Letter from Kilgore

To: Kilgore for Governor Leadership

From: Ken Hutcheson
Campaign Manager, Virginians for Jerry Kilgore

Re: New Poll Results / What to Expect Next

On behalf of Jerry and Marty Kilgore and the entire Kilgore for Governor Campaign staff, please allow me say thank you to all of you for the contribution of your time and resources to our important cause. Because of your tireless support, we are winning this campaign and demonstrating to all Virginians that Jerry Kilgore has the experience to lead as our next Governor.

As you know, President George W. Bush campaigned for Jerry last week in McLean, VA. We thought you might like to see what he had to say about Jerry, so we produced a short video clip of his remarks for you to review by visiting this link.

You may have seen over the weekend that a poll conducted by Mason-Dixon showed the Kilgore/Kaine race in a dead heat. This poll flies in the face of everything we have seen -- eight other public polls and our own internal polling -- that show Jerry Kilgore with a clear lead in this race. Everything we see places the momentum squarely on our side. Jerry Kilgore won the first debate, dominated the last fund-raising period and just welcomed President Bush to Virginia. Tim Kaine, meanwhile, lost the first debate, raised only half of what Kilgore raised in June and has completely abandoned rural Virginia. Kaine has even brought in the assistance of liberal heroes John Kerry and Tom Daschle to rally his apathetic base. There is simply no evidence to support the results of this poll.

Other public polls for this race are listed below:
Date Name Results
July 12, 2005 Rasmussen Poll Kilgore 47% to Kaine 41% to Other 4%
June 30, 2005 Survey USA Poll Kilgore 49% to Kaine 39% to Potts 5%
June 2005 Rasmussen Poll Kilgore 46% to Kaine 40%
May 2005 Survey USA Poll Kilgore 44% to Kaine 40%
April 2005 Rasmussen Poll Kilgore 44% to Kaine 36%
March 2005 Survey USA Poll Kilgore 46% to Kaine 36%
October 2004 Richmond Times-Dispatch Poll Kilgore 34% to Kaine 25%
October 2004 Mason-Dixon Poll Kilgore 40% to Kaine 35%

While these numbers bode well, we cannot let up on our efforts - there is still much work to do and we must continue to run as if we were 10 points down. As we all know, the only poll that truly matters is the one on November 8th. We have the momentum and the right message, but we need you to remain focused and energized for the next 105 days.

We can expect the often hysterical and negative rhetoric of the Kaine campaign to only degrade further into the gutter. The negative attack mailings from the Kaine campaign are filling up mailboxes across the Commonwealth, and their rhetoric continues to sound more and more desperate having lost the most recent debate and fundraising report by a 2 to 1 margin. It is safe to say our opponent and his liberal out of state allies like Move-On.Org, John Kerry and Howard Dean will be working hard in the coming weeks to stop our momentum and to redouble their bitter attacks on Jerry Kilgore

We need you to share this information with your friends and family and encourage them to get involved in the campaign, even if it means just signing up to display a Kilgore yard sign or put a bumper sticker on their car. Encourage them to sign up to volunteer and be a part of this grassroots driven campaign-we need everyone joining in this important cause for our families and for our future. For more information on how to get involved, please visit www.JerryKilgore.com.

With individuals of your great character and dedication leading the way, we will be victorious in November and be ready to enact Honest Reform in Virginia.

Last but not least, below is a link to an interesting analysis of the campaign by Jeff Schapiro from Sunday's Richmond Times Dispatch that you might find interesting: Schapiro Article

... go Kilgore!
(Not to be confused with Go Kill Gore ... )

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