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Quick Thoughts
* It's Kerry-180 Tuesday! So, who out there believes he HAS signed it, WILL submit it and WILL release ALL of his records? Anyone, anyone? Anyway - go read Cao's post and join up!

* Iraq : 4 US GIs die in crash ... 4 Italians die in separate crash as well; also - Jerges Mohammed Sultan, an Iraqi journalist, was killed by the insurgents / terrorists - condolences for all those killed ... and "The insurgency in Iraq is in the last throes" - let's hope & pray that this is true!
* Illegal Immigration : "OTM"s swamping us?
* Earthquake / India : 5.6
* New York : NEIN is reporting a "Release of Unknown Substance" @ Rainbow Bridge ... latest update is that the customs agents involved have come down with "flu like symptoms" (vehicle in questions also had a bag containing $180k in counterfeit cash)
* Two Americans busted for wanting to help al Qaeda ... I was under limited blogation when this first came out ... it is bad news, and glad they got busted!
* Watergate : Deep Throat, less deep? ... Mark Felt, former #2 at the FBI, "outs" self ... W&B silent on the topic (from one of my TWA buddies - Their source scooped them!) ... UPDATE : its been confirmed! ... and Lee has a "more modern" name for Deep Throat (funny!)
* SCOTUS : Arthur Andersen conviction overturned ... and TigerHawk has some thoughts
* NYT vs CIA ... the NYT continues its crusade to help destroy this country ...
* Mexico : Colima volcano done blowuptified
* United narrowly avoids (delays) strike of 20k baggage handlers, customer service personnel and other unionized ground employees

* TAotB makes an oath, against yonder RINOs ... and, while you are at it, help TAotB hunt RINOs ... and GOPBloggers wants to 'help' Senator RINO Voinovich
* EU : "After fifty years of arguing fervently to convince the rest of Europe to unite around them, the French did the perfectly French thing and made a mess of it for others to try to clean up" ... "The national religion of France ... is the vacation" - HA! ... oh, and "French voters have accomplished what French soldiers never have: they have defended successfully the French way of life" - HA, again! ... "THE FRENCH VOTE GIVES US an opening to improve trade and defense relations with New Europe and those parts of Old Europe that can be weaned away from the Brussels losers. Around these nations we can even hope to rebuild NATO, excluding those, such as France and Germany, that have broken the bargain on which it is based"
* 'The Anti-Conservative Fallacy' ... excellent read!
* 'Those who do not learn from history ...' ... and, related : Dishonest education?
* SCA brings us some thoughts on God, Morals, Schools and Bastard Children
* Ready for some hurricanes? ... "Colorado State University predicted it would be 'very active' with 15 named tropical storms and eight hurricanes"
* Remembering Hack ... Col. David H. Hackworth, and "Soldiers For The Truth is now working on legal action to compel the Pentagon to recognize Agent Blue alongside the better known Agent Orange as a killer and to help veterans exposed to it during the Vietnam War"
* Amnesty International Insanity ... I didn't realize how NICE Gitmo was to detainees, yes - I said NICE ... as in good ... as in not a Gulag ... and Power Line brings us some more
* Carina Nebula - stellar nursery
* Wanna live longer? Eat low fat, low protein ...
* Mood altering LEDs?
* Firefox : Extension - Tab-X
* You have 5 fingers per hand, for a reason
* Thoughts on "Eurabia"
* Introducing Motorola's RAZRberry?
* Germany : Next Chancellor - a woman?
* Next Star Trek movie (XI) in ~2 years
* HowTo : Build your own InfraRed goggles!
* Malkin wants us to remember some of CNN's (cough) "Good Times"
* VOIP - where the V is for Video ... more Skype!
* Is your housewife desperate? You need GPS-Panties!
* North Carolina : An example of Medicaid's insanity ... a truly broken system
* Even the NYT is admitting that NCLB works!
* 'Euromoonbattery in Decline'
* Ever hear of "Longwell Flooring and Sanding"? Now you have ...
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Attack on Christianity continues ... the presumed thought of Prayer results in lawsuit ... WTF?? ... more here ... and 'Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005' ... introduced in House!
* What media bias? ... overwhelming their insufficient defenses
* Nick questions "bathroom equality"
* Ohio : Lost - $10M in coins ... "Bureau of Workers' Compensation" gonna come up a bit short! ... found via NTU
* China : Forced abortions
* Hilldabeast.com is for sale ... I know a certain freshwoman Senator from New York who might be interested :P
* Serial DUIs!? ... 1 car, 3 drivers, 4 hours, 3 DUIs
* Earth-Mars near miss?
* Russia : Noisy neighbors? Try a grenade!
* 'Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries'
* CA to restate 5yrs of earnings statements! ... wow
* GTL puts out a Help Wanted sign ... "You could be a liberal, a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian, a Wiccan, a Jew, a Muslim, black, white, male, or female. All political affiliations, races, and religions are welcomed here" ... found via Basil!
* The Mayans had a Periodic Table?
* HowTo : Fake a fingerprint?

* Filibuster'ish : "US to eliminate own military, enemies can only invade under 'extraordinary circumstances'" ... found via Basil (as always - more good stuff there too!)
* 'Bed-ridden Zarqawi vows to continue serving bed-ridden Bin-Laden'
* Pentagon to close Camp Snoopy
* 'US issues list of approved taunts for Gitmo'
* 'Human rights abuse allegations make Cheney cry'
* Reflecting on W's sacrifices ... kept Texas safe, during Vietnam
* 'Chinese Century ends 95 years prematurely'
* Date takes wrong turn towards emotion, instead of physical
* Another excellent caption contest ... "Ellen introduces the new 'picture my guest naked, shackled, and slathered in motor oil' segment of her talk show"
* Flash : "BeastBlender"
* SWEP0 ... "There is an important story to be told and an even more important amount of money to be made in a further prequel"
* Self Storage Museum of (Personal) Failure
* Flash : "Hit or Stand" - blackjack game

Quote of the Day
omgsean123: So anyway, Heisenberg is speeding down the street and he gets pulled over by a cop
omgsean123: and the cop is like "Do you know how fast you were going?"
omgsean123: and he says "No, but I know exactly where I am!"
--thanks BASH!

Idiotic Quote of the Day
Can there be any doubt that humanity would be better off without religion? Everyone who appreciates the good, the true and the beautiful has a duty to challenge this social poison at every opportunity. It is not enough to be irreligious; we must use our critique to expose religion for what it is: sanctimonious nonsense.
--'thanks' Timothy Shortell, Brooklyn College's recently-elected chairman of the school's sociology department ... think WardFake Indian Churchill, but against religion instead of US

Click for McCain RINOs on :
Click for McCain RINOs on!

A few excellent pics from 'Richard Nixon' :
Click for Byrd=PalpatineClick for Isikoff Lies
... strangely appropriate, given the recent outing of Deep Throat, yes?

Click for Kerry's imprisoned 180!
Image source: LindaSog.com

Click for Lets make a bad deal!
Click on the above pic for the whole EXCELLENT
series of pics & lines, including some Byrd :)


Orange is for Israel:
Click for some Israel news
(or, more specifically, for those
about to be "disengaged")


Happy Memorial Day!

Quick Thoughts
* Take a moment to remember what, and who, we are Memorializing ... the noble and the eloquent dead ... and Cao's thoughts here, including a petition for you to sign and Preston's thoughts here (a 'passing mention' of Trudeau's asshattery), and Beth's thoughts - offers suggestions on how you can help - so does Jay and SuperHawk Rick's thoughts here ... and some specific examples of those to whom we all owe so much: Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith, 'General' Wendell Fertig, Lance Cpl. Dimitrios Gavriel, Corporal Jason Dunham, and Capt. Ernie Blanco

* France : No EU, thanks ... MAJOR defeat for Chirac ... and Hans' thoughts here ... the French nanny-state, and their double-digit unemployment rate, continues ... and more here ... "garlic-munching surrender monkeys" (here, I always thought it was cheese-eating surrender monkey, hmm) ... and Chirac shaking things up in response ... and NOfP comments!
* Iraq : Twin bombings kill 30 police; US accidentally detains Sunni leader as part of Operation Lightning
* Israel : Abbas, who has no control, says this is the end of the suicide attacks
* Ohio : Farmhouse massacre ... 6 dead + 1 critically wounded (shooter included in dead)
* 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano was cleared on Friday ... in case you missed it; and a fitting addition to today's post :)
* Anti-EU/Airbus case being filed
* Clintons - noisy, lying, insulting, cursing ... all from "The Survivor : Bill Clinton in the White House"

* Cosmic fireworks
* RINOs now and then, Quislings Gambit
* Searching for (extraterrestrial) life ... slime worlds, infrared reflectivity, red-edge ...
* UselessNations : Blustering Galloway lied? ... Blogger, using the Internet Wayback Machine, catches him in the act?
* Jupiter's closest moon, Amalthea, is just an icy pile of rubble in a death spiral
* Fetal exposure to phthalates causing genital developmental problems ... "smaller scrotum and penis size and a smaller measurement known as the anogenital distance (AGD)" ... more here ... "'Gender-bending' chemicals mimicking the female hormone oestrogen can disrupt the development of baby boys"
* India, China - united?
* The hypocritical, religious left
* "ORAL contraceptives may free a woman to have sex without fear of getting pregnant, but they could also extinguish her desire"
* 'CIA plays cyberwar game' ... "Silent Horizon"
* $220 computer to defeat MS?
* A tax we can support - Sin Tax on Abortion! ... "Now, some of you may be concerned how this will affect the poor. Don't worry your pretty little heads off, we'll just make the doctors who perform this responsible for paying the taxes. That makes this tax even better because only the rich will pay this tax. We could make them pay $250 per abortion performed, quickly raising enough money to pay our teachers what they are worth. This won't affect a woman getting an abortion because she won't have to pay the tax."
* UK : Ring Tone to hit #1
* Pong, Chuck E. Cheese, 21 others and now - "uWink Media Bistros"
* Firefox : Send instant messages to cell phones via Firefox ... Teleflip + BLAT ...
* Oliver Stoned
* More on IIS7 ... more secure, hopefully :)
* A foundry in every kitchen - using microwave ovens to melt metals!
* Firefox : Extension - Signature ... permanent right-click menu entry
* Intel, + Carbon Nanotubes
* Blog entry fingers killer
* 'Today's Oprah lesson: learning to love them that kill us' ...
* An example of what we are fighting ... targeting embassies, and innocents ...
* 'Academic discovers that Islam is not linked to Terrorism' ... just ignore the fact that his own data contradicts his results ... (new math, right?)
* 'ACLU Treason'
* How about a $350k laptop?
* HowTo : Data Recovery ... or maybe more of a How They ...
* WiFi security that (gasp) works?!
* KnoppMyth ... like Knoppix? Like MythTV? *BAM*

* Firefox : Cool XRAY effect!
* True : "The British Medical Journal has discovered something which may have escaped the attention of the less well-informed reader: that long pointy knives are sharp and can be stuck into people thereby causing them damage or even provoking a death-related incident."
* OOTS#185 - Roy is future-psychic ... and OOTS#186 - we all look the same once we have been disintegrated ... AND NEW OOTS(#187) - Mommy gets her dragon hoard on
* KoranGate'ish : Office Space! ... and a pig? ... ah hah, those, and many more, here!
* 'Tom Cruise declares love for Katie Holmes on al-Jazeera'
* The Who : Won't get hard again
* 'Rolling Stones to be featured on "Antiques Roadshow"'
* KoranGate : Arabs cancel Newsweek subscriptions
* 'Bush twins cut short Mideast trip'
* Diana - could have been Murder, or Accident
* Where's MY memorial? (excessive language disclaimer)
* 'Group seeks ban of twentieth century from Kansas school textbooks'

Quote of the Day
If you stand up for what you believe in, you will be persecuted.
--thanks Kyle Trudelle!
(who is fighting for his right to paint a castle in the clouds currently)



Quick Thoughts
* CISSP exam soon ... still studying ... UPDATE, as of 12:30 I have finished - w00t!
(fairly confident I passed .. but we shall see!)

* Oh yeah - and Happy Birthday, Dad!


Quick - stop the ACLU!

Quick Thoughts
* ... I know, I am a day late ... but I am still under my limited blogation protocol :(

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'Selective Civil Rights'


Sultan of the Black Forest

Quick Thoughts
* It is Wictory Wednesday ... rejoice! (details to follow) ... hmm, no word from PoliPundit so I will just call today "Stop the RINO Day" (see the several RINO-related links below :) )
* NOTE : Limited blogation rules will be in effect Thursday-Sunday, I will be studying for and taking my CISSP exam! (Wish me luck!)
* Pray for Cao ... best wishes for a speedy recovery, TWA wants their General (Generaless?) back!

* Iraq : New US offensive underway ... "Right now there's a larger threat than should be in Haditha, and we're here to tell them that they're not welcome," ... prayers for our troops! ... and more here ... what media bias?
* EU : A "NO" vote looking more likely in France ... "They have also used the referendum as an opportunity to express dissatisfaction with the economy under President Chirac, who faces a major humiliation on Sunday" ... and maybe Belgium too! ... and 'Italy broke EU deficit limit in '01,'03,'04'
* Israel : Abbas backpedaling ... "looking to push back the July 17 vote by four months"
* Russia : Moscow, like any other day, but without Electricity ... "Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko said the breakdown was caused by a fire and explosion overnight at an electricity substation. There was no evidence of a terrorist attack"
* Israel : 'Hezbollah: All of northern Israel in our rocket range'
* Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks + jail? ... "The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, he said. The other count carries a penalty of up to a year"
* Filibuster : Priscilla Owen = confirmed! ... and other thoughts!
* Insurrection : FEC comment period ends June 3rd ... "You don’t have to be a lawyer to comment, and you don’t have to write 10 pages of legalese. Just send an email to internet@fec.gov and explain your concerns"
* Washington State : More on the stolen election .. case in progress!

* ESCR : 'Misinformation Overload: Adult Stem Cell vs. Embryonic Stem Cell Research' ... "Alas, the media blackout on adult stem cell research persists" - indeed! (What media bias?)
* Some truth about the so-called Trade Deficit ... "Adding a plus $100 to a minus $100 yields a perfect trade balance" ... found viaJack's Right
* While Rick may call these "Science Shorts", it is long on neat stuff! ... some ESCR, some black hole stuff, some planet destroying - you know, good stuff!
* 'Islam Is Not Compatible With Democracy'
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Abortion is their top priority
* Florida : Interstate 75 shutdown for a WHAT? ... ahem, suspicious "package"
* BJ Ostergen : posting public officials' SSNs online ... an interesting, if unethical, way to try and prompt action (to help thwart ID Theft)
* POLL : "What will happen when President Bush nominates a Supreme Court Justice?" ... I chose #3; wishful thinking perhaps?
* RSR's Zel Miller interview, part 2! ... andas posted yesterday, pt1 is here
* "Rainbow Party" book ... for kids!? ... "a gathering of boys and girls for the purpose of engaging in group oral sex" (click link for more details) ... WTF??? ... I would say a boycott of the author (Paul Ruditis) and the publisher (Simon Pulse / Simon & Schuster) would not be a bad thing! ... that isn't even appropriate outside of, say, Penthouse ... (cough) Or so I have been told.
* Michigan : 1)Coworker wears perfume 2)You get sick 3)You get fired 4)You get $10.6M
* Congressional Republicans risking Global Currency War? ... and the last paragraph makes an excellent point as well :)
* 'Voinovich continues campaign against Bolton' ... (cough RINO cough)
* South Park Conservatism in the news ... "it loosely refers to an anti-liberal or an iconoclastic right-of-center type: someone who may not be traditionally conservative when it comes to things like censorship or popular culture or even on some social issues but who wants nothing to do with the dour, PC, and elitist Left."
* MURDOCH = #1 TV, Movie, Cable news, Paper
* Italy : Police find child torture site ... "Three Catholic priests, a police officer and a social worker are among 186 people reportedly under investigation" ... "The password-protected site was online for just nine days before being closed down in July. Web monitoring organization Telefono Arcobaleno tipped off authorities"
* (ex-)CIA agent Howard Hart being screwed?
* Arizona : Parole is bad ... Lionel Tate, the 'gentleman' who, at the ripe age of 12 murdered a 6 year old ... has now committed armed robbery
* "Sugar Socialism" vs CAFTA
* Malware locks up your files, holds them hostage ... interesting, if very rude, twist ...
* Filibuster : Good round-up here ... and "McCain has pulled a Jeffords"
* North Carolina : Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge found?
* YET MORE Voinovich shenanigans ... this time, WRT Special Counsel Scott Bloch
* Bonfire of the Vanities #99 is up! ... someday I hope to get into the "Link-Whoring, Excuse-Making, Shamelessly Self-Promoting Dorks " category! ... found via MVRWC (hi Beth!)
* North Carolina : Have some more taxes!
* BBS - the 5.5hr documentary! ... found via BoingBoing
* 'What’s so great about Oprah?' ... been trying to figure that one out for years ...
* No bladder shrinkage
* Dean was just doing his best Scarecrow impersonation! ... that explains it! ... and Dean, on why Blacks are annoyed with him Democrats
* America's Grandpas (Paul Harvey & Walter Cronkite) ... found via Basil
* Air America Franken going down? ... aw, so sorry ... and - Franken is gonna run for Senate in Minnesota?? Dear God no!
* Europe vs US - thoughts on "hours worked" ... interesting!
* KoranGate : Just a little blip? ... Gindy asks : "I wonder if the families of the ones murdered feel it was a 'little blip'"
* What media bias?
* Illegal Immigration / Arizona : ' Governor Juanita, Alien Amiga' ... "The 4,000 to 8,000 illegal aliens who cross into Arizona daily have found a friend in Arizona. Her name is Janet Napolitano"
* A new Kerry-180 clock! ... "According to the Boston Globe, John Kerry finally signed Form SF-180 _ days ago. The contents of his file have yet to be released to the public." ... excellent!
* More thoughts on the "Housing bubble"? ... "Housing prices aren't just continuing to go up, they're going up even faster than ever" ... "I've lived through one of these bubbles before. Back in the early 90s, housing prices in California dropped by nearly 30% when our last bubble popped. I personally ended up selling a house I bought for $172,000 for $129,000"
* Patrick Deuel loses 500lbs ... still weighs more than 500lbs ...
* Retirees suing Rumsfeld, Cox
* NYT -190 jobs
* Sweden : High tax, low growth ... failing!
* 'Running on nothing... The Kos recipe for victory!'
* More on Paris Stupid Spoiled Whore Hilton
* How we hacked your database
* KoranGate'ish : 'Newsweek's Pandering To Anti-Americanism Abroad'
* Bloggers : Blogs are hot
* KoranGate'ish / FoleyGate'ish / EasonGate'ish : MediaSlander site, on the unverified nature of the "Newsweek Deaths"!? ... found via La Shawn Barber ... found via Basil (lots of other good stuff there too!)
* Romney tacking to the right, to run in '08?
* Remember the reason for Memorial Day
* GOP implosion in '06? ... "we need more Pat Toomey's and less establishment protection of RINOs"
* Social inSecurity : GOP caving? ... "Republicans would give Democrats almost everything they want and get virtually nothing in return. Sounds like the kind of plan John McCain and other Senate "mavericks" will enthusiastically support" ... and more here
* Gitmo = Gulag? ... only if you DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT! ... read the article ...
* MoFiZiX presents a list of RINOs
* Adscam : $355M later ...

* Should be a New OOTS today (#185) ... waiting ...
* Mangled romance novel covers ... "Darling ... I think you have lice" ... "Wardrobe Malfunction" ... "You're dead, and that's hot" ... "The Queen's Open Door policy" ... "It only burns when I pee" ... "OMG WTF! You're a Merman!" ... and Be sure to go to the "R Rated" page too!
* Filibuster : ' McCain Announces New 9/10ths Cloture Compromise' ... attack of the RINOs ...
* "Have one beer" plan goes awry ... "You know what they say about beer: You don't buy it, you rent it"
* 'Laura Bush Converts to Islam' ... what happens in the middle east, stays in the middle east :P
* Star Wars Engrish ... "Improbility trade the federal strike against the nape of the star the empress ten years, day that own the not of the common run power line peaceful anner the gold grow upped, and become a hero juedy warrior, but should be student of ao ratio king-kano the ratio have already been promoted to be the teacher ..."
* 'Giacomo enters rehab'
* Gotta raise the individual American's awareness of and interest in advertising ... by advertising ... "But advertising can't work for you if you don't pay attention!"
* 'Koran used as beverage coaster, 400 die in Muslim world'
* Bush Diary : "We wanted to instill feer into the American peeple or else we would not have won the thing where peeple vote" ... "Let's take the Koran for what it is wurth. It’s a terrorist training manual"
* Typo @ Newsweek - KoranGate should be KoreanGate!
* Crash investigators blame stupidity ... "Although reckless driving and minor driver impairment were cited as additional factors, police investigators ruled pure, unadulterated stupidity as the primary cause in the death" ... "We're fairly positive the deceased was operating under the influence of being an unbelievable dumbass" ... "The moron's name is being withheld out of respect for his stupid family, which is preparing lawsuits against the Arkansas Highway Department, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the David Sherman Corporation, which produces Everclear"
* Do you spend too much time online? ... "Monitor tan" setting in? Punching Monkeys?
* Love conquers subcultural differences
* Flash : Darth Vader knows of what you are thinking
* Should be a New ALP today (#116) ... waiting ...
* Filibuster : 'New McCain Deal Protects Democrat Electoral Rights'
* Laura Bush 'captions' ... "Milk and Cookies? You must be joking. On Tuesdays, we always slam a pony keg"
* Blooper : Your friend can tag his daughter?
* UF : Revenge of the Pith
* Flickr hosts Mafiosi wanted ad? ... as always, "Good looking female members are encouraged and welcome"
* NIN / Trent Reznor has a porpoise? ... my copy of "With Teeth" shoulda shown up by now dammit ...
* True : Rentable children!? ... I knew this kid was gonna pay for itself!
* Filibuster : McCain's cohorts - click here to see a pic of "Senate Republicans 2005"
* True / Crooks are stupid : Drug deal next to police cruiser ... and more!
* 'UFOs on Demand' ... "Prophet Yahweh has mastered the ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships ... When he conjures the spaceship in Las Vegas, it will hover in the air not far from Nellis Air Force base, clearly visible to everyone. It ought to be quite a site. You might want to book your flight to Vegas right away"
* Filibuster : Dean, in stills, on his "deal"
* True'ish : Darth Vader robs theater

Quotes of the Day
Dear Lord,
We ask Your guidance upon our soldiers, that You may steady their eye and that their aim be true and that the next time that sorry b4$t4rd gets in someone's sights that they are able to blow his freakin' head off.
--thanks Basil!

A moment of reality (?) :
A man and a woman, who have never met before, but are both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a Transcontinental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly...
he in the upper bunk and she in the lower.
At 1:00 AM, the man leaned over and gently woke the woman saying, "Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to reach into the closet to get me a second blanket? I'm awfully cold."
"I have a better idea," she replied. "Just for tonight, let's pretend that we're married."
"Wow! That's a great idea!" he exclaimed.
"Good," she replied. "Get your own damn blanket!"
After a moment of silence, he farted.
--thanks Aaron!

Political Action of the Day
Illegal Immigration :
++Myth #1--Illegal aliens pay taxes that benefit our economy
Not true. Most illegals are paid in cash and therefore pay no taxes.
Even in instances where they do pay taxes (only possible if they use a fraudulent social security number or tax ID) they don't pay enough to cover their expenses.
A visit to any L.A. County maternity ward will give you ample proof of this. There thousands of women each year have babies free of charge (and many return to have more).
Additionally, the vast majority learn who to use the system to acquire food stamps and financial assistance.

++ Myth #2--Illegals come to the U.S. for jobs to support their families back in their homeland.
This is partly true. However record numbers of those illegally crossing the borders are women and children! What's more, there are also record numbers of dead-beat dads who simply abandon their families.

++ Myth #3--Illegals don't affect politics because they can't vote
Not true. The fact that they are counted in the census gives them political power. Since representatives in Congress are fixed, it creates a situation in state's that have a heavy influence of illegals.
Those "illegals" will likely be represented. As such, it takes away representation from people in other states--people who are here legally.

++ Myth #4--Illegals do the work that Americans won't do
Not true. Americans will do the work provided they are paid a reasonable wage. But profit-greedy employers and corporations are increasingly favoring cheap labor. Their profits soar, but at the expense of American taxpayers who have to subsidize the labor costs by supplying the illegal workforce (and their families) with welfare, education, medical, housing assistance. Employers of these people simply turn a deaf ear.

++ Myth #5--Illegal Immigration doesn't really affect me
Not true. As we have reported in the past, in non-border states like Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey, illegal immigration is rampant. That means in each of these states, benefits allocated to citizens are being taxed and stressed by illegal infiltration. If the problem becomes severe enough (as in California and Arizona) those services dry up. In both L.A., and Tucson, AZ hospitals have been forced to close due to the incredible strain of illegals.

+ + Your nation. Your borders. Your voice!
Because you share Grassfire's concern for border security, we urge you to forward this message to 25-30 of your friends and family. This is not just a border state issue. Rather, it is a national epidemic that needs immediate addressing.

Grassfire is currently mobilizing tens of thousands of citizens who want Congress to aggressively respond to this obvious security threat. Over the next two weeks, we are urging those who have already signed our "Secure the Borders" petition to help us rally an additional 40,000 signers.
Once we reach the 200,000 threshold, Grassfire will take your petitions directly to Congress and demand the voice of the people be heard.

Thanks for taking immediate action with us.
Grassfire.org Alliance
P.S: Grassfire is continuing to build awareness and support for secured borders. Please forward this message to your friends and family, urging them to add their name to our "Secure Our Borders" petition:

Click for violence or kids?

Stop McCain
Click for TAotB
Click pic for TAotB's post
PIC source here
Patterico's Pledge

(Looking back from 2008 election - how again did McCain get the nomination?)

My little, one-tooth-having baby girl ... with her very first pair of combat boots :) (and her mom):
Click for Riley Marie Evans' photo album!
(Thanks for the boots, Brett!)

And here is her first motorcycle :) :
Click for Riley Marie Evans' photo album!
Sorry it is a garbage picture, my camera phone sucks!

What military aircraft are you?

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You are an F/A-22. You are technologically inclined, and though you've never been tested in combat, your very name is feared. You like noise, but prefer not to pollute any more than you have to. And you can move with the best.

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The Ministry of Beer For Breakfast

Quick Thoughts
*** Riley just got her first tooth ***
* It is Kerry-180 Tuesday! ... UPDATE : some reports are indicating that Kerry signed ... but hasn't turned it in yet (classic Kerry! :P )

* Iraq : Car bomb @ girls' school kills 6 ... prayers & condolences
* DHS pondering 'shoot down' authorization ... if they don't have that, how do they intend on stopping 'incursions'? Ask politely? Say PRETTY please?
* Syria : No more cooperation with the US ... and Raven's thoughts on that here
* Groene kids still missing, $100k+ reward offered! ... No leads yet! ... Prayers for Shasta & Dylan ... and condolences for their mother, brother and mother's-boyfriend ... "People with any information are urged to call a hot line at 208-446-2292 or 208-446-2293"
* Saudi Arabia : 40 Christians arrested ... Guess it is time for us to riot and kill people? ... What religious intolerance?

* Social inSecurity / RePost : "450 Economists endorse personal accounts for Social Security" ... brought to us by Social Security Choice (who is fighting to get this coverage the MSM isn't giving it! - go sign up to help!)
* Building the world biggest laser ... to create sun-like effect : ignition fusion! ... "the light's energy is amplified many billions of times to create a brief laser pulse 1,000 times the electric generating power of the United States" ... their NIF is not the same as my NIF
* "The single most important thing a genuinely liberal person can do now is walk away from the house the left has built" ... Keith Thompson, "Leaving the Left" ... and TS says JFK would have switched too!
* Paris Stupid Spoiled Whore Hilton ad for Carl's Jr burgers ... "This commercial is basically soft-core porn" ... "I think if you saw Paris Hilton in other commercials, she's just an annoying B-list celebrity and it's unbearable to listen to her talk. Here at least they don't have her say a word" ... this is the same joint that had a fetus threatening the mom if she continued to eat spicy food ... and RTftLC brings a much better summation
* Zel Interview, pt1 ... excellent! ... found via CQ
* Google : Hires Dan Senor as their Global Communications and Strategy VP ... preparing to conquer France :P
* SCOTUS : Ignorant of Brian Nichols, Atlanta
* 'Rodent virus' killing transplant patients ... all from same donor
* Liberal bias in academia and MSM ... nope, no bias here ...
* ESCR : W to veto bill ... no need to kill babies to get stem cells!
* 110mbps @ 60' (wireless) ... DS-UWB
* Islam : Makrothumeo brings us Part 3 in his review of Islam in the Schools ... see the previous posts @ First two pillars ... and Three more pillars
* Low UCHL1 (a protein) levels responsible for Alzheimers? ... and male songbirds singing increases these level in female songbirds
*"Pumpabike" - a human-powered hydrofoil ... "they can reach speeds of up to 16 knots (30 kilometers per hour)" ... " Each craft costs between $800 and $1200, depending on its configuration and where you buy it" ... "The only drawback of the device is that its rider needs to kick off from a jetty, a boat or a specially provided stand to get enough forward motion for the hydrofoils to start working. This means if the rider stops bouncing or falls off, the craft lowers into the water and they must swim back to the launch point, towing it in their wake" ... video
* Flash-based HDD released by Samsung ... low power consumption, fast ... expensive :)
* Roomba's mopping brother - Scooba ... and great for kid-herding (should work for dogs too :P )
* Filibuster : TAotB feels it is a total GOP defeat ... Ogre sees it as a GOP win ... they are both right. The GOP loses face, but gets (or, should get) these nominations approved ... moving forward, we will see how the Dems define "extraordinary circumstances" - that will determine who won and who lost ... and some are less polite : "John McCain and his namby pamby fellow RINOs" ... and "Republicans (again) manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" ... lots of other great comments, links and a pic there! ... and SuperHawk Rick says "Republican moderates are a bunch of pansy-assed, lily-livered weak kneed smurfs" ... and more here, from Capn Ed ... and, just for the record Senate Democrats use math to lie ... and here is the truth; Yes - I know (as noted above, and yesterday) both sides have already admitted defeat (a lose-lose)
* Howard Dean misquotes the Bible
* Clintons : Anti-Hillary book being rushed to print ... and the truth shall set us free; hopefully!
* BearingPoint -1 CFO; Joseph Corbett resigns ... started 2 months ago

* Filibuster'ish : 'Republican Senators Willingly Date-Raped By Democratic Senators' ... found via Basil!
* Sexy Saddam (video)
* Condi marries blogger
* Basil wants your links, but not your hits ... I guess rel=nofollow isn't good enough?
* Fidel + Franken, in the soft moonlight ... found via Hans
* So, what does an 18month old go for? ... how about a criminal charge and an $800k bond?

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Get Anti-ACLU gear, found viaJay :


The McNugget of The Reformed Order

Quick Thoughts
* Filibuster : There is a 'deal' WRT judicial nominations ... press conference being held shortly, where the details should be released ... 19:40 : waiting ... waiting ... (wow, how disorganized!) ... waiting ... 7Rs and 7Ds ... "avert crisis" ... Gives Sen KKK Byrd & Sen Warner some credit ... all about "good faith", prevent filibusters, "protect the minority", filibuster only in "extraordinary circumstances" or trigger the Nuclear Constitutional Option, etc. etc. ... let's see if the Democrats screw everyone (again)! Basically, enough from both sides to stop a filibuster and to prevent a rules change eliminating the filibuster. In other words, we now have a a lose-lose! :) ... Byrd thanks God (irony present)
* I 'picked' a good day to have car problems; an over-turned tractor-trailer is blocking I95 ... whoddathunk my car leaking coolant @ ~1/2 gallon / hour could be a good thing? Update : new water pump fixes all, and only $35 ... I spent more than that in refilling the coolant over the last ~week :)
* Blegging : Help a wounded vet have a happy homecoming
* Oh, and SWEPIII is easily the best of the new 3 .... possibly better than 'Jedi ... which, I know not really saying much :P (seriously - it was atleast worth the price of admission ... so go see it)

* Iraq : ~300 arrested! ... "operation Squeeze Play" ... meanwhile : multiple attacks leave many dead .... condolences
* ID Theft : Wachovia, BoA lose 100k+ financial records ... amazing that these organizations are not taking every reasonable effort to protect this critical information!
* New York : Sex offenders get Viagra? ... and you re paying for it
* Israel : Sharon heckled by those who (rightly) opposed 'disengagement'
* Florida : Missing 8yr old girl found alive in landfill ... and "Milagro Cunningham, 17, was charged with attempted murder, sexual battery on a child under 12, and false imprisonment of a victim under 13 years old ... The teen later confessed and was charged as an adult"
* China : +Bird Flu

* Israel : 'Zionists' vs Hypocrites; boycotts, blogs
* Bloggers : 'Half forensic lab, half tavern '
* Death to be 'averted' by downloading brains, ~2050
* Iraq : More on WMDs ... and the name of the blog makes it worth a read!
* Sarcasm takes brain work to understand
* "Art of the Saber" ... and More on the Light Saber
* Planet, star - tail wags dog?
* Hacking the NSLU2, part VI
* Hacking the WRT54G
* Thoughts on Dean's continuing downward spiral
* Michael scumbag Crook interviewed (MP3, and check the pic :P) ... he actually says "Why would you throw your life away for the country?" ... he also started up Anti-Police and Anti-US sites - What a douche! (and judging by how he looks - maybe that is why he is so Anti-* ... self-loathing, displacement, etc.)
* Galaxies w/ 2 black holes?
* Define Right Wing Extremists ... depends who you ask ... :)
* Video "Away Messages" for AIM
* Windows free, for one year
* Apple to go 'Intel Inside'?
* Is the AMT in your future? ... it wouldn't be if we would 'switch over' to the Fair Tax
* Airbus' monstrous A380 not ready for medical emergencies?
* Islam : First two pillars ... and Three more pillars
* Dean : abortion = healthcare
* UselessNations : Calls the US an "Ungainly Giant"
* Jody brings us the "New Blog Showcase" ... and some excellent blogging how-tos!

* New OOTS (#184) ... Dragons eat corn? Rogues love ukuleles?
* True : Google the word "search" and AltaVista comes up on top!
* KoranGate'ish : Flushing Moore
* Politics in SWEPIII ... the last one is a little graphic, so consider yourself warned
* RePost : Star Wars dorks
* UF; on Lucas, money and train wrecks ... and go back a day to see Darl McBride acknowledging the truth :)
* New ALP (#115) ... and go back to 114 as well!
* 'Political Correctness more effective than French gunnery' ... Red vs Blue - they should make it a Halo-based reenactment! :P

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Quick Thoughts
* Goin out to see SWEPIII ... hope you have had a great weekend! ... (more later, maybe)


Über-Minister Maximus of Love

Quick Thoughts
* Hey, it's Friday. Grab a cup of coffee, mentally prepare yourself, and then spend all day watching Today's NIF grow :) ... well, while watching this spot you should also do the right thing, help those in need (self included, but I digress) :
* Re-Blegging : Military family needs help
* Re-Blegging : Charlotte Wyatt needs help
* Blegging : Trey needs help with bandwidth costs
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* Return of "Friday's Gratuitous, Selfish-but-free-and-easy Blegging" : Sign up for clickies (seriously - you can see lots of new/interesting sites and get more traffic for yours) ... and you can get me some new visitors by using me as your referrer by using the following links! (in approximate order of preference):
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* Hurricane / El Salvador : Adrian runs aground
* NYT spends 6k words on publicizing 2 inmates' deaths ... don't get me wrong, it is bad - but : 1) when you know this is almost certainly going to result in the deaths of innocent civilians as well as US Armed Forces ... and ... 2) This is a war, and mistakes will happen! ... and 3) These were suspected criminals ... how can you justify publishing that? (and I rel=nofollow'd the link :P) ... and 'If this is how liberals support the troops, then could they please f*cking STOP already?' ... what media bias?
* Filibuster : Motion for cloture inbound today'ish ... "If five Democrats do not join with the Senate's 55 Republicans to give Frist the 60 votes he needs to proceed to an up-or-down vote for Owen, Frist plans to carry through his threat to lower the threshold needed to cut off judicial filibusters from 60 to 51. That vote -- known alternately as the 'nuclear' or 'constitutional' option -- is likely to occur on Tuesday" (emphasis mine :P )

* KoranGate'ish / MUST READ : Ali al-Ahmed : "Muslims should show some respect to others' religions" ... "This anger would have been understandable if the U.S. government's adopted policy was to desecrate our Quran. But even before the Newsweek report was discredited, that was never part of the allegations ... Indeed, the Saudi government desecrates and burns Bibles that its security forces confiscate at immigration points into the kingdom or during raids on Christian expatriates worshiping privately ... If Muslims wish other religions to respect their beliefs and their Holy book, they should lead by example" ... read the article for the rest; sadly, (free) registration reqd
* 'Intellectual property and the trade deficit' ... excellent article! ... "We are running a trade deficit because our wages are too high; we are running a trade deficit because their wages are too low; we are running a trade deficit because our currency is overvalued; we are running a trade deficit because their currencies are undervalued; we are running a trade deficit because we're buying too many foreign products. These would all be great answers if they were true. Let me add another explanation: we are running a trade deficit because we re-directed our economy away from producing hard goods and towards services and the production of intellectual property and the world is just full of people who don't believe that intellectual property makes any sense" ... found via Rick @ RWNH
* UselessNations : "United Nations Reform Act of 2005" ... US could withhold $$$ until UN reforms ... SWEET, I really wish this would pass! (not too likely, but we'll see!)
* 'Critical Shortage of IT Workers in Coming Years' ... I smell a raise! ... On the other hand, 'Technology Paradise Lost' ... :(
* Separation of Church and State ... NOT ... Cao brings us some quotes from the founders of this country, and a little gem from the SCOTUS itself
* More on FoleyGate ... "Jean-Francois al Qerry"
* Chase is deploying 'touchless' credit cards ... I am thinking "more credit card fraud", "more identity theft" ... how about you?
* Social inSecurity : MSM distorts, omits, lies ... what media bias?
* MS : WinXP/2k3 "LAND vuln = no big threat"
* Texas / DeLay : Conflict of interest? DA Earle stumping for Dems ... and even more ironic/moronic - Earle also said the following, AT A FUND RAISER - "Money brings power and power corrupts" - so, I think everyone should help him 'not be further corrupted' by not giving him any money :P ... and more here
* Autonomous Toureg to hit the desert in DARPA Grand Challenge 2005
* XBOX360 : Price rising?
* Global Warming : Ice cap growing ... again, I am apparently a 'coolist'
* Islamofascists are OK, it is the US that must change
* Women in combat? ... no
* Democracy in Ethiopia? Sadly, no.
* Beth brings us Bill Whittles' Sanctuary ... "Civilizations fall because the people inside the Sanctuary throw open the gates" ... indeed!
* Japan : Freak RoboCat ... found via DIGG ... "creators of the NeCord cat robot should be fined and jailed for ignoring the the Uncanny Valley study, which found that robots that are almost-but-not-quite-completely lifelike are scary"
* US will provide W protection during G8 ... since we cannot afford to rely on others (think grenade in Georgia)!
* Walmart's DVD rental-by-mail ceded to NetFlix ... now all NetFlix has to do is lower their cost and beat BlockBuster, that's all ... :)
* Freak calf has +1 leg and +2 hooves ... may still make a tasty steak one day
* Illegal Immigration : Introducing the "2005 Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act" ... sign me up!
* How about an English language ... llamas included!
* Google : Have you seen IG? "My Google"
* "People need to lose their jobs at Newsweek" ... and, just for good measure, KoranGate
* SWEPIII = good, except for the recurring Anti-Bushiness?
* North Carolina : Kids sick, play hooky, etc? Parents go to jail
* Unions screw the people
* Grenade @ Bush ... Madonna's idea? ... I have never scene the video in question, but surprised noone else mad the connection!
* Lefties : "Support for War = Go enlist" ... Rightie response : "Support of gay marriage = _______" ... you can fill in the blank, yes? :)
* Basil beats me to too many cool stories ... so, um, you should go there. But not until you are done here! ... and then you should go to MadTech's recurring "Friday WTF"! for more! (there is a better than even chance that I copied atleast one link from him)
* Filibuster : "I think the Democrats started this fight. I think they did" :)

* OOTS #183 is in the hizzle! ... vomit at the halfling? (and doesn't that mean the dragon can't breath?)
* "We in the West have to understand that Muslims are basically a backward people, really just children who are easily stirred up into a frenzy any time they are insulted. It's in their blood. They're like Latinos. They can't control themselves like us Westerners."
* Mohammed was a Jewish baker ... "Ayatollahs, Arab terrorists and assistant managers of 7-11s ..."
* Dave Chappelle : "I'm not crazy" ... "the runaway bride has said she would like to meet the runaway comedian"
* 'Bush vows revenge against Sith'
* Andrew Sullivan Parody ... sweet! (and check the sidebar for the ASFOAS!) ... found via Ace!
* Gates pledges $250M to WHO to combat WinXP Virii
* NBC's peacock has lost the will to live, starving self
* W issues a challenge to America - produce the Perfect Romantic Comedy
* Star Wars, in ASCII!
* "Andrew Sullivan's thighs quivered. He hadn't been this turned on since he saw the Abu Ghraib photos. The boyfriend and the beagle were in for a rough night." ... you have to click to see :)
* Introducing the "Koran-Accommodating Islamoflusher" ... "'If Krap King can make an extra buck by being able to flush all the major religious books,' said another employee, 'get ready for our Atheist 4000 model'"
* "With the ballyhooed release of yet another sub-par George Lucas vehicle, which will undoubtedly rely on overwhelming special effects to distract from horrible acting and even worse dialog, I thought I would share some Star Wars-related items as seen through the eyes of my 3"
* True : Disabled man saved by breast milk ... I think the focus should be more on the scumbag kids who would set anyone on fire, let alone a disabled vet!
* HowTo : Make a Jedi Robe
* If only SATs were based Star Wars knowledge! ... "These results should leave little doubt that the president’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ program is making a difference" ... "Harvard President Lawrence Summers said he would spend $50 million to make Harvard’s faculty more diverse and an additional $10 million to send flowers and candy to female faculty members" ... HA!
* God's plan involves this man kidnapping Ford's CEO
* Obese rabbit sues McD's
* 'Muslim teen abducts puppy, threatens decapitation unless Philippino teacher cancels algebra test'
* "Internet celebrity checked himself into a mental health facility in Yugoslavia"
* Runaway Bride intrudes on White House airspace
* Humor, delayed
* Communist China? ... not what you think!
* 'Principal hates underachievers, overachievers'
* Cop gets away with speeding, time travel
* 'Shi’ites vow to hold breath until US leaves Iraq' ... self-resolving problem? :)
* 'Russian Grenadiers only "days away" from acquiring pin-pulling technology'
* 'Kerry threatens to talk for one hour' ... "Could be violation of Geneva Conventions, legal scholars say"
* Brazil : New delicious species of Monkey discovered
* Misappropriated Star Wars quotes
* Flat-chested Sorenstam only a perky set of c-cups away from super-stardom
* (Waiting for) ALP #114!
* ItsAPundit is Clown-Blogging
* Quotes from Team America: World Police ... not for kids; and mine is in the mail (Amazon holding me back)
* Flash : Star Wars, the 'cliff notes version :P ... not safe for kids ... and links to other cool (not safe for kids) stuff!

Quotes of the Day
Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.
--thanks Ronald Reagan, viaMichael!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
--thanks Andrew Carnegie viaRaven!

CardiacVio : Dude, are you skipping home school again?
Metatag : Yep, I'm in the computer lab at the high school.
--thanks BASH!

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