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* It is Stop the ACLU Thursday : so, let's take a look at the future of the Supreme Court
... which, among many other excellent thoughts (like encouraging you to join, which you should), quotes Lee Ellis:
The purpose of a Supreme Court judge is NOT to follow the dictates of other politicians, NOT to follow a conservative or liberal policy, NOT to follow the current or the past rulings of other judges, other documents, letters or the Constitutions of other nations such as France, but rather to adhere to the American Constitution, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.
...more to follow
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* Emily upgraded to hurricane ... "more strengthening likely"
... UPDATE : FNC reports she is a Cat2, and only 1mph short of being a Cat3

* UK-07.07.2005 : Explosives were from China? ... found via NEIN
... and
'Not-So-New Threat: Disposable Terrorists'
... and UPDATE :
'College Professor Implicated as London Bombing Mastermind; Fourth Bomber Jamaican'
* New York : Building collapse ... injuries, no fatalities ... developing
* Texas : Shark attack
* Cali : LAPD shot toddler ... condolences
... however - it is, in fact, Suzie Pena's father (Jose Pena) who is (atleast largely) responsible!

Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote of the Day * Closing
* Pakistan : 'With us, or against us' ... some positives, and these negatives :
1. Despite its extreme poverty, Pakistan continues to spend enormous amounts of money on its nuclear program that threatens an important emerging ally of the United States in India.
2. After an initial burst of reforms when Musharraf came to power in 1999, human rights groups in Pakistan complain that the pace of reform has slackened and, in some cases, regressed under pressure from Islamist elements in the Pakistani parliament and the military.
3. Instead of shutting down the madrasses, Musharraf’s government has allowed them to flourish and has done nothing to cut off the flow of foreign money pouring into the establishment of these schools.
4. Musharraf has deliberately weakened pro-democracy political parties which has allowed a coalition of extremist Islamist parties to gain ascendancy in parliament and in the countryside. The most radical of these parties, the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, or MMA, controls two provinces in the mountainous northwest of the country on the border with Afghanistan where it’s believed Bin Laden may be hiding and it’s thought that the Taliban utilizes as a safe haven against coalition attacks. It’s debatable how much real control Musharraf maintains over these provinces as he has forbidden any coalition military operations there.
5. After shutting down al Qaeda training camps following 9/11, there is evidence that many of the camps have reopened with the government’s blessing. ... Admittedly, Musharraf is in an extraordinarily dangerous predicament both for his government and his personal safety. The army – especially the intelligence service – is riddled with Taliban sympathizers according to many reports. And he has been forced to forgo important reforms because of the dicey political situation. In short, he is unable to make any headway against the traditional “mullah-military alliance” that has governed Pakistan since his predecessor General Zia turned Pakistan into an Islamic republic during the 1980’s.
... go read the whole thing. Now.
... and then go read
Appeasement = Apathy ... damned right!
* A new way to make Hydrogen ... excellent! ...
Michael Lefenfeld and James Dye of Signa Chemistry wanted to make rooms smell better. Instead, they stumbled on a way that could make hydrogen fuel cells a practical reality ... Signa has devised a way to mix sodium with silica gel or crystalline silicon to create a powder that essentially strips electrons from the sodium molecules in advance and stores them. When water is introduced, the chemical reaction proceeds calmly
* 'Top 10 tech we miss' ... #1 is SPOT ON!
* "On July 16, 1945, a brilliant flash in the New Mexico desert changed the world" ... welcome to the Nuclear Age!
* Iraq : So, how close was Saddam to being a Nuclear Power? ... "Mahdi Obeidi’s “The bomb in my garden”"
... and
Some misc. observations you won't be hearing about form the lamestream media
* VeriSign : Purchased iDefense, $40M cash ... just under $1M per employee :)
* SCA brings us "What's wrong with the Right" ... and ...
It is no more than a little man's hubris to think he possess all the answers for all times
... always thought-provoking ... and he already updated post due to reader feedback!
... UPDATE :
'Two Six Shooters And Sacred Cows, Chapter Two' ... to many good things to even being to quote!
... (Some Rove, some Hillary (Healthcare and abortions), etc. etc. Go read it!

* NEA : Their real agenda
How long does one have to read down the list before the NEA actually addresses an issue having directly to do with educating students? The first item? Third? Fifth?... How about ... fifteenth?
... found via
Conservative Dialysis (who also adds his thoughts)
* Study shows 1/3 of all studies are inaccurate ... can't make this stuff up, folks!
* MS : Applies for patent on Boomerang ... SPAM fighting
* Rove : Are the accusers simply ignorant? (yes)
... and
this ...
It all has the feeling of being so old and tired. Karl Rove leaked something to someone. Heaven forefend. The President's political fixer and junkyard dog said something to a reporter in order to wound a political opponent? No, please, say it isn't so
... and
Coulter has a thought on this topic ...
The only person who has demonstrably lied and possibly broken the law is Joseph Wilson ... So the obvious solution is to fire Karl
... obviously :) ... and
The Left's "12 Steps to Scandal" program ...
1. Something comes out in the press that looks terribly damaging.
2. The media goes into overdrive hyping the story and focusing on it monomaniacally.
3. The lefty bloggers start drooling in glee.         ...
... found via
* Attacking those defrauding Medicare/Medicaid = Good ...
Their renowned Health Care Fraud Unit of the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney's office has (between May 1996 and May 2001), according to the Boston Globe, "recovered $1.54 billion for federal taxpayers, more than 30% of all health care fraud settlements by the nation's 94 U.S. attorney's offices" ... That statement was printed before the Unit recovered another $1.561 billion from three more recent cases ... Half of the amount recovered in the federal government's fraud program goes to relators and lawyers. The other half of the amount recovered appears to go as restitution to the programs that were defrauded. Unfortunately, this is a little hard to figure out from the HHS/DOJ reports on HCFAC. Besides being typically 4-12 months late, they also do not clearly show how the money is actually credited to various health care programs to "make them whole" for the amounts they were purportedly defrauded.
* Eminent Domain : In Cali - "State senator proposes measure to prevent Kelo-type property seizure" ... as every state (must?) should do!
... unless/until then : let's hope the
Lost Liberty Hotel does in fact evict Justice Souter!
... meanwhile, sadly,
Missouri following Connecticut's lead in property seizure
* Google'ish : More GMaps hacks! ... find WiFi coverage
* 'The CIA vs. the White House and the politics of war' ... and yes, we do not live in a perfect world ...
* Wanna (virtually) tour an abandoned missile base?
* SCOTUS : Byrd praises W
... which, by my math, means any second now the Earth will stop rotating the sun, pigs will fly, ice will be hot and I will be rich
... and
"We view judicial appointments as a political issue as opposed to a legal one" ... and an answer to "how can a Supreme Court Justice, an individual who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, rule contrary to it?"
* Why CNOOC should not be allowed to buy UNOCAL (.PDF)
... and
TMH has some similar thoughts
* Dino's were avian'ish ... Just figuring this out? Do these people not watch Jurassic Park??
* Evangelical Christianity is the fastest growing religion on Earth ... Book : "Megashift" ... new phrase : "core apostolics"
* Brad Pitt, meningitis
* Israel : Settlements being sealed off for "disengagement" ... still wrong, and remember - it isn't voluntary!
* MS : Windows Automotive 5.0 ... reboot your car?
* Courts agree that Ionic Breeze is "unhealthy"
* Happy 10th Birthday MP3! ... the name MP3, anyway
* Dell : RIP - User-support forums
* Germany : Moving int he wrong economic direction ... under the leadership of Angela Merkel and her CDU
* MS : About to go Open Source? ... and Sun doing it too?
* Pills to solve all problems ... is that brave, or scary, or both?
* CAIR taking place of MPAA ... "scrap the ratings system ... "OKTM" (Okay to Muslims) or "JNGM" (Just Not Gettin' Made)"
* EPA / Global Warming : Science, legislation - and the ignorance of both ...
Recently, Democrats voiced shock and dismay that the chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality edited reports to emphasize the natural variability of earth's climate and the uncertainties in global warming science. But the Bush administration is standing on firm scientific ground. While the United Nations climate panel continues to make sweeping claims that we're living in the hottest period in a thousand years, the basis for the claim -- Michael Mann's famous "hockey stick" graph that showed a 1,000 years of stable global temperatures (the handle) with a sharp increase over the past 50 years (the blade) -- has now been found seriously flawed.
... and yes, Boxer (bat, moon) is still off her rocker

* Pope : Thoughts on Harry Potter ...
Mr. Most-Notable-Christian-Leader, what do you think of a children's book that forgoes conventional morality, God's grace, and divine intervention, in favor of witchcraft and magic, often with relativist undertones? And should I have bothered with the question?
... and other thoughts on "mystifying liberals with, well, mysticism" :)

* Iraq : Defending those who do not support the war
... found via
Dr Sanity, Part II ... and go read his Part 1 as well
* USMC : Why re-enlist? ... "Serving my country is not a 4 year contract ..."
* GITMO : NYT admits "did not qualify as inhumane or as torture." (annoying registration reqd)
... found via
Confederate Yankee ... who adds "Senator Durbin, how do you like your crow?" :)
... which was found via
BAStILle ... who also found :
* Rove : What Rove did wrong ...
True, true. But Rove made a mistake...an unforgivable mistake, at least from the perspective of the Left: he didn't insist on a cool nickname with an adult-film origin ... But the fact remains: from all indications, if Rove had been called "The West Schwing!" or something like that, he'd be a hero to the left, just like Mark Felt
... schweet!

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* OOTS#202 ... halfling carry lead sheets? (and stop oppressing me you ... )
* True : Fox + Chevy = stealth guerrilla advertising? ... gay, and that is why I drive a Jeep (or a Ford)
* Rove : Berger says he did it better ... and he is in line for SecState?
... and also Rove :
W has found the perfect investigator
* True : Wanna be an FBI punching bag "Role Player"?
* SCOTUS : Constitutional Amendment, "AND WE MEAN IT!!!" ... sad but true
* GWB Conspiracy Generator ... ...I knew it! :
George W. Bush allowed 9/11 to happen so that The Jews and Ann Coulter could invade welfare recipients.
* UF : Erwin is the D34TH ST4R
* ALP#130 ... Fantastic Four "trivia"
* 'Mom rotated children in trunk during 8-hour drive. Democrats demand Rove resignation.'

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* Global War on Terror :
The war on terror can never be won unless Muslims who have the privilege of living in the West stand up for civilization against the forces of barbarism and nihilism
--thanks Alykhan Velshi, via Aaron
* Bond Villain? :
Irving: i do stuff like set up my garage door to open over the Internet
MyPetGoat: having an Internet-enabled garage door? what that F* is that good for?
MyPetGoat: it's like you're the most pathetic Bond villain ever
--thanks Bash!

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