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* It is time, once again, to remind Senator Jean Francois Kerry about his probably signed180 ... and MUCH MORE : from Raven (who wants "details about all the little combat situations Kerry was involved in. I want to know if he really got shot by the enemy or whether he did it to himself in order to get the medals"), Cap'n Ed (who questions the scope of the Boston Globe's report), PoliPundit (who notes his average grades), Powerline (who also notes his average grades), Decision08 (who says Kerry may be the stupidest politician alive), Malkin (excellent, as always), NeoLib (check the pic below (He also slams Hillary's hypocrisy)), Makrothumeo ("Anticlimax", and smacks Kerry for being his usual Wishy-Washy self (My words)) ... (to be continued?) ... and how about some speculation : Did Yale reject Kerry due to a 'less than honorable' discharge?

* Canada / Arkansas / AIDS : Red Cross sent AIDS (and Hep-C) infected blood to Canada, kills 4000!? ... Clinton gets an assist; "Galster says Clinton organized a payoff plan to various officials, including a judge, to make sure the blood sales continued. He claims millions were made from the conspiracy because between 5,000 and 8,000 units of blood were shipped every week from one prison alone. He even witnessed inmates drawing blood from each other with dirty needles."

* Iraq : 18 killed .. and 900 terrorists have been arrested in the last two-week sweep of Baghdad ... and We have launched another offensive in Tal Afar
* Texas : Teen (Gerardo Flores, 19) gets life for 'abortion' ... and may he rot in jail for the two babies he murdered ... sidenote, SHE (Erica Basoria, 17) GETS NO PUNISHMENT AT ALL ... Wanna guess why? I'll tell you - because "she has the right to an abortion" ... this is a great terrible example of the slippery slope the 'abortion rights' groups (and SCOTUS, for that matter) have put us on ...
* Nuclear Korea : We will return to the table ... seriously, trust us - we mean it this time ...
* Bolivia : President offers to resign, again!
* More on Citi's loss of 4M clients' info ... the word for today is encryption. And safer shipping. And faster notification. And 'all your info are belong to __(someone)__.'
* GM to axe 25k!
* 'Anne Bancroft Dies at 73'
* 'BearingPoint Named 'Worldwide Systems Integrator of the Year' by FileNet'

* Malware : Glieder + Fantibag + Mitglieder = Triple threat?
* EU : Paradise Lost?
* Betty Ford to get the, um, Ford Award ... and in related news : I am giving myself the (cough) prestigious "NIF First Semi-Annual Blog of the Year award" TM
* Breathe underwater, sans SCUBA gear!
* Greenspan : Localized housing bubbles are forming
* Common Sense coming to Sarbanes-Oxley/PCAOB? ... and $1.4T mistake? ... yes, that is a T ...
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion'ish : Indiana's so called Civil Liberties Union says, in effect, "Say no to prayer" ... "The House invites clergy from around the state to open sessions in prayer. Those offering prayers have included a Muslim imam and Jewish rabbi. When a member of the clergy is not available, a House member will pray instead" ... and ICLU is upset because House Speaker Brian Bosma's prayer included the words Lord, Jesus, Christ, Savior. Quotes Bosma - "The day the Indiana Civil Liberties Union dictates free speech on the floor of the Indiana House is the day that democracy begins to decline"
* Gitmo : Carter calls for shutdown ... which, among other things, justifies keeping it open. In fact, it may need some renovations / expansion ... and 'The GITMO Canard'
* "Z Machine" projectile to 76000mph in < 1 second!
* Can't wait for WiMax? How about WiFi at 10 miles!?
* Mexico : Islam on the rise?
* Dolphins use tools!? ... they make a nose-glove :) ... and pass on this knowledge to their kids!
* Another vector found for West Nile to spread by ... well, that is not so good
* Israel : Political takeover by Arabs in progress?
* Missing supernova core?
* Firefox : Vulnerable to 7yr old flaw?! ... whoops!
* Tornado : Video from the inside!
* Lots of free codecs!
* New York : 'Reclaim the September 11 Memorial'! ... and more here, 'Soros-ization of Ground Zero' ... and Beth is a little more, um, straight-forward ... and SuperHawk Rick calls it sacrilege
* Eco-Thuggery ... $100M's in damages
* "Bible Code Bombshell" - intended skeptic ends up 'proving the Divinity of the Bible' ... similar to Lee Strobel, who started out (basically) trying to discredit his wife's then-newfound belief ... he ended up authoring several books (some of which are over on the right, under recommended reading :) )
* Mars : Rover escapes sand dune ... my Jeep wouldn't have got stuck :P
* Spain : Water rationing? ... what century is this?
* More on 'Time to remove Robert KKK Byrd! ... you know, the "longest-serving Senator (having entered the Senate before Castro entered Havana)" (D-WV)
* Earthlink going VOIP?
* DVD Decrypter ordered offline
* "Liberalism is hypocrisy"
* MS : Fined ~$9M for violating patents w/ Excel ... which is a LOT of swag in Guatemala (Carlos Armando Amado was looking for $500M!) ... and Wanna access Outlook from your cel phone "Blackberry Killer" ... and Losing $75 per XBOX360! ... par for the course in the 'console wars' ... and XBOX360 vs PS3 vs Revolution
* Support HR 2679, the Public Expression of Religion Act (PERA) of 2005!
* Boeing 787 beating the Airbus A380, and without needing the (heavy) subsidies to keep it alive
* Dodging cel phone over-taxation?
* Terrorists winning the war due to our desire to 'return to normalcy' ... we must remain vigilant, and this is our new normal! ... and some related thoughts here!
* Size does matter ... in telecom, that is
* WHO, hurting babies? ... breast vs bottle ...
* SCOTUS : More thoughts on the Marijuana ruling
* Hobermann Sphere, in Lego!
* Utah : The best state to commit murder in?
* MSRA (the Super Bug) and FUD ... "Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus" and "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt", respectively
* TiVo tricks & tweaks ... including an 'Easter Egg'!
* FOX NEWS (via Ceci Connolly) vs the Military ... we expect this tripe from Eason Jordan, Newsweek, Linda Foley and their ilk ...
* Howard Yeeaargh! Dean Another Dem distancing self from Dean ... Doug Schoen distanced himself as well on Hannity & Colmes Skeletor ... and WRT the GOP, he says "It's pretty much a White, Christian party" ... truly - he is the gift that keeps on giving (to the other side)
* MS : Halo, the movie?
* Other uses for Altoids tins! ... reward / prize $$$
* China : Desperately trying to get taller?

* The Twilight McCain Zone! ... found via Basil!
* Bolton's anger tied to radiation ... "Don't make me angry"
* Caption This : "France is fighting with you" ... "the five most meaningless words in the English language"
* Video : Smoking chimp!
* 25 things you should also be glad that you don't need to do anymore
* UF : Beyond master, Doctorate!

Senator Jean Francois Kerry? :
Kerry?, Click for source!Kerry? Click for source

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