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Quick Thoughts
* So, have you signed up for NationStates yet? If not, you should ... you get to run a frigging country, out of your mom's basement - what more could you want!? ... And when you do join, look me up ... and then join the "Blogger Nation" region!
* Sign a petition to Defend Marriage ... don't let Nebraska happen again!

* Patriot Act 2: FBI subpoenas without a court? ... bill in the works ... developing ...
* Asia : Avian Flu - worrying mutations ... "urged countries to hasten pandemic influenza preparations as it released a report outlining disturbing changes to the H5N1 virus circulating ... the avian flu virus's genetic makeup appears to be altering in a way that may make H5N1 better adapted for spread among people"
* France : German, French ministers begging for ratification ... I so hope it fails ... "A rejection by France could in theory torpedo the constitution"
* Israel : Palestinian militants have fired 36 mortars in last 24 hours ... what cease-fire?
* Georgia : Grenade lobbed near W was live ... but failed to detonate!
* Terri'ish : Mae Magouirk has died ... sorry I missed this earlier, condolences for her and prayers for her family
* Earthquake : December 26, 2004 - the day the Earth shook ... "ground movement of as much as 0.4 inch occurred everywhere on Earth's surface, though it was too small to be felt in most areas"
* USAir + America West to merge .. cash from Airbus greasing the wheels ...

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'Supports Legalized Unregulated Prostitution' ... not just legalized, but totally unregulated (unlike damn near every other line of business in this country!) ... and more here, 'victimless crime' indeed! ... and click on the 'Constitution' pic below for more :)
* LindaFoleyGate? ... following in Eason's shoes; saying (about the US military) "They target and kill journalists" ... found via MyPetJawa ... is the MSM intentionally trying to kill itself? ... and La Shawn is on it as well
* A glimpse into the future, to pre-view Dean's MTP appearance .... and "something to do with anti-gravitons doing a deadly dance with proto-energy. Evidently this wouldn’t do too much damage to the space-time continuum. I’m sure you’d have no problems. Everyone can get used to eating upside down."
* Illegal Immigration / Cali : Minutemen + 'Friends of the Border Patrol' (FBP) to start joint effort in August ... and working on a nationwide effort ... EXCELLENT!
* KoranGate : Marvin Olaskey speaks out ... excellent questions, like "If Newsweek journalists had been more knowledgeable about the likely reaction, would they still have run the story? The magazine on Oct. 21, 2002, ripped Jerry Falwell's riot-causing depiction of Muhammad as a 'terrorist,' since 'Islamic fundamentalists are having a field day with these comments, which have been played and replayed throughout the Muslim world'" ... and so does Ann Coulter ... among other things, recommends that Newsweek follow Drudge around :P ... both found via MyPetJawa ... and Van Helsing believes KoranGate is an 'act of war' ... and from TCS : Are they hypocrites, or simply being disingenuous? ... "They are, in essence, saying that the Muslim world cannot be held responsible for their irrational behavior"
* Filibuster'ish : "out of the mainstream judge" judges elected with 75%+ of the votes - how many of the obstructionist Senators can claim that?? ... and Leftist hypocrisy
* NOfP slaps down a anti-war whiner
* Some thoughts on taxes, tax reform and pork ... I would also recommend a review of The Fair Tax
* KoranGate worse than Memogate?
* Wednesday 60minutes canceled ... sweet!
* ''The Riddler' Frank Gorshin Dies at 72' ... found via Basil!
* UselessNations : Thoughts on Galloway's 'performance', and more on obstructionists ... "This is not a constructive use of power, for the Democrats have no constructive proposals to advance"
* SWEPIII slideshow ... go to #6, Yoda looks pissed!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ' Prayer = Jail Time?'
* Global Warming : A few thoughts, and I guess I am a 'coolist'
* Atomic batteries to last 200x longer!? ... betavoltaics ... "For 50 years, people have been investigating converting simple nuclear decay into usable energy, but the yields were always too low. We've found a way to make the interaction much more efficient, and we hope these findings will lead to a new kind of battery that can pump out energy for years" (decades!)
* Florida : Ready for hurricane tax-payer-sponsored-bail-out season
* Mars : Opportunity busting free ... " Ground controllers have got it to move more than four centimeters since Friday - considered a big victory" ... wow, 4cm is a big victory? Amazing, and a strong comment on the disadvantage of non-manned missions!
* Underwater record, gadget empowered!
* How about a real No Fly list?
* Red - doesn't just make cars faster, but also helps you win?
* (Almost) Trackerless BitTorrents!
* OVER-compliance the new baseline?
* Your heart might get a TurboCharger
* Firefox : GreaseMonkey can be totally bypassed ... good and bad, depending who you talk to :)
* Nintendo to 'open up' their Revolution console?
* World's most accurate clock ... "1000 times more accurate than any of its predecessors" ... and, did you know that (currently) "A second is officially the time it takes for a cesium atom to resonate 9,192,631,770 times"?
* BlogLines hoping to beat Technorati?
* Some "Aha moments" about the Democrats ... socialists, big govt, anti-private sector ... no real news there, but very well presented :)
* FBI / ATF - "Animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists now pose one of the most serious terrorism threats to the nation"
* Prisoners to get RFID-tagged
* PalmOne - '4GB LifeDrive PDA'
* NASA : Artificial gravity ... " Artificial Gravity Biomedical Research Project" to use "short-radius centrifuges"
* CFG comments on Pork-laden Transportation Bill ... "Fiscal Monstrosity"
* New Hampshire : Pedophiles getting busted ... excellent!
* Terri'ish : "So doctors want 'clear guidance', do they? Clearer than a patient sitting up in bed and saying, 'Please do not murder me'?"
* Illegal Immigration : "Not even Blacks" ... more thoughts on Mexican President Fox's ridiculous, racist, pro-illegal-immigration statements
* Some thoughts on RealID
* Voting with your feet; "Live Free or Die"
* Governor Napolitano implicitly acknowledges that DNC Chairman Dean is a way-out-leftie (manages to have scheduling conflicts :P )
Tropical Storm Adrian moving from Pacific to FLA?
* Filibuster : "The Dems are the minority party, majority rules in a democracy, and a filibuster obstructs a vote. What should be done?"
* Berger to be disbarred?
* iPod, phreak tool?
* South Korea : Custom grown organs ... "Hwang believes that human reproductive cloning is biologically impossible. And Mildred Cho, a biomedical ethicist at Stanford University, US, adds: 'Irresponsible scientists might feel encouraged but there is no reason to believe this work significantly contributes to reproductive cloning'"
* Firefox : Portable Firefox 1.0.4 available! ... it is sweet; standalone browser on a USB drive :)
* Danish moviemaker Lars Von Trier calls W an A$$whole ... while he is right about Political Correctness being bad, he is wrong WRT just about everything else
* Filibuster : The left, again, resorts to lies and attempts to mislead ... but very amusing to watch! (.PDF)
* E3 says no to bloggers ... found via Basil

* Someone got some!
* 'FBI Releases Profile of Animal Rights Terrorists'
* True : Coerced into shaking hands with Billary! ... check the pic; that is HILARIOUS!
* ALP#113! ... dorks with glasses

Quote of the Day
It’s easy to have faith as long as it goes along with what you already know.
--thanks Tom Wolfe, via Rick ... who shares a few thoughts on MSM, bias, Kool-Aid, cognitive dissonance, and brings a new name to KoranGate - "Crapperquiddick" :)

Political Activity of the Day
* Call the following Senators and tell them to stop their obstructionist delaying tactics do their job and VOTE on judicial nominees! :
Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid @ 202/224-3542
Sen. Joseph Lieberman @ 202/224-4041
Sen. Jeff Bingaman @ 202/224-5521
Sen. Barbara Boxer @ 202/224-3553
Sen. Russ Feingold @ 202/224-5323
Sen. Tom Harkin @ 202/224-3254
Sen. Ted Kennedy @ 202/224-4543
Sen. John Kerry @ 202/224-2742
Sen. Frank Lautenberg @ 202/224-3224
Sen. Paul Sarbanes @ 202/224-4524
--thanks Grassfire!

Semi-Political Activity of the Day
* After you do your part to help Stop The ACLU you should help GoogleBomb Newsweek! (again?) ... like this :

Click for Space Monkeys!

Click for Faxes !+ copies!

Click for Allah Akbar!

Click for what Constitution?

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