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Quick(?) Thoughts
* Just dropping a(nother) heads-up that NIF will be adrift from Jun29-July10 as I will be out of state, with "dial-up-at-best" Internet connectivity ... so keep the lights on for me ...
* I have added a "Links to this post (Technorati)" to each post now, so if anyone cares you can see who links to each post (in case they are too lazy to send trackbacks :P )
* It is Kerry180 Tuesday!
... from Cao :
The question is, Monsieur Kerrie, how long do you think the American people are going to put up with the stupid antics, the lies, the deceit and poking the finger at your opponents when it looks as though you have plenty skeletons of your own hidden in your closet?
... and MadTech reminds us :
For those of you who keep wondering why we’re pursuing this, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect someone who’s been a Senator for 20 years to tell the truth, and especially someone who ran for president on the platform that he is a war hero so he was “reporting for doody”. Even General Eisenhower didn’t do that.
... and TMH is French-blogging! (which totally mucks up my spell-checker) :
Le Cher Sénateur Kerry : Je vous prie d’effectuer votre devoir en tant qu’un soldat et citoyen. Libérez tous ces documents que votre format standard 180 a été prévu pour libérer! Des tels petits mais honorables chargent sont les mineurs que vous pouvez faire pour traîner ce pays par l’angoisse qui était l’élection 2004 présidentielle ...
... from Gribbit :
Senator Kerry's activities after leaving Vietnam and the years of his military obligation don't jive. He had even paid a visit to North Vietnam while he was still supposed to be in the Navy. The discharge paperwork that he provided the first time this information was requested is dated 1978. Which would be aptly timed for a pardon discharge upgrade signed into law by The Peanut Man Carter
* Ladies : Cotillion time ... whatever that means :P
* Fatwah free for all still running over @ MPJ! ... ok, so I am just re-linking myself. Whatever.

* SCOTUS / 10 Commandments : Mixed message ...
The justices Monday split the difference in the two cases, disappointing advocates on both sides. The court allowed an outdoor granite monument to remain in a park with other markers near the Texas Capitol, but it rejected a display inside a Kentucky county courthouse as an unconstitutional establishment of religion. Both cases were decided 5-4.
* SCOTUS / P2P : MPAA-1, Groskter-0 ...
... and
will this ruling also kill Google?
* SCOTUS / Restraining Orders : 7-2 against police enforcement ... condolences for the three dead girls.
* Philippines : President Arroyo catching lots of flak
* Pakistan : Rape victim wins appeal ... beginning of the end of feudal / tribal laws there?
* Brazil : Threatening to break patent ... Abbott Laboratories has 10 days (from Friday) to reduce price on AIDS drug Kaletra by 42 percent ...

* 'Terror is universally Islamic' ... Today's MUST READ ...
the jihad terrorists are working from mainstream traditions and numerous Qur’anic exhortations, and that by means of these traditions and teachings they are able to gain recruits among Muslims worldwide, and hold the sympathy of others whom they do not recruit ... it will take no less than three mushroom clouds over American cities before Americans finally begin to wake up and understand that the horseman of the apocalypse has arrived
... he is also guest-blogging over @
Cao's (same post) ... and, a song : Ask your Imam
* SuperHawk Rick brings us the "CARNIVAL OF THE CLUELESS #3" ... excellent! ...
* Raven of And Rightly So (Welcome back! Where’s the beer?) targets opponents of having balanced PBS programming. Raven’s piece begs the question; why is it okay to have a liberal Democrat as President of PBS but a dangerous precedent when a Republican is named?
* Harvey of the excellent blog Bad Example has more on Dick Durbin and throws in a comparison reference to one of the Republicans own Clueless Cohorts, Rick Santorum.
* Bill Teach at Pirates Cove brings back an old friend - John Kerry - and asks what Senator Clueless has done for us lately? If you give him a minute, I’m sure he’ll tell us.
... and many more!

* China : Re-Activates bomb shelters ... "strategic deception?" or just trying to keep their people comfortable?
... and they (China)
"view the United States as their main enemy and are working in Asia and around the world to ..."
* Iraq : Are we losing the war? ... "We didn’t lose the Vietnam war in Vietnam. We lost it in Washington" ...
* CarterCopter breaks the mu-1 barrier
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Some thoughts on "Ownership" ... and yes, the quotes are around ownership for a reason ...
Think about it. We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we also live under a system of capitalism where money trumps morality, ethics, and the right to be free from government oppression. We've all heard the maxim about death and taxes being the only things we can never escape ... The concept of “ownership” was once thought to mean that you no longer have to pay for the item and no one can take it away from you. If that were true, then, after you celebrate getting the loan paid, you’d think the home was yours, free and clear. Nope! You still have to pay the monthly tax bill. If you don’t, the government will take it away and sell it to recoup any money owed. The property tax can never be paid off, consequently, you can never truly own the property.
* Knoppix 4.0
* "When should we abandon freedom?" ... wow
* NASA : Shuttle to fly, in spite of missed safety goals
* Buy Nuestar when it IPOs, and how to make free cel calls ... :)
* Seinfeld liberals = bad for America
* The Laws of Web Design
* Wanna make a Self Contained, WiFi, Weather Appliance?
* Your laptop wants Lo-Jack
* "Ten Euros for the Resistance" ... against America, for terrorists ... and who supports this group?
* North Carolina : State legislators need protection vs extortion ... from another crook politician!
* Open Congressional Reports ... power, or atleast information, to the people! ... found via BoingBoing
* The Constitution Death Pool ... home of The pool - have you submitted your entry yet? ... Actually, I am pretty sure you haven't - even their blog-father Rusty doesn't appear to have submitted an entry :P
* More on Super-Islamosize-Me (my name for Morgan Spurlock's next piece of Mockumentary) ... found via Hans
* GITMO'ish : 'Power of Reason'
In his analysis of the recent outcry over detainee treatment at Guantanamo Bay, Arab writer Mohamed A.R. Galadari proves that using ones reason has nothing to do with race or culture. It's about being honest, objective, and realistic, even when—especially when—it may hurts one pride to do so
* Happy Blogiversary, Daisy Cutter! ... and it is a real post, not just the Yeah Me kind :)
... and, speaking of Blogiversaries :

* Babalu turns two! ... What could be better than celebrating
two years of giving hope to everyone for a better Cuba and two years of giving Castro the finger
... found via
* It is the MSM that fakes sources ... Bloggers +1 ? ...
The Sacramento Bee could not verify 43 sources she used in a sampling of 12 years of her work
... and speaking of "What media bias" :

"Detainee Freed From Guantanamo Bay Vows to Kill Again" ... or, atleast that's what the title SHOULD HAVE been
... found via
* "Say goodbye to the Greatest Generation, and hello to the Pushover Generation." ... that quote from, and found via Malkin

* (cough) Hot Asian Chicks ... just for John ... NSFW, but not for the reason you think! ... found via Beth
* New OOTS - kind of ... "Sprained Wrist Theater"; I hope "The Giant" gets better (and gets back to drawing! :P )
* UF : RIAA "leave the $ on the dresser" kind of love
* ALP#127 ... those are the good they wanted ... and #128 ... not a good way to die!
* Cali : Need more reason to hate them? ...
* The main export of California is fine wine, which is quite similar to French wine, except that it's less cowardly and annoying.
* California experiences 500,000 detectable seismic tremors every year. Coincidentally, that's the same number of steps taken annually by Michael Moore during his trips to the refrigerator.
.. and many more! ... found via
el senor Basil
* True'ish : A modern day fable ... and a lesson, for those willing to learn it
* True / Kenya : 73 yr old kills panther with barehands ... and the title of the post alone makes it worthwhile :
The Cambodian Midgets Needed This Guy!

Quote of the Day
Pretty sure I have posted this one before, but it is worth re-posting :
Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
--thanks PJ O'Rourke, found most recently via Gindy!

Click for CEO Ratbert

Click for Source, SCOTUS de-hearts Constitution

So sad ...
Click for source; look closely and tell me who/what we are fighting here ...
Are the American people so blinded as to who it is we are fighting now in Iraq? The propaganda of the mainstream media is to call these people insurgents and rebels and for the Left to think of them as the resistance
(click pic for source(s))


Viscount of Women's Prison Movies

Quick Thoughts
* Just dropping a(nother) heads-up that NIF will be adrift from Jun29-July10 as I will be out of state, with "dial-up-at-best" Internet connectivity ... so keep the lights on for me ...
* Harvey going all-blogging ... now go help him live the dream
... and, if you want, you can help me too (ads over the right, hint hint)
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* Karnival of Kids ... including Riley :)
* Rusty is having a trackback party ... yeah, that's it - me too! But NIF is not as cool as MPJ, etc.
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... Get your very own NIFalanche right here!

* Iraq : Apache shot down, 2 crew + 2 passengers killed ... I didn't know the Apache carried passengers?
... and
Terrorists kill 33 in suicide bombings ... prayers & condolences
* Oil : $60+ ... again/still :( ... UPDATE : $61
* Iran : Meet President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ... promising to practice moderation ... doubtful, bu we shall see!
... and
Hans has a positive thought about those elections
* Nepal : 90 students abducted by Communist rebels
* Florida : Shark attacks, kills 14 yr old Jamie Daigle ... condolences
* Kenya : 3 suspected terrorists released ... justice, or travesty thereof?
* Wyoming : Luke Sanburg, missing 13 yr old ... feared drowned, but prayers for the best
* Virginia : Governor Warner (D) breaks hand in bike fall ... funny pics to ensue?
* John Walton dies in plane crash ... condolences
* Florida : ANOTHER shark attack ... 2nd attack in 3 days
* Europe : Heat Wave ... as warned about!

* ESCR : Go sign this petition! ...
As a concerned citizen, I am signing this Citizen Petition strongly opposing the use of my tax dollars for human embryonic stem cell research. Federal funds should not be used for research that causes human embryos to be destroyed, discarded, or placed under risk of injury or death. I oppose all legislative and executive efforts to utilize tax dollars to support research on human embryos. Human embryo research is nothing short of high-tech cannibalism. Ample alternatives are available (including successful research on adult stem cells) so that our nation should never resort to the use of helpless human beings for spare parts.

* Iraq'ish : SuperHawk Rick has few thoughts on the Charlie-Foxtrot that is the govt procurement program ... >
It’s time to get behind our troops and support them to the fullest. And the best way we can do that at this moment is skewer the Pentagon for their outrageous conduct during this entire affair.
... he even gives some props to some lefties ... although I am not sure Rummy's resignation is the answer ...

* Iraq : Ex-hostage hiring bounty hunters ... excellent; has already "invested" $50k!
... and I love the fact that he calls it an investment, he should accept donations!

* Ronald Reagan, Greatest American
* Thoughts on our national debt ... hint : we are not being bought-out by China
* Germany : Checkpoint Charlie monument to get bulldozed? ... on the 4th of July, of all days ... stop them.
* GITMO'ish : Pelosi declares "the War in Afghanistan is over" ... sadly, she is quite wrong
... and
Beth found a video for "Dick Turban Durbin"
* US in-sourcing P238 production
* A more intuitive calculator ... kids these days have it so easy ...:)
* UK : '210 reasons to refuse a Freedom of Information request'
* MS : +RSS in IE7, Longhorn
* What message will you help pass down to the following generations> ...
Will we pass on the firefighters who went back into those towers because people needed to be saved; only to tragically die themselves? Or will our mantra be "Bush lied, people died"? Will we be defined by the events of September 11th? Or will that event be written in our history books as "well-deserved" pay back? Will our troops be honored or will the message "we support our troops when they kill each other" be our cry? Will Michael Moore, George Soros, Howard Dean be revered as American Heroes? Or George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and our men and women sacrificing everything for America be esteemed? What will our history be? Which voices will persevere?
... go read the whole thing. Seriously. And tell Jody I said Hi :).

* Free trade, e.g. - CAFTA, = good
* Americans have too much respect for the law? ... how the SCOTUS, Constitution play into this
* Clintons : Hillary "is smart enough to realize that undiluted hyper-liberalism isn't a platform that will support any successful presidential candidacy" ...
Hillary Clinton is neither the anti-Christ nor the smartest politician around. We know, from pretty much everything she has done in her adult life that she is dishonest, opportunistic, and someone we cannot possibly trust with the security of our nation. Forget all that for the moment. Focus on the fact that she, like Howard Dean, John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich, is a pure-as-Ivory-Soap liberal ... HER MOST UNEXPECTED PAL is Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), who is as rock-ribbed a conservative as you're likely to find in the Senate. But rock-like ribs may be accompanied by political soft-headedness. Beaming her "I landed another sucker" smile at a March press conference, Clinton shared the stage with Santorum to announce a bill they cosponsored to measure the effect of television and the Internet on children. It's bad enough for a conservative to be sponsoring this kind of feel good nonsense -- the bill will not pass, and will mean nothing to our children -- but why do it in a way that helps Clinton claim the family values credentials of a moderate?
... I know I am still watching the virtual transformation ...

* Quantum Computing, springing a leak? ... a coherence problem
* Masculinity being attacked ... Metrosexuals vs Retrosexuals (wussies vs real men, I know which would win!)
... found via
Kender ... who has a thought or two on this subject :)
* Tom still a wacky Scientologist Cruise ... gets into it with Lauer over Psychiatrists ... Basil adds "To be made into movie: Dumb & Dumber III"
* Data Center in a bubble? ... cut those HVAC bills ...
* 'A Code for the Heavens' ... cool-sounding universe simulation
* Take Back the Memorial gaining momentum ... excellent!
* Sex Offenders lie ... + ~90% recidivism rate + the nature of their crime = why they should STAY IN JAIL
* Social inSecurity : The solvency shell-game? ...
The trust fund concept is a deeply dishonest one -- the government loans money to itself, spends it, and then claims the loan is a real asset. There's no money in the trust fund because it's already been spent.
* 'AOL Gives Up On Subscription-Only Service'
* Thoughts on Sharia law, the Koran ... and more reasons why Christianity has them beat
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : The (cough) flexibility of the Constitution ... or, atleast, in how it is (mis)interpreted
... and
states to the rescue?
... and
TAotB does a round-up on the lies statements from local govts saying "it can't happen here"
* Medicaid / Medicare dropping Viagra, etc. ... finally!
* Thoughts on freedom, and the spreading thereof ... and just who do we think we are? Well, I know - but you go read :)
* Your pet wants a GPS collar ... and if Fluffy goes missing, you might just wish she had one
* Plastics might not be killing our babies ... DEHP, MEHP, ECMO ... nanograms ...
* Ward liar, fake Indian, plagiarist, traitor Churchill : In support of fragging ... HOW DOES THIS MAN STILL HAVE A JOB?
* Nanolevers, Nanomech memory ... all I hear is cool toys
* Genetic politics ... found via Dr Sanity who also adds -
Even the tendency to believe ridiculous conclusions from single research studies
... :) go read the whole "Carnival of the Insanities" post - good stuff!

* US govt too busy fighting right-thinking "militias", ignoring the gang-terrorist tag team?
* MadTech brings you Friday's rant, today ... always something (or many somethings) good there! (like maybe a housing bust, or robo-guards)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion'ish : Socialist "Hive" trying to take control of US via evolution, not revolution
* France : This is how they fight AIDS?
* NiceDoggie goes a-flyin'! ... and I am DAMNED JEALOUS!
* Pulling video from a cat's brain?
* BTK gives gory details
* Google : Surpasses $300/share
* Global Warming : Earth to get a "space ring"? ... and other, um, unusual answers
* 'The Poor Person’s Production Suite' ... open-source/free tools ... "an ensemble of three, high-level Animation, 3D, Compositing and Video Editing tools"
* Barrack Obama looking to join the Dean-Durbin Foot-Mouth club? ... compares himself to Lincoln, while also casting aspersions against Lincoln ...
* Undead : Dogs brought back from the dead? ... ok, not quite that 'magical' ... but :
Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research has developed a technique in which subject's veins are drained of blood and filled with an ice-cold salt solution. The animals are considered scientifically dead, as they stop breathing and have no heartbeat or brain activity. But three hours later, their blood is replaced and the zombie dogs are brought back to life with an electric shock. Plans to test the technique on humans should be realized within a year
... do these people not watch horror / sci-fi movies??? :)=

* 'The making & breaking of Microtubules' ... fighting cancer? ... lots of bio-science, but interesting!
* Google : GVideo service going live ... 1MB download ...
* Web-server ... inside a frog ... might be a bit graphic for some people ...

* The Alliance of Free Blogs : What will Evil Glenn be doing for Independence Day? ...
well, since the puppies go in blenders I guess that cats go on Roman Candles!
... yes?

* 'Vast PETA- Chinese Take-out Syndicate Uncovered'
* True : 78 yr old poisons neighbor's cats because she loves animals
* The Therapist has some dirt on birthday-party discrepancies ... found via Basil
... who beats me to all the good stuff, especially
this :P (and it isn't limited yet!!) um, nevermind.

Quote of the Day
Other than a scotch and soda, Kennedy doesn't bring much to the table
--thanks ThirdWave!

Some Democrat Logos from Beth :
Click for source, Some Democrat Logos from BethClick for source, Some Democrat Logos from Beth

And here is my recommendation (again); Riley does her best Democrat impersonation :
Click for more Riley pics; Riley does an impersonation of a Democrat

Click for source, SCOTUS' 5 traitors



Quick Thoughts
* Sorry for the Limited Blogation weekend (ok, so no blogation so far (except for this)) ... just dropping a heads-up that NIF will be adrift from Jun29-July10 as I will be out of state, with "dial-up-at-best" Internet connectivity ... so keep the lights on for me ...

* Kenya : Illegal home-brew alcohol kills ~50 ... so far ... developing
* Paul Winchell (82), aka Tigger (or his voice), has passed away
* Afghanistan : Record-breaking pile of drugs burned

* UselessNations : Happy 60th Birthday ... and perhaps your next 60, if it happens at all, will be more effective, useful, realistic and fair?
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : In support of Polygamy ... wrong again, like (almost) always


Umpire of The Duct-Taped Gerbil Rehabilitation Association (DTGRA)

Quick Thoughts
* Friday, at long last ... so - what are you doing this weekend? With any luck, I will be goin' offroad :)

* NJ : Bodies of the 3 missing boys found ... condolences, and prayers for the family ... developing
* Iraq : 6 US GIs killed ... including 3 women, condolences for them all ...
* Iowa : Mad Cow case #2 Confirmed
* China : Flooding kills 500+ ... condolences!
* Woman caught with explosives in undergarments ...
"I didn't kill anyone,'' she wailed. "Do you think they will forgive me?''
... the only reason you didn't is because you were caught, and I hope you never get a chance to try again!

* Romania : Nun dies mid-exorcism
* Missouri : Praxair Distribution plant on fire, exploding in St Louis ... no injuries!
* IRS - possible data loss/theft!

* Update on wounded MilBlogger Chuck Ziegenfuss, en route to WRAMC! ... found via BlackFive (again; and please don't forget his Sweet T-Shirts!)
* Iraq : They don't want a timetable! ... who do you trust - the Dems or the Iraqis?
... and remember,
Democracy is working!
... and
BBC acknowledges they are safer due to the War in Iraq
... and
'Guess Who's Paying Zarqawi?' ...
Principled opposition to war has its place, although I disagree with it. This is different -- it's aiding and abetting mass murderers
... and let's define sedition ...

* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain - "Kelo v. City of New London" :
More thoughts ... the end of our ownership society? (good while it lasted)
... and
Malkin does a round-up here and here
... and
Right-thinking libs agree!
... and
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler adds ... :
People are working themselves in fits over the Supreme Court property ruling. You property owners need to buck up and take one for the community! Maybe you'll no longer be part of that community, but the sacrifices of the few make our cities stronger, and a stronger cities will have increased public funding for soup kitchens and shelters for any of you who get dispossessed
... and nice-doggie makes nice T-Shirts (wearing mine now) :)
... and
What part of the Constitution will SCOTUS dismantle next?? ... My Entry (below) ... found via Memento Moron ... :
Contest ends when the U.S. Constitution has been completely dismantled. Scores from all rounds will be tallied, overall standings posted, and all contest participants lined up against the wall and shot
... and
BlogsOfWar does a round-up ... and questions the lack of media coverage, and links to the Institute for Justice
* How Hummingbirds hover ... um, by flapping their wings. Fast. :)
* Oil : Simulation ... Nigeria upheaval yanks 600k bpd off the market :
oil prices rise to $82 per barrel and gasoline is $3.31 per gallon
... and then terrorists strike in Saudi :
Damage is limited but another 250,000 barrels a day are lost to the markets. Oil shoots to $97 a barrel; gasoline leaps to $4.05 per gallon
... and then terrorists strike in US :
terrorists hijack a tanker and crash it into one of America's key oil facilities, setting most of the Valdez, Alaska, port on fire (-another 1M bpd) ... the price of crude goes to $123 a barrel and gasoline is $4.75 a gallon
... yeah, I (cough) don't see any reason to have a strong energy policy ...

* Global Warming : Kyoto, and why it should be canceled ...
The answer is that its underlying science is fatally flawed; it costs a fortune; it will have almost no cooling effect (0.02 degree Celsius in 2050); and, finally, it will play havoc with our economic system, with dire implications for our prosperity and freedom.
... and, simply, it is unfair ...

* Clintons : Which one will run for President in 2008? ... repealing the 22nd Amendment?
* Allstate fires employee for writing an "anti-gay article" ... hello, ACLU?? Yeah, I thought not ...
he hopes consumers who hold traditional values will stop patronizing Allstate.
* How To : Make yourself work
* UK : The "Let Islamonazis Destroy Free Speech Bill" passes first hurdle
* SCOTUS / Flag Burning : SuperHawk Rick has some thoughts, and a round-up, on this
* New Zealand : Rats:1 ... Telecoms:0 ... no phone, power for you!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : More on the "separation of church and state" ...
Did you know that the VERY FIRST Act of the first Continental Congress in 1774 was a motion to pause for a prayer? The motion passed (obviously) and it was actually a Jewish prayer that was read -- Psalm 35.On December 11, 1776, The newly formed United States Congress invited states to celebrate a national day of fasting and humiliation to beg God's pardon for the actions of the people of the new country.
George Washington ORDERED soldiers to begin each day with a public prayer.
During the Jefferson administration, the largest church service in the country was held in the U.S. Capital Building.
If you are religious, the ACLU hates you. Do not support them. Do not believe their lies. This great nation was founded on religion, no matter who tells you otherwise.
* Brazil : Note - The US is NOT invading ...
As Brazil’s largest trading partner, our only crime is we buy their crap by the butt-load and put food on their thankless tables. Our reward is a Brazil that sucks up to Chavez, circulates anti-American forgeries and burns the same forests they charge us with trying to steal
* Israel : Some thoughts on "liberating" "Palestine" ...
Wake up, sleepers. Hamas is about genocide against Israelis and the unqualified destruction of the Jewish state
... and
Abbas creating the "if you can't beat them, let them join you" theory of terrorist "control"?
* "'Medical' marijuana clubs were actually just illegal drug clearing houses and money-laundering schemes for the Asian mob"
* MIT creates a new form of matter ... "a gas of atoms that shows high-temperature superfluidity"
* How To : React to a chemical attack ... hint - it's not to evac ... Basil adds - "On the other hand, it beats the hell out of being consumed by burning acid" ... he also has details on some mad cows, a record "bust" and Alabama gets a geranium :P
* Apple to unintentionally kill PodCasting? ... doubtful
* What it takes to be an American politician
* Malware : RealPlayer flaw = 0wn3d
* 'Darth Rove Wields Political Light Saber' ...
Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers
... hey, atleast he didn't call Durbin a Nazi
... and
'Dems Feign Outrage at Rove's Mild Remarks'
... and "How dare he try and divide the country. That’s our job!" (and a round-up :) )
... and
"liberal" != "Chomskyites" ...
Most liberals supported swift retributive action against al Qaeda and the Taliban. It needs to be remembered that a liberal is not the same as a Chomskyite Leftist. Unfortunately, a large part of the Left blogosphere is made up of Chomskyites who say they are liberals, when actually they are far to the left of most of the Democratic party. They are no more liberals than I am a conservative. They are Leftists, or to use their own lingo, they are Progressives.
... and, just to keep Durbin's feet on the fire :
The feather pillow ... excellent bit o' wisdom from an old Hasidic tale
... and
'Rove Gets Nailed For Hitting The Nail On The Head'
... and
Puppy Blender weighs in
... and
'Karl Rove is a genius, Volume 94'
* France : +Fusion ... International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) finally finding a home?
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion / Illegal Immigration / New Mexico : 'Do As We Say Not As We Do'
* DNC, poor comedians, lost elections ...
Bear this in mind when you read what the Democratic National Committee came up with to explain why John Kerry lost the election in Ohio. It’s a perfect illustration of bad comedy. In fact, if I were to rate the show they put on yesterday in the unveiling of this 200 page report on voting “difficulties” in Ohio, I’d have to give a thumbs down.
Not only did the performer, a Mr. Howard Dean, not have any sense of timing, he had no sense of the absurd whatsoever. In fact, Mr. Dean did not even realize he was involved in a comedy skit. However, since his audience didn’t either, I guess that makes them even.
One thing I will say is that as comedies go, the material was excellent. For pure enjoyment, it doesn’t get any better than this. In dealing with those electronic voting machines that Mr. Deans theater group
... and a quote from GOPBloggers :
When Christine Gregoire “won” the gubernatorial race in Washington state by a mere 129 votes, Democrats called it a done deal… despite mountains of evidence of irregularities…
Yet, President Bush won the state of Ohio by 119,000 votes, and Democrats still cannot accept it.
... true, sad & funny all at once!

* SCA on real estate ... and are you in the screwed category?
* Rice, "one of the most important foodstuffs on the planet", now improved?
* Japan : Nuke (info) leak ... blames virus; maybe they should not let that happen ...
* Wireless @ 1Gbps!
* How To : Make a night-vision camera
* Watcher’s Council : This week's winner is 'Beautiful Indifference', tears up the MSM see the MSM Hysteria pic below)
... and Rusty gets a nod for best non-member post :
'Kos Says U.S. Torture 'Equal' To that of Saddam Hussein' - GRAPHIC!
... both found via
Rick (who summarizes these, and a few others)
* Thoughts on "Make Poverty History"
* Moonbats trying to get Secret Service to kill Bush, Cheney? ... weirdos
* A what in the cause of truth? ... indeed!
* Your gamers wants VR goggles
* Male sweat used to sell men's magazines to men?
* DC : Smokers' rights ... and how the entire council (excl 1) left the hearing as soon as it started ...
* Need to get up to speed on SANs? Go here!
* BBC also plays along with Iran's sham elections
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Say NO to abstinence
* Minnesota : Al Qaeda indictment
* Islamofascism : 'One sentence that demonstrates precisely why we’re having a conflict' ...
It’s in the heart of every Muslim. We respect and we love (the Koran) more than our families

* Iraq : MoveOn-Morons say we are losing!
* Why the left doesn't understand W ... excellent and insightful; good work TMH!
* Schneier points us to the SHA-1-breaking cryptanalysis
* TigerHawk fisks Krugman
* '30 Days to a Supersized Lie' ... what, you wanted an honest documentary?

* Waiting for OOTS#198 ...
* Hillary in plane crash! ... the horror, the humanity ... she was uninjured though!
* True? / WHAT? : Christian 3way is OK?? ... found via BASIL ... who gets all the hot Christian chick-pairs ... or, atleast, also found this : Rove "apologizes" ...
I am sorry that I must tell my Democratic Party critics in general, and Senator Durbin in particular, to go ...
... HA!

* True : USB Lava Lamp
* True : Dance Dance Revolution, but for martial artists
* Photoshop : Don't trust these doctors
* Pix from "PETA's Annual Earth Day Rib Roast, Lobster Feed, & Squirrel Hunt"
* UF : NetHack, the communist cancer retard?
* 100 grand?
* Could-be-True : A hypothetical future ... President Hillary, socialized medicine, unintended consequences and clones
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : 'DC Mayor To Bulldoze Ruth Bader Ginsberg's House For Homeless Shelter' ...
Ginsberg said she will "respect her own ruling" despite the fact that "I do not agree with it anymore."
... found via
Basil's Breakfast Round Up ... and SCOTUS being moved, to under the Executive Branch
... and
Jody wants to get rid of some neighbors anyway
... and

* ALP#126 ... what did you call me?
* 'Dems Cry Foul After Rove Doesn't Slam Troops'
* Caption these baseball players ...
* Photoshop : Skateboarder ... scroll down to the "2005-06-21 08:44:42 AM" one ... :)

Quote of the Day
Here’s a foolproof method for keeping America safe: Always do the exact 180-degree opposite of whatever Jimmy Carter says as quickly as possible.
--thanks Ann Coulter, via TMH!

Here is a partial listing (in no particular order) of :
                    What the media is Obsessed with             compared to             What the media is Indifferent to
Click for la belle indifference (source post)

Constitutional Death Pool
First ... introducing The Bill of Rights ... something perhaps the SCOTUS should be introduced to? ... And now, to my entry for the pool :

Confirmed Dead :
Amendment X - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
Amendment V - No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

I believe these are already dead, or atleast coding & on life support :
Amendment VIII - Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
Amendment I - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

On Deck, in order (my guess)
Amendment II - A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Amendment VI - In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.
Amendment IV - The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Amendment IX - The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
Amendment III - No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
Amendment VII - In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
... that's my entry!

Riley does her best Democrat impersonation :
Click for more Riley pics; Riley does an impersonation of a Democrat


Happy Birthday, Riley!

Click for more Riley Marie Evans ... who is THIS old as of 16:07 on June 23!
Click here to zoom down to the before-during-after pics! :)

Quick Thoughts
* It is Stop the ACLU Thursday! ... today's bonus-focus point : how they like burning the US flag :P ... and Raven has a few thoughts too ... or, we could look at they are failing to live up to their members' expectations

* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Govt says "All your base homes are belong to us anyone we say they belong to" ... BAD!
* New York : Cheng Chui Ping (56), convicted of "Human Smuggling"
* Global Warming : Senate rejects "greenhouse gas" limits ... and Kyoto, the bad idea that won't die ... well, unless you like global recessions, that is ... and
Meanwhile, the Europeans, who had written the treaty to give themselves an economic advantage over the United States, managed to bribe the Russians into agreement, and Kyoto was officially ratified last November. Still, Europe is not meeting its reduction targets
... goose, gander?

* Cali / Arizona : +Wildfires
* Oil : $60, briefly ... which means we hit a $25 fear-factor in the price :(

* 'Profile Of The Child Molester' ... the most important thing you had better read!
* Malware : Targeting TCP/445 ... windows is the target, naturally ... WFS is evil
* Iran : Time for regime change
* Building models "activates your brain" ... how about blogging? :)
* Abolish all filibusters? ... or make every vote require a super-majority. Basically, those are the options as long as Obstructionism reigns supreme in the DNC.
* How To : Work-around HP cartridge expiration
* The "criminalization of bad corporate governance" is a bad thing? ... not so sure I agree with that, in these extreme cases real people lose their future ...
* Support ANTI-Cair ...
“Since its founding in 1994, CAIR and its employees have combined, conspired, and agreed with third parties, including, but not limited to, the Islamic Association for Palestine (“IAP”), the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (“HLF”), the Global Relief Foundation (“GRF”), and foreign nationals hostile to the interests of the United States, to provide material support to known terrorist organizations, to advance the Hamas agenda, and to propagate radical Islam. CAIR, and certain of its officers, directors, and employees, have acted in support of, and in furtherance of, this conspiracy.”
... found via
Cao's Blog
* William Powell still fighting to get his "The Anarchist Cookbook" taken out of print
* Super Computer ranking ... IBM's half-finished monster (Blue Gene/L) on top
* 'Third Wave Gentrification' ... all due to telecommuting!
* Emotions affect water? ...
Mr. Emoto has discovered many fascinating differences in the crystalline structures of water from many different sources and different conditions around the planet. Water from pristine mountain streams and springs show the beautifully formed geometric designs in their crystalline patterns. Polluted and toxic water from industrial and populated areas and stagnated water from water pipes and storage dams show definitively distorted and randomly formed crystalline structures.
... Weird, yes. True, ???

* "Bionic Man" - artificial limbs that are moved by thinking about it
* EU : 'Constitution Is Not Dead' ... delaying tactic thrown into the works to try and get support above the 50% mark in Denmark, Luxembourg, and Poland
* Young vs Marx, or Mormonism vs Socialism ...
Why did Brigham Young's culturally backward followers flourish and prosper in the desert, whereas Marx's most brilliant disciples ended by killing tens of millions of human beings in the name of progress?
... interesting read.

* How the Credit Card black market works
* Healthcare : US has 2.5-outa-3 ... and Socialized healthcare, e.g. Canada & Hillary-Care, don't measure up
* Speeding kills is not a problem ...
Trouble is, many news outlets will take the "findings" of the "survey" at face value -- and help spread the lie that our roads are less safe today than before Congress repealed Drive 55.
* Used home sales down a tiny bit, median price inches higher - $207,000 ... which doesn't even buy a 30yr old townhouse in this area :(
* Gamers react to virtual violence the same way people they would to real violence
* ~"160,000 Christians are martyred each year worldwide" ... and Voices of Martyrs is trying to help them (the martyrs, not the killers)
* 171 ways to say "Hello World"
* Nuclear Korea : Mushroom cloud, on 09/11/04?
* Skype released
* 'Red on Red' - "When terrorists start killing each other" ... found via EJ, who chimes in with "Insurgent Gladiator"
* Bloggers : People need to know you have updated your site ... here's how ... since I use Blogger it pings a site or two, and I manually use PingOMatic (you can bookmark the ping so you just click on that bad boy and it does the work)

* The Alliance of Free Blogs : Results from the New Home for Detainees assignment ... and I have first slot! Sweet! Feel that linkie-love!
* True'ish : Hans' thoughts on the Cosmos 1 - it's sailing alright! ... "We’d a been better off if we’d just stuffed that six million in a giant empty tuna can, set it ablaze, and fired it into the ocean with a circus cannon."
* W is planning on pushing Cali off the US ... *MOONBAT ALERT*
* Sad / Cali : "Shox News" ... "We distort, you comply"

Quotes of the Day
We can laugh again. The irrepressible Senator Joe Biden has announced on CBS's Face the Nation that he is seeking the presidency. He thought about running in 2004, but feared he had gotten the presidential itch too late. Dr. Howard Dean was already a shoo-in. Now he only has Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to worry about, and Senator Biden apparently is not all that worried. Perhaps he shares my childlike belief that the American people are becoming impatient with liars. Senator Clinton has been caught lying so many times by independent counsels and others that the American people will give her candidacy short shrift.
--thanks R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

It is hard to blog when you can’t see the keyboard.
--thanks Michael!

Quote of the Day
Rumsfeld calls deadline for Iraq pullout a mistake
Democrats counter: "It worked in Vietnam. Oh. Wait. Nevermind."
--thanks Basil!

Click for Hillary burns flags

Riley - Before, during, after :
Click for Riley Marie Evans! (before)Click for Riley Marie Evans! (during)Click for Riley Marie Evans! (after)


Sorcerer of Sticking Your Head and Arms Out the Window

Quick Thoughts
* We are in the final stages of The Riley Birthday Countdown, she will be 1 year old at 16:07 on June 23rd!
* Winch = installed! (New tires, new winch ... where's the dirt?)
... and I think the next addition will be lockers, for the front ... sound good?
* ... about NIF, from Technorati :
* Last updated 12956 days ago
* By TJ Evans
* Technorati Rank: 20,061 (106 links from 76 sites)
... now, I am pretty sure I have updated my site within the last 12000 or so days ...
* MilBlogger Chuck Ziegenfuss has been injured, evac'ed ... first post-injury words -
Be honest with me, guys. Do I still have my face and my 'package'?
... excellent! ... found via BlackFive

* Afghanistan : 40 rebels killed during 11 hour firefight
* Mississippi : Edgar Ray Killen (80) found guilty on Manslaughter *3 from 1964's "Mississippi Burning" killings ... not Murder
... Must.Resist.Obvious."Killen"/killin'.Joke ...

* Iraq / Afghanistan : U2 crashes, pilot killed ... condolences
* Kansas : First human West Nile virus case for 2005
* House approves anti-flag-burning Amendment
* New York : Snapple floods the streets with 17.5 tons of frozen kiwi-strawberry slurry

* The death of Fiscal Conservatism ... and, sadly, we all have front row tickets ... and, no Private Accounts coming anytime soon in Social Security (unless DeMint rides to the rescue ... ?)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ACLU-New Mexico Board of Directors member leads Minuteman group; ACLU suspends the entire chapter! ... thus re-revealing their contempt of America and what we stand for (that whole freedom of expression thing) ... more here : "there is no historical precedent for having to prove, by means of a trial, that an enemy captured while in the service of forces fighting against American soldiers is guilty of being in the service of forces fighting against American soldiers" ... and see the IRAQ : section below ... the part that says every detainee has already had a trial ...
* Bullet Proof Vest recall ... um, if you are counting on the listed models to save you I would recommend swapping it out!
* 'The Looniest Fringe Of The Right Wing' ... which, according to Andy Zipper, should probably include me
* Iraq : In-sourcing suicide bombers ... virgins for everybody! ... Rusty also has other good stuff, including every GITMO detainee HAS ALREADY HAD A TRIAL ... and Iraq'ish : Vinnie, commander of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos, responds to Kos' tripe ... and Rick fisks the "Yellow Republican" label the moonbats are throwing around as well ... while at it, he has some other thoughts for the "Bush-hating, anti-war left" as well ... and USMC ill-equipped? ... that is not good
* Dell opening a price war? Sub-$100 laser printer! ... and more here
* Illegal Immigration'ish : 'Border Security, The Forgotten Issue' ... "These solutions are very simple. They are not new, there is nothing revolutionary here" ... I haven't forgotten, and you can quote me:
A nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure.
... and
'How Mexican Racists want to reclaim the American Southwest' ...
here’s the kicker, the racists in this case are those who want open and often immigration and include such groups as MECha, believers in Reconquista, and the new mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa. I will profile each of these horribly racist groups and their efforts to undermine the national security of this country with officially sanctioned illegal immigration from Mexico and beyond
... and
MadTech found a couple of news-gems (and comments on them, naturally) : 'Mexican drug commandos expand ops in six U.S. states' ... and 'Illegals raiding Valley crops' ... and some other good stuff (like always)
* Screamin' Dean : 'A Real Class Act' ... he actually said
They say they want small government, but their government is just big enough to fit inside Terri Schiavo's bed in the nursing home
... the word is tact and you, sir, have none.

* NASA : Cosmos 1 launch went awry yesterday, was lost in orbit ... UPDATE : Cosmos 1 never achieved orbit, debris in Arctic ocean
* Quantum Computer within 3 years?
* GITMO'ish : SuperHawk Rick comments does a round-up on Durbin, and his "apology" ... and Durbin must resign
After all, Trent Lott APOLOGIZED FOUR TIMES, AND THEN STILL HAD TO RESIGN AS LEADER. If Durbin fails to resign, it tarnishes the entire Democrat Party.
... yea, hold your breath on that one!

* 'Condoleezza Speaks: BBC Spins' ...
It's often quite hard to work out what qualifies a person for employment at the BBC. When, for instance, a candidate answers an add in the Guardian and steps into the room, what qualities are interviewers looking for in a prospective journalist? Are they happy so long as they can find a horribly-biased leftist? Or do they insist employees be able to twist the truth in order to advance an anti-American, pro-Islamofascist agenda as well?
* 'When "academic freedom" justifies academic terror' ...
According to the logic of a recent report issued by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), denying accused criminals a job constitutes an unethical breach of “academic freedom.” So, if Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein had doctorates and respectable publication records, could they receive teaching positions at an American university?
... PC gone wrong

* Bolton / UselessNations : Frist changes mind, will push for confirmation vote ... W had to set him straight ... more here ... and Alexander Yakovlev, UN Procurement Officer, resigns under weight of nepotism charge ... I can't wait for Kofi's name to be similarly referenced ...
* Some thoughts on the 2nd Amendment ...
Do you, personally have the individual right to own and use a firearm? ... Not according to the media
... remember, it is second only to #1 :)

* Romney has a healthcare solution
* How To : Become a real-world Batman!
* Newt Interview (partial repost, plus updates) (Videos + Transcripts) :
New addition : Mr. Speaker answers ?'s from BlackFive and Willisms ... and the old stuff :
Part 1 - A Day in Newt's Life
Part 2 - McCain
Part 3 - Border Patrol
Part 4 - Foley
Part 5 - Dean
Part 6 - Courts
Part 7 - Hillary
... excellent running series, thanks Trey & RSR!
* MS : Some thoughts on their latest vaporware, Avalanche ... their BitTorrent re-work ... and still has the "last mile" problem!
* Hans is (rightfully?) mad at the US auto industry ... and he has more here
* Harvard says fat=death ... and tells you to ignore the CDC
* 'Will the Republicans we elected please stand up'
* Europe : Drought, heatwave incoming ...
the current wave could present a health risk for the population as of June 21
... (amazing that "advanced nations" have such a problem - especially after "tens of thousands of deaths in a sizzling summer of 2003"
... should they not learn from their mistakes?)

* '"Judge Not" Does Not Mean "Disconnect Thy Brain"'
* Holograms to defeat counterfeiters?
* Prison Abuse ... in "blue" states (like Mass. - Hi Mssrs. Jean Francois Kerry and Ted get me another drink Kennedy
* Nuclear Korea : Their nukes are the US's fault ... same mentality that blames gun makers for shooting deaths? Sounds like a 5yr old - "He started it"
* Cel phones distracts drivers ... um, duh?
* IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is safe as IVF alternative
* Economics : Krugman should read this book by a guy named Krugman
* 'The rise of the disdainful Democrats' ... the title reminds me of Piers Anthony's "Adverse Adepts" + "Contrary Citizens" from the Apprentice Adept series ;)
* Korea : bad parents leave child alone to go play World of Warcraft (MMORPG) ... child dies ... sad, disgusting
... and read the comments - some people actually do try to blame the game!

* EU : 'EU constitution headed to the scrap heap of socialism' ... the title alone ... :)
* Do you know the National Anthem? ... all four stanzas?
* Neurons that "know" people
* Real ballgame to be played virtually?
* Tips for Mobile Security
* "Secret Schematics Vault"
* Earthquake / Tennessee : 7-10% chance of ~8.0 within 50 years
* This might be your next MP3 player / FM Tuner ... well, if they get the storage up to a coupla' gig anyway (512MB right now)

* OOTS#197 ... evilgasm!
* Terri : Mike Schiavo "adds water" ... found via that guy, who put yesterday's date on today's post ... oh, and for WTW : Basil is a naked 14 yr old ... "Jamie Lynn Spears naked" ... or something
* GITMO'ish : Durbin's "Apology" - "A reasonable person can only conclude that I'm either reckless, stupid or determined to sabotage the war on terror" ... and Interrogation, Durbin style ... and A Dr. Seuss for ya' ... the latter two of those were found via the Sand Person
* Bush Doctrine Lite ... Kinder, gentler I mean "less edgy and more polite"
* Jennifer Runaway psycho-bride Wilbanks : Fix her face! ... found via (same link to Rusty found up top) ... and The Couric Interview ...
Katie Couric's "go get-em" style is credited with simultaneously answering questions related to arriving at places after a significant run, as well as dispelling the aesthetic perceptions created by overused file photos.
... he cracks me up EVERY time!

* Some funny signs ... cross-dressing Jesus, barking guard dog, GITMO lacks nuance??? ... found via WuzzaDem
* Video : Another Mac - Switch parody

Quotes of the Day
Which makes me want to punt Bono in his daddy sacks.
--thanks Nehring!

Speaking of Durbin :
Batman and Robin was worse than the Holocaust
--thanks Frank J @ IMAO! (who also sells sweet T-Shirts!)

Click for Make others die for your cause :)

Click for Disturbin Durbin

Click for playing the Annan card, from Trey Jackson!

Saddam likes his Dorritos like this :
Click for Saddam's Dorritos!
... thanks Aaron, click pic to read his post!