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Quick Thoughts
* FYI - Symantec has raised the ThreatCon to 2, due to the batch o' Microsoft updates released yesterday ... so get to patching!
* Apparently I missed the US Army's Birthday yesterday ... my bad, Happy belated Birthday!
* IMPORTANT NOTE : I am going to get my new tires today! w00t! Hot, topless pictures (of my Jeep) later BELOW, plus a Riley pic or two!
(And Thanks to Matt for steering me to them - if they end up not working out I know who to blame :P )

* Iraq / Australia : Hostage Douglas Wood freed
* Update : Iraq : 28 were killed in Kirkuk ... more condolences
* Earthquake / Cali : 7.0 (~90m off the coast) ... and who would live in a state with near-constant earthquakes? (map) ... 802 in the last week! ... and list here ... and tsunami warning canceled
* Aruba : Natalee Holloway, nothing found yet
* Internet Sales Tax coming even sooner than feared? ... greedy Cali wins a court case ...
(hey, it's easier than just balancing your damned budget)

* The Sun vs prostate cancer
* Smarter USB ... finally ...
* Digital Signatures, vulnerable? ... "cracks and collisions"
* Social inSecurity : Retirement age to be 69? ... easily acceptable, atleast IMHO (but I still want "private accounts"!)
* Louisiana : Sensitivity training for the NOPD from a racist douche? ... who is a member of a group that believes:
Whites are “blue eyed devils.”
Jews are “bloodsuckers”
“Hitler was a very great man.”
Jews controlled the slave trade and currently control the government
Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad believed that whites were created by an evil Black scientist and that there will be “The Great Decisive Battle in the Sky” when a space ship will kill all white people by bombing the earth
Muhammad believed that white people should relocate to Europe and that racial integration was wrong
... "What group is this?" you ask ... The Nation of Islam, aka Louis violent, racist, terrorist Farrakhan Cronies

* "King Tuur" is better at Halo2 than you are
* So, who will Google buy next? ... I can make them a sweet deal on NIF (sorry, still trolling for mad blog dollars :P )
* Congress should have apologized for the Filibuster! ... excellent point!
* Clintons : Finally out of legal debt! ... here's a thought - Don't do anything wrong, and you won't have the massive legal bills!
* Sun to release Solaris source!
* VOIP : 'Yahoo! buys! Dialpad!'
* Rise of the small(David) entities against the big (Goliath) Mega-Corporations? ... interesting read, and its from PuppyBlender so you knowits good!
* Your car wants smarter 'supplemental restraint systems'
* NASA : Europa, Titan to get missions?
* EU : 'Closed for Remodeling ' ... and, NOfP gets 3 Thumbs Up from SC&A
* More here on the Ground-Zero idiocy ...and, remember to go here, and help Take Back the Memorial
* Cuba'ish : Che Guevara, revisited ...
A dead martyr is much easier to lionize than a living dictator
... oh yeah, and Happy posthumous Birthday Che,I hope you are rotting ...

* P2P TV?
* Fertilizers vs our lakes ...
When too many nutrients are present in lake water algae growth can be stimulated to the point of choking off the oxygen supplies for other lake inhabitants, including fish. This process, known as eutrophication, can continue for years
* Italy : 'Benedict 1, Europe 0' ... secularists face defeat as Catholics don't show up to vote (turnout < 50% invalidates vote :P ) ... and Adel Smith (president, Muslim Union of Italy) vs Oriana Fallaci (author, The Rage and the Pride) ... remember, it's the Religion of (cough) Peace
* Dean, Clintons : Dean trying (and failing) to live up to Billary's level of being "an unusually good liar" ... and panderer
* PETA : People Enabling Terrorist Atrocities ...
they call humans "a cancer" and insist we all become become vegetarians.
They also say that all animal testing, necessary for testing new drugs, be eliminated.
"Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it"
... and remember, eco/ani-terrorists
"pose serious threat"
* Cali : "The Left has no sense of proportion" ... jeering Govenator at what should have been a non-political event
* 200GB HDD for $95? ... "Western Digital 200GB ATA/100 7200rpm 8MB OEM WD2000JB"
* The Internet, fighting for human rights? ... and the truth shall set you free!
* iPod, the alarm clock!
* MS : Your living room wants Windows!
* Some thoughts on the "Health Pyramid scheme" ... and did you know that 2000 calories is the minimum for "inactive grown women"? ... and check here for YOUR caloric needs
* When bears attack ... (don't count of the pepper spray!) ... found via Malkin, who still rejects my desperate plea for attention trackbacks :(
* Reparations'ish : More thoughts on Congress' apology ... and a note that it is the SCOTUS that should be apologizing!
* Fred Phelps, giving Christians a bad name since 1999 ... and condolences for Carrie French
* GITMO : Gullibility
* Tim Burton sucks
* 'It's A Good Economy, Stupid!'
* Jacko / Judicial System:: Jeremy dishes out some truth ... and "ain't a one of you going to like the whole thing" :)
* Religion is a scam? ... not quite, and interesting!
* Terri : Autopsy to be released ... "No sign of abuse" ... Michael the killer? Schiavo wins ... more later
* Islam defeats Crusaders ... but this time it was a school mascot ... this kind of thing REALLY angers me
* Sick : Abortion doctor was eating fetuses?? ... I think I am going to be sick ... sadly, more here ... and some conflicts of interest (I know, you are saying "Conflict, in Politics? No Way!" ... )
* Sad : D&D Illustrator David Sutherland died

* OOTS#194! ... Shoot me ... SHOOT ME!
* Jacko : 'Tenacious Juror #5 Credited With Convicting Snapping Fingers Despite Frivolous Molestation, Intoxicant Charges' ... "septuagenarian "? ... and
79-year-old Ellie Cook said "Michael Jackson could have attempted to consummate with the accuser in the courtroom," and she would have dismissed the charge because of his mother's "senior-phobic" demeanor.
... and I was scooped by
spice boy ... who also found more Jacko-funny here
* UF : Jobs, switched
* Gerardo interviews Cochran ... Gerardo?
* Tom Cruise Death Grip?
* Star Wars, the Origami
* My eyes!!? : Paris Hilton spoof ... found via Ghost of a Flea ... which was found via Aaron
* WTW : "Dirty Minute Meals"?!
* True / Russia : Gender change, on a dog
* ALP#123 ... Jesus' momma is ... a well-documented virgin, zing!
* WTW : Vinnie visits the site of a bisexual pedophilic narcissistic sociopath so you don't have to ... and no, it isn't Jacko ... come on, this is White Trash Wednesday (and all kidding aside, Jacko isn't white)
* If only all criminals would follow this route ... or, even better - skip all the intermediate steps and go straight to the end result ... found via Zaphriel

Quote of the Day
I agree with the author that we should withdraw U.S. armed forces from many foreign countries. To relieve the pressure on our Armed Forces, we should immediately withdraw out forces from all countries in Europe. This would deploy about 125,000 service men and women back to the U.S. It would eliminate billions of dollars in payments to European governments. It would eliminate the European part of the DODEA school system and save billions of dollars. We should also withdraw our forces from South Korea, Japan and other countries in the Asian area. This would deploy about 75,000 service men and women back to the U.S. It would eliminate billions of dollars in payments to Asian governments. It would eliminate the Asian part of the DODEA school system and save billions of dollars. These actions alone will release from foreign garrison duty 200,000 or 14% of the U.S. Armed Forces for other duties. These forces would deploy to the U.S. and occupy bases in the U.S. This would pump billions of dollars into our economy.
--thanks "Wade Smith", via The American Spectator!

But this is what a president with a "C" average gets you
--thanks John Kerry, touting his (cough) academic superiority inferiority ... viaConservative Dialysis!

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EFF joins teh Anti-FEC fray
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... found via Rusty's wife,
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Explaining the DNC :
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