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  • ME : I am a bachelor this week; with all of the negatives thereof (and none of the benefits!)
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  • India : Monsoon death toll tops 900 ... condolences
  • Earthquake : Sumatra, 6.0
  • SCOTUS : Justice Breyer's house also being targeted for Eminent Domain takeover ... excellent
    ... I hope he & Souter both get theirs!
  • Russia : Bird Flu
  • Disneyland : Roller Coaster collision ... 15 injuries
  • Guns : Senate (rightly) votes to shield gun manufacturers from lawsuits

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  • Left : Cao has LOTS of thoughts on the whole Kill BushHitler crowd
  • TV : Over There over-rated?
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  • ... 2.5 TWAs are winners!
    ... SuperHawkRick won, with 'History and fantasy' ... way to go! ... also :
    ... Dr. Sanity's 'You never know what's going to happen yesterday'
    ... Beth's 'Hanoi…er, Baghdad Jane' (ex-TWA, but still gets love from us)
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... Disney "stared down" by CAIR, firessuspends Michael Graham ... after FOX was defeated as well
    ... more here
    ... more here, from Michael Graham himself
    ... 'Islam guilty as charged? Not exactly' ...
    Ever since the attacks of September 11, 2001 Americans across the political spectrum have been seeking to “understand” terrorism. ... We are a nation of problem solvers, tinkerers, do-it-yourselfers; we’re good at taking things apart to get at the nub of a problem be it a faulty condenser or where to build a railroad. ... What we’re not so good at is “understanding” the motivations underlying human behavior for which most of the evils of this world both past and present can be ascribed. In truth, understanding the nature of evil has not been one of our strong suits. ... What CAIR or any other so-called “moderate” Islamic group cannot do is to refute Mr. Graham’s thesis point by point. To recognize that there is even a discussion about whether Islam itself is the problem would open the door to introspection. And at the present time, this is something that Islamic culture simply is incapable of doing.
    ... and an open letter to CAIR ... "You don't have a religion, CAIR, you have a death cult", cross-posted @ MyPetJawa
    ... Some thoughts on the foreign terrorists fueling Iraq's ongoing problems
    ... France ejects 12 "preachers of hate" .. and Aaron is jealous!
    ... Hamas, BBC celebrating their nuptials ... no media bias here! Speaking of which :
    ... Death Threats from the BBC? ... vs Afghanistan Blogger
    ... 'Find the Islamic organizations in your area' ... found via Cao
    ... We are all judgmental at times, and sometimes we need to be!
    ... Vinnie wants a Fatwa ... and so does Aaron
    ... al Qaida websites being shutdown?
  • Internet : Some calls for and "end of US domination" ... yeah, um WE BUILT IT ... ... read this :)
  • Tax Code : So, did you know that the tax-free part of the 529 program(s) have a sunset date
    ... I didn't, and want this fixed (for Riley's benefit!!) ... and think FairTax!
  • WiFi : @ 125M? ... TeamPAD breaks their own record!
  • Patriotism : Johne Wayne, the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Firefox / Google : Skin your GMail account
  • Iraq : Carter is a douche, calls war unjust ... calls GITMO an international embarrassment
    (which is ironic, 'cuz that is how I feel about him!)
  • Religion : Thoughts on God, War ... "Justice is not a simple matter"
  • Hotels : Hacking for guest names, room numbers
  • Tragedy : In memory of CA-35, USS Indianapolis ... and the ~300 that drowned.
    ... And, they were the lucky ones, compared to ~600 that died of exposure, dehydration and sharks.
  • Calculators : Wanna play Wolfenstein 3D on your TI-83?
  • Solar System : Planet X has a moon
  • Democracy : Poland vs Belarus? ... EU still, basically, useless
  • Screamin' Dean :
  • Bloggers : ' How Blogging Makes Me Better At Work' ... found via ItsAPundit
  • Traitor : Hanoi Jihad Jane 'has an acid flashback, wakes up in the 60s'
  • China : Plans to nuke hundreds of US cities if we fight over Taiwan
  • WiFi : You cannot steal radio signals!
  • Haiti : Funeral director kills ... "could not bear the thought of losing all that money"
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion :
  • ... Needs a curfew
    ... Internal strife? ... hopefully a trend that will continue!
  • Israel : UCC (rightly) rejects divestment, Episcopalian (wrongly) urge it
  • DEFCON : Day 1, some Stego
  • How To : Sniffing in a switched environment
  • MS : XBOX360 Keyboard revealed
  • Politicians : Sharpton, "Stop Blind Support of Dems"
    ... probably a simple power-play by him, but there is some truth in his statements
  • UselessNations :
  • ... Recess Bolton appointment expected
    ... 'Undersecretary Scored Big Commercial Gains From OFF' ... Kofi & Kojo, still employed
  • Evolution : 'Instant Evolution' ... first instance of animal hybridization
  • MSM : "Flush the NYT" ...
    Just when you think the rhetoric of those seeking to pollute the 9/11 Memorial with anti-American propaganda can’t sink any lower, up steps the New York Times
  • India : Gossip kills
  • Crime : JodyBill Teach is tired of pedophiles & murderers
  • Austria : Where museums let naked people in free?
  • Babysitter : Babysitter,F/12, and babysittee,M/8, engage in "lewd conduct" ... and who do you think gets charged?
  • Murdoch : Son unexpectedly quits, moving back 'down under'
  • Modern Day Piracy : "Malacca Straights" so dangerous it is classified as a war zone!
  • ID Theft : Govt Agencies (in Australia this time) still selling computers before wiping data
  • Theft : 3D barcodes, 30 micrometers in size!
  • Sean Connery : Retires
  • Buttons : Need to make a button for your Blog?
  • Patents : MS,+3000 patents? ... "Gotta meet that quota of 60 fresh, nonobvious patentable ideas a week" :P
  • GPS : A real-life HitchHickers' Guide to the Galaxy Earth? ... it KNOWS where you are
  • How To : Shooting Rubberbands!
  • Office Warfare : 'Tagball - The Indoor Velcro Paintball Alternative' ... only $40!

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  • Leftie : Helen Thomas was not put on suicide watch
  • UselessNations : 'Sudan rape victims get free copy of UN report'
  • War : Canada, Denmark - at brink of war!
  • Scouts : God doesn't like you anymore!
  • ESCR : 'Frist: stem cell study may cure tax-dollar addiction'
  • Patriotism : 'Supporting the troops takes so much work these days'
  • Movies : The best movie mistakes of all time
  • True : Berlin readying World Championship-sized brothel ... shooting for a medal in ___?
  • Instapundit : IMAO know who wants to buy, and why!
  • Job : Wear a toilet seat on your head for $35/day
  • Reality TV : 'I'm a suicide bomber: get me out of here!'
  • W : Left worried that Rove is distracting him from war they oppose, nominee they hate
  • Starvation : Anti-Geldoff protests ... call him an "Africa-obsessed whore"
  • Caption This : Americana, turned horrily awry

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  • Media Bias :
  • I guess "diversity" has its limits. There's good diversity and bad diversity; good diversity is the diversity
    of those who agree completely with you, bad diversity is the evil diversity of people who disagree.
    --thanks Ace!

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Reparations, Jackson for sale
    Six Meat Buffet

    (found via Basil)

    Islam for Dhimmis
    Beth's VRWC

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