Nuclear Age

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* Limited Blogation : I don't have too much online time due to babysitting duty ... but, I had to say something about this:
On July 16th, 1945 we entered the Nuclear age :
Click for Celebrating 60 years of Nukes, pic source = http://www.7th-day-arm.org/signsofend.htm
... for better or worse - Happy 60th, Mr. Nuke!
(cross posted to The Wide Awakes)
* RILEY has just learned how to step onto one of her toys and thus climb up onto our couch ... another milestone!
* Guest Blogging : Basil is going out of town to celebrate 8 years of not being single, and has asked a few for help :
... Beth, Moehawk, Phin... however, calling his judgment into question :
... he has also invited some dude named TJ to help as well. Woe be to him.
... anyway, Basil's blog should be a daily visit - whether he is home or not :)
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* Not Limited : OK, so apparently I lied - I have pulled a fair amount of blog time. Huzzah!
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* Iraq : Explosion south of Baghdad Kills 54 ... still developing ... prayers & condolences
* Earthquake : Mt St Helens, 3.0 ... fire, meet earth
* UK-07.07.2005 : 'Bombers have ties to the US'
... and
'Gross Intelligence Failure & Media Complicity in the War on Terror'
... and
'Who shorted British pound? - fell 6% in 10 days before London terror attacks'
* Hurricane : Emily, cat 4, aiming for Mexico, Jamaica (5mpg shy of Cat5) ... click for track
* Memorial for Dylan Groene today ... on what would be his 10thbirthday if our society had protected him
* Iraq : 11 US GIs charged with abuse
* Pakistan : America's "Apache pest control systems" kill 24 ... "Jihad denied"
* VA - Gubernatorial Race '05 : Debate, Kilgore vs Kaine(s) ...
I’m proud to share a stage with my opponents, and I say ‘opponents,’ because I’m anxious to see which Tim Kaine has shown up today
... that quote alone is worth a vote!

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* Islamofascism : AnarchAngel got a real life Fatwah ... prayers for him and his, although atleast he know the right way to react ... found via Gullyborg
* UselessNations : "Key to Ending Poverty is Abortion" ... and a story showing where that leads
* Cold Fusion : It works?
... and SRAY has some cool scripting I need to emulate ... Show-Hide, etc. :P
... UPDATE : that script has now been copied, see the QuickThought above!
... and, speaking of power sources :

* Nuclear Power : The one thing the French got right, and that the US gets wrong
* Shrimp make good band-aids? ...
The bandages are laced with a mixture of ground shrimp shells and vinegar, a concoction that has been found to clot blood instantly. The key ingredient in the shrimp shells is called chitosan.
... but not so cheap just yet

* SCAN USA - making protecting your family easy
* NASA : Launch delayed indefinitely
* MSM : Reuters + Terrorists = grand ole time ... but Jews not permitted
* Bloggers : Blogfest : bloggers, unite! ... and how about one in Virginia?? Started by Beth ... who also found Blogsome - free WordPress blogging
* Clintons : Hillary raises $6M in 3m ... she has always been a $making machine
... but
she still needs to deal with this ... and, of course, the rest of her disgraceful history
... see also :
here and here and here and here :)
... and
Hillary, yes or no?
* In defense of Technorati?
... and
In defense of Technorati, revisited ... Berlind-2, Scoble-0
... and
Blog first, ask questions later? ... who needs credibility? Not that I haven't made a mistake or two ...
* Bloggers : ProBlogger, Helping Bloggers earn money ... hey, I could user money!
* Russia jumping (back) into space race
* MS : Another WinXPsp2 flaw ... run another FW :P
* Firefox : "Ffx 1.1 - Deer Park Alpha 2" released ... so, you wanna be a beta tester?
* 'Europe Undermining African Debt Relief?' ...
The US may find itself surprised to be surpassed in fiscal conservatism by Luxembourg, Austria, and Belgium. What Kiekens proposes actually matches the general rhetoric of the Live-8 organizers, who pointedly insisted that aid would require the establishment of political reforms. Kiekens and the European countries involved simply propose extending this sensible prerequisite to debt relief as well as explicit aid payments.
* '20 Things You Didn't Know Your PC Could Do' ... like "rip" a LP into a .WAV
* IPTV, coming soon ... let's hope so!
* SCO : No Smoking Gun ... World+1, SCO+0 ... so sorry, Darl!
* DIY routers ...neat, but I'll just stick with Cisco ... for now
* Cisco : Age limit set for Board - 70
* NASA : Martian Dust Devils bigger, stronger than thought
* T-Ball coach calls in a hit on a handi-capable kid ... ah, yes - good sportsmanship
* MSM : 'Female US interrogators are dirty smelly pirate whores' ... so ... terrorists are decent, up-standing people?
* Rove : More on Wilson, and the conflict of interest noone is paying attention to
... and
I guess we call it "Nadagate"?
... and
(cough) MORON.ORG protesting
... and
Chinese water torture? ... good round-up of daily relevant info!
... and
Yeah, Valerie Plame was real covert
* Tug Boat, in space ...
part of the InterPlanetary Superhighway or IPS, a route that eats up less fuel than normal trajectories - to the moon, for the very first time ever.
* Interview with Bruce Campbell ... and his book, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way
* GITMO : Durbin, quiet all of a sudden?
* 'Margaret Cho Names Dog For "Chic" Terrorist' ... "Margaret Cho seems less like a comedian and more like a lunatic"
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Supreme Court takes a cue from Chinese Law
... and
Souter's house is safe? ... no Lost Liberties Hotel ... too bad!
* What's killing Hollywood? ... it ain't Piracy! ... found via BoingBoing
* Islamofascism / Israel : Abbas getting tough - withholding desserts! .... serious article, funny tagline
* Time Machine, sans negative energy
... which is good, 'cuz negative energy drains levels

* Apple : Intel switch all about the network?
* GigaZoom ... hi-res pic, zoom!

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* True / Lefties : 'Ex-Clinton Aide Charges Republicans Want to Kill Us'
... and
Calling for Bushes Impeachment
... and
'Ten Reasons Democrats Hate Karl Rove'
... and
'100 snooty liberal know-it-alls who are running this country into the ground'
... and
' Hillary calls for firing of whoever told her to call for Rove's firing'
* True : "Plan 9 From Outer Space", "The Worst Movie Ever" ... made Public Domain
... and
Direct link (to smallest of 4 version available)
* Hero Machine : Make your own SuperHero Random Responses
* GITMO'ish : FRW has some "implements of torture"
... and I am not even on her "Pure, stinkin' white trash" list ... let alone her "People I'd like to do" list
... found via
Not-single Basil
* A Real, Self-Defending Network (.MOV) ... and DAYAM! ... found via Beth
... who also found some
cool body tricks ... and this addictive game (Planarity)!
* UF : Lucasooine gets destroyed
* ALP : #131 ...this is a stick-u ...um, nevermind
* Chick fight!
... found via
Naked Villainy ... which was found via Basil Phin
* Drudge : Having power problems, to use halogen
... and

Drudge's ads killing his Armageddon Scoop

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*Jihad-o-thugs :
It's about time we get some rational thought processes involved instead of following some socialist agenda and letting these Jihad-o-thugs free. Personally I'd rather these Jihad-O-Thugs be in a prison in Afghanistan instead of the nice air conditioned resort they are in now (and take away their cartoon books!). It's such a joke when these Jihad-o-thugs, hating America and Americans, suddenly cry to use the American justice system like a get-out-of-jail free card
--thanks JustaDog!
* MSM :
NYT : Upholding the journalistic integrity of The New York Times requires a lot of care.
Malkin : Read (snort) the (snort) whole (snort) thing (snort).
--thanks Michelle!
* MSM, again :
LAT : When we make mistakes, we quickly and forthrightly correct the record
Patterico :The paper has just surreptitiously fixed a substantive error in the Web version of an article — without acknowledging the error that ran in the print version
--thanks Patterico!

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Code Pink marches, sanity counters :
Click for Source, Code Pink = Bunch o' Pinkos!
Perpetual surrender made France what it is today. With white flags and yellow streaks,
Code Pink's trying to out-France the French. Impossible?--perhaps. Peaceful, just or humane?--NFW.

Click for Dogbert's 'cure' for the common cold

Click for Who cares about Hockey?
... true dat; like anyone actually watches Hockey??

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