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Quick Thoughts
* Today is Thursday, which is a good day to ... hmm ... Stop the ACLU! (click for some reasons why!) ... and Kender adds his thoughts here ... and RottyPup adds some thoughts on the "ACLU vs FBI" ... and ACLU, more like Victims Distorting Liberties for a Political Agenda

* Iraq : 3 Car bombs kill 16 ... condolences
* EU : OFFICIAL - No EU for the Netherlands ... well, unless the govt just ignores the people and ratify it anyway, that is ... and EU mulling future
* Lebanon : Anti-Syrian journalist killed (his car was rigged to blow)
* From NEIN - Oil transport methods being targeted? ... pipelines, and tankers at key 'choke-points' (they still don't use Permalinks :( - look for "Target : Oil" if it isn't at the top)
* SEC -1 Chairman ... William Donaldson quitting, Christopher Cox up next
* New York : 9/11 money still sitting around ... if they need to give it to someone, I am available ...
* Sun buys StorageTek ... $4.1B (include StorageTek's $1.1B in cash reserves!)
* Guidant knowingly sold defective defibrillators

* Some thoughts on Modern Parenting ... and how the world is different now than it used to be, sadly
* The "Trust Me" hormone ... oxytocin; can also overcome shyness?
* KoranGate'ish : I know, to help make up for KoranGate, let's hand out "The Meaning of the Holy Quran" - an anti-Semitic version of the Koran! ... what the hell are people thinking??
* Gitmo : 'Amnesty International Imbecility' on 'Gulag Guantanamo' ... " Otherwise the Ted Turners and George Soroses may begin to wonder whether they are getting the best bang for their buck" ... and Send in the Clowns Lawyers
* Insurrection'ish : CFIF files comments with FEC! ... found via Raven ... who also brings us THIS, about the Online Coalition ... and more under the "Quote of the Day" section below :) ... oh, and SuperHawk Rick tells us how it is, and what it means
* Rock the Vote Hypocrisy! ... excellent! ... "young conservatives have an answer for the generational traitors of MTV's Rock the Vote"
* Spain : Your money or your mistress ... got your attention? ... legislating monogamy (and heterosexuality, in effect) for company execs!
* Dispelling the Obesity / Diet Myth? ... I would still like to lose 30-60lbs, TYVM
* Potential Earth Impacting Object (comet) identified ... "Catalina 2005 JQ5" ... "1 chance in 300,000 of a strike on June 11, 2085" (so we've got a year or 80 to plan :P )
* Some thoughts, and an example, of Personal Responsibility ... or the lack thereof, and how the courts cater to it!
* Russia : 'China’s manifest destiny'
* "The light bulb of American justice has burned out and it is time for us to change it" ... "We need to stop putting people in air-conditioned jails with color televisions and same sex dating and establish serious, even embarrassing consequences for crimes that not only punishes criminals, but which also diminish the likelihood of repeat offenders" - Amen to that!
* Nuclear Korea : Their top exports, and the money quote - "I like to think of North Korea as a smaller, more toxic version of China."
* Malware : Anti-MSAntiSpyWare ... when in doubt, attack the defenses ...
* A hypothetical (for now) - Homer banned form schools due to religious implications
* More on Big Sugar vs CAFTA ... Big Labor, Protectionist Dems (sadly) find some allies on the Right ... sidenote : "But as anyone who's followed congressional budgeting can tell you, nothing cuts across party lines quite like pork. The ultimate pork is that which escapes annual scrutiny. For example, direct agricultural aid amounts to about $20 billion annually" - mind boggling!
* More thoughts on "Activist Medicine", and an action plan ... "the U.S. health care system could perform better by doing more of what is cost effective and less of what is not"
* Earth microbes could survive on Mars? ... the cyanobacterium "Chroococcidiopsis sp. 029" can survive Martian levels of UV radiation ...
* VOIP : Skype vs Vonage
* Your cel phone, the credit card
* Saudi Arabia : The definition of Sedition includes Freedom of Religion ... remember, "Islam - the Religion of (cough) Peace and (cough cough) Tolerance"
* CANtenna revisited!
* Linux geeks to take over the world? ... dunno about that, geeks still don't get the wimmin :P
* Stop Her Now! ... another great Anti-Hillary effort!
* Thoughts on Syria, beneath the facade
* Konfabulator 2.0.1 released (direct link to .ZIP)
* Watergate : Media hypocrisy WRT 'leaking' ... and if you didn't read it yesterday, go read this : What did Nixon do again? (thanks Ben Stein!)
* Global Warming : Probe to confirm? ... and Govenator to help fight Greenhouse Gasses
* An example of Over-regulation gone wild ... a piece of Thorium, with an intrinsic value of $0 (or possibly even negative!) costs $20k+ to acquire!
* What if you owned the World?
* 'Americans support law, order, the troops, and their churches' ... sadly, that comes as news to some!
* Iraq : Saddam chopped off these 7 peoples' right hands, and tattooed their foreheads ... and what was their dastardly crime, which also carried a 1yr prison sentence and a charge of $50? "Allegedly dealing in foreign currency" (gasp) ... now, let's compare and contrast : "Chop of hand" vs "Naked Man Pyramid", you pick ... and you can Order the "Remembering Saddam" DVD ... and more on Saddam's torture here, including a 1hr+ movie! ... download the.WMV here
* 'Adulthood triggered by maturity gene'
* Deep Impact - Comet Tempel 1 to get penetrated by spacecraft
* WinXP bootup in seconds? PCI + SRAM = SATA drive ... maybe ...
* Electric car that is Ferrari fast? ... soon, maybe ...
* Screamin' Dean not so good at raising the $$$ ... tried to warn the DNC against him ...
* Power lines cause cancer?
* Watergate'ish : Tripp screwed, Felt not so

* True'ish : Beef jerky debate rages on ... fighting against the Beef Jerky Nazi ... found via him (of course!)
* "Daily Dancer" ... OMGWTF ... so gay ... found via Beth
* True : "G**dammit, I said to follow me, and follow me you f*****g will. Everyone—over the side NOW" ... interesting & amusing story :)
* 'In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes' ... some are Hitler now! ... (ahem) including the military!
* 'McCain deal confirms Bolton, rejects mustache'
* True'ish : 'Doug Giles' 10 Habits For Defective People'
* Not Pron - "The hardest riddle available on the Internet" ... found via Makrothumeo

Quotes of the Day
* In accordance with possible FEC regulations, no money changed hands in connection with this post
--thanks NOfP! ... and think Screw the FEC and Insurrection! ... and remember : Public Comments Deadline: June 3rd ... another great + relevant quote :"If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules"

* But seriously, I think it's great that women can team up together and help advance each other at the expense of everyone else's interests. I wish men had someplace like that ... Oh, yeah. We do. It's called "Earth."
--thanks ACE! (And check the rest of his Cotillion comments!! - HA!) ... Can't win for losing with these wimmin; Jody is giving me grief for not plugging the Cotillion which recently had its debut ... so go check out the "Dirty-Kinky Rightwing Chicks"!

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