A letter from Kilgore

As you know, Jerry Kilgore debated Tim Kaine this past weekend before the annual Virginia Bar Association summer conference. Jerry was the clear and decisive winner in the debate on Saturday and displayed his positive vision and successfully pointed out time after time inconsistencies in Tim Kaine's stances on numerous public policy issues.

Below are some clips from various newspapers and political pundits across Virginia that you might find interesting:

Larry J. Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, said that Kilgore won Saturday's debate by being more assertive than Kaine..."In my view, Kilgore did the best he had ever done" by pushing differences with Kaine on guns, gay rights and taxes, Sabato said. "He was very aggressive. He was articulate. He pushed Kaine into certain liberal boxes, corners, that are tough to get out of in Virginia for a Democrat."
Charlottesville Daily Progress 7/17/05

Robert E. Denton Jr., director of Virginia Tech's Center for Leadership Development, also gave the edge on style to Kilgore for being "much more aggressive. He put Kaine on the defensive [and] basically had Kaine responding, especially on all the follow-ups."
Charlottesville Daily Progress 7/17/05

He did very well....he came in very strong, he was very aggressive, much more so than people thought and actually put tim Kaine a little bit on the defensive...The tone was set by Jerry Kilgore being much more aggressive and forced Tim Kaine to respond to him in several ways.
Dr. Bob Denton Post Debate Interview on WSLS 7/17/05

But Saturday, it was Kilgore who was more aggressive, lashing out at Kaine's record in his opening statement and repeatedly using his answers to criticize the Democrat's record.
Washington Post 7/17/05

"Kilgore [tried] to position Kaine in that liberal corner on taxes, on guns and on gay rights," said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. "When you put those three together, it's tough for a Democrat. Kaine has to find a way out of that box."
Washington Post 7/17/05

Yesterday, at their first official debate, Mr. Kilgore, the former attorney general, struck back. Well prepared, at ease with numbing, often sterile repetition ("I trust the people -- always have, always will") and determined to take the offensive from his opening remarks, Mr. Kilgore smacked Mr. Kaine for taking positions that seem to straddle the death penalty, taxes and guns, among other issues...But the mismatch that Democrats had hoped for, and Republicans had feared, did not materialize. Call it a draw, with the psychological edge to Mr. Kilgore.
Washington Post Editorial 7/17/05

Kilgore, a Republican and a former attorney general, showed an aggressiveness absent in earlier encounters. He depicted Kaine, a Democrat and the state's lieutenant governor, as open to higher taxes.
Richmond Times Dispatch 7/17/05

Yesterday, Kilgore was occasionally peppery as he portrayed Kaine as an unreliable flip-flopper.
Richmond Times Dispatch 7/17/05

The candidates seemed better matched this time because of Kilgore's aggression, said Robert Denton, a specialist in political advertising at Virginia Tech. Kaine and Kilgore next meet in September before the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce.
Richmond Times Dispatch 7/17/05

Debate moderator Robert D. Holsworth, a political scientist at Virginia Commonwealth University, said Kaine faced a greater challenge yesterday than Kilgore. Kaine must blur distinctions with his rival to appeal to Virginia's Republican-leaning voters, Holsworth said.
Richmond Times Dispatch 7/17/05

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