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  • ... Forget Rove - until the investigations are complete, Nadagate is a useless distraction
    ... Roberts should be confirmed, there is no logical basis for not doing so and we are spending too much time on this!
    ... Mass Transit bag searches (a la NYC) is a good thing, but "random checking" is garbage. Profiling is OK, get over it.*
    ... We need to secure our borders - Mexico and Canada. Yes, Immigration is good - when it is LEGAL!
    ... Militant groups (including, but not limited to "Islamofascists") need to be arrested / prosecuted / jailed-deported *
    ... We need more surveillance cameras here in the US, for "post-incident" investigation **
    ... Social inSecurity needs private accounts and a raising of the retirement age, and yes - it is still a crisis
    ... Medicare / Medicaid is an even bigger financial fiasco than Social inSecurity
    ... What does the Dept of Agriculture do anyway, aside from paying farmers to not grow stuff? ***
    ... And how about some welfare reform, tort reform, and tax reform (think The Fair Tax) while I am ranting

    * : there was never a good time for being PC, and now it can kill us. Get over it.
    ** : Free Speech isn't free. And it isn't unlimited. And there can be consequences.
    *** : feel free to enlighten me here, if it's worth it

    OK, NOW you can go have a great weekend! And Vote TJ for President in 2012.
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  • Egypt : Bombings kill 49 ... developing ... prayers & condolences

  • UK-07.21.2005 :
  • ... Police shoot, kill suspect ... "an Asian man was shot five times at close range" ... not one of the actual bombers?
    ... 'Blasts mainly damage nerves' ... but don't discount the damage they could have done if not bunged up!
    ... Londonistan? ... "why Britain-born Muslims ... became suicide bombers"
    ... Ace reminds us that Reason != Justification ... its called "motive", "an element of the crime"
    ... That's what happen when your bombs have an expiration date
    ... Suspect images released
    ... Omar Bakri Mohammed - "Attacks will continue" ... and so must the searches, arrests, investigations, etc!
    ... Spain partially responsible for the attack?
    ... "There was a moment following the 7/7 attacks on London’s subway system where I actually thought that the left’s eyes had been opened"
    ... Arrest made

  • Iraq : 5 police killed in Baghdad
  • Pakistan : Attempted Pro-Islamofascist rally falls short ... which is a good thing!
  • National Security : House extends PATRIOT Act
  • Tropical Storm : Florida, meet Franklin
  • Nuclear Korea : Truce?

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... "The most moderate voices in European and American Islam partly fault the British people for the subway bombings"
    ... Reporter at The Guardian, linked to (radical terrorist organization) Hizb ut-Tahrir ... called the bombers "Sassy"
    ... "I supported the war in Afghanistan but not Iraq" ... and why that is in invalid position
    ... SC&A has some excellent thoughts - 'The Art and Science of Freedom'
    ... 'We Don't Need to Fight, We Are Taking Over' ...
    Are we or are we not going permit (or perhaps continue to permit) the emergence ... of totalitarian Islam?
    ... Thoughts on TCS/Trotten's article; The (cough) Logic of Pacifism
    ... Goomba doesn't care about Koran-mishandling, atleast not until ...

  • Iraq : Weapons Cache captured ... excellent article! :
    "It’s increasingly dangerous to be a terrorist here ... If a man does not respect his own sacred ground, he should not expect others to"

    ... found via
    BlackFive ... who still has great T-shirts (wearing mine now :P )
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Support our Scouts!
  • NASA : Shuttle launch now scheduled for July 26th
  • Politicians : Harrisburg, PA are the second highest paid state lawmakers ... all while :
    stalled economic growth and destroyed jobs by perpetuating one of the worst business climates in the nation

  • Firefox : Major release delayed
  • SCOTUS :
  • ... A prediction of how Roberts nomination will play out ... "while the Demos are plotting how to lose with dignity ..."
    ... In support of judicial filibusters? ...I see the logic, but can't agree
    ... Moonbats attack his attire ... 'cuz they got nothing else to critique?
    ... A Roberts' anecdote
    ... 'The quicksand known as Joe Wilson'
    ... 'It's the End of the World' ...
    "So how many reputable Democrats have come out to rail against the nomination of John Roberts ... Long ago Bush made it clear he regards the Washington press corps as a special interest whose views don't reflect those of most Americans

  • XBOX360 : A peek at the motherboard
  • Illegal Immigration : NC is where they go for drivers' licenses ... "busloads of illegal immigrants get on I-95 heading south"
  • Constitution : Hellewell introducing a bill to "bypass the First Amendment rulings of the Supreme Court dating back to the 1960's that set up the separation of church and state"
  • ID Theft : Massachusetts RMV (aka DMV in VA) dumps (un-shredded) info
  • Colorado : Your tax dollars at work - "12 (sex toys) on hooks" ... "Large Implements" ... yeah, that's what govt $ is for
  • Unabomber : Books for sale ... court ordered, proceeds go to victims' families
  • Trump : 'Let Me Rebuild U.N. Headquarters' ... or it takes more of our money, so let him do it! Or just kick them out.
  • MS : Longhorn OS has a real name - Vista
  • China : More strategic reasons UNOCAL goes to Chevron ... and some comments on their military build-up
  • Robots : RoboRaptor ... $119, pre-order-able now
  • Social inSecurity : W has not forgotten!
  • Intelligent Design : Evolution is real, accept it ... not denying the possibility of a divine origin or influence
  • Google : Changing how they(we) search ... I wish they would change their political affiliation too! :)
  • Legal : Tort reform, MTBE ...
    defendant negligence has increasingly little to do with negligence lawsuits ... Some municipalities are suing simply because they fear that contamination might eventually occur ... Santa Monica won a $200 million in 2003 MTBE settlement. Afterwards, it admitted that "there likely was very little public exposure ... There are many bad provisions in the energy bill now before Congress, but restricting MTBE liability isn't one of them"

    ... lawyers and their ilk can, and are trying to, wreck this country (note : not all are bad, just most of them)
  • Pedophiles : NC State Senate did something right ... "That's one in a row for them" :)
  • Mars : Always been cold?
  • Africa : Fighting AIDS ... WHO sets unrealistic goals, and (shocker) fails to meet them; and is Clinton doing long-term harm?
  • Internet :
  • ... EV DO the cure for your blackout blues? ... hope your laptop has a good battery
    ... Yet another speed test ... let's see, I get 36mbps down & 4mbps up

  • RINOs? : 48 GOPers ignore W, taxpayers and side with a Socialist ... thus guarding $2B in govt waste
  • Economics : Indicators show continued growth
  • Hiroshima : THE Bomb was not used to end WWII?
  • Bloggers : Happy Blogiversary to the Pirate's Cove ... found via IAP
  • Dean : "Democrats need to reach out to voters who oppose abortion rights" ... he is still whacked
  • Art? : Let's waste 3.9M gallons of water to protest the wasting of water
  • DoD : They have a gaming site?
  • Bambi-neck : Takes a blog-vacation, almost breaks the TTLB Top100

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  • OOTS : #206 ... UPDATE : Rich is in the hospital :( ... prayers!
  • Clintons : Hillary can't wait! (flash) ... found via TMH
  • Islamofascism : Aaron has a non-violent way to fight terrorists
  • True : Gamo Varmint Stalker Air Rifle ... laser site!
  • WW2 : If it had been a RTS game ... "Hitler[AoE] has joined the game" ... "weeeee i got a jeep" ... found via Chrenkoff
  • True : Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor want to marry Chelsea ... found via Lee who adds
    Only in Africa could you find someone willing to offer 20 head of beef cattle and 40 goats in trade for a dog

  • SCOTUS : Roberts' takes vow of whiteness ... and Promises more child control
  • Offshoring : Production moves under water!
  • Prisoner : Stay of Execution totally squandered
  • AIM : AIM FIGHT ... neat
  • Alcohol : Increases your confidence
  • True : Toronto bans beauty!
  • Congress : New dog teaches these old dogs a new trick
  • Test : Core Red ingredient or poison
  • National Security : Random searches ...
    We will make a point of targeting New York City's nervous people, sweating people, angry people, Hasidic Jews, crazy people, fat people, sarcastic people, and people wearing baseball caps, but we promise never to target young Arab males because that would just be wrong

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  • GTA:San Andreas ... coffee :
    What pisses me off more than anything is that I paid for a game rated for 17 year olds, or possibly 17.5 year olds, tops.
    What I got was a game rated for 18 year olds instead
    --thanks Maddox ... and yes, he still gets too many visitors!

  • Islamofascism :
    if you're a terrorist apologist, you're a soft supporter of terrorism and murder, and you're part of the morale support network sustaining these animals. And you are partially responsible for the lives they lay to waste.
    --thanks Ace, who has another quote for ya'

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