit murder, that re-inserting the tube would be cruel, and he supported Waxman's ridiculous statement as well (see the QOTD near the very bottom of this post). Also says that any Democrat who supports intervening TO SAVE A LIFE should be ashamed of himself/herself ... and that anyone who tries to save her should be ashamed, and should be held 'accountable' ... what a total douche. (Yes, that is an ad hominem attack - but a very much deserved one!) ...

* Conspiracy Theory : Schiavo worked for Rice, who worked with Felos & was friends with Greer ... also accuses Rice of breaking campaign laws on Greer's behalf ... and, speaking of Greer lookie what Kender posted :
    Judge George Greer: 727-464-3933, Fax-727-736-5050;
    e-mail: ggreer@co.pinellas.fl.us:
    s/mail: Judge George Greer / Rm 484 / 315 Court Street / Clearwater, FL 33756

* TUBE IS OUT ... sad, distressing, upsetting, disappointing ... and wrong. And evil ... and take a look at some videos of the innocent human life Mr Schiavo, his attorney, Mr Greer, some members of the Florida legislature, some members of the US Congress, the Florida Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court are, in effect, collectively conspiring to murder ... and I hope all those who allow/enable this miscarriage of justice to continue that they get the 'opportunity' to experience what Terri is going to; perhaps they will have a change of heart then.
* Subpoena delivered, removal of tube delayed ... update :* Judge starve her Greer counters the subpoena, says tube can be removed ... he has a murderous agenda to support, after all
* Good overview of Terri's current legal wranglings here ... Florida Supreme Court and SCOTUS both rejected / dismissed efforts ... it looks like the 'best shot' as of right now is the subpoena approach, mentioned above
* Great summary & comment here ... updated : more here
* Great Summary + comments here as well! ... including contact info to let our Representatives know the correct course of action!
* Civil disobedience a possibility ... "morally free to contemplate and take extra-legal action as they deem it necessary to save Terri’s life"
* President Bush wants Terri to live
* Florida House passed bill, Senate rejected similar ... and seems intent on rejecting any further attempts! Why??
* Some thoughts on dying ... "It is too damned easy to be cavalier and heroic about 'dying with dignity' when somebody else is doing the dying."
* SCOTUS rejects Terri's case ... Hastert & DeLay : "As Terri Schiavo lays helpless in Florida, one day away from the unthinkable and unforgivable, the Senate Democrats refused to join Republicans to act on her behalf" ... Frist : "To knowingly and purposely starve Ms. Schiavo to death would be callous, cruel and immoral"
* Another summary here
* ProLife blogs in doing a news-aggregation thing on Terri info ... kinda like what I am doing right here, but they do it better (well better looking, I think some of the posts above are exemplary!)
* One race we cannot lose!
* While we pray that it doesn't come to this, if it does - we need to demand an autopsy!

* Registered Sex Offender admits to killing Jessica Lunsford ... condolences for her, and prayers for her family ... her body has not been recovered yet ... he also had 'an extensive criminal record' ... another example of us being too lenient!
* UN's reaction to whistleblowers : fire them ... Useless Nations
* al Qaida going under water? ... SCUBA-training ...
* Senate passes budget ... no Medicaid cuts, but larger tax cuts ...
* Jack Kemp + Hugo Chavez, in bed together? ... includes excerpts from here, a very worthwhile read in and of itself!
* Goss defends interrogations
* WHO makes Terrorism respectable?
* Vietnam +1 Avian Flu death ... sadly, a 5yr old ... condolences
* Fuel-cel powered motorcycle ... "ENV - Emissions Neutral Vehicle Bike" ... the 'core' is swappable; i.e. - you could drive the bike home, detach the core and pop it in your car, drive to a friends, detach it and pop it in his house to power your LAN party :) ...
* Toys 'R' US - sold ... $6.6B, and to go private
* Thoughts on Wolfowitz ... acknowledges his 'imperfections', but notes that overall he is the right man for the job ... "Wolfowitz is a sort of optimistic globalist who believes in the World Bank's essential tenet: that the developed world can improve the troubled, less-developed world with the aid of rational principles"
* Dean @ BGW agrees that Congress is wasting way too much time/money on the whole steroids issue
* No need to vote in NC ... that is truly amazing! I can only hope the NC SC kills that law ... I feel kinda sorry for all my family down there
* Paula Abdul - hit & run?
* Lil Kim - purgerer
* Jacko : Neverland liened!
* Wannabe Columbine Copycats foiled
*Angola : 87 killed by 'unidentified hemorrhagic fever' ... condolences and prayers!
* Ukraine sold missiles to Iran(12), China(6) ... nuclear capable cruise missiles, to be more specific
* Nuclear Korea : Bolton is the worst UN envoy, human scum ... coming from them, I take that as a ringing endorsement!
* Oil : Malibu gas station charging $3+/gallon ... related : oil closed at new high today

* McCain-Feingold (BCRA2002) a product of leftist charities lying? ... "the idea was to create the impression that a mass movement was afoot"
* Boston College hacked? ... 100k alumni's info (including addresses, SSNs!)taken?!
* Virtual Police Station?
* Real XRAY vision ... '"millimeter wave (MMW)"
* Mutant AIDS : drug resistant, 'viscous'
* Some thoughts on Hell
* The age of Firefox Spyware is upon us? ... naturally ...
* Students host anti-war spectacle ... 'ambushes' war heroes ... "it's clear that teachers set this ambush up" ... I am coining a new phrase : USSS (Union of Soviet Socialists in Seattle)
* AARP should retire
* PodShanking? ... iPod Hack : iPod-to-iPod transfers
* Saving the Internet from itself?
* Replicating Rapid Prototyper ... next up : army of robots to take over world ... :) ... and more here
* WinXP Universal Tweaker ... download here
* Dems going for scorched-earth plan for Social inSecurity? ... "One of the major reasons the problems created by Social Security are invisible to the public is that Congress has been embezzling the so-called "Trust Fund" for the past 47 years. Yes, "embezzling" is the only word."
* $250 High-Tech sneakers?
* Think Saddam is worse than GWB? Then you might fail Criminology UNCG ... what liberal bias in the edu-doctrination system? ... and another example of edu-doctrination ... that's a new word too :) ... Oh, and more edu-doctrination here ... UCSC : "Not only did they offer Denton $275,000 per year (just from the UC system, not including any private contributions), they gave her a moving allowance of $68,750. Bear in mind that Denton will live in a mansion on campus, which we'll get to in a moment ... Included in the deal, however, was a tenured professorship for her live-in partner, Gretchen Kalonji, at an annual salary of $192,000" ... nope, no bias here!
* Spoofing Email, an intro ... 'know thine enemy'
* Firefox extension - SearchStatus ... see a pages 'PageRank', etc. ... direct link to install
* Opera (browser) Beta 3 available ... who cares, Firefox is better and free!
* 'The Screen Savers' changing name to 'Attack of the Show' ... continuation of its death spiral
* Google execs dumping shares, or just taking some profits? ... i.e. - do they know something we don't, or just trying to get some bank?
* Skype expanding paid services
* Some thought son GWB, Wolfowitz, the left, and the 'derailment of the gravy train' that the 'international aid and development sleazoids' have been riding since 1944 ... hey, even if he does seem to prefer Rottweilers over the obviously superior German Shepherds he can be right! :)
* More Radio Frequency (Phrequency?) info than you ever wanted / needed
* eBay, patent violator ... $25M fine.
* Oracle vs SAP - they both want to buy Retek ... and Oracle just (yesterday) lost their CFO to BearingPoint ... and BE upgraded to 'buy' by Fulcrum, sets stock target price @ $12! (current = ~$8)
* Boxer knows she is wrong ... of course, she means it in a different way but that is ok, everyone else knows she is (still!) wrong too! ... and more on Boxer here ... good stuff! (Ya know, like embracing the Klan-member)
* Lucas : "SWEP-III will be a tear-jerker?" ... is that why we watch Star Wars??
* Star Trek-style 'Communicator' ... bonus!
* Wanna know how DLP works
* The rise of the Vulcans? ... not Star Trek; Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc.
* A thought on Socialized Healthcare
* Military acronyms ... for those of us who never served ... found via Let's Talk Politics
* Ward whines about his life being all tough now ... you could always stop copying others (art, literature) and JUST GO AWAY ... quit ... do your students, you fellow teachers, you school and all of the rational people in this country a great favor!

Still Here?
Out of deference to the ongoing murder of Terri, I have moved this out of the 'top slot' (two weeks in a row with 'bad Fridays' ... stick around, there's good stuff below here too!
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* Flash Game : Mini-Putt III ... I got a 41, 8 under par!
* This 404 page is better than yours! ... pong / breakout ...
* We must embrace the 'tele-phone' ... "A year ago Intel demonstrated a small contraption that allows people to talk to each other - even if they're not in the same room, without using wires or string."
* A stroll through the future ... atleast, if some get their way ...
* Tompion vs Tampon
* Condi ranks Pakistan's Democracy above FL, OH
* Gitmo gets a hot tub
* True'ish: Marvin Moonbat is in the House!
* Yesterday's new OOTS did come out ... tents-afire!
* American Idol Spoof ... nice!
* True'ish : Fashion victim
* Blooper : Petty Theft for Paris sex?

Quote of the Day
Rep. Henry Waxman (Cali) : called the subpoenas a flagrant abuse of power and amounted to Congress dictating the medical care Terri Schiavo should receive.
Ogre : Come on, Mr. Waxman, come out and say what you mean: You want Terri dead. GO ahead, say it and be honest for once!

Governor Bush's Response
Thank you for writing me regarding the tragic case of Terri Schiavo. People on all sides of this issue know that Terri has been severely impaired since 1990, and that she unfortunately left no written directive detailing her wishes regarding actions taken by her doctors to keep her alive. Her condition has been the focus of an emotional and lengthy legal battle. On more than one occasion, the courts have ordered that she starve to death.

Many Floridians, like the Schiavo and Schindler families, disagree about what should be done. However, I believe that we should err on the side of life. I am therefore committed to use all lawful means to keep Terri Schiavo alive and to work with the Florida Legislature on appropriate legislation to expand those lawful means as necessary. I also applaud the efforts of Florida Congressman Dave Weldon and Senator Mel Martinez for sponsoring legislation to address these issues at the federal level.

Please know that I respect the opinions of those who disagree with the actions I have taken. This is a heart-wrenching case, and I have not taken any action without thought, reflection and an appreciation for other points of view.

Jeb Bush

Click for McCain-Feingold, in cartoon!

Click for poor Asok, continued!

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