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* Just dropping a(nother) heads-up that NIF will be adrift from Jun29-July10 as I will be out of state, with "dial-up-at-best" Internet connectivity ... so keep the lights on for me ...
* Harvey going all-blogging ... now go help him live the dream
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* Karnival of Kids ... including Riley :)
* Rusty is having a trackback party ... yeah, that's it - me too! But NIF is not as cool as MPJ, etc.
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* Iraq : Apache shot down, 2 crew + 2 passengers killed ... I didn't know the Apache carried passengers?
... and
Terrorists kill 33 in suicide bombings ... prayers & condolences
* Oil : $60+ ... again/still :( ... UPDATE : $61
* Iran : Meet President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ... promising to practice moderation ... doubtful, bu we shall see!
... and
Hans has a positive thought about those elections
* Nepal : 90 students abducted by Communist rebels
* Florida : Shark attacks, kills 14 yr old Jamie Daigle ... condolences
* Kenya : 3 suspected terrorists released ... justice, or travesty thereof?
* Wyoming : Luke Sanburg, missing 13 yr old ... feared drowned, but prayers for the best
* Virginia : Governor Warner (D) breaks hand in bike fall ... funny pics to ensue?
* John Walton dies in plane crash ... condolences
* Florida : ANOTHER shark attack ... 2nd attack in 3 days
* Europe : Heat Wave ... as warned about!

* ESCR : Go sign this petition! ...
As a concerned citizen, I am signing this Citizen Petition strongly opposing the use of my tax dollars for human embryonic stem cell research. Federal funds should not be used for research that causes human embryos to be destroyed, discarded, or placed under risk of injury or death. I oppose all legislative and executive efforts to utilize tax dollars to support research on human embryos. Human embryo research is nothing short of high-tech cannibalism. Ample alternatives are available (including successful research on adult stem cells) so that our nation should never resort to the use of helpless human beings for spare parts.

* Iraq'ish : SuperHawk Rick has few thoughts on the Charlie-Foxtrot that is the govt procurement program ... >
It’s time to get behind our troops and support them to the fullest. And the best way we can do that at this moment is skewer the Pentagon for their outrageous conduct during this entire affair.
... he even gives some props to some lefties ... although I am not sure Rummy's resignation is the answer ...

* Iraq : Ex-hostage hiring bounty hunters ... excellent; has already "invested" $50k!
... and I love the fact that he calls it an investment, he should accept donations!

* Ronald Reagan, Greatest American
* Thoughts on our national debt ... hint : we are not being bought-out by China
* Germany : Checkpoint Charlie monument to get bulldozed? ... on the 4th of July, of all days ... stop them.
* GITMO'ish : Pelosi declares "the War in Afghanistan is over" ... sadly, she is quite wrong
... and
Beth found a video for "Dick Turban Durbin"
* US in-sourcing P238 production
* A more intuitive calculator ... kids these days have it so easy ...:)
* UK : '210 reasons to refuse a Freedom of Information request'
* MS : +RSS in IE7, Longhorn
* What message will you help pass down to the following generations> ...
Will we pass on the firefighters who went back into those towers because people needed to be saved; only to tragically die themselves? Or will our mantra be "Bush lied, people died"? Will we be defined by the events of September 11th? Or will that event be written in our history books as "well-deserved" pay back? Will our troops be honored or will the message "we support our troops when they kill each other" be our cry? Will Michael Moore, George Soros, Howard Dean be revered as American Heroes? Or George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and our men and women sacrificing everything for America be esteemed? What will our history be? Which voices will persevere?
... go read the whole thing. Seriously. And tell Jody I said Hi :).

* Free trade, e.g. - CAFTA, = good
* Americans have too much respect for the law? ... how the SCOTUS, Constitution play into this
* Clintons : Hillary "is smart enough to realize that undiluted hyper-liberalism isn't a platform that will support any successful presidential candidacy" ...
Hillary Clinton is neither the anti-Christ nor the smartest politician around. We know, from pretty much everything she has done in her adult life that she is dishonest, opportunistic, and someone we cannot possibly trust with the security of our nation. Forget all that for the moment. Focus on the fact that she, like Howard Dean, John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich, is a pure-as-Ivory-Soap liberal ... HER MOST UNEXPECTED PAL is Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), who is as rock-ribbed a conservative as you're likely to find in the Senate. But rock-like ribs may be accompanied by political soft-headedness. Beaming her "I landed another sucker" smile at a March press conference, Clinton shared the stage with Santorum to announce a bill they cosponsored to measure the effect of television and the Internet on children. It's bad enough for a conservative to be sponsoring this kind of feel good nonsense -- the bill will not pass, and will mean nothing to our children -- but why do it in a way that helps Clinton claim the family values credentials of a moderate?
... I know I am still watching the virtual transformation ...

* Quantum Computing, springing a leak? ... a coherence problem
* Masculinity being attacked ... Metrosexuals vs Retrosexuals (wussies vs real men, I know which would win!)
... found via
Kender ... who has a thought or two on this subject :)
* Tom still a wacky Scientologist Cruise ... gets into it with Lauer over Psychiatrists ... Basil adds "To be made into movie: Dumb & Dumber III"
* Data Center in a bubble? ... cut those HVAC bills ...
* 'A Code for the Heavens' ... cool-sounding universe simulation
* Take Back the Memorial gaining momentum ... excellent!
* Sex Offenders lie ... + ~90% recidivism rate + the nature of their crime = why they should STAY IN JAIL
* Social inSecurity : The solvency shell-game? ...
The trust fund concept is a deeply dishonest one -- the government loans money to itself, spends it, and then claims the loan is a real asset. There's no money in the trust fund because it's already been spent.
* 'AOL Gives Up On Subscription-Only Service'
* Thoughts on Sharia law, the Koran ... and more reasons why Christianity has them beat
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : The (cough) flexibility of the Constitution ... or, atleast, in how it is (mis)interpreted
... and
states to the rescue?
... and
TAotB does a round-up on the lies statements from local govts saying "it can't happen here"
* Medicaid / Medicare dropping Viagra, etc. ... finally!
* Thoughts on freedom, and the spreading thereof ... and just who do we think we are? Well, I know - but you go read :)
* Your pet wants a GPS collar ... and if Fluffy goes missing, you might just wish she had one
* Plastics might not be killing our babies ... DEHP, MEHP, ECMO ... nanograms ...
* Ward liar, fake Indian, plagiarist, traitor Churchill : In support of fragging ... HOW DOES THIS MAN STILL HAVE A JOB?
* Nanolevers, Nanomech memory ... all I hear is cool toys
* Genetic politics ... found via Dr Sanity who also adds -
Even the tendency to believe ridiculous conclusions from single research studies
... :) go read the whole "Carnival of the Insanities" post - good stuff!

* US govt too busy fighting right-thinking "militias", ignoring the gang-terrorist tag team?
* MadTech brings you Friday's rant, today ... always something (or many somethings) good there! (like maybe a housing bust, or robo-guards)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion'ish : Socialist "Hive" trying to take control of US via evolution, not revolution
* France : This is how they fight AIDS?
* NiceDoggie goes a-flyin'! ... and I am DAMNED JEALOUS!
* Pulling video from a cat's brain?
* BTK gives gory details
* Google : Surpasses $300/share
* Global Warming : Earth to get a "space ring"? ... and other, um, unusual answers
* 'The Poor Person’s Production Suite' ... open-source/free tools ... "an ensemble of three, high-level Animation, 3D, Compositing and Video Editing tools"
* Barrack Obama looking to join the Dean-Durbin Foot-Mouth club? ... compares himself to Lincoln, while also casting aspersions against Lincoln ...
* Undead : Dogs brought back from the dead? ... ok, not quite that 'magical' ... but :
Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research has developed a technique in which subject's veins are drained of blood and filled with an ice-cold salt solution. The animals are considered scientifically dead, as they stop breathing and have no heartbeat or brain activity. But three hours later, their blood is replaced and the zombie dogs are brought back to life with an electric shock. Plans to test the technique on humans should be realized within a year
... do these people not watch horror / sci-fi movies??? :)=

* 'The making & breaking of Microtubules' ... fighting cancer? ... lots of bio-science, but interesting!
* Google : GVideo service going live ... 1MB download ...
* Web-server ... inside a frog ... might be a bit graphic for some people ...

* The Alliance of Free Blogs : What will Evil Glenn be doing for Independence Day? ...
well, since the puppies go in blenders I guess that cats go on Roman Candles!
... yes?

* 'Vast PETA- Chinese Take-out Syndicate Uncovered'
* True : 78 yr old poisons neighbor's cats because she loves animals
* The Therapist has some dirt on birthday-party discrepancies ... found via Basil
... who beats me to all the good stuff, especially
this :P (and it isn't limited yet!!) um, nevermind.

Quote of the Day
Other than a scotch and soda, Kennedy doesn't bring much to the table
--thanks ThirdWave!

Some Democrat Logos from Beth :
Click for source, Some Democrat Logos from BethClick for source, Some Democrat Logos from Beth

And here is my recommendation (again); Riley does her best Democrat impersonation :
Click for more Riley pics; Riley does an impersonation of a Democrat

Click for source, SCOTUS' 5 traitors

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