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Quick Thoughts
* SuperHawk Rick brings us the Carnival of the Clueless!
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* Bolivia : New President, (now ex-)Supreme Court President Eduardo Rodriguez ... to replace Carlos Mesa
* Japan : Student throws explosive into school
* Cuba : 4 of the Taxi boat people get to stay in the US, 10 don't ... here is my problem - they attempted to help 10 people illegally enter the US, IMHO that should invalidate their 'valid documentation'!
* Syria : US fires the proverbial shot across their bow ... think assassinations ...
* UselessNations : More on the loss of the Nuclear specs

* Liberals : Next stop, Apocalypse ...
"The answer is yes, they really do believe that George Bush can be compared to Hitler. A large segment of them also believe, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, that the 2004 election was stolen by the President and the Republican party. Many of them are convinced that the electronic voting machines – the very same machines they lobbied for following the 2000 election debacle – were hacked by the President’s corporate allies and vote totals showing a Kerry victory were altered to give the President the election ... But when the left applauded Michael Moore’s portrayal of the terrorist beheaders in Iraq as the moral and actual equivalent of the American revolutionary minutemen, the American people stopped listening and began to laugh"
... more words of wisdom from SuperHawk Rick ...

* US vulnerable to the enemy within; or own gullibility
* "First the Saturday people - then the Sunday people" ... the time to fight Islamofascism is NOW
* FBI missed 5 chances to stop 9/11?
* HWL2 - combination 802.11b/g adapter + WiFi locater
* Cali : San Diego pension fiasco ... an endemic problem that is going to hit ALL OF US really hard, really soon ... the airlines were just the (huge) tip of the (gigantic) iceberg
* Housing - sex offenders need not apply! ... excellent; atleast until the AntiCivilLibertiesUnion starts their damned lawsuits
* HowTo : Remove IE during install ... "Some see the vessel as half full; others see it as half empty. We pour it out on the floor and laugh"
* Nuclear Korea : "It's one thing to play one trick, if you're a one-trick fan dancer. Falling for the same extortionate trick is something else entirely. Yet the U.S. appears headed in just such a direction. The trouble is, it has few alternatives" ... for the list of those alternatives, click on the link
* Clintons : Hillary is a "lamp throwing harridan" says SuperHawk Rick while directing us to read this post, 'In a Perfect World, We’d Never Let Her Run'
* 'Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill: Freedom Falters, Islamonazis Rejoice'
* Israel / ENGAGE : The Scream - sonic weapon ... and, as always, go here for more on the disengagement : EFSI ... and Military willfully letting Palestinians mortar'ize Israeli citizens?
* Cel phones on planes to break SETI, etc.?
* Germany : "promote strange theories and to make the US out to be this evil empire"
* Comcast to customers - you WILL go digital
* HIV + Ebola to fight Cystic Fibrosis?
* Social inSecurity : Raising the Social inSecurity age ... I am all for that! And for Private Accounts!
* UK : Nuclear Waste disposal sites list revealed
* Cel Phone for kids
* Linux on PS3
* Some more Animal Rights Activists Terrorists
* Mars : Aurora
* Bloggers : Your blog is being data-mined, and tells a lot about you?
* 30GB Holo-Card coming, EOY 06 ... for $1?? ... Reader / Reader+Writer to cost a bit more ...
* Deep Impact's 'vision problem' getting some math ... didn't Hubble have some vision problems as well, until they re-aligned mirrors or something?
* MS : Here's how we make patches
* Competence trumps Looks, in the voting booth?
* Build the best PC for your $
* MS / India : Pirated Windows worth $1
* The Vulnerability Assessment Virus?
* HowTo : Build a digital Etcha-Sketch
* Global Warming : Academics morphing into Advocates ... "The scientists also point out that delayed action may incur a greater cost. The reverse is, of course, also true. Expenditure now for benefits in the future means foregoing potentially long-lasting benefits that can be bought now. Eradicating malaria now, for instance, would be a much better use of the world's money than spending large amounts to slightly reduce its incidence in the future by indirect means."
* Quark (suddenly) -CEO ... Kamar Aulakh, out
* Gartner fights IT FUD
* Apple joined with Intel to try to beat MS (duh) ... but are they also going to merge? ... doubtful ...
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion / Cali : Loses a fight in San Diego
* Currie for Congress! ... found via Beth
* UK : Hospital decides it is OK to keep Bibles in the rooms ... it is sad that the issue even came up ... !
* New Hampshire : 'A bad day for scumbags' ... a good day for humanity :); about the arrest of a pair of pedophiles
* Happy Half-Blogiversary to Firewolf!
* OTB says blogs are losing their blogginess ... so James probably doesn't approve of me either :(
* EU : Chirac, Schroeder - not knowing the meaning of "NO", still pushing EU Constitution ... and trying to get %7B back from UK (yeah, Blair should (cough) get right on that!)
* Sean Penn, member of F.A.G. IIRC, stumping for Iran? ... F.A.G = Film Actors' Guild, go watch Team America dammit! (it rocks!)
* HowTo : Podcasting!
* Speculation : Intel to buy Apple, "dethrone MS"?
* Blogs as "reputation hacking tools" ... just call me Prince Charming ...

* True'ish : Drunk Blogging! ... hey that's me, right now! ... found via Beth!
* 'And So the Kinder, Gentler War on Terror Began' ... "I intend to conduct every phase of Operation Sitting Ducks with scrupulous adherence to the letter of the law. And as you know, gentlemen, we are pledged never to bring any harm whatsoever to even a single page of the Holy Koran" ... "MOSQUE YOU NO SHOOT HERE FILTHY AMERICANS WHO ARE PROBABLY JEWS HA HA NEENER NEENER" ... "No. That would deprive the protesters of their inalienable human right to high-speed Internet access. Besides, we didn't spend two weeks hooking them up to digital cable just to turn around and disconnect them" ... hilarious! ... AAAAAHHHH - "President Dean" - *thud* (TJ passes out ... OK, I'm back) ... "All Foreign Soldiers Must Wear Groucho Glasses riots of last year? Some cynics are saying that these cultural beliefs are less than authentic" ... "the scandal at Guantanamo Bay wasn't that we abused the Koran. It's that we didn't abuse it enough"
* Computer Case made entirely out of fans!
* New CD : The Very Best of Howard Dean ... it's a 2 disc set!
* New OOTS (#192) ... sacrificing minions can solve any problem!
* Rangel - "little more than your typical, run-of-the-mill race-baiting socialist - and an unintelligent one at that - but now he seems to have stepped over the random bedwetting leftist precipice and into raging full-on drooling idiocy"
* PATRIOT Act needed, to reign in Crowe
* ' Dean mocks NRA membership with Alzheimer's puppet'
* Mexico : Lawsuit; 'Volcano of Fire' only produced lava and ash
* MS : Longhorn 'Advanced Licensing'
* True'ish : 'Men wish to annihilate wildlife with their cars, women are cheap.' ... "Mazda: the ultimate bisexual car."
* Illegal Immigration / Canada : The lineage of Gregory Despres ... found via MoonBattery
* American Medical Journal - 'Drinking Hydrochloric Acid Good For You'
* Flash : Star Wares Lines (losers)
* 'Dean calls Republicans fat, ugly' ... "apologizes for omitting insults from recent tirade"
* ALP#121! ... chicks love flyswatters!
* Flash : GroceryStore Wars ... "Cuke Skywalker, You must learn the ways of the farm, Thai fighters, the Death Melon, Darth Tater, etc." ... thanks Shelly! (just ignore the eco-weenie parts :) )
* Kerry was "Jaws" in Moonraker! ... must read, and check the pics!!
* 'Bush lifts ban on vigilantism'
* SteroidGate : Special Olympics next?
* GITMO : To be closed on Wednesdays
* Flash : The Creep
* Was your dad a geek too?
* Bill designed by psychopath
* KoranGate'ish : 'Allied Soldiers Punched, Spit On And Verbally Abused Mein Kampf'
* "PATRIOT Act Renewal Bingo"
* Caption : Age > IQ
* 'FBI missed it's chance'! ... "to capture Clinton-era Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick" ... found via Bsizzle
* Mary's books are procreating?
* Rusty still in search of a Fatwa ... he's all selfish and stuff, I mean - he already got an Instalanche ... and some MSM-respect ... I think he is trying to hog all of the bloggerisms to himself!

Quotes of the Day
Oderint dum metuant
... "Let them hate, as long as they fear."
--thanks Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler! (new blogroll member :P)

Insomniak : Stupid Google
Insomniak : "The" is a common word, and was not included in your search
Insomniak : "Who" is a common word, and was not included in your search
--thanks BASH! (edited for language)

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