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  • ME : I am a bachelor this week; with all of the negatives thereof (and none of the benefits!)
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  • India : Monsoon death toll tops 900 ... condolences
  • Earthquake : Sumatra, 6.0
  • SCOTUS : Justice Breyer's house also being targeted for Eminent Domain takeover ... excellent
    ... I hope he & Souter both get theirs!
  • Russia : Bird Flu
  • Disneyland : Roller Coaster collision ... 15 injuries
  • Guns : Senate (rightly) votes to shield gun manufacturers from lawsuits

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  • Left : Cao has LOTS of thoughts on the whole Kill BushHitler crowd
  • TV : Over There over-rated?
  • Watcher's Council :
  • ... 2.5 TWAs are winners!
    ... SuperHawkRick won, with 'History and fantasy' ... way to go! ... also :
    ... Dr. Sanity's 'You never know what's going to happen yesterday'
    ... Beth's 'Hanoi…er, Baghdad Jane' (ex-TWA, but still gets love from us)
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... Disney "stared down" by CAIR, firessuspends Michael Graham ... after FOX was defeated as well
    ... more here
    ... more here, from Michael Graham himself
    ... 'Islam guilty as charged? Not exactly' ...
    Ever since the attacks of September 11, 2001 Americans across the political spectrum have been seeking to “understand” terrorism. ... We are a nation of problem solvers, tinkerers, do-it-yourselfers; we’re good at taking things apart to get at the nub of a problem be it a faulty condenser or where to build a railroad. ... What we’re not so good at is “understanding” the motivations underlying human behavior for which most of the evils of this world both past and present can be ascribed. In truth, understanding the nature of evil has not been one of our strong suits. ... What CAIR or any other so-called “moderate” Islamic group cannot do is to refute Mr. Graham’s thesis point by point. To recognize that there is even a discussion about whether Islam itself is the problem would open the door to introspection. And at the present time, this is something that Islamic culture simply is incapable of doing.
    ... and an open letter to CAIR ... "You don't have a religion, CAIR, you have a death cult", cross-posted @ MyPetJawa
    ... Some thoughts on the foreign terrorists fueling Iraq's ongoing problems
    ... France ejects 12 "preachers of hate" .. and Aaron is jealous!
    ... Hamas, BBC celebrating their nuptials ... no media bias here! Speaking of which :
    ... Death Threats from the BBC? ... vs Afghanistan Blogger
    ... 'Find the Islamic organizations in your area' ... found via Cao
    ... We are all judgmental at times, and sometimes we need to be!
    ... Vinnie wants a Fatwa ... and so does Aaron
    ... al Qaida websites being shutdown?
  • Internet : Some calls for and "end of US domination" ... yeah, um WE BUILT IT ... ... read this :)
  • Tax Code : So, did you know that the tax-free part of the 529 program(s) have a sunset date
    ... I didn't, and want this fixed (for Riley's benefit!!) ... and think FairTax!
  • WiFi : @ 125M? ... TeamPAD breaks their own record!
  • Patriotism : Johne Wayne, the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Firefox / Google : Skin your GMail account
  • Iraq : Carter is a douche, calls war unjust ... calls GITMO an international embarrassment
    (which is ironic, 'cuz that is how I feel about him!)
  • Religion : Thoughts on God, War ... "Justice is not a simple matter"
  • Hotels : Hacking for guest names, room numbers
  • Tragedy : In memory of CA-35, USS Indianapolis ... and the ~300 that drowned.
    ... And, they were the lucky ones, compared to ~600 that died of exposure, dehydration and sharks.
  • Calculators : Wanna play Wolfenstein 3D on your TI-83?
  • Solar System : Planet X has a moon
  • Democracy : Poland vs Belarus? ... EU still, basically, useless
  • Screamin' Dean :
  • Bloggers : ' How Blogging Makes Me Better At Work' ... found via ItsAPundit
  • Traitor : Hanoi Jihad Jane 'has an acid flashback, wakes up in the 60s'
  • China : Plans to nuke hundreds of US cities if we fight over Taiwan
  • WiFi : You cannot steal radio signals!
  • Haiti : Funeral director kills ... "could not bear the thought of losing all that money"
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion :
  • ... Needs a curfew
    ... Internal strife? ... hopefully a trend that will continue!
  • Israel : UCC (rightly) rejects divestment, Episcopalian (wrongly) urge it
  • DEFCON : Day 1, some Stego
  • How To : Sniffing in a switched environment
  • MS : XBOX360 Keyboard revealed
  • Politicians : Sharpton, "Stop Blind Support of Dems"
    ... probably a simple power-play by him, but there is some truth in his statements
  • UselessNations :
  • ... Recess Bolton appointment expected
    ... 'Undersecretary Scored Big Commercial Gains From OFF' ... Kofi & Kojo, still employed
  • Evolution : 'Instant Evolution' ... first instance of animal hybridization
  • MSM : "Flush the NYT" ...
    Just when you think the rhetoric of those seeking to pollute the 9/11 Memorial with anti-American propaganda can’t sink any lower, up steps the New York Times
  • India : Gossip kills
  • Crime : JodyBill Teach is tired of pedophiles & murderers
  • Austria : Where museums let naked people in free?
  • Babysitter : Babysitter,F/12, and babysittee,M/8, engage in "lewd conduct" ... and who do you think gets charged?
  • Murdoch : Son unexpectedly quits, moving back 'down under'
  • Modern Day Piracy : "Malacca Straights" so dangerous it is classified as a war zone!
  • ID Theft : Govt Agencies (in Australia this time) still selling computers before wiping data
  • Theft : 3D barcodes, 30 micrometers in size!
  • Sean Connery : Retires
  • Buttons : Need to make a button for your Blog?
  • Patents : MS,+3000 patents? ... "Gotta meet that quota of 60 fresh, nonobvious patentable ideas a week" :P
  • GPS : A real-life HitchHickers' Guide to the Galaxy Earth? ... it KNOWS where you are
  • How To : Shooting Rubberbands!
  • Office Warfare : 'Tagball - The Indoor Velcro Paintball Alternative' ... only $40!

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  • Leftie : Helen Thomas was not put on suicide watch
  • UselessNations : 'Sudan rape victims get free copy of UN report'
  • War : Canada, Denmark - at brink of war!
  • Scouts : God doesn't like you anymore!
  • ESCR : 'Frist: stem cell study may cure tax-dollar addiction'
  • Patriotism : 'Supporting the troops takes so much work these days'
  • Movies : The best movie mistakes of all time
  • True : Berlin readying World Championship-sized brothel ... shooting for a medal in ___?
  • Instapundit : IMAO know who wants to buy, and why!
  • Job : Wear a toilet seat on your head for $35/day
  • Reality TV : 'I'm a suicide bomber: get me out of here!'
  • W : Left worried that Rove is distracting him from war they oppose, nominee they hate
  • Starvation : Anti-Geldoff protests ... call him an "Africa-obsessed whore"
  • Caption This : Americana, turned horrily awry

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  • Media Bias :
  • I guess "diversity" has its limits. There's good diversity and bad diversity; good diversity is the diversity
    of those who agree completely with you, bad diversity is the evil diversity of people who disagree.
    --thanks Ace!

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    Reparations, Jackson for sale
    Six Meat Buffet

    (found via Basil)

    Islam for Dhimmis
    Beth's VRWC


    Man-at-arms of Haunted Houses

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  • Riley : She has taken steps! She took about 4 steps, only walking about 2', but that's still a big deal!
  • REDvsBLUE : Season 3 DVD is awesome! ... one of the deleted scenes has Space Weather!
  • Contest : Cao's "Treason Hunter" contest
  • Brother against Brother: ... Kit & Heidi have truly some done some amazing work here, GO READ THEM ALL :
  • Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8
    A seven9(?)-part series about jealousy, truth, and honor between men who fought in a place called Vietnam.
    UPDATE : Listen Live Online ... "Kender’s radio show .. Friday morning, 0800 PST (1100EST) ... 1-888-XRADIO1"

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  • ESCR : Frist waffles? ... supporting federal funding ... IMHO - still a very slippery slope!
  • Ireland : IRA disarming!
  • UK-07.21.2005 : All four suspects are now in custody!
  • Islamofascism : Sheik Mohammed Ali Hassan al-Moayad sentenced to 75 years
    ... and the wannabe "Millennium Bomber" only got 22.
  • Weather : June-July '05 is the hottest ever (recorded)

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  • NASA : Discovery should be able to come home safely
  • Drinks : Self-chilling can
  • Caffeine : How many of what will it take to KILL you? ... "It would take 540.32 cans of Coca-Cola Classic to kill you" me
  • Ecology : Planting trees creates deserts?
  • Internet : The real father of the Internet, Vint not Al GoreCerf
  • ID Theft : Papers' natural "fingerprint" to help fight fraud?
  • DNA : How to extract it from ANYTHING ... and it involves a blender, mentions a puppy - need I say more?
  • Online : 'How To Build A Popular and Profitable Forum Community'
  • Computers : Making a MultiBoot DVD
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : No queens, but rich seniors?
  • Alienware : Invading your Data Center? ... rack-mountables
  • National Security : Not all about cameras? ... I hafta' disagree, I think they do provide value!
  • Mars : Ice Lake found in impact crater on the Vastitas Borealis
  • MS :
  • ... 'IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! search'
    ... Run with ZERO services ... a bit crippled, but still cool!
  • TV : Cable going wireless? ... "quadruple play"
  • Nintendo : Profits down ~80%
  • SCOTUS : Kennedy waffles
  • Solar System : A new Outer-solar-system planet, 70% of Pluto's size ... "Trans-Neptunian Object, or TNO"
  • Energy Bill : Passing soon, pork included :(
  • Housing Market : Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac reform
  • Relativity : 'Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, in words of four letters or less'
  • eBay : man is eBaying EVERYTHING he owns ... includes car, only up to ~$8k so far
  • Speeding : 'The definitive guide to speeding tickets' ... oh yeah, NOW I find this site!

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  • OOTS : #208 ... horse = glue, and quick-draw on the lead shield!
  • UF : It's SysAdmin Appreciation Day!
  • ALP : #137 (guest art) ... what geeks really spend $ on!
  • True'ish : Cheney needs to run (not even win) so Helen Thomas will kill herself!

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  • Islamofascism :
  • Al-Takeyya : The Islamic principle of lying for the sake of Allah. Falsehoods told to prevent denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned by the Quran, including lying under penalty of perjury in testimony before the United States Congress, lying or making distorted statements to the media such as claiming that Islam is a religion of peace, and deceiving fellow Muslims when the one lying has deemed them to be apostates. See the Islam Review article for documentation of this from the Quran and the Hadith. The practice of Al-Takeyya is commonly employed to declare a Hudna.
    --thanks William P. Welty, Ph.D., The Zionist Enemy of Islam! (click more more definitions!)

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    no cauliflower & no anesthesia

    Zimbabwe, Operation Murambatsvina
    Cox & Forkum


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Knight

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  • Missing Person: Cheryl Ann Magner; go to "Closing" (below) for a picture and help if you can!
  • Thursday : That means it is time to Stop the ACLU!
    ... and Merri has some thoughts on Cameras, Terrorism, and the ACLU
    ... and Cao comments on the saved cross
  • Bloggers : Cao's Treason Hunter Contest
  • Brother against Brother: ... GO READ THEM ALL :
  • Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8
    A seven9(?)-part series about jealousy, truth, and honor between men who fought in a place called Vietnam.

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  • Fire : 5 alarm fire at chemical plant in Ft Worth, Texas ... injuries, no deaths ... developing
  • UK-07.21.2005 : More arrests ... and pictures
  • India : Rain death toll surpasses 450 ... prayers and condolences
  • Suicide : "Suspended Miami Commissioner Art Teele fatally shot himself in the head in the lobby of the Miami Herald"
    ... was facing some legal problems ... condolences
  • Free Trade : CAFTA passes ... narrowly - 217-215; after much pushing by W+Cheney
    ... free trade good, loss of amnesty and/or illegal immigration protection = bad ... let's see what happens!
  • Afghanistan : Chinooks burn when they land hard? ... thankfully, noone was injured
  • Crime : Convicted child killer and rapist Marcus Wesson was sentenced to death in Cali

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  • Avian Flu : A scary look at a (hypothetical) scary future ... and it won't take much to remove "hypothetical" ... :
    Spend a bit of time following this yourself, on a personal level, and think about what your contingency plans might be
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... Lord Nazir Ahmed - "Its just an identity crisis" ... :
    That's the developmental stage in life when young folks walk around in a brown study pondering such metaphysical quandaries as "Who am I?" "What's it all about?" and "Where am I going?" ... Not: "How many pounds of explosives do I need to smuggle aboard a bus to kill and maim the maximum number of women and children?"
    ... "Apparently the word "moderate" is as elastic with respect to imams as it is with respect to Democratic politicians"
    ... War on Tourism
  • Ahmed Ressam (wannabe Millennium Bomber) :
  • ... 'Reason 5,239 Why Terrorism Cases Should Be Tried Militarily'
    ... Capn Ed updates
    ... 'Judge Coughenour: Your arrogance is exceeded only by your contempt for the lives of your fellow citizens.'
    ... "How do we protest this judge's idiocy?"
    ... 'Terrorists' little helper: Judge John Coughenour'
  • NASA : Tarnished, and the history thereof ... and private alternatives about to eat their dinner?
  • Reparations : Close the loop! ... say no to the NAACP; and Rev. Wayne Perryman vs Democratic Party! Excellent!
  • Nadagate :
  • ... Questions of Plame impartiality
    ... Admiral Bobby Inman vs Larry Johnson
  • Iraq :
  • ... Al Qaida local #666 "claims" the murdering of Algerian envoys
    ... found via B, who adds "Michael Moore proud of his "minutemen"
    ... 'Reality is the ultimate Rorschach Test' ... thoughts on the art of Constitution-crafting
  • MS :
  • ... Vista beta released ... and the benefits thereof
    ... "Genuine Advantage"=mandatory
  • Google : Earth ... like GoogleMaps, but more!
  • Earth : Geoneutrinos to reveal the secrets of inner Earth?
  • Nanny state (UK) : "Alcohol ads may no longer feature sexy guys" ... found via Bisal
  • Health : Some thoughts on medical errors, and the reporting thereof ... and TWA misses Raven :(
  • Robots : More on MechaWhore Repliee Q1 ... gotta' love Ace's comments
    ... "I'll stick with the real thing. By which I mean Internet pornography."
  • MSM : Defining "military is increasingly distant from mainstream American society" ... what they mean is distant form THEM ... :
    The American Left is far, far out of touch with the American military. Since the abolition of the draft Leftists don't serve
  • GOP : To run anti-Byrd ads ... 52 years is long enough, really! ... found via IAP
  • PSP : Top10 hacks
  • The Left :
  • ... 'Left Behind', as labor splits ... future = "very, very bleak" - or not that bad?
    ... Must be held accountable ... "leftists must now explain their revealing lack of interest in pursuing the following ..."
    ... Lack of common sense, grasp on reality ... "To achieve such a perfect future, almost anything is justified"
    ... Dean doing his best to kill the Democrats
    ... More on Air America stealing from the poor ...
    Unfortunately for Piquant, when they bought Air America, they bought its liabilities

    ... Ohio State faculty member caught on tape stealing and trashing right-leaning student newspapers ... found via GOPB
  • Clinton : 'Hillary Goes Moderate?' ... (cough, no)
  • Kerry : Another Kerry wants to lose an election ... and he is also (cough) quite the looker!
  • Edwards : US Tour ... :
    He bought a seat in the US Senate for a few years, and even showed up to vote once or twice. He was also a vice-presidential candidate for a little while. After he lost that election, he was rewarded by the University system of North Carolina with a chair of some sort ... Check them again. It's starting to appear that he wants to be Hillary's running mate in '08. After all, he brought so much to the ticket in '04, why not?
  • Technological Advancement : US needs to get back on the treadmill!
  • Cuba : 'Totalitarian Nightmare' ... 11th anniversary of "13 de Marzo" tragedy
  • US Army : Transformation ... "moving from a division-based force structure to brigade-based"
  • Gaming : Brice Mellen, 17, will probably work you. Oh, and he's blind.
  • FCC : Needs reform, limits!
  • Politicians : Grassley is better than Harkin ... atleast to Jody :)
  • SCOTUS :
  • ... Federalist Society has no "secret handshakes"
    ... Roberts' nomination is good ... political savvy on top of other credentials
    ... "So either Durbin's lying or Durbin's lying or Durbin's lying...take your pick"
  • Global Politics : 'Failed States Index Map'
  • EU : "Just now waking up to the idea that gee, they ought to stop the funding of terrorists!"
  • Religion : 'MSM vs Christianity'
  • Intellectual Property : More on Brazil's abuse of medical/medicine patents ... "Axis of IP Evil"
  • Telecom : Qualcomm Pwnz ... all your wCDMA are belong to them
  • Global Warming : "Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate", moving beyond Kyoto
  • Canada : Blames US for shooting deaths
    ... found via Small Dead Animals, which was found via SCA, - who suggests we blame Canada for Drunk Driving
  • Performance Appraisals : A necessary evil? ... perhaps not?
  • Internet Searches : A peek under Google's covers
  • Illusions : Color perception
  • TV : Review of Over There

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Beer : Bud Tsunami ... looks like water, tastes like water, flows like water ;P
  • Bloggers : DaisyCutter pulls a Trifecta of Goomba's Golden Meatball Awards
  • WTW (a day late) : Redneck Games
  • True : OJ = DirecTV pirate
  • Cheney : Debris falls off
  • Saudi Arabia : Hiring ninjas for security
  • Caption This : Honey, I shrunk the ___
  • SCOTUS : Roberts is a mannequin
  • Guns : 'Senate votes to allow firearms manufacturers to sue victims'
  • True'ish : 'How to destroy your computer' ... :
    slapdash, ill-informed, incompetent work is what's expected of you. Don't let the industry down
  • Law : 'House Passes LAFTA, Relieving Liberal Guilt'
  • Baseball : 'All Star Game renamed to “American League beat down festival”'
  • AntiTerrorism : 'UK brews World's Largest Pot of Tea as anti-terrorist measure'
  • Doonesburygate : What's wrong with Turd Blossom ... calling her Monica, not so funny
  • NORKs : 'Kim Jong-Il demands iPod'
  • UF : Death Star about to come online
  • Real World Game : Book Crossing ... that's different!
  • Blogging : 6yr old blogging - "Little Miss Princess" ... found via Beth
  • Pointless Link : Don't get a rash do anything rash ... found via Black5
  • The Alliance of Free Blogs : PGH - The UNternet ... Once the UN has confiscated the Internet :
  • 1. Kofi will assign Kojo to work at your ISP, but deny having done so
  • 2. The Bandwidth for Food program will be in effect; and the UN will be skimming entitled to a % of your bandwidth
  • 3. France, Russia and Germany will be found complicit in the skimming of gigabits of traffic per day in support of terrorists spammers
  • 4. An (cough) independent investigator will say Nothing wrong here, but will submit reports to the contrary
  • 5. The WHO will be taking the place of Symantec, Zone Alarm, ISS
  • 6. ICANN will be replaced with the ITU
  • 7. The US will be paying for the entire Internet, but will not be allowed to benefit from it
  • 8. Boeing Cisco will be replaced with Airbus Huawei

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Heroes :
    I no longer think Hollywood stars are terribly important. They are uniformly pleasant, friendly people, and they treat me better than I deserve to be treated. But a man or woman who makes a huge wage for memorizing lines and reciting them in front of a camera is no longer my idea of a shining star we should all look up to.

    How can a man or woman who makes an eight-figure wage and lives in insane luxury really be a star in today's world, if by a "star" we mean someone bright and powerful and attractive as a role model? Real stars are not riding around in the backs of limousines or in Porsches or getting trained in yoga or Pilates and eating only raw fruit while they have Vietnamese girls do their nails.

    They can be interesting, nice people, but they are not heroes to me any longer. A real star is the soldier of the 4th Infantry Division who poked his head into a hole on a farm near Tikrit, Iraq. He could have been met by a bomb or a hail of AK-47 bullets. Instead, he faced an abject Saddam Hussein and the gratitude of all of the decent people of the world.

    --thanks Ben Stein, viathe Nashif Report!

  • SCOTUS : It really should not matter what the personal ideology of our appointees may be, so long as they recognize that their ideology should have no role in the decisional process…
    --thanks John Roberts, viaTMH

  • Censorship : Steve: whats your opinion on censorship
    insomniac dude007: **** censorship
    --thanks BASH!

  • Letter to alcohol:
  • Dear Alcohol:
    First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. My friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around during the holidays hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences:

    1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity take place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night?
    2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce, along with a big Italian meatball sandwich and some stale chips (washed down with WINE & topped off with a Kit Kat after a few cheese curls & chili cheese fries)? I'm an eclectic eater, but I think you went too far this time.
    3. Clumsiness: Unless you're subtly trying to tell me that I need to do more yoga to improve my balance, I see NO need to hammer the issue home by causing me to fall down. It's completely unnecessary, and the black & blue marks that appear on my body mysteriously the next day are beyond me. Similarly, it should never take me more than 45 seconds to get the front door key into the lock.
    4. Furthermore: The hangovers have GOT to stop. This is getting ridiculous. I know a little penance for our previous evening's debauchery may be in order, but the 3 p.m. hangover immobility is completely unacceptable! My entire day is shot. I ask that, if the proper precautions are taken (water, vitamin B, bread products, aspirin) prior to going to sleep/passing out face down on the kitchen floor with a bag of popcorn, the hangover should be minimal & in no way interfere with my daily activities.

    Alcohol, I have enjoyed our friendship for some years now & would like to ensure that we remain on good terms. You've been the invoker of great stories, the provocation for much laughter, and the needed companion when I just don't know what to do with the extra money in my pockets.
    In order to continue this friendship, I ask that you carefully review my grievances above & address them immediately. I will look for an answer no later than Friday 8:30 p.m. (pre-karaoke) on your possible solutions & hopefully we can continue this fruitful partnership.
    Thank you,
    Your biggest fan

    1. Innovative
    2. Preliminary
    3. Proliferation
    4. Cinnamon

    1. Specificity
    2. British Constitution
    3. Passive-aggressive disorder
    4. Oily Linoleum

    1. Thanks, but I don't want to have sex.
    2. Nope, no more beer for me.
    3. Sorry, but you're not really my type.
    4. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
    5. Oh, I couldn't. No one wants to hear me sing.
    6. No really, tequila is a bad idea... no shots ( hi JoJo)
    7. Its 3 a.m., and there's no way I could call them in this condition

    --thanks Aaron (via email)

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Missing Girl :
    missing, Cheryl Ann Magner
    Cheryl Ann Magner
    If you have seen her please call the San Rafael police dept. @ 415-485-3000

    Dilbert, brain = cauliflower

    Where you at, Krugman??

    Dems vs Roberts
    Cox & Forkum

    SCB, Liberal Foreign Policy
    Sacred Cow Burgers

    Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), just too damned cool
    ... who also has a link to a nighttime carrier landing :)


    Stop the ACLU
    Stop the ACLU

    Make your own Google Logo!Make your own Google Logo!Make your own Google Logo!

    Letter from FAIR

    DeLay Wants Enforcement Before Any Guestworker Bill
    Call His Office and Thank Him

    Your calls are needed to reinforce House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's (R-TX) position that immigration enforcement must come before any guestworker bill.

    Just days after Senators Cornyn and Kyl unveiled their bill tying the promise of strong enforcement provisions with an unlimited guestworker program DeLay announced that the House will pass enforcement legislation before considering any guestworker bill. During his comments, DeLay said more security measures are needed and the government has to prove it will enforce the law before voters will accept a new guestworker program.

    Yesterday, President Bush told House Republicans at a closed-door meeting that he wants them to pass a guestworker bill this fall. The president also said he wants MORE legal immigration.

    It is critically important that we fortify DeLay's commitment to put enforcement first. He has resisted the president's request to expedite a guestworker bill thus far because he knows the American public will not accept more guestworkers when the government is obviously failing to enforce immigration laws or secure the borders.

    Please make a quick phone call to any of Leader DeLay's offices listed below and thank him for holding the line. Tell his office that American voters expect Congress to first eat its spinach by passing a tough enforcement bill and funding its implementation before even considering the special interest desert of an unlimited guestworker program.

    Leadership Office: 202-225-4000
    D.C. Office: 202-225-5951
    District Office: 281-240-3700


    Master Paladin Junior Grade

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Riley : I believe she gave me an actual kiss last night! I was holding her, and said "I love you" ...
    ... at which point she turned towards me, half-way closed her mouth and leaned toward my face ...
    ... Probably coincidence, but it was still cool.

  • Brother against Brother: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
    A seven-part series about jealousy, truth, and honor between men who fought in a place called Vietnam.
    ... GO READ IT! ... And you should listen to the interview :
    We’ll be on Xradio discussing the Brother Against Brother story live on Wednesday, from 12pm until 2pm PST.
    For you East Coasters, that’s 3pm until 5pm. Thanks to all the people who have stopped by to read this story and offer your comments and links. Make sure to call in and ask questions or just comment on the story!
    We’d love to talk to you. The number is toll free 1888-XRADIO1
    (If you are listening you would also have heard MadTech call in :) )

  • Link Party(ies) : TMG ... and everyday is an open comment/trackback day here (or email me and I will post it)

  • Quick Thoughts News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • NASA :
  • ... More on the debris ... and they had 110 cameras!
    ... more here ... "Will we press on, or be drawn back into shadow? The mere posing of the question answers it."
    ... danger of "Defect search" overload
    ...UPDATE : Debris, etc. = All shuttles grounded ... except, of course, for the one in space right now
    ... Misc. space program videos ... liftoffs, moon, etc.

  • Iraq :
  • ... Rumsfeld makes a visit
    ... US to cut forces, within a year? ... and ... more here - Iraq PM requested expedited withdrawal
    ... Good news from Iraq ... also available Good news from Iraq , who reminds us to question the MSM

  • UK-07.07.2005 : 16 nail bombs found as well!
  • UK-07.21.2005 : 6 arrests made ... incl. 1 of the suspected bombers!
  • Weather :
  • ... Bombay, India +37" of rain; flooding; "dozens killed"; 20M traffic backup ... condolences, prayers
    ... The east is still hot ... and the redneck solution
    ... Worst hurricane season since 1933?

  • Congress : Gun Bill bumped up ... "shield firearms manufacturers and dealers from lawsuits over gun crimes" - good!
  • Iran : Continuing atomic work ... ignoring EU, shocker! ... ... and more here
  • Islamofascism : Ahmed Ressam, wannabe LAX ("Millennium") bomber, sentenced to 22 years ... which is not enough!
  • Mad Cow : US +1 case? ... so the Dept of Agriculture DOES do something!
  • Pedophiles : Castration in Alabama ... that's even been than (or with) mandatory jail time!
  • Internet : Exploit developed for patched IOS vuln. ...still IMPORTANT; and is ISS a corporate whore?

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Lefties : 'Air America: stealing from poor kids?' ... what, no MSM coverage?
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... The West is in the way ... also featured here
    They wish to bring the world’s one billion Muslims under one roof and impose
    Islamic law (Sharia) on everyone – Jewish, Christian and Muslim alike

    ... keep it up SuperHawk Rick!
    ... 'Classroom Indoctrination'
    ... Emperor Darth Misha has some things to say about Mohammed ... rapists, pedophile, etc. etc.
    ... Applying the Scientific Method to Islamofascists
    ... Islam as a terrorist organization
    ... Terrorists know about economics
    ... The "C" word? ... not that one, Caliphate
    ... Mohammed Bouyeri, Van Gogh's killer, gets (rare) life sentence
    ... Hewitt + CAIR : Aaron_vs_Hugh
    ... BBC still, basically, pro-Terrorist
    ... BBC still, basically, pro-Terrorist (again) ...
    Iqbal 'there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist' Sacranie and Azzam 'I'd self-detonate in Israel' Tamimi

  • Robots : Female android - Repliee Q1 ... and Cmdr Data says "she's hot" :P
  • Kerry : AN open letter, WRT your 180
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion :
  • ... "Because ├╝berleftists genuinely believe that Western liberal democracy is evil"
    ... San Diego voters support display of cross

  • Patriotism : Happy Tails pet spa, of Tysons Corner (VA), doing good work! ... AWESOME! ... and the opposite :
  • Pearcy : Still a "cowardly, pasty, frail, control-freak Berzerkley Attorney" ... and Mark Williams is calling him on it.
  • Health :
  • ... Parts of your brain actually turn off when you blink ... "mini blackouts"
    ... NY to track diabetics

  • Iraq : God keeps men in jars ... and the third jar only hurts itself!
  • Carnival of the Clueless : #7! ... go on, go read it ... I'll wait
  • Economy : 'Good Economy, Bad Polls, What Gives?' ...
  • fourteenth consecutive quarter of growth
  • created over 3.7 million new jobs since May of 2003
  • Unemployment is down to 5 percent
  • tax receipts are up, cutting the federal budget deficit by $94 billion
  • (... and yet) the truly outstanding data in recent opinion polls is the American public's broad and enduring skepticism
  • Bush needs to learn a lesson his father never did :
  • Unless a president ... talks constantly ... about the economy, he will be seen ... as doing nothing about it

  • Natalee Holloway : Lake being drained
  • AIDS : 'HIV epidemic sweeps along the heroin highways' ... yeah, um, newsflash - drugs can kill you ... and :
  • Drugs : Funding terrorists
  • UK Schools : "Happy Slapping", teacher abuse, childhood sex and socialism? ... and its Tony Blair's (or his party's) fault?
  • Scouts : 'Senate Approves Boy Scout Events on Military Bases' ...unanimously! ... Scouts:1, ACLU:0
  • GOP : Stupid Republican tricks ... they violate the "stay out of the way when their opponents have begun to self-destruct" rule
  • President 2008 : Allen? ... works for me!
  • Dating : How to woo women ... found via SCA
  • Racist? : Miami - Ghetto Talent Contest .. watermelon eating ... is that so wrong?
  • Tax Money : $30M for monkeys ... excellent use of our $
  • Nadagate : Dems wonder why it continues ... "This is all the fringe people like MoveOn and even Howard Dean"
  • MS :
  • ... "Experts" not expecting too much from Vista (Beta)
    ... MS #1 in piracy ... well, technically #2 (behind Nike) - but we like IT stuff more
    ... It has a name, now we need to convince people to buy it

  • Free Trade :
  • ... More on CAFTA ... and the pork that is needed to get it to pass, and more here
    ... W rallying support for CAFTA ... some still oppose it (mostly citing Illegal Immigration concerns)

  • Too much : Morse Code watch
  • Corporations : GE to buy DreamWorks?
  • W : 'Bush's biggest failure' ... I agree with Rick, & with Jay (read first comment)
  • SCOTUS :
  • ... Discrimination? ... "perfect, except he is not a woman" ... God forbid!
    ... LAT engages in Agenda Journalism ... shocker!
    ... Prepare for Estradification

  • SuperComputing : More on the Multi-Petaflop race ... and - "How about some automated stock trading?" :)
  • Abortion : More on Romney's veto ... looking to run in '08?
  • Iraq'ish : Thoughts on Over There, by Bochco
  • Science : US losing to China?
  • Linux Everywhere : FreeBSD on XBOX
  • Gaming : First Amendment under attack, founding father roiling in graves ... all over GTA:San Andreas, coffee :)
  • Information inSecurity : 'How to Bypass BIOS Passwords'
  • Unions : The AFL-CIO exodus may be what saves the "labor movement" ...
    It's like having a company use the same business plan for 50 years, even as profits go down the tubes

  • Alienware : Going Star Wars ... "briefly tempted by the Light Side version, but then I remembered that its feeble skills ..."
  • Treason : A very ugly word ... or, how about this word :
  • Traitor : Trey has a shirt (think Hanoi Jane) ... found via Basil ... who always has good stuff!
  • Space : 'Nearby solar system looks like home ' ... "just 300 light-years away"
  • Advertising : More of it, coming your way ... is it worth it for free programs?
  • unEqual Rights : 'Woman as consumer and the consumed' ... found via LTG
  • Free Speech : Well, not quite - very despicable though! ... and insulting the family of fallen U.S. Army Pfc. Timothy Hines Jr.
  • Bloggers : Featured Blog of the Week ... found via Rusty Drew
  • Holy What The ??? : Super Maul .. office weaponry, can put a pencil through a soda can!
  • Technology : ICE on your cel ... interesting; read it ... do it!
  • Survival (repost) : Nuclear Fallout

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  • OOTS :
  • ... #206 ... that's an adventure? (damn Elan)
    ... #207 ... dragons are color-coded, for your convenience (not in Eberron!)

  • Rules : 'Hugh's Universal Rules of Intelligence' ... found via J
  • Drudge : Ace laughs at him ... jealous much? :P
  • Oil : 'Reasons High Gas Prices Are Good' ... "Rich Arab terrorists a lot better movie villains than poor ones"
  • Real Men of Genius / American Heroes : Budd Lite commercials!
  • Family : Pothead son disappoints alcoholic father
  • Caption This : A Ricky Martin two-fer!
  • UF : Geek ego, minus intellect = ___
  • SCOTUS :
  • ... W to give Kerry a SWIFT BOAT-load of info ...
    The president promised to rapidly hand over all relevant records "in a fashion reminiscent
    of Sen. Kerry himself, within six months of Judge Roberts' confirmation by the Senate

    ... O'Connor devoured in ancient ritual ... "written in human blood ... her refusal to commit to abstract legal principles"
    ... Roberts is a cybernetic creature ... Reid : "I look forward to putting up only token resistance"

  • International : US wary of NORK bakesale
  • Cycling : W seeking Conservative to replace Lance ... Diaz couldn't stop Charlie's Angels II
  • Hair : Mullets for Peace
  • Nadagate : The Truth TM ... not yellowcake - rubber!
  • WTW :
  • ... 'He Done Gone and Married a 13-Year-Old'
    ... A look into the future of WTW

  • Questions : "If love is blind, then why do we believe at first sight?" ... and more!
  • Cities : Losing Burger Kings? ... "Their long-extinguished drive-through menus silently beckon to cars that will never come"
  • Computers : Frustrated?
  • ALP : #136 (guest art - Predator in a dress!?)
  • A Story, bit by bit : ... "The organization and the crime" : Part 1 , Part 2

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations:
    It strikes me as odd that "attempted murder" carried a lesser charge than "murder."
    I mean, honestly: do we want to be rewarding people for failure?
    --thanks Defective Yeti!

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    Capn Ed hits 10M
    Day by Day

    Dilbert, dr hates monkey

    Search Her, when PC trumps security
    Discerning Texan

    HotLinking is bad!