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Quick Thoughts
* So, its Saturday ... not gonna "be on the computer all day" ... but I'll try to throw a few things out for your enjoyment; it's because I care.

* Hey, it is Eric's Blogiversary! ... and he celebrates with a self-interview ... anyway, CONGRATS!! ... and here is how is wife sends him her best ... my eyes ...

* Iraq : Yesterdays attack total 50 deaths, including 3 US GIs ... wow; condolences & prayers ... and to our guys over there : keep up the good fight, you're doing a good job and we appreciate your service! ... And, FWIW another source says four US GIs were killed
* Oil : Below $50 ... $15 more to go down and we are all better ...
* Georgia : Missing bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, found alive! ... "in New Mexico after apparently being kidnapped by a man and woman and driven across the country"

* Iraq : Sergeant Hasan Akbar might not got executed? ... forget that! He was sentenced to death, and assuming his appeals fail the President should most certainly sign off on this!
* BoingBoing makes $40k/month off of their 'blog' ... I'd be happy (for atleast a month or two) just to make some, any, money off this thing :P
* Russia : 'Train driver dies after hitting suicidal passenger'
* Beer makes you clever! ... that means I should be a suuuuper genius!
* "Icerocket, the Google killer" ... dunno about all that, but it seems to work pretty nice ...
* Flat speakers!
* AIM get s ground-up rebuild ... Windows could use one of those ...
* 'Nearly perfect Einstein Ring discovered'
* BYRD gets good press, still a racist SOB :)
* Terrorism, by Animal Rights Activists ... PETA, ALF, FCUSA ...
* Canadian fragmentation to make US states 51-57? ... do we really want that? Read this and decide.
* Weekend Comment Tag at Michele's place!

* Some (cough)DU T-Shirt Captions
* Marvin Moonbat pops in @ RWNH!

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