King of The Division of Geese

Quick Thoughts
* So, its Saturday ... not gonna "be on the computer all day" ... but I'll try to throw a few things out for your enjoyment; it's because I care.

* Hey, it is Eric's Blogiversary! ... and he celebrates with a self-interview ... anyway, CONGRATS!! ... and here is how is wife sends him her best ... my eyes ...

* Iraq : Yesterdays attack total 50 deaths, including 3 US GIs ... wow; condolences & prayers ... and to our guys over there : keep up the good fight, you're doing a good job and we appreciate your service! ... And, FWIW another source says four US GIs were killed
* Oil : Below $50 ... $15 more to go down and we are all better ...
* Georgia : Missing bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, found alive! ... "in New Mexico after apparently being kidnapped by a man and woman and driven across the country"

* Iraq : Sergeant Hasan Akbar might not got executed? ... forget that! He was sentenced to death, and assuming his appeals fail the President should most certainly sign off on this!
* BoingBoing makes $40k/month off of their 'blog' ... I'd be happy (for atleast a month or two) just to make some, any, money off this thing :P
* Russia : 'Train driver dies after hitting suicidal passenger'
* Beer makes you clever! ... that means I should be a suuuuper genius!
* "Icerocket, the Google killer" ... dunno about all that, but it seems to work pretty nice ...
* Flat speakers!
* AIM get s ground-up rebuild ... Windows could use one of those ...
* 'Nearly perfect Einstein Ring discovered'
* BYRD gets good press, still a racist SOB :)
* Terrorism, by Animal Rights Activists ... PETA, ALF, FCUSA ...
* Canadian fragmentation to make US states 51-57? ... do we really want that? Read this and decide.
* Weekend Comment Tag at Michele's place!

* Some (cough)DU T-Shirt Captions
* Marvin Moonbat pops in @ RWNH!


Dean of The... Slow... Talkers

Quick Thoughts
* OK ... Last day of CISSP class, limited blogation rules still in effect!
(a relief and a burden (now I need to go take a ~6hour, 250? test) ...)
* (Return of) Friday's Gratuitous Blegging : Sign up for clickies (seriously - you can see lots of new/interesting sites and get more traffic for yours) ...and get me some too by using me as your referrer (in approximate order of preference):
***** Sign Up for TrafficAxiom, using me as your referrer! Sign Up for BlogAzoo, using me as your referrer! Sign Up for BlogClicker, using me as your referrer! Sign Up for Blog Explosion, using me as your referrer! *****

* Illegal Immigration : Charged them with Trespassing! ... "A small-town (New Ipswich, N.H.) police chief in New Hampshire might have found the best way to embarrass the Department of Homeland Security into finally doing something about America's porous borders: Arrest illegal aliens and charge them with trespassing" ... "Under New Hampshire law, a 'person is guilty of criminal trespass if, knowing he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place.'" ... Holy what the ... SWEET! That is insanely cool, and we should have thought of it sooner!
* Iraq : Insurgents / Terrorists kill 20 in Baghdad ... condolences and prayers ... update ... 39 killed, including 1 US GI ... more condolences
* Iran : More on EMP threat to US
* Russia : Putin - Arms sales to Syria are fine! ... Sure, just like putting gas on a fire is cool ...
* Cali : Govenator praises teh Minutemen Project ... that means there are atleast 3 smart people in Cali; Arnold, Gindy and Crystal :P ... did I miss anyone? ... but, back to Arnold : he needs to realize that being a "liberal Republican" doesn't work ... you won't win the true LIEberals over, and you just might lose your Conservative base ... (and the $3B in tax-payer funds for ESCR was a horrendous call!)
* Fed budget approved ... $2.6T ... yes, T as in Trillion ... and Medicaid takes a cut, finally

* Terri'ish : Another forced starvation case; Clara Martinez reconnected! ... these are terrible cases that we must continue ensuring get the publicity they deserve & need
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Go NAMBLA! ... another reason the ACLU is despicable
* VA : Some thoughts on HOV, HOT ... yes & no - first I think the whole HOV thing is a terrific scam pushed onto the taxpayers. The HOT lanes, while I object to them for other reasons, are atleast NOT GOING TO COST US ANYTHING TO BUILD (going to be privately funded & built, like the Greenway ... let me also say that end ing the HOV-ness of Hybrid vehicles, or the possibility thereof, has pretty much concreted (which is sturdier than cemented) my position against buying a Hybrid.
* Transparent films blocks WiFi ... well that's not very sporting, is it?
* This telescope might be smarter than you ... or might not be, but it beats your PC hands-down!
* Obesity hype continues ... even after CDC backpedals
* TV-B-Gone Cel Phone? ... that is just not right!
* Retro : Atari 2600 for $30
* Filibuster : Frist offered a deal to move past this ... Reid rebuffed, still an obstructionist ... and calls the offer "it's a big, wet kiss to the far right' - whatever that means ...
* MSM only 66% biased
* The 25 Greatest (largest, really) Empires ... found via CFG
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : NYU is a breeding ground!
* MS profits double, 'War Chest' is now $61B ... come on, Bill - throw me a bone. I have always used and supported (in that I help resolve problems, and for the most part recommend it :P) ... I'd even settle for 1% of 1% of 1% of that! (I think the US has ~300M people; so that means MS could give every man, woman & child ~$200! and still have a $1B on hand)
* Prime Time W ... glad I am not the only one who seems a difference; both in how W is handling the questions and in what questions reporters are asking (although they still cause me to frequently talk back to the TV, and say variations of "Oh yeah, THAT media bias") ... and TigerHawk live-blogged last night
* Global Warming : For real, this time?
* Germany : Debian beats MS for 14k-computer deal ... SuSe not in the running, sorry Paul!
* More than half of all 1040's e-filed!
* When in doubt, blame it on the war ... up to two hops now ... (making light of the VERY SERIOUS 'Parental Notification' act that I mentioned a day or three ago)
* How To : Build a Dream Team
* W needs to make the sales pitch, loud & strong ... "The average citizen doesn’t understand what’s wrong with it, and therefore just doesn’t give a damn"
* MSM vs Bloggers, MSM + Bloggers, MSM = Bloggers ... no unified response ...
* How To : Rebuild a Li-Ion battery
* Step 1) Smell REALLY bad Step 2) Get thrown out of Library Step 3) PROFIT! ... don't lather, don't rinse, do repeat ... STOP THIS FREAK (Richard Kreimer)! (Another case where our legal system is failing us!)
* Chrenkoff gets printed ... usually found here ... congrats; and good job!
* Build a "Lockpick gun" out of a HDD and a mouse ... NICE!
* "Pikashoes" - make yourself into a joy buzzer!
* Hacking College Admissions
* XEN, and their virtual machine, a bigger threat to MS than Linux? ... I had never heard of it/them ...
* What do you mean by rich? ... thanks (again) to Uncle Jack for the heads-up!
* Update : Buried treasure ... or maybe not
* So, when do 1.5M voters overturn 62M voters? ... when you are an obstructionist Dem who doesn't want an FDA Commissioner
* Pedophiles and those they hurt the most
* Hillary Clinton, hypocrite

* New OOTS! ... "Hooray for Hexes!"
* True : Ken Salazar (D-CO) calls someone the Antichrist ...touching!
* New ALP!
* Bloggers : Its a MEME comment party! ... so go comment!
* OBL not dead; captured alive - and lost a finger @ a Wendy's

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BE stock trying to stage a comeback, sorta:
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Death to the Death Tax
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Ancient Order of Cheap Canadian Beers

Quick Thoughts
* CISSP class day 5, limited blogation (excluding early AM, lunch, etc.)
* It is Thursday, which in short means that you should go visit Stop the AntiCivilLibertiesUnion ... and help Stop the ACLU :P ... today's focus is on how they are destroying our ability to defend our nation ... "To its credit, the ACLU recognizes the danger if the scales are tipped too far to the side of national security, however it doesn't seem to acknowledge the danger if the scales are reversed" (click on the Uncle Sam pic at the bottom to go to today's post!)

* Is Bin Laden dead? ... unconfirmed, for now ... developing ...
* Sgt. Hasan Akbar sentenced to death ... good!
* Bush on Prime Time TV
* Nuclear Korea : Capable of firing Nuke at US!?
* South Carolina : 12yr old Florida girl, Margarita Aguilar-Lopez, found alive!
* Israel : Abbas talks tough to militants ... let's see if he can back it up ... well, not so far : "Cease Fire", Palestinian-style
* Iraq : Cabinet approved! ... "Iraq's first elected government since the fall of Saddam"
* DOW takes a beating; -= 128 on weak GDP report

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'Enemy Within Part II' ... and Acronym Contest ... win Anti-ACLU gear!
* ProtestWarrior "Anthology DVD" now available! .... by one for yourself, and one for that special someone ... you know, that liberal person who needs some correction
* Abortion : Does it hurt? ... take a good long read, and follow the offsite links too ...
* Extradition quirk, or how to commit a perfect murder? ... wow, didn't know that!
* Typo : Googkle.com will (attempt to) load malware onto your PC ... so don't go there! ... However, XTRAGOOGLE is cool ... all of the Google search tools in one?
* 'Calls to patriotism! Camaraderie! Well-cut uniforms! ... Such starry dreck too well deserved the Wrath of Cron.'
* China : Inconsistent hypocrisy (WRT free speech)
* Free TiVo - make an old PC into a PVR
* 'Anti-Semitism sells'?
* Afghanistan : Good things happening ... "Sally Goodrich, whose son died in the Sept. 11 attacks, kept a grip on her grief as she surveyed the foundations of the Afghan school being built with money she raised in the United States"
* Sympathy for the homeless, unless it is raining
* Hold Their Feet to the Fire : Call & Fax Congress-members WRT the FAIR act
* How dare the "evil," "corrupt," and "brain-dead" Republicans use actual quotes against Dems
* About Chirac : "If he can start alliances to weaken the American position, he will do it" ... that is why we don't like France. It is one thing to want to help your country, it is quite another to set out to hurt another.
* Bloggers : How to make your site skinnable
* Krugman : Still lying / wrong ... this time about our health care system
* Mass : Buried treasure worth $75k found in backyard
* 6 Legged Robo-Lumberjack ... "Nothing Runs Like a Deere"
* Ogre is a Paladin ... and you can follow a link to find out your D&D class as well, I will try to get to this later
* Schneier : Fight fraud, not ID Theft!
* TorrentSearcher
* MPAA : Movie Pirate face serious time ... odious MPAA wins one ...
* More on Pantano ... looking more innocent! ... and bloggers made a difference!
* Biden (D-Del) trying to get the terrorist vote, or atleast some of their money
* "Uncle Jack" wants to enlighten us about the stock market ... he's a pretty smart cookie, atleast with money stuff (and politics, for that matter)
* Al Gore opens mouth, should insert foot
* Basil's morning link-fest, for you review
* Illegal Immigration : In case you weren't paying attention, it won't fix the Social inSecurity problem! ... it causes problems, not resolves them!
* GOP not always right ... undue pressure on Dr Coburn (R-OK)
* Coulter, on the filibuster ... "Republicans have got to learn to stop getting into technicalities with the Democrats. They win in the dark; we win in the light. And it doesn't get much darker than a discussion of the Senate filibuster."
* Firefox : .PDF Download tool
* Intro to Podcasting
* NASA : Miracle Polymer ... "quantum wire"
* Fed Govt to pay closer attention to your finances!? ... "thanks to the PATRIOT act, banks are spending billions on highly sophisticated, government-mandated anti-money laundering (AML) software that will track every last transaction of every last customer in order to build up individual customer profiles and look for "suspicious" activity"
* 'Calcium and Vitamin D fail in fracture prevention'
* Mass : More problems with the Big DigDump
* Latecomer to the GOP ... found viaJohn @ LTG

* New OOTS ... OOTS must die?? ... and Monday's is up too (#173 - Horse Parking!)
* RVB #55 available for sponsors!
* UF : Chocolate Thunder From Down Under ... and a toilet reference
* Identity thief returns identities deemed worthless ... "losers"
* True : This dude can burn more CDs than you ... all legally, I am sure ...
* Arianna Huffington's collaborative blog parody
* Robots eat babies
* True'ish (filibuster): 'You Don't Have to Be a Dummy to Look Mighty Stupid'
* Ed Wilson : The most dangerous man in America ... The great & mighty Ed ... Hmm, an Ed Wilson working for the man - go figure! ... Hi Eddie!
* Bush to wed Saudi Prince

Quote of the Day
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus
--thanks Philippians 4:6-7

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Our priorities are all wrong ...
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ACLU Vs. National Security:
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Tertiary King of Cowboys

Quick Thoughts
* Kick back, get comfy and stay awhile - you know you want some NIF (News-Interesting-Funny).
* It is Wictory Wednesday! ... this weeks cause is the Anti-Judicial-nominee-filibuster issue, read more (& join WW) here

* Sri Lanka : Train accident kills 50 ... "passenger bus, apparently racing another bus, slipped past a barrier and tried to cross a railroad track" ... and you know the rest
* Bush energy plan ... use old military bases as refineries, more LNG terminals, more Nuclear power - good, good and great! ... and more here ... speaking of energy : 'Wind Power at Gitmo' ... "Gitmo... I've heard of that place somewhere. Oh, yeah, that's where the Navy installed 8 million kilowatt-hours of wind power"
* Maryland : Bison messing up traffic
* Belarus : Democracy inbound?
* Saudi : Chief Justice urges fighting U.S. ... "Saudi officials, including Luhaidan, publicly oppose holy war in Iraq, but send a different message in private" ... read the article, and then take this poll
* Israel : Anti-disengagement protest in Gaza ... and check ENGAGE - For a Secure Israel (EFSI) for more dis-engagement news
* BearingPoint : Class Action lawsuit ... and more here ... and more here
* People's Republic of California : Ammunition tagging and tracking bill ... naturally, the AntiCivilLibertiesUnion is completely silent
* 'House Passes Parental-Consent Abortion Bill' ... excellent!
* Oil : Slides below $52 ... hey, only needs to go down ~$27 more to be 'right-priced' ... maybe if we get ANWR oil flowing, some refineries built & operational and a Nuclear plant or 10 online we might just get there ...

* France : Airbus A380 takes flight ... "designed to carry 555 passengers but has room for more than 800" ... " $15.68 billion to develop ... subsidized by European governments" ... elsewhere : A380 can also have "cocktail bars, double beds, massage parlors, jacuzzis and mini-casinos" ... and, not wanting to be left out of the news, Boeing rings up some 787, 777 sales
* Bolton / UselessNations : 'What's so scary about John Bolton? ' ... "Bolton is the right man for the job, and the Democrats know it. The reason for their belligerent fear mongering is mainly that he will do what they cannot: utilize some common sense to defend American interests"
* DeLay : GOP (finally) rescind rule preventing probe
* 'Ethics in Washington consists of an absurdly minor and arbitrary set of rules that pols observe while they advance startlingly immoral legislation' ... "The pharisaical fervor over Tom DeLay and John Bolton is one more illustration of the emptiness of ethics in Washington"
* Air Marshall problems dress codes, lawsuits ... (cough) little things
* MS : Badmouthing XP to help sell Longhorn? ... and supposedly Longhorn will be more secure ... and Longhorn will also include a .PDF competitor called Metro (free, XML-based) ... enough about Longhorn, let's talk about cool stuff - like the XBOX360, and how it will eDRAM
* Condi08, and why Republicans != Racists
* Apple not too happy about unauthorized Jobs' bio ... pulls publishers' other books from shelves
* Collapse or collision: the big question in star formation
* Christian Science Monitor the World's Bloggiest Newspaper?
* 'Human by nature, not by function' ... "belief system is known as functionalism" ... and why this is no defense for baby killing
* TSA diverts United Flight 27 due to MP3 player, laptop
* Cisco buying Sipura ... $68M for VOIP gear
* Horse kills self during filing of 'Flicka' remake ... not to make light of the situation, but does that mean the movie is that bad?
* 'It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your databases are?'
* POLL : GOP Presidential choices for 08
* Illinois : Fake racist letters ... hopefully punished just like real ones! ... and all because she wanted to leave (so why didn't she just leave?)?
* Social inSecurity : Calculator
* Bush's low poll #'s mean he's doing a good job? ... hmm, I want to believe ...
* Contract on America
* Campaign finance 'reform and a not sohidden agenda' ... " ANYONE still clinging to the notion that campaign-finance reformers are interested in "clean government" solely for its own sake should take a look at Illinois — specifically a race for a state Supreme Court seat" ... "If Democrat Gordon Maag won the Supreme Court race, the trial-lawyer gravy train would probably keep on rollin'. If Republican Lloyd Karmeier won (he did), he was expected to start hitting the breaks (he has)" ... "media bought this charade hook, line and sinker, referring to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform as 'nonpartisan' and the Tone and Conduct Committee as 'independent'"
* The Google Jedi mind trick for MP3s
* Who should be 'the corporate blogger?
* Google : New ad tool ... "advertisers could now choose the Web sites that carry their ads and it was introducing animated graphical advertisements" ... and they still suck (for kicking me out :P )
* 'Introduction to Spyware Keyloggers'
* DNA evidence nabs 1973 Rapist ... man also "responsible for sexually assaulting at least 25 women in three states" ... excellent!
* Meet the $100k Personal SuperComputer ... "The 96-node machine fits under a desk and can be plugged into a standard power outlet"
* Police cause crime ... atleast, some would have you believe that!
* Do you know who said "This is a war by the extreme right wing motivated by the Zionists to quash academic freedom on campus" ... and, in the comments, "I now think it is time that parents speak to their children about the dangers of college before they send them away to some of these indoctrination centers"
* Infinity goes a-Podcasting!
* Gene mutation reduces need for sleep by 30%! ... "minisleep mutation is in a gene called Shaker, which codes for a protein that forms part of an ion channel in nerve cells"
* 'Berkeley Blood feast update' ... "16 year old girl who slashed the throat of a 75 year old woman"
* Custom stamps available, again
* Air Communist America being probed for threats against the President ... and still sucking ...
* Rapid concussion locating ..."By measuring reactions times in a battery of tests, the system is designed to detect even mild cognitive deficits associated with concussion or early dementia. DETECT completes its tests in about 7 minutes. Conventional cognitive tests require hours of testing and trained personnel to administer them, and score and interpret the results."
* 'Build an IDS with Snort, Shadow, and ACID'
* A "$1 Coin" - real gold this time
* Titan has organic material in upper atmosphere!
* ESA building ExoMars rover
* Desktop Fusion device?! ... "the technique is unlikely to lead to power generation, such a device could act as a portable source of neutrons for analyzing materials and medical imaging, and perhaps even spacecraft propulsion"
* Paypal fraud

* Snails are faster than ADSL! ... hahahha!
* True : You can cancel someone else's credit cards!
* I love taxes!
* Defining Hippie
* If the IRS had discovered the Quadratic Formula ... foundhere
* Proper ways to meet an ex-President
* True : W getting ~$38k Federal Income Tax refund ... he could "donate" to my "charity" ... ?
* Which are the 'whiny, self-absorbed, potty-mouthed little brats'?
* Senators are disenfranchised voters!? ... thanks Jody!

Political Activity of the Day
"Hold Their Feet to the Fire" Lobby At-Home Activity for Wednesday...Call D.C. Offices!
Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) - 202-224-3004
Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) - 202-224-5744
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) - 202-224-3841
Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) - 202-224-5941
Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) - 202-224-4721
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) - 202-224-3254
Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) - 202-224-2752
Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) - 202-224-2152
Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) - 202-224-6521
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) - 202-224-2541
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) - 202-224-5824
Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) - 202-224-4654
Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MI) - 202-224-5054
Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond (R-MO) - 202-224-5721
Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) - 202-224-2644
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) - 202-224-2551
Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) - 202-224-3324
Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) - 202-224-6621
Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) - 202-224-3542
Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) - 202-224-2315
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) - 202-224-4254
Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) - 202-224-5824
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) - 202-224-5922
Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT) - 202-224-5444
Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) - 202-224-4242
Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) - 202-224-2621
Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) - 202-224-5653
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) - 202-224-3954
(You can call their offices directly, or call the Senate Switchboard (202-224-3121) and ask to be connected. )
--thanks Sandra @FAIR US!

Quotes of the Day
-It looks like Bolton will get to the U.N. in May, and that's a very good thing
--thanks Hugh Hewitt!
-Because liberalism is a persistent vegetative state
--thanks Confederate Yankee! (found via Moxie!)
-Nice touch, Senator. So, remind us again when the anniversary of your finest hour is.
--Scarborough to Kennedy (+Video!)

Now that is a Dust Storm ...
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Our priorities are all wrong ...
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The Black Army of Sporks

Quick Thoughts
* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :) ... and you can (should!) join the official blog-burst here!

* Virginia : Jury convicts Islamic scholar ... excellent!
* Iraq : Zarqawi escapes, but we got his PC
* Lebanon : Syria, out!
* Social inSecurity : Overhaul ... for the life of me I cannot fathom why Congress is not doing what the majority of the people want; i.e. - reform this broken Ponzi scheme into something that returns value to all contributors - preferably via (optional?) 'personal accounts' (forget Baucus' rhetoric - "as soon as the president publicly takes privatization off the table, Democrats would work with Republicans" - that is a bald-faced lie; they have shown in every aspect that they are only willing to cooperate if you push their measures)... and if the GOP includes any kind of tax hike I will be severely upset & disappointed ... as I quoted the other day - "We won the election: act like it" ... and, shocker : Dems to push for "state enforced mandatory savings (aka Socialism)"?
* Recall : GM, 1.5M, 2003-2005 models .. includes 'Suburban, Tahoe, Hummer H2, Escalade, Yukon, Yukon XL and the crew cab versions of the Silverado and the Sierra'
* Todd Krampitz, the "Billboard Liver" recipient, dies ... condolences ... developing

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'Terrorists Have Rights' ... "Support Your Local PLO"
* Iraq / Italy : Sgrena lied, 'Troops who killed Italian did no wrong'
* Thoughts on Tax Reform ... which should have mentioned Fair Tax
* Hong Kong : 1Gbit broadband deployed ... "Hong Kong Broadband Network has launched a symmetric 1Gbps service for a wholly reasonable $215 per month ... already offers symmetric 100Mbps and 10Mbps services at $34 and $16" ... and here I am stuck paying $43 for ~2Mbps ... :(
* Fined! : Adelphia -$715M ... "founder John Rigas agreed to forfeit 95 percent of his family's assets"
* MS : Hybrid HDD released (includes 1GB flash cache ... finally going back to solid state!)
* Trend Micro update kills PCs ... "Essentially, the update on Friday locked up all the CPU preventing anything from running" ...whoops, our bad!
* "We can get all of Bush's nominees—the ones in limbo right now and all future ones, including a nominee for the Supreme Court—without agreeing to the Democrats lousy compromises"
* Russia : Putin - "Russia is pursuing democracy" ... to quote Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means"
* Watch (Crafty) TV! ... Chappelle, Farscape, MacGyver, etc. etc. ... nice!
* MS : New CFO Chris Liddell
* Mom in freezer for 4 years ... and if you have your mom in your freezer, you probably should lay low ... i.e. - don't go shoot your neighbor
* fish - live fast, die young
* Thoughts regarding the 'care & treatment' of convicted pedophiles
* 'Hacking' : OPHCrack 2.0 released ... faster PW cracking ... some history, a how to, and - of course - the installer :) ... and installer here ... and you will need either the LARGE table (720MB!) ... or the SMALLer table (388MB)! ... and you may want toRTFM
* Virginia : Kaine - "I'm a conservative running as a conservative. He's (Kilgore) a liberal masquerading as a conservative" ... indeed! ... "It's safe assume that non-Virginia Republicans will follow this race as intensely as non-Virginia Democrats" ... Vote Kilgore!
* Recalculating health ... a little sun and a few more pounds not so bad after all ... "This study showed a pretty strong relationship between seasons and vitamin D intake and disease-free and overall survival"
* NASA : update - the autonomous DART didn't just shut itself down, it may have collided with the other satellite
* More on IE7
* 'The End of the C:\ Drive?' ... virtualization, Fabric Application Interface Standard (FAIS), tiered storage ("Hitachi's TagmaStore is a kind of "super-controller" that manages a colossal 128 GB of high-speed, on-board cache memory, coupled with up to 330 terabytes of locally managed, internal storage, and up to 32 petabytes (mega-gigabytes) of external storage")
* Nintendo DS - play games while in free fall! ... and video here (.torrent) ... found via BoingBoing
* Martian terrain : chaotic?
* Iran : Ignoring threat of UselessNations sanctions
* Skier survives 8 days in the wild
* 'Hacking' : Cain & Abel 2.68 released ... Breaking Layer2 for fun, and profit? (direct link to DL here)* Your GameBoy wants a floppy drive ... and some funny 'Engrish' translations too :)
* MS : Win64bit launched!
* Star Wars TV Spin Off?
* Genentech "breast cancer breakthrough" ... "Patients who received Herceptin and chemotherapy had a 52 percent decrease in disease recurrence compared to those treated with chemotherapy alone"
* 'The Ten Commandments of system administration, part I'
* More Biden hypocrisy ... too much time fretting about the 'nuclear option' while he "has gone out of his way to reach out to Iran's mullahs and send them mixed American messages" ... "In Iran, Biden is known as that theocracy's number one supporter"
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : National ACLU President, Nadine Strossen, pays a visit to Oklahoma

Quote of the Day
It is the VETERAN, not the preacher,
who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the VETERAN, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to assemble.
It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the VETERAN, not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.
--thanks Aaron!

Thanks Clear Channel :
Click for Mexifornia
... Not that Infinity is any better - they took away 99.1 HFS :(

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Click for no 180!
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Chief of Baby Monkeys

Quick Thoughts
* All this rain is making my grass grow too fast ... and making it cooler outside and not letting me put my top down.
* Charlotte Wyatt ... "Much to the chagrin of the lawyers, judges, and media-ghouls who've spent the last six months conspiring to let brave, little"

* Iran : 'Plans to knock out US with 1 bomb' ... "Iran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America's technical infrastructure" ... "effectively sending the continental U.S. back to the 19th century with a recovery time of months or years" ... and they are resuming refinement! ... and, to (cough) comfort us they chant "Down with America, down with Israel"
* Georgia : Missing toddlers Jonah and Nicole Kain ... the bodies of these two children have been found, a couple miles from their house. Autopsy pending, still developing ... condolences for them and prayers for their family (assuming their family didn't do it, that is)
* Iraq : 29 Iraqi police & civilians killed is series of attacks
* Oil : Nearing $56 ... means it is nearly @21 overpriced!
* Japan : Commuter train derails, kills ~50 ... condolences & prayers ...
* Togo : Election shenanigans ... not only is the US + UselessNations not helping, by our words w/o actions we are also hurting our ability to possibly help in the future
* India : Drunk Monkeys attack! ... found at SCA
* Afghanistan : Drug Kingpin nabbed
* Illegal Immigration : "Illegal aliens and their friends in Congress are trying to derail legislation that would strengthen our borders ..." ... "Now's the time to join Roger Hedgecock" ... "We are taking our message directly to Congress, and we need your help. Sign up today to visit Washington, D.C. this April and make your voice heard" ... "Can’t come to DC? Then take action from home! Go to our sign-up page. When you sign up for the at-home lobby, we'll provide you with up to date information and tools to help you lobby your Congressional delegation from home." ... hurry up, its half-over already!
* Illinois : Chicago mobsters -= 14

* Filibuster : Whole lotta flip-flopping going on ... TAS doesn't believe it is a good time to "Go Nuclear""Go Constitutional" ... I mostly disagree. I would not support this if the filibuster was made back into what it used to be - i.e., painful, taxing and HARD TO DO. Since they have made it too easy, I think it has lost its value and so I have lost my objection to curtailing its usage ... and here (.PDF) is what I mean about the filibuster not being what it used to be! ... and others are mixed as well ... "I think both sides are wrong" ... I disagree with him too ...and "The Founders Giveth—the Courts Taketh Away" ... and perhaps the threat of "going nuclear" is enough? ... "On a day when Senator Mitch McConnell announced that the GOP has the votes to force a rule change on filibustering judicial nominations, the Democrats have suddenly discovered the notion of compromise"
* NC / Illegal Immigration : Illegal tuition bill floating?... " allow the children of illegal immigrants to not only be allowed to go to college, but to grant them in-state tuition" ... "damn the consequences, forget that it is against Federal law, it doesn't matter to the NC Legislative critters" ... "Or, we could just send them back. What part of illegal is not understood? Do these people ever look at a friggin' dictionary?"
* Govt helping fund Soros? ... our tax dollars @ work ... (cough) great!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Their supports can't support them ... "Seems that the ACLU is once again riding to the rescue of drug users and drug dealers" ... "If a WHITE MAN robs jewelry store and the cops start looking for a WHITE MAN in the nearby area because that is who robbed the store. That is not racial profiling, that is taking the information available and doing the job of catching criminals"
* This rice now has some human genetic material in it?? ... "Frankenstein foods" (aka FrankenFoods) ... so, does that mean we are cannibals if we eat it? :)
* Churchill : Ward not such a nice guy ... in addition to being a liar, traitor, plagiarist, fake Indian and all-around douche ... sadly, he is still around (amazing that he hasn't been canned yet) ... and Jihadi Jane is probably a friend of his! ... what bias in academia? ... and, speaking of less-than-brilliant traitors : Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal believes the United States is responsible in some way for 9/11 ... "Those firemen who died in the ensuing collapse... dirty whores"
* Virginia : Tim Kaine, Governor wannabe, makes fun of our accents ... I don't have much of one, but the elitism his comments drip with drive me away from him like ammonia drives away dogs
* Social inSecurity : Unions support Personal Accounts? ... excellent!
* ID vs Evolution, still / again ... also quotes Pope JPII : "Science can purify religion from error and superstition; religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. Each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish"
* New York : Bloomberg in hot water over 'Plan B' ... I will break with many of my Conservative friends here; I see Plan B more as a contraceptive than anything else. And while I don't believe the state should provide it (or any other contraceptive), I am not against the idea of it or its use. And if the state is funding 'family planning' then, IMHO, it must include abstinence as part of that plan ... feel free to 'enlighten me' :P ... ahhh - when presented this way I can certainly understand some of the objections; namely that Bloomberg (RINO-NY) has been pursuing a liberal agenda!
* Some thoughts on Time's Top100 list ... from StealTheBandwagon
* Win2k 'Free Support' ends 05/30/05
* Iraq : 'Turning the 'Green Zone' into a free trade zone'?
* Cali : ... "Schwarzenegger has pursued a reform agenda that has even liberal policy wonks like Time's Joe Klein cooing" ... "thanks to a California media that seem unable or unwilling to detail the extent of Democrats' dysfunction, Schwarzenegger isn't the hero of 'The Battle to Save the Golden State.' If you ask many of the state's most influential opinion-shapers, he's the villain. This is beyond perverse" ... yeah, what media bias?
* Using microbes to create Hydrogen ... "the voltage is just one-tenth (of that) needed for electrolysis" ... "Theoretically, it yields hydrogen from any biodegradable, dissolved, organic matter and cleans wastewater" ... I want my Mr Fusion! :)
* Eye-controlled video camera ... they need to work on the presentation, it is just a little, um, dorky!
* Qwest may snag MCI after all?
* 12/31/2006 - all TVs will be required to be digital ... "overnight, somewhere around 70 million television sets now connected to rabbit ears or roof-top antennas will suddenly and forever go blank" ... "Congress and the FCC are struggling mightily to figure out what to do"
* Bolton / UselessNations : To the GOP : "We won the election: act like it" ... and more thoughts here ... "He yelled at her, and told her he'd get her fired, although apparently she stayed on the job. Did this happen last week? Last month? Last year? No -- it happened twenty-two years ago." ... and check out the pic below to see how (cough)clean the accusers are :)
* Venezuela : Rotting out from under Chavez?
* Twain was an atheist? ... and a cynical one at that!
* Lethal fungus able to reproduce homosexually? ... "Cryptococcus neoformans can kill humans" ... "That ability might confer an advantage for the fungus because patients infected with it predominantly harbors a single mating type, reducing the possibility of normal fungal sexual reproduction"
* Mass. : Boston had a meteor shower ... and people freaked
* 'Remote-controlled rats to sniff out explosives'
* Infant daycare helps prevent childhood leukemia ... score one for the working moms?
* Skydiving gone wrong, kills Cinematographer Albert "Gus" Wing, III ... "had already opened his parachute when he hit the plane ... His legs were severed at the knees" .. .condolences
* Spreadsheet errors costing $10B / yr?
* Google : Taking over the world ... "profit up more than five-fold to $369.2 million for the quarter and sales nearly doubling to $1.26 billion" ... has noone watched EPIC2014 ... ? :)
* Global Warming : 'Antarctica glaciers shrinking'? ... Not so fast! ... "By "Antarctica" they actually meant the Antarctic Peninsula, which comprises about 2% of the continent. It's warming there and has been for decades. But every scientist ... knows that the temperature averaged over the entire continent has been declining for decades"
* My laptop wants a "Chill Mat"!
* Carnivals! : Vanities ... and Capitalists ... and cats? ... blech, or atleast achoo ... and why not dogs?
* Herpes blocking gel ... "small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) that trigger the destruction of viral genes is applied to the vagina, where they are absorbed and remain active for at least 10 days"
* Exploding toads?
* Mind-reading?
* Don't mess with your 'Body Clock'
* Jeffords quits, and noone really cares / notices!
* MS : Forgent and Microsoft sue each other over JPEG ... (cough)USE .PNGs(cough)
* Make your handwriting into a font ... cool, now my emails can be as illegible as my notes!
* 'You CAN make a fire from a can of coke and a chocolate bar'
* Web design mistakes .. I'm sure I got a few of those here, but guess what - I don't care! This site is for me, and I am just letting you use it 'cuz I am a nice guy!
* Adscam : Still going on?? ... "Gomery Inquiry has imposed new publication bans,"
* Pope : Questionable (at best) picture of Benedict XVI ... what media bias here?
* Bloggers : Are you the Ultimate Blogger? ... find out, join the competition!
* 'Andrew Sullivan Freak-Out Advisory System' (ASFOAS) ... over to the right!
* The Dean Debacle ... will all those surprised please stand up ... anyone ... anyone ... ?
* Cuba : Want a higher minimum wage? Move to the (cough) "Workers' Paradise" ... MW down there is now $9.40
* 32yr old man has 'sexual encounter' with 16 yr old boy; jailarity ensues! ... hey, the law works once in awhile!
* 'Born-Alive Infants Protection Act' to be enforced ... and, on a pseudo-related note : Mother of abortion survivor suing the hospital for child support ... yeah, no reason to take responsibility for your own actions, eh?
* Too many bureaucrats involved in war-making ... "The number of soldiers who die needlessly can be directly correlated to the inverse proportion of bureaucrats and politicians" ... and excellent review here as well!

* Should be a new OOTS today! ... waiting ...
* New ALP today also ... midgets have big heads?
* Flash : Test your reactions
* StarCon 2 : free download! ... scratch that : Use this link to download StarCon2
* Clinton to ban Daydreaming
* Pope : Emerges as a butterfly ... which also marks end of sin-binge
* Carter to run in '08, Give Democrats "some kind of" hope
* Fat man affects Earth's wobble
* Japan : Americans not the only idiots
* Bush admits he no longer understands his Social inSecurity proposal
* Pope : Benedict reaches out to other religions by allowing Jews to call him 'Benny'
* Olympic Bomber to plead guilty, bad at making bombs
* 5th grader's science paper doesn't stand up to peer review
* Alternate Tobacco warnings
* Pope : The Karl Rove - Joseph Ratzinger connection
* Stocks rocket on rumors that ‘The Simple Life’ is over
* Deter mail box vandalism!
* NBA wipes out 'Loser Teams'
* Bonfire blows up ... audio + video
* NSFW : 'Music Video'
* SICK! ... I think I am gonna hurl ...
* FreeRepublic's cartoon hit for today ... good stuff!

Quote of the Day
SirCourage : So anyways, I knew at 1:30 am this morning that my English paper would not be finished, so I opened up mirc.exe in notepad, saved it as a .txt, emailed it to my school email and told them that their email server must have ruined my paper. I got an A- :D
--thanks Bash! ... and why didn't I ever think of that?

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Quick Thoughts
* Gonna be offline pretty much all afternoon; Paul lives out n the middle of nowhere ...

* Iraq : 'Wave of violence' ... condolences for those murdered
* The Koreas set to resume Nuke Talks
* Italy : +1 Prime Minister ... Berlusconi back in ...
* Iraq : Military brass cleared in Abu Ghraib hearings

* Cookie monster has been destroyed
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Changes view of precedent when it favors Christian group ... "This goes to show how far the ACLU will manipulate the legal system to further their radical agenda" ... "The ACLU is obviously engaged in religious bigotry – in cases concerning homosexual groups, they argue that Prince fully applies, but now, when it clearly applies, using the ACLU's own standard, to a religious club, they are seeking to overturn the Prince decision" ... Indeed!
* The word "immigrant" is a racial slur ... WTF? Judicial activism spurred on by wussy Dr Hair Newal
* PC still running wild
* Blueprint for Survival, Revisited
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : They don't trust the people to decide ... ... "But the ACLU for some reason doesn't want the people to decide for themselves what they want. They would rather that matters such as these be settled in a courtroom in front of a few activist judges. In this way, they get paid, their agenda gets put forward, and their will gets shoved down our throats. And forever more we get to live with the decisions of a few "progressive" judges who have decided for themselves that the Congress and the people cannot make responsible law."
* LAT's Shaw has a soft life, and "we should be banning the phrase 'taste treats,' not guns"
* How To : Lockpick!
* 'Whistleblowing has now become a rapid growth industry' ... I knew I was missing something ...
* 'There wouldn't be such a gap if so many women didn't work at places like The Gap'
* XBOX : XBOX360 'final' pic?! ... and remember : official reveal on May 12th
* Google : Video Search goes live (beta) ... and interesting GMaps! ... like a satellite view of Bill Gates' house!
* Oil independence != price independence?
* Robot competition
* UselessNations : More Bolton, and why he should be confirmed
* Need flash buttons?
* How To : Add a HDD to the 'slim' PS2
* Business Week launches BlogSpotting.net ... ""
* Stop the Asbestos Trust Fund!
* Troll fishing

* Eric's Earth Day Fun!

Quote of the Day
For John Kerry I am convinced the only way he can sleep at night is with heavy medication
--thanks Kevin McCullough!