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* Monday : Another miserable Monday ... and I have Apheresis today (so was offline ~11a-3pm)
* Guest Blogging : Remember to swing over to Basil's today and tomorrow ... and everyday! ... My first Basil-post
* SCOTUS : W may be naming his new SCOTUS appointment "this week" ... let's hope he makes a wise choice!
... and WaPo agrees on timeframe, less so on the prerequisites :)
* Blogger : Is starting to sux0r some more today ... agh.
* Riley: Having conquered the couch yesterday, she has now successfully + intentionally signed for Milk!
... she already knew more, drink, eat, up and how to wave ...

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* Hurricane : Emily beating up on the Yucatan ... Yucatan says "harder, faster"
* Israel : Hamas says "Aggression will be returned" ... 'cuz we don't want it any more
* Iraq : Wave of suicide bombers "waging war against Shias" ... condolences for the ~150 killed during the weekend
... and
Baghdad International, bustling with passengers ... that is a good sign!
* Rove'ish : 'If Crime Committed, Staffer Will Go' ... that is BIG IF
* South non-nuclear Korea : PRO-American rallies ... hmm, no media coverage?

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* FBI monitoring web sites ... one of the groups watched - ACLU! ... more here (GreenPeace too!)
... and
here is an example of why! ... domestic terrorism
* Islamofascism : 'Abdurahman Alamoudi Raised Money for al Qaeda in the US'
... and
Terrorist helped, released ... now wanted again ...
Abdullah M. was missing a leg when he got to Gitmo. In due course, he was fitted with a prosthetic leg and given occupational therapy to teach him how to use it. In the Orwellian inversion that dominates "world opinion" and requires us to prove we're the good guys, he was interrogated and -- after convincing our guys that he really wasn't a terrorist fanatic -- released and repatriated to Afghanistan. Now sought for involvement in the kidnapping of Chinese engineers and a bombing of the Islamabad Marriott, Abdullah is walking around on the artificial leg we evil Americans paid for.
... and
"An authoritarian ruler must maintain his grip continuously"
... and
CAIR (still) solidly pro-Terrorist
* Iraq : Saddam, in court ... "stemming from a 1982 massacre of dozens of Shiite villagers"
* Pottermania : JK Rowling makes $36M in one day ... blows it on kegger, drugs, dental care
... oh, and SCA says the
NYT is pouty
* Internet staying English ... for now
* China : Working on self-sustaining cities ... no word on making a self-sustaining nation
* Lefties : "The double standard, the art of hypocrisy, do as I say not as I do" ... and you can listen to his latest podcast (.MP3)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'Policy To Legalize Child Porn Distribution'
* Time to go to Power over Ethernet ... now if we can just get Water over Ethernet, or beer!
* Whirlpool wants to buy Maytag ... repairman drowns
* Biggest Star-quake ever ... cool pics ... and Roseanne Barr wanted for questioning
* Ars takes a look at the drug industry ... drugs as in Big Pharma, not as in Dan Pardoned by ClintonLasater
* France sucks : Conniption ...
The Americans are the called while the French are the galled. ... But we would be underselling Lance if we saw him only as an instrument for our petty delight in seeing a French comeuppance. He represents something much nobler and more universal, a beacon of the human spirit. That race is a contest of grit and persistence and endurance, goading reluctant muscles into grinding away on steep inclines. It is a test of resolve that makes running for a touchdown look like a walk in the park. It goes beyond the physical boundaries of athleticism into a realm that is governed only by the heart and the soul.
... and, in closing, "We are not a nation of bullies and our weapon of choice is a smile"

* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Lost Liberty Hotel ... needs your help to evict SCOTUS' Souter
* Venezuela : Chavez is a Socialist ... in other news, the sky is blue
* Women control the DVR ... not in my house!
* Internet / Louisiana : Lafayette says yes to FTTH city-wide! ... I am jealous, and it hurt me to say "Internet" and "Louisiana" together :P
* HP : Shedding ~15k jobs ... because the (cough) best way to save $ is to fire your IT & sales people
* HowTo : Enhanced Podcasts ... your podcast wants a slideshow! ... or maybe you need to wait, and get a Video-capable iPod?
* Google : Buys Zazzle ... which I had never heard of, for $16M
* NAACP : Launching a race-based shakedown
* Hacking : Are you up to these challenges? ... and, pseudo-related : Hacking WEP? You might not need to
* Delaware : 'Mother tries to poison her child'
* Karnival of Kidz : #13 ... and I missed the deadline for Riley pics, again :(
* Florida / Teacher+Pupil sex : Teacher pleads insanity .. over and over and over
* National Security : Your driver's license is about to get more expensive
* Iraq / al Jazeera (lie): It was US troops that killed US troops, children ... of course!
* Minimum Wage : Some stats ... "Only 15 percent still earn the minimum wage after three years"
* Kerry : Since the people said no, so he will try the courts now ... Carlton Sherwood, author of 'Stolen Honor' needs your help!
* Kennedy : Remembering Mary Jo
* MSM : NYT has a "production gaffe" ... "accidentally" makes editorial more anti-Bush
* Carnival of Liberty : #3 ... found via My Pet Jawa (guest blogger Vinnie)
* Scrappleface : gone camping ... and some good thoughts for the raising of our children!

Quick Thoughts * News * InterestingFunny * Quote of the Day * Closing
* OOTS : #104 ... but Roy, bone IS a verb ...
* Rove : Found guilty, ~2019 ... "Her Royal Majesty Hillary I had outlawed republicans"
* Tank Top strained to breaking point ... and not in the good way!
* Cali : Dental Marijuana? Maybe not.
* 50 fun things about Connecticut
* Rockstar:INXS : The (cough) episode you won't see on TV ... "I accessorize with a feather boa and a cool hat"
* Online Dating : A bunch of lies ... noone is attractive, athletic, intelligent and sensitive
* Shirtless, Shoeless demand equal rights
* W responds to Hillary ... oh yeah, well you are Lucy, Sabrina
* Oh, dear God no! : Check out this pole dancer ... NSFW? ... found via Beth
* NHL : Signs Danica Patrick, Michelle Wie ... neither to be naked
* GITMO : Terrorists out, Reporters in
* Wireless TV
* SCOTUS : W limits search to conjoined twins
* A week of Celebrities ... plus captions
* Latest swim wear revealed to local (cough) "Master Debater"
* UF : OS/2, and the NHL
* ALP : Awkward blind date ... (Fan-Art)
* IM PrankBot!
* Fighting a war on two fronts : Terrorism on one, Gay Marriage on the other
* Islamofascism : G8 ponders al Qaida alternative ... the end of civilization
* DY found a funny headline! ... Depp, Chocolate factory, tasty opening ... do the math!
* The Alliance of Free Blogs : Basil knows how to spot terrorists! ... my ways are here

Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * FunnyQuote(s) of the Day * Closing
* Islamofascism :
Yes, I am against that religion, a religion that controls the life of people every minute of their day, that puts the burka on women, that treats women as camels, that preaches polygamy, that cuts the hands off poor thieves...[Islam] is not even a religion, in my opinion. It is a tyranny, a dictatorship -- the only religion on earth that has never committed a work of self-criticism....It becomes worse and worse...and now they want to come impose it on me, on us
--thanks Oriana Fallaci, via The American Spectator

* More on "The Arabic Assassin" :
I've been screening your bags for the past six months, and you don’t even know it
--thanks to Cao for more info on this scumbag ... and be sure to check out Cao's podcasts as well!

* Boycott Blue, buy from these companies :
* Ace Hardware Corporation
* Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
* Best Buy Co., Inc.
* California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
* Cintas Corporation
* Citgo
* CSS Industries, Inc.
* Curves International Inc
* Dollar General Corporation
* Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
* Domino's Pizza, Inc.
* Fruit of the Loom
* In-N-Out Burgers, Inc
* Kohl's Corporation
* Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.
* Lowe's Companies, Inc.
* Michaels Stores, Inc.
* Nordstrom, Inc.
* PETsMART, Inc.
* RE/MAX International, Inc.
* Russell Stover Candies Inc.
* The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc.
* WinCo Foods, Inc
--thanks Moonbattery! ... who also has the list of companies to avoid :)

Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote of the DayClosing
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