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* Iraq : Mortar kills 6 ... on the good side, "Iraqi and U.S. troops have destroyed a huge underground insurgent hideout"
(PS - when they say insurgent they mean terrorist)
* Earthquake / Turkey : 5.7; kills (atleast) 37 ... condolences & prayers
* Nepal : Terrorist landmine kills 37 ... condolences & prayers
* Kuwait : +Woman's suffrage
* Washington State : Rossi loses (this round) ... Judge now gets an assist in Gregoire's theft ... or, to put it another way, 'It's Okay To Commit Voter Fraud'
* Citi's turn to lose customer info - for 3.9M customers! ... hmm, maybe they (banks (e.g. - BoA, Wachovia), etc. (e.g. - Lexis Nexis)) can start taking it seriously now?

* Remembering D-Day(June 6, 1944), and a thought on the (still) sleeping giant ... and Raven points us to some more on that! ... and Remember FDR's leadership ... and Ike's message
* Illegal Immigration : US vs Mexico ... and who knew people were sneaking into Mexico?? (not from the US :P ) ... and Immigrant or invader?
* Iran : Harboring al Qaida
* Soviet Gulag = "OK"; US 'Gulag-lite' = "BAD" ... what media bias? ...
"I have an aunt in Israel who, in WWII, climbed up to the ventilation grate on a train going to the Treblinka death camp, jumped off the fast-moving train and suffered severe frostbite in the harsh Polish winter snows. When she finally reached a civilian doctor, he amputated all 10 of her toes. I have a different perspective on what great and cruel injustice is than a lot of Americans. My definition doesn't necessarily include people denying someone access to a religious book. If you're religious, you may already have memorized many prayers"
- indeed, and something those (cough) fine people @ the NYT should bear in mind!

* "Downing Street Memo" debunked ... "It is sad when hearsay thrice-removed raises this kind of ruckus, especially since a version had been reported three years ago. As smoking guns go, it is not high caliber"
* 'The Ayatollah really was an Assahola' ... and check his banner : "D-Day, June 6, 1944. The day Allies invaded Normandy to liberate a country that could have cared less. Honor the fallen." - Well Said!
* Aaron brings us MUCH more on the dangerous spread of the Wahhabi sect of Islam ... truly frightening
* Thoughts on History, and its history ... and some (more) thoughts on D-Day
* Freakonomics, and how some economists can change your life ... I like this one : "If you have a finite amount of a resource, at some point we'll just use it up, right? ... Technological advances and other innovations have not only allowed us to extract and use resources that we might not have 50, even 20 years ago -- but that self-same ingenuity allows us to be more productive and efficient with what we extract. Therefore, the price of resources should remain basically constant, even drop, over time -- oil included" (The Winston Churchill one is particularly good as well, as is Laffer's quote : "if you reduces taxes from a certain level, you'll increase tax revenues")
* Tenn. : City sponsored lap dance!? ... and get paid $100/hr to receive the dance ... nice!
* Terri'ish : TMH introduces us to Linguistic Semantics ... and puts it into a real-world context
* Relive the 80's with your very own Amiga (emulator)
* The "Healthcare crisis" myth
* Howard Yeeaargh! Dean : James Carville got something right (for once) : " It's so indicative of the Democratic Party. Now we're just playing into every stereotype: We're weak, disorganized, flopping around" ... many of us have said since before he was chosen, and keep saying : Dean as DNC Chair is the gift that keeps giving - to the GOP, that is ... and other Dems 'disowning' him as well ... but / and :* Just like Life imitates art, Hillary imitating Dean? ... open mouth, switch foot
* Media Bias : not just in the US
* Venezuela : Chavez using oil as a strategic weapon
* SleepTracker works (mostly), wake up feeling better
* NASA / HowTo : Watch Deep Impact ... speaking of comets : Confusing would-be planet finders
* 'Why Would the Times Publish This Story?' ... "If my friend dies in his tour of duty I shall be thinking very specifically about Mr. Scott, Mr. Grey, and Ms. Williams"
* Disney World has "Gay Days"? ... "when they throw it in the faces of families ... they lose potential allies in the mainstream" ... found via Bizzle
* MS : How it plans to win
* Transmeta - RIP
* How 'Jet Lag' works
* In memory of Nathan Hale; born June 6, 1755
* Merri has a message for Animal Rights Terrorists : Crime is not 'protected speech!'
* Cali : "Gay Marriage" bill defeated!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Islam in our schools, part 4 (finale) ... and more on how the public school system is failing us and our children
* 'Live 8: Keeping the Helpless Down ' ... and 'Somewhere over the rainbow'
* Bloggers : Basil brings us some advice from Harvey on Blogging HowTo's; specifically - How Not to Lose a Post (again)
* Texas : Governor Perry 'does it right' ... "In a ceremony filled with religious references, Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill at a church school gymnasium Sunday that imposes more limits on late-term abortions and requires minors to get written parental consent for abortions"
* Watergate : Killed Journalism? ... and more here
* Kinsey - dishonest hack ... hey, if NAMBLA supports him ...
* Jews are smarter ... SCA likes to start Monday with some Political Incorrectness ... and for the record, I believe I am one of the 700 :P (read the article)
* Virginia : Thoughts on '06 primaries
* Taxes coming to an Internet near you?
* Social inSecurity Don't forget about the "Forgotten 450!"
* SCOTUS : No medical marijuana ... and they are Right & Wrong
* Coalition of the Chilling ... found via Commissar ... which was found via Rusty
* UselessNations : Failing to live up to its own charter! ... a balanced viewpoint ...
* The 9/11 Commission of self-aggrandizement, armchair general-ing, and Bush-bashing is back
* Disney's Board of Directors' election being challenged, by Disney
* SCOTUS : Own a cruise ship? Dock in the US? Get ready to support the disabled!
* Wacky Celebrity Religions - Scientology

* New OOTS! (#190) ... "Redcloak is all grown up now" ... :P
* UF : BILE inside?
* True : Madame Granny ... "Vera Tursi ... taking $60 of every $160 she charged clients for one hour with a call girl"
* KoranGate'ish : More 'abuse' here! ... and Lutefisk abuse; Lutherans to riot! ... and GI gets 20 years for looking sideways at Koran! ... "and you can see right through the water" ... and Jack knows how to treat prisoners! - I AGREE WITH HIM!
* Vinnie has the cure for the AIDS pandemic
* True'ish : Desi award TIE : Biden & Kerry! ... and check the pics!
* True'ish : How to write a Commencement Speech, by Ace ... and how NOT to ...
* 'Bushes to rule U.S. until 2090'
* Harvard's President apologizes ... heh
* Caption This! ... "I, Hillary Rodham, do solemnly swear to ... *SNICKER* uphold and ... *HEEE HEEE HEEEE* defend the ... *SNORT* Constitution ... " ... and perky!
* Gitmo : Approved taunts
* Marriage of the Deep Throats ... Anna Nicole Smith, W. Mark Felt (isn't he young for her?)
* W delivers commencement address in Waco ... "Jesus was full of very practical military advice ... Pray that we're out of Iraq by 2008 because otherwise, Jeb may have a hard time beating those unpatriotic Democrats"
* 'Scientists seek explanation for Paris Hilton'
* 'Ted Turner: CNN should focus less on transvestites, more on Pro-Saddam coverage'
* 'Nash, Ginobili tangle hair; Western Conference Finals delayed'
* 'Republicans see Anti-Bush agenda in all Lucas films'
* Red Hat releases faster-spinning RPM ... up to 45 RPMs now ...
* Super Target to the rescue!
* Star Wars Character or Hip Hop "Artist"?
* Networks : "Jackson's trial too short"

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