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Quick Thoughts
* It is Wictory Wednesday! ... um, PoliPundit's schedule != my schedule .... so, while waiting - go read up on THE FAIR TAX ... (you can join the WW movement HERE) ... as an added bonus, you can focus on Social inSecurity :
* Iraq : President Jalal Talabani ... and Amputee trying to return to combat ... God Bless those who are giving so much for our country! ... meanwhile Dems trying to prevent GIs from voting
* Afghanistan : US Chinook crashes, 9 GIs killed ... condolences ... crash blamed on weather (?) ... or it was 4 GIs (crew) and 12 others (passengers) ... ?
* Newly elected Tom Coburn fighting to keep his non-profit medical practice ... inane rules may make him give it up ...
* Monaco : Prince Rainier III of Monaco = dead, at age 81 ... condolences ... "He was Europe's longest reigning monarch" (second longest-reigning monarch in the world after Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej)... excuse my ignorance, but why is a prince running the country? Isn't that the King's job? Prince Albert to take throne (I know there is a joke there ...)
* Minuteman Project - expanding to cover 2nd state? ... 141 illegals caught so far ... and is Mexico 'encouraging' its populace not to cross, thanks to the Minuteman Project? ... well, kinda - they are moving them elsewhere - to cross in areas not yet under the watchful stare of the Minuteman Project members. (Which is why the programs needs to be extended!) ... and more here ... "The complaint the border patrol has about sensors being tripped by the Minutemen is completely false. The Minutemen according to co-founder Chris Simcox had already worked with border patrol to avoid doing just that. The sensors are being tripped by the "observers" from the ACLU and other protesters. The report of the Minutemen tripping the sensors is being passed to the media by border patrol supervisors who are unhappy with the publicity that the Minutemen are drawing to the border." ... and Reporter shot on border ... details pending ...
* Useless Nations : Report faked? ... +1 Scandal ... in Congo, again ... but no raping / pedophilia this time
* Pope : Election to be held April 18th ... and more thoughts on Pope John Paul II ... "Final Score for the 20th century: Ordinary Poles, 2; German intellectuals, 0" ... "To call him a charismatic religious figure with a shrewd sense of Communist weakness and lot of white in his wardrobe is to miss the main thing, which was the relationship with Christ in which he found purpose and consolation"
* Jacko : Maid says Jacko showered with boys ... ew ... and jurors openly laughing at prosecution witness ... that is a)rude/impolite and b)not good for the prosecution!
* Qwest gives MCI an ultimatum ... trying to push their offer, which MCI is simply ignoring in favor of Verizon's offer (~$1.5B lower)?
* UK : Election countdown begins
* Deliveryman trapped in elevator for three days ... the alarm button didn't do him much good either, good security there folks ... and the kicker : "Even maintenance workers who were called to check out the disabled elevator on Monday missed Chen, police said" ... WTF? ... and a bit more, speaking of illegal immigration ... what's that, we weren't speaking about immigration. Tsk Tsk, now we are.
* Terri : Mass held ... of course, her murderous husband (check the Pinellas Park Wanted Poster pic on yesterday's post) already had her cremated and her ashes were elsewhere ...
* More on Huffington vs Drudge ... newbie, pointedly left, site vs well-established, solidly neutral site ... Hmm, I wonder who wins? (Yeah - 'cuz the world doesn't have enough lie-beral sites?)
* Some comments on DeLay's ongoing legal battles ... "He is the number one enemy to the liberal syndicate" ... all of which is premature as he has yet to be charged!
* Matt "Pontifex Maximus" Hale to get more prison time? ... could get 40 years ... aw, so sorry. UPDATE : He got the "Bonus" plan, 40 years! Buh Bye!
* NASA : Shuttle moved delayed by cracked foam ... update : they say it is "OK"
* Florida : Are you threatening me? If so, I can (soon) legally shoot you! ... sweet!
* Israel / Disengagement : read this ... and don't give up! ... and interesting/bad things going on in Israel?
* Drug-resistant Staph cases rise ... "Healthy people may carry the bacteria on their skin and in their noses. When infections occur, they are mostly pimples and boils, but the germ can cause serious surgical wound infections, bloodstream infections and pneumonia"

* Iraq : "WMDs" ... or "How W made the difference" ... excellent post! ... and note the false starting assumptions the commission made ... and you can read the entire 692 page .PDF right here
* ACLUseless : Next victim = victims? ... oh, and I missed this one yesterday : They want babies to get Meth (well, maybe not in those words - but that is the net effect ... come on, they compare Meth to coffee!)
* Boston, followup : 'Big Dig' not so safe?
* Remember - April 12th WinXPsp2 will roll out! ... beware the unexpected auto-push (or let it happen, I highly recommend sp2!)
* Hans makes the connection : South Korea(the pot and the kettle) whines about Japanese school-books
* Cray pushing IPv6 ... via MCI
* More on Adscam ... "Why is Morrissey reporting all this? Why am I repeating it? Quite simply, the publication ban is an abomination. The condescending notion that the jury in Brault's criminal trial might be irretrievably biased by media reports hardly justifies keeping ordinary Canadians in the dark about things that Ottawa's cognoscenti can't stop talking about." ... more here, and notes that perhaps Canada should focus on catching real bad guys instead of innocent citizens? ... "This is a damning indictment of a lackadaisical approach, and it couldn't come at a worse time" ... and more here ... "Morrissey now has laryngitis as a result of a rapid-fire series of interviews from Canadian news organizations. He's found them a bit bizarre. "They can't ask me about the case itself because they can't reproduce anything that has to do with the testimony," Morrissey said in an interview. "They can't ask me about my blog because they can't reproduce the URL" ... this whole thing is also a two-fer : not so Free speech and lack of Freedom of the Press ... Canadian (cough) Paradise! ... and remember : Instapundit !=ItsAPundit
* Partial Solar Eclipse on Friday! (Same day as Pope's funeral) ... last chance until 2012! (no eclipse for Randy!)
* Krugman - wrong again! ... "Republicans are too anti-science to become good professors." ... riiiight; I think the Republicans are out doing the science whilst the Lie-berals are teaching the science. (Hey, if Mssr. Krugman can make radical generalizations so can I!) ... and this is also a two-fer : What media bias? What bias in academia?
* Intel pushing for more Govt support of Broadband ... (cough) not that Intel stands to make major $$$ from that or anything ... personally, I am a little torn on this - while part of me says anything that pushes for more tech is good, the rest of me says that anytime the Govt gets involved it usually mucks things up (e.g. - think about the current telecom regulation)
* Some (Southern) Dems doubt Hillary? ... see Sumo Hillary below :P
* More on Carter being snubbed by W for trip to Vatican ... and again I say - couldn't happen to a (cough) nicer, more deserving fellow. He can sit at home and think about his peacenuclear-powered attack submarine (I hope that makes him even madder :P ) ... and more here ... "Carter is a sanctimonious, self-serving, self promoting, anti-American zealot whose trips abroad in the last 4 years have been marked by his harsh, unreasoning criticism of President Bush’s foreign policy. His speech at the Democratic convention was dripping with hatred and venom toward the President. And to top it all of, he entertained in his personal box at that conclave a man who accused George Bush and his family of caring more about the Saudi royal family and oil than about America." ... and more here ... "Corzine is pretending to foam at the mouth about Jimmy Carter not being invited"
* Lara Croft, reloaded?
* Cognitive Therapy-1, Anti-Depressants-0
* RoboShark!
* Linux a no-go in 'medium-sized' companies?
* IEEE amending 802.11
* AP, doing its best Rolling Stone impersonation, calls Bono 'a modern day priest in black leather, a shaman shaded by sunglasses' ... blech
* Some thoughts on Gay Marriage, and the bans thereof ... 15 states have banned it ... "Well, let’s put aside, for a moment, the various legal, moral, ethical, historical, and religious issues which surround this matter. This is, after all, a political web site" ... "denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, my friends"
* Yahoo and Google execs cashing in before the crash? ... speaking of Yahoo and Google : Its Yagoohoogle! ... 2 search engines in one! (NIF is #4 in Yahoo, and #3 in Google - so Google is better :P ) ... pic below ... found via StealTheBandwagon
* Iraq : Haliburton resolves billing dispute
* Mandatory tire pressure sensors by 2008? ... (cough) nanny state; and now my damn tires will cost even more ... all because people are too damn lazy to check their tires ever now and then ... ugh.
* "Ericsson hacker" jailed for three years
* Earth's Unsymmetrical Auroras
* Anti-CAIR ... glad someone is watching them ...
* How To : Lucid Dreaming
* New FCC Chairman speaks out on Deregulation and Decency ... less of the former, more regulation of the latter
* WinXP & Linux both get some Desktop love
* Firefox 1.0.3 (Final?) Release Candidate ... direct link to DL
* PookMail ... registration-free email, no sign in, nothing ... good as a 'throw-away' for stupid registration at sites ... seems exactly like Mailinator ... either way, use them as needed :)
* Star Wars fans waiting outside the wrong theater?
* Geek speak vs net users
* NASA : Nuclear ambitions ... "Prometheus" ... "space nuclear fission reactor system"
* 'Cooler servers' vs 'cooler rooms' ... the data-center debate rolls on ...
* Mars Rovers still going strong, get another (18m) extension
* Secret Rove doc stolen, responsible for the Democratic We are now owned by Soros Party's ability to enlist Soros-Moore-Franken-etc. ... which led to Soros donatingwasting $25M of his own money (What campaign finance reform?) ... and more here ... "the left is just plain dumb"
* 'Living Will' - misnamed ... "already chosen death" ... "epivalothanasia (imposed death)"
* Safer stop sticks
* Engels sees Democrats as partners towards achieving Communism .. and Marx & Engels: writings quotes and parallels to today’s leftists
* Forget the AP / Pulitzer Prize - here are some thoughts on real war photos!
* 'Life Hacks' ... misc

* Oliver Willis : ' ventilated meat pipe up the 'ol Hershey highway' or not, he is still white ... well, whatever - just click the links (white boy 'singing' & white boy 'dancing')
* New OOTS! ... "And if YOU look closely, you'll notice that I am surrounded by low-level archer rouges within my reach, none of whom have surprise" = "No sneak attack for you" ... "Aunt Judy? Is that you?"
* "So I am getting a ticket for not doing something in order to protect me from something else that has never happened."
* New Alien Loves Predator! ... I missed a few, start here and read until complete (or start at the beginning!)
* Pirate Keyboard ... and Haircut for meetings ... both found via WuzzaDem!
* Breakthrough in Grainy, Unintelligible Photography ... "Our goal is to become the financial equivalent of the United Nations"
* Redford REAL URGENT message gets ignored ... because they are usually lie-beral tripe
* Mr. T's Commandments
* UF : Webdorks like thongs ... duh!
* RVB : gfunk flashes his gang sign, yo ... he lost a bet
* Fox affiliate rolls out Terror-Alert van
* Bush Diary : Easter eggs are like WMDs, can't find 'em!
* WTW : Check out Beth's South Park White Trash
* Bud Light commercial ... hahahha! ... found via Conservative Rant
* Bad place for a cat nap ... found via Basil
* Bloggy! ... "the world's first automated blogging robot" ... puppy-blender to become empty?
* US school gets boned in Student Exchange
* Pope dies without explaining that whole Trinity thing
* Canadian seal clubbers adrift
* Vatican selling naming rights to new Pope
* Stealth Geeks? ... "An SG looks pretty much like anyone else. It could be said that an SG is a geek who has developed some fashion sense" ... not me!
* Reasons to give up coffee ... click on Office Jesus!
* Queen Elizabeth battling empty nest syndrome
* Cheney Offspring Bursts From Bush's Chest ... and Direct link to copy of pic
* Minutemen spot DeLay crossing border ... "Hombres del Minuto didn't get a good look at him, so it could be any accusation-plagued politician."
* Millions flock to Vatican to pay final respects ... "Jeb Bush restrained from re-inserting feeding tube into dead pontiff"
* Congress awards Congressional Medal of Honor ... to themselves. And a raise too. And more sick leave. And a better pension (just to make DOUBLY sure they aren't stuck into the Social inSecurity club)
* Berger busted, suffers nasty wrist inflammation ... "Under the terms of the Justice Department settlement, Mr. Berger is allowed to retain his position as Secretary of State in the Kerry administration"
* Woman believes creativity-lauding slogans justify messy house
* True: McDonald's ex-CEOs still get bonuses ... after they are dead
* President's Daily Brief outsourced to MSM

Quotes of the Day
* The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.
thanks Raven!

* Do you know of an interesting or entertaining site? Then what are you doing here?
thanks WuzzaDem!

Word(?) of the Day
New Word(?) for today : "Insta-Corner-Franka-Malka-lanche"
thanks Mike! (fka FatKid)

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