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  • Me : So this will be a standard, limited blogation weekend (unlike the aborted limited blogation last weekend)
    ... Sat = yard work; Sun = church & Wheelin' (again :) )
  • Blogger : Sux0ring again :( ... nevermind, it was an offsite script
  • Bloggers :Open Posts / Trackback Parties at TMG ... MVRWC ... Basil (again)

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  • Earthquake : Tokyo, 6.0
  • Nevada / Amber Alert : Lydia Bethany-Rose Rupp gone missing
  • UK-07.21.2005 : (Brazilian) Man shot was not related to the bombings ... well, not one of the bombers ... developing
  • Iraq :
  • ... Constitution on hold, Algerian diplomats kidnapped by al Qaida
    ... Citizenship for anyone, except Israelis

  • Egypt : ... Death Toll reaches 83 ... condolences ... and Malkin has lots more!
  • SCOTUS : Kerry says all of Roberts' records must be released ... ah, the irony - it is thick, no?
  • Afghanistan : Judge killed by Taliban
  • Turkey : Bomb injures 2
  • French Open : Lance = one step closer to 7th consecutive victory ... everyone point at laugh at France

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  • CONTEST : 'Treason Hunters Contest' ... go do it!
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... NEIN - man portable SAM witnessed in Oklahoma ... developing ... :
    The weapon was later identified as a rocket launcher (MANPAD) and the low flying aircraft to be a B-1 Bomber

    ... "I would like to see the Islamic flag fly ... over the whole world"
    ... 'The Myth of the Moderate Muslim'
    ... More Guardian-is-pro-Terrorist ... so, do they know the word Dhimmi?
    ... What our military is doing, why, and for whom ... and yes, you do need them!

  • Cuba : Elian graduates 6th grade ... Castro still trying :P
  • GITMO / AntiCivilLibertiesUnion: Our "friends" will NOT get a dog & pony show
  • Palestine : Rice congratulate Abbas for progress ... I;d love to know what progress this is referencing??
  • SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Go sign this petition if you believe in owning your property!
  • Israel : Disengagement proceeding ... including those who have already survived two forced relocations - Nazi and Communist
  • Extra-Terrestrial Life (?) : 'Has Huygens found life on Titan?' ... all about the methane
  • National Security (?) :
  • ... Rusty gets searched .. twice ...and Aaron has an answer!
    ... "The Army has wisely determined that the Guard’s proper focus should return to protecting our homeland."
    ... More surveillance coming ... good!

  • MS : More on Longhorn Vista ... and Lawsuit over name?
  • Stock Market : Another Internet Bubble? ... hi Google!
  • Abortion : Dean = hypocrite ... and still wacko
  • SCOTUS : The left, desperate and homophobic? ... found via Baseball Boy
  • Mars : +1 "Spy Satellite" ... Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), launch date = August 10th
  • Google Maps: Goes 'hybrid' ... transparent .PNGs, shows street names on Satellite images!
  • MSM : No bias whatsoever at NYT ... according to them (this time it's about "Global Warming")
  • Florida : Day Care Center abuse ... Joshua Palin, Tammy Sue Warren ... molestation, and "making children eat worms"
  • Health : Wealth != Health ... yeah, it can't buy love either but it sure beats being poor!
  • UselessNations : Support a "recess appt" for Bolton to fight Globotaxes!
  • Nadagate :
  • ... Former intel officers urge Rove punishment ... before all the details are in?
    ... Some observations on those signatories ... it's called Nadagate for a reason

  • SPAM : Fighting it, algorithmically ... "SMTP Path Analysis studies Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) information"
  • NYC : Where teachers get fired for being Republican? ... lawsuit pending
  • A Hypothetical future : No more 5th Amendment
  • Mouse Pad : This one is better than yours!
  • Google Scholar : NEW ... "Stand on the shoulders of giants"
  • GO AMERICA : Pro-America art contest ... found via Cao
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Have you ever tried to get their Policy Guide?

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  • Hillbilly Carnival : #2
  • White Trash : Cheap Lawnmower ... found via ItsAPundit
  • Flash : Protect your mouse cursor!
  • True : Canada wins dumbest government at World Stupidity Awards ... and W verbal gaff gets awarded too

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  • W :
  • Blaming Bush for Islamic terrorism is equivalent to blaming Harry Truman for the attack on Pearl Harbor

    --thanks Van Helsing!

  • The Battered-Left Syndrome - a poem:
  • Much like a victim of spousal abuse,
    The Left always seems to have an excuse
    For barbarous behavior by terrorist thugs,
    Their violence dismissed with self-blaming shrugs.
    Oh, they just can’t help it, they just get so mad,
    When we get them upset by behaving so bad.
    It’s not really their fault that we suffer their blows;
    We provoked them ourselves as everyone knows.

    Like a cowering wife with her bruised blackened eye,
    The Liberal defeatists just keep asking why;
    What is it in us our tormentors despise?
    What will gain us some favor in those angry eyes?
    It must be our doing that sets them aflame;
    Our own bad behavior that must bear the blame.
    If we just appease them, we grovel and simper,
    Perhaps we’ll avoid the mad wrath of their temper.

    Battered wives learn what the Left cannot see:
    Excusing brutal behavior will not set you free.
    Appeasing these madmen just maddens them more,
    Till someday they’ll come and kill three thousand more.
    Quit making excuses for these murderous men,
    You Liberal appeasers, who’d let terrorists win.
    The only sure way to be free of their ire:
    Defeat and destroy them; fight fire with fire.

    --thanks Russ Vaughn @ American Thinker!

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