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* Sci Fi : RCat beat me to it, but it should be a great night for SCIFI!... Stargate SG-1, Stargate:Atlantis and BattleStar Galactica
... UPDATE : ok, ending SG1 that way just really pissed me off.
... UPDATE : SGA just 'lost' Ford
... UPDATE : BSG just talked about installing a software firewall. Hmm.
* So, it is finally Friday ... anyone got anything they'd like my 4+ daily readers to hear about?
* MadTech's Friday Rant ... or you can listen to the PodCast edition(MP3)
* When I read "Open Post" all I see is "Trackback Party"! (from a day or 3 ago)
*New word : NIFabrication :from Invent-a-word ... I like it!

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* GITMO : Tribunals are all that is required! ...
The protections of the 1949 Geneva Convention do not apply to al-Qaida and its members, so Hamdan does not have a right to enforce its provisions in court, the appeals judges said ... The lack of a uniform, the absence of al-Qaeda acceptance of the Convention, and the clear international character of the conflict all point to not only a lack of standing for POW status, but good reason to deny it
... major win for W, and the US!

* Hurricane : Emily reaches Cat4 ... will she peter-out like Dennis?
* Pakistan : US troops inside Pakistan ... "If you have been looking for evidence of al Qaeda's strategic decline ..."
* China : Threatens Nukes against US
* Enron -$1B+
* UselessNations : Wants to control the Internet ... and still Anti-US. And still haven't managed to define "terrorism"

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* Islamofascism : As a non-believer, what are your options? (ref Sura 9:29) ... and none of then are that great
... on the plus side :
Terrorists having recruiting problems? ... and read the quote from Ace below!
... and
Synagogues being shut down by terror threats ... "Kaleefoornia Kuffir Kristallnacht ... sleep, Dhimmi, sleep"
... and
'There comes a point where Gun Laws should be disobeyed' ... Amen!
... and
Strangely, a rapper named "the Arabic Assassin" gets fire from his job ... as a baggage screener!
... and
he's not the first ... found via Malkin
... and
PLA-approved broadcast calls for extermination of all infidels ... this,from our "friends"
... and
Fighting is not the way to win a war? ... WTF?
... and
Cao presents an extensive list of Terrorist attacks since 1968
* GUNS : ''M107 Long-Range Sniper Rifle' ... "Can effectively engage targets...at ranges up to 2KM" ... NICE!
* Spain : Growing some testicular fortitude, finally?
* Bloggers : A warning - don't tell too much ... and this is not counting ID-Theft-related concerns
* Arctic Pollution - due to birds?
* Woman grows penis?
* Stem Cells + Monkeys ... do these people not watch Science Fiction / Horror movies??
* Rove : NYT clears Rove, w/o admitting it ... "it seems a lot of reporters knew about the very non-covert Ms. Plame."
... and
Kerry is a hypocrite (again) ... "Kerry blew the cover of ... Fulton Armstrong"... found via Huffington's Toast
... and
So is Schumer (bat, moon)
* Iran : State Dept official blocking pro-Iranian-Democracy funds? ... douche in question, Suzanne Maloney, is also a Kerry'ite
* Iraq : Saddam-OBL link ... for those of you who don't already know it
... and
'There are no heroes among the insurgents' TMH
* UK-07.07.2005 : BBC enabled them?
... and
a non-obvious 'Significance of Western-Bred Suicide Terrorists'
... and
Egyptian chemist has been arrested in Cairo ...
They come to our nations, avail themselves of the knowledge to be gained in our educational institutions, and then they use it to kill us and attempt to destroy our society. Hateful, murderous parasites.
... and
'Apathy just rains on me' ... and while I agree with his point, for the record - I do know the date
* "Mainstream Conservative" = "couched insult"?
* LCD TV that has two viewing angles!
* MSM : So we know they are biased ...
St. Paul Pioneer Press editorial page associate editor Mark Yost, who served in the Navy, writes an interesting and provocative column criticizing media coverage of the military. Now, his colleagues in the MSM have joined in on a frantic, journalistic shark attack against him.
...so, don't call them on their bias or they attack you ("intellectually dishonest schmuck")

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Ogre pulls a double - "ACLU Loves Terrorists"
* GITMO : "Gulag of Dragism" ... GTL lies about not posting re: GITMO, but tells truth in the post ... damned crafty libs :P
... although GTL is wrong on the Anti-Death=Penalty part :)
(and FWIW, SCOTUS should be all about Constitutionalism)

* Google : Finding "interesting" things
* "No one predicts with a straight face the Democrats will be the beneficiaries of this stalled agenda (which is largely the Democrats' doing, by the way)"
* RTftLC found a good European! ...
Danish pizzeria owner has been jailed for refusing to serve French and German tourists in protest of their countries’ opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.
... and I also wish there was something I could do to help

* "Violence Against Women Act" needs to be re-written ... "gender-based discrimination" ... "funding of radical left-wing org's"
* Rove : 'The Rove-is-a-traitor meme' ... "occupies a unique role in the demonology of fundamentalist Democrats"
* 'Is Amazon worth $15 billion?'
* Ben Stein is lonely? ... he can visit me anytime!
* 155MPH speed limit being lifted?
* 'Intelligence is irrelevant to a happy old age'
* Time Wasting at work, and why is it tolerated?
* MSM : Speculation - end of the NYT? ... oh, if only!
* Dems - the "Yeah, but" party?
... or
The party of degrading women
... found via
Conservative Dialysis ... who adds
the Democrats don't just think of women this way, they think of every minority or special interest group this way"
* Dog vs Alligator ... found via that damned Basil who make such damned good sub-titles!
* 'Why the rise of the left-wing blogosphere has been bad for the Democratic party'

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* OOTS : #203 ... I shall fear no thwacking
* 'Wilson and Schumer: Kind Of Like Martin and Lewis, Only Funnier' ... an almost interview, thwarted by Google Images!
* GoogleBomb / Help Harvey's blog-daughter : 1500 sheeps turkey ... put this link on your blog :P
* This blogger doesn't like bloggers ... :)
* True : GBUI - Giving Birth Under the Influence ... and being FUGLY!
* Rove : 'Bush fires Rove, names Novak to White House Post'
* Why go to a strip joint ... kinda ... found via Basiliza
* IMAO presents a LONG list of funnies ... go there, bask in there glory
... seriously, there is some hilarious-funny stuff there!

* True / Iraq : Jack Army brings us a video of US GI getting shot ... and getting right back up :) (thanks to Chris, via comments)
* The Alliance of Free Blogs : Terrorist Spotting ... new PGHA!
1) Look for
  a) explosive vests
  b) briefcases with blinking red lights on them
2) Listen for
  a) "Islamic Jihad"
  b) "Derka"
3) Smell ... 'nuff said
4) Also - investigate large orders of
  a) Diesel fuel, but no truck
  b) Fertilizer, but no farm
  c) Nuclear material, but no nuclear power plant
... so take that, filthy-WHACKJOB-terrorist-suicide-bomber-Islamofascist-scum ... and others' ideas here and here
... and apparently we've already had this assignment ... still fun!
And you can sneak a peek at
Puppy Blender's new book??

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* Islamofascism :
Would you agree that the current state of support for terrorism in the world is due to George Bush's policies and his invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan?
--thanks Ace! ...and then you are supposed to reply with this!
* What Constitution? :
They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don’t we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it’s worked for over 200 years, and hell, we’re not using it anymore.
--thanks Jay Leno, viaNOfP!
* Oh yeah, I totally agree :
deloused: haha i love when people start telling you stuff like you care when you actually don't and you don't pay attention, and then when they finish they ask for your opinion/advice and you just say "oh yea i totally agree"
XA: oh yeah, i totally agree
--thanks BASH!

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Click for Source, PA Legislature pisses on PA taxpayers

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"Ever think about how nicely a nice shade of
Burka Blue would look on you, Western temptress?"

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