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  • Katrina : Continued prayers to all of those caught up in the wake & clean-up.
    ... Everyone should donate to one of the great, relevant charities :
    Here are a few ... or maybe a group effort!

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  • Katrina : 100 confirmed dead ... "hundreds, if not thousands, of people may still be stuck on roofs and in attics"
    ... New Orleans to be evacuated ... including the ~20k people in the SuperDome (busing them to the Astrodome)
    ... Nationwide conservation effort considered
    ... Military rescue forces mobilized ... search and rescue, medical help and supplies, including the Comfort
    ... Expecting hundreds of dead in NO alone
    ... SPR being tapped, keep refineries supplied
    ... "Louisiana governor declares day of prayer"
    ... Airlines running out of fuel
    ... Looting increasing
    ... Prison riot, hostages taken
    ... 3M w/o power
    ... Alabama power outage is wide reaching. and expected to be prolonged
    ... 'Upcoming no-home homecoming'
    ... Katrina joins the "worst disaster" list
    ... Increased West Nile virus threat
    ... Craig's list - New Orleans Lost & Found ... great use of technology!
    ... Thoughts on IT recovery
    ... NO's "Worst Case Scenario" report not too far off the present situation ... 9 weeks to pump out
    ... All caused by "Global Warming" ... um, or not
    ... RFK Jr. joins the "blame Global Warming" insanity / hilarity
    ... Rusty claims responsibility for the storm ... Personally, I think my Jeep did it!
  • Iraq : Human stampede kills 600 ... reports indicate stampede was in response to someone yelling "bomb", condolences
    ... Zarqawi linked
  • Lebanon : Rafik Hariri assassination suspects named ... Syria ties
  • Mad Cow : Undetermined source in Taxes case ... um, I don't like that answer!

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  • Islamofascism : Mrs Hughes - don't go to the ISNA! ... ISNA, AMC = all bad ... add CAIR to that list
    ..."There is no distinction between soldier and civilian" ... Hani Sibai's own words
    ... "It was a better way if al jews where killed in the 2nd world war" ... "Allah Akbar" indeed!
    ... We must not lose the War of Ideology
    ... Out of "Club Gulag" (GITMO) and into ... the real gulag ... but they were all innocent, remember??
  • Iraq : Their (possible) constitution has EU's beat!
    ... De-constructing "ChickenHawk", again
    ... WMDs were found, like 1.8 tons of enriched uranium in July of 2004 ... no MSM coverage?
    ... "History may inevitably repeat itself, but it isn't supposed to start showing reruns so quickly"
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ACLU + Druids vs Christians
    ... USNA to keep saying grace despite ACLU, ADL ... unlike wussy USAF
    ... De-linking Instapundit! ... and Basil will take his links :)
  • Crawfordstock : MoveOn backing away from St Cindy?
    ... Ignore "St Cindy of the drainage ditch"
  • Left : More on the "Sgt Dan Kennings" hoax
  • Right : Thoughts on "blind support" vs informed voting
    ... More support for CFG is the answer ... I AGREE!
  • Computing : MS releases WinFS, Beta1, MSDN subscribers only
    ... Creative has a patent on MP3 player/interface ... bad, and uh-oh
    ... Data Center standard released ...
    ... How To : USB Drive all-in-one
  • Internet : Verizon makes EV-DO cheaper ... cool, save me $20/m :)
    ... The great Firewall of China
    ... Comcast is teh sux0r
    ... "Alarming ineffectiveness of US cyber intelligence"
  • Gaming : This guy's finger-reflexes are better than yours ... hitting buttons @ the rate of 16x/s
  • Hawaii : 'Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Act : A Step Toward Secession?'
  • Taxation : Flat Tax gaining traction overseas
  • Lasers : More on HELLADS
  • Nanotech : More on the harder-than-diamonds ACNR ... start w/ buckeyballs(c60), add heat & pressure
  • ID : Not just for cavemen
  • Space : Saturn's moon, Enceladus, has a water plume that is "hundreds of km" tall! ... thanks Cassini!
    ... Micro-satellites to replace bigger, more expensive ones
    ... Legal problems for Space Elevator?
  • Rockets : BYO / DIY "N55 Rocket" ... you can lift 2kg to 5km
  • Hydrogen : Rhenium as a catalyst for mass production? ... "more tests and scrutiny are required"
  • Health : Coming soon : growing replacement lungs
    ... The economics of healthcare
    ... Hillary flip-flops on FDA testing / labeling requirements ... if it can save lives she must stop it!
  • Automobiles : Getting closer to being self-drive
  • Free Trade : Dobbs way off
  • Bloggers : Are you liable?

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  • OOTS : #216 ... due today ...
  • Crawfordstock : INXS!
  • Katrina : Al Qaeda sending aid to NO
  • Crooks are stupid : Bank robbery sticky note, "just a joke" ... ha ha, you're going to jail! (true)
  • UF : In-game mugger = hot chick ... poor AJ
  • Pope : Benedict XVI Catholicometer
  • Vagina : +Teeth?? ... "The Gelgamek vagina is three feet wide and filled with razor-sharp teeth!"
  • Oil : Saudis to actually do something useful - cut oil to $40/barrel

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    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Help fight diabetes, sponsor Connor
    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl

    ... found via jcrue

    Defend the White House
    Defend the White House


    New Orleans, flooded
    Cox & Forkum

    Delta; good goes round?


  • Sources / Bloggie Linkfests: OTB, Basil-AM, STACLU, OTB, Basil-Nooner, TMG, Jawa, Basil-Party!

  • 8/30/2005

    Is it Saturday yet? Friday, atleast?

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  • ME : Hey, Comcast just let me know that I am under a Tornado warning watch.
  • Katrina : Again, prayers to all of those caught up in the wake & clean-up.
    ... Everyone should donate to one of the great, relevant charities here are a few
  • Kerry : It is time for another edition of "Has anyone seen Kerry's 180?"
    ... and, unless you work for the Boston Globe, the answer is no! War Crimes, treason, sedition - little things!
  • Illegal Immigration : So, did you catch the "Save Our Borders" blogburst yesterday? (That I didn't post until today)

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  • Katrina : Kills 55 ... so far (excluding the previous 11), more expected ... prayers & condolences
    ... Make that (80 so far) ... and levees breaking
    ... and let me point out to Biloxi's Mayor, A.J. "This is our Tsunami" Holloway - you don't quite have 225K+ dead, douche

    ... WB rounds up all of the destruction ... 80% of New Orleans is under water ...
    ... Levees breaking!
    ... A day of blegging ... and are other governments being stingy? Whither Amazon?
    ... Conditions inside the SD are atrocious ... 2 have died inside?
    ... Martial Law imposed in two areas
    ... $26B in claims
    ... New Orleans - "environmental disaster"
    ... No "Global Warming" tie!
    ... Mobile bridge impacted by adrift oil platform ... I think they called it a "flotel" (floating hotel)
    ... Oil hits $71
    ...perspective : 09/13/2003 Isabel took away our drinking water for 2-3 days ... and it sucked, they'll be w/o for months
    ... FNC's Shepherd Smith gets cursed out ... found via CD
  • Texas : Church shooting / standoff ends in quadruple murder + suicide
  • Syria : Govt in trouble ... responsible for Rafik Hariri assassination?

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  • Support our troops! : More on VALOUR-IT, and how YOU can help!
    ... Operation Thank You .... W, Rumsfeld, IP and Kender ... what more could you want?
  • Islamofascism : More on the Saddam + OBL connection
    ... And some Bosnian+terrorist connection
    ... Palestinian assets frozen ... $1.33B+ frozen
    ... American Muslims side with enemy and Further thoughts
    ... So does the Left ... different war, same tactics
    ... More anti-Iraq-war Leftism here
    ... Good, old-fashioned Leftie fisking ... Bush, Cheney, Rove, Clark, Iraq
    ... 'Welcome to Hotel bin Laden, Mrs. Europe.'
    ... What you can do to help spread the truth!
    ... IED blows up ... Video here
  • Theft : 1400-2000 gallons of jet fuel stolen ... simple theft or terrorism in mind? (no permalink :( )
  • Able Danger : Pentagon no longer in denial?
  • 9/11 : YET MORE Commission omissions! ... more historic ties
  • Crawfordstock : Pro-Bush supporters rally ... 3000+ strong
    ... Profoundly contrived ... Say hello to Lisa Fithian
    ... CNN's Justin Webb - AntiAmerican
    ... 79% of Americans disagree with St. Cindy
    ... Protesting the Blue Angels ... another related link below, under "Left"
    ... More on St Cindy calling the other (also grieving) mothers brainwashed
    ... 'Gold Star Families for Retreat and Defeat'
    ... Infiltrated by a Conservative
    ... PICs of the show!
  • Illegal Immigration : Immigrant database lacks criminal info!?
    ... Terrorists easily enter US
    ... More ties between Illegal Immigration & Terrorism ... recd via email; Thanks Mustang!
    ... Raven is righteously (and rightfully) pissed and pissed
    ... LSB comments
    ... ID card fiasco in Cali
    ... Buchanan declares National Emergency ... calls for Bush to be impeached!?
    ... "Pat Buchanan proves why he's irrelevant"
  • Clueless : The Carnival, that is - #12
  • Iraq : More on Steven Vincent
    ... UPDATE : Reuters reporter shot ... understandable, read the circumstances (if true)
    ... 88% support the new constitution! ... I bet we have a lower acceptance rate for OUR CONSTITUTION!
    ... '10 Frequently Asked Questions' ... found via MPJ
    ... Some thoughts on the Sunni's ... and why we shouldn't care what they think?
    ... Money finally being spent
  • Virginia : Go vote for the Most Ridiculous Kaine'ism! ... and read what he considers "sportsmen"
    ... Warner not gonna make a play for Allen's job ... both likely to fight in '08
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : In bed with CAIR ... strangely appropriate as they are both trying to destroy America
    ... American Legion joins the Anti-ACLU fray
  • SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Announcing the "Hands Off My Home" campaign
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : Looking more & more "common sense conservative" ... & NYT being sane? (WaPo still not so much)
  • Oil : Citgo refinery in Venezuela to sell cut-rate heating oil to poor Americans
  • Gas : Refineries impacted, prices to rise ... and SPR releases not the answer (unless refineries are sitting idle!)
    ... More Price Controls? ... not just Hawaii, ludicrous!
  • Internet : Comcast's free security SW for users getting some press
    ... Broadband over PowerLine (BPL) getting better ... HomePlug Powerline Alliance actually doing something?
  • VOIP : FCC extends e911 deadline 30 days
    ... Skype opening API ... says HI to GTalk
    ... Katrina defeats Vonage in New Orleans
  • Hacking : Zotob authors arrested in Turkey, Morocco
  • Gaming : Mod'ing your XBOX in 10min!
  • Biometrics : +Hashing
  • Legos : Lego + 5.25" Disks = CD holder!
    ... Lego PC
  • Left : Is this how they support our troops? ... and condolences for Sgt. Jeremy Doyle
    ... Cracker fights some libs @ Air America's blog
    ... "Code Pink is now blaming infiltrators for their signage"
    ... They are even protesting the Blue Angels! ... HA! ... found via Duncan
    ... Democrats vs Libertarians
  • Right : Arizona newspaper dumps Coulter ... Tony Snow replacing her
    ... Helms (R-NC, retired) compares abortion to Holocaust
    ... ' Is It Time for Conservatives to Dump the GOP?' ... found via LSB, who says YES
  • Krugman : Paul Krugman Lies (1 & 2 are reposts, 3 is shiny & new!)
    ... Revoke his tenure? ... "economic fiction-writer, Paul Krugman" - HA!
  • "Global Warming" : ReGGIe must be stopped ... and it's unconstitutional?
  • Pedophile : 22yr old man impregnates, marries 13 yr old ... mother/grandmother approves of rape wedding ... WTF??
  • Govt : Seizes $10M in gold coins
  • Health : New antibiotics, work against "superbugs" ... Cephalosporin = no MRSA for you!
    ... French Fries cause Breast Cancer? ... Um, no ... Association vs Causation
  • Science : Most scientific papers are wrong
    ... Harder than diamonds
  • Education : Kids can say the F word, in class, in the UK ... but only 5x/lesson ... WTF??
    ... School choice is finally coming to the suburbs! ... in Ohio
    ... Back to Home School
    ... College orientation = "humiliate them into the 'cult of multiculturalism'"
  • Bloggers : More on OPSEC
  • Celebrity(ies) : Jacko makes Dubai appearance ... I hear they like pedophiles, but I thought they called them prophets?
  • A Story, bit by bit : ... "SuperEgo" :
  • Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11, Pt 12, Pt 13, Pt 14, Pt 15 , Pt 16, Pt 17, Pt 18, Pt 19, Pt 20

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  • RVB: Season 4 debut- episode 58 (direct link to .WMV) ... bow-chiki-bow-wow!
  • Katrina : Journalists hardest hit
  • Crawfordstock : Googling Sheehan ... oh, you mean Blue-ooogle?
    ... Cindy, all wet ... literally
    ... Caption This!
    ... No speeding tickets for Al, Cindy
  • Google : Funny search hits
  • Gizoogle : Transizzlated NIF
  • Health : Medicare to cover Starbucks detox
  • IMAO : A Day in Frank's Life
  • Bloggers : Harvey escaped!
  • Wide Awakes :Some Political Humor
  • Sharpton : Driver was velocity profiling

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Iraq :
    There is no quick, short answer to the problem of Iraq. Just as there was no quick, short answer to Germany and Japan, either. ... Just as there *still* are foreign troops in Bosnia and Kosovo. Changes of the magnitude we're trying to implement take generations to take root and flourish. But I wonder if we have the stomach for it?
    --thanks Argghhh!!!!

  • Crawfordstock :
    And for your jewhating pleasure, now with 100% more Al Sharpton.
    --thanks Preston!

  • Islamofascism :
    The best way to keep us from dropping a bomb on your house is if you kindly ask all terrorists to leave. Thank you.
    --thanks Rusty!

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Help fight diabetes, sponsor Connor
    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl

    ... found via jcrue

    No media whores in Crawfordstock!

    Kerry Lied

    Alliance of the Anonymous

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  • Email from CFG

    Before I begin, I'd like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with Club members and their families who live in the path of Hurricane Katrina.

    Last week, we mailed you a memo with three new candidate recommendations. If you have already donated to these candidates, thank you. If you have not yet made a donation, you can contribute online using the following link:

    Here's a quick recap on the three:
    State Sen. John Campbell is running in California's 48th congressional district to replace Chris Cox, who just became head of the SEC. John is rated one of the most pro-taxpayer lawmakers in the California Legislature, and in the primary, is running against a former legislator who voted for a budget that had so much excess spending that even the big-spending (former) Governor Gray Davis felt compelled to use his line item veto to cut it by half a billion dollars. While this is a safe Republican district, California's primary system, which allows Democrats to vote for Republicans, can be exploited by moderates to capture the Republican nomination. This special election is just over five weeks away.

    We also recommend State Rep. Bill Sali for Idaho's first congressional district which is opening up as current Congressman C.L. "Butch" Otter is running for governor. Despite this being a strong conservative district, there is plenty to worry about. Republicans so thoroughly dominate this state that many of the liberals have become registered Republicans. That is part of the problem. The other is that at least six candidates are running, so the most liberal one has a real chance of winning the primary, even if she gets less than 30% of the vote. This is where Club members can make the difference. We've found the best candidate, and he needs your help to raise a ton of money so he can leap frog to the top of the race. This will allow conservatives in Idaho to coalesce behind him and avoid getting stuck with a liberal Republican. Two of his GOP primary opponents backed a 20% increase in the sales tax!

    Our third recommendation is for State Rep. Phil Krinkie, whose nickname in the Minnesota Legislature is "Dr. No." He actually doesn't like the nickname, but we thought you would.But he's not a doctor, he's a small businessman. And the "No" part results from his votes on higher spending and taxes - "NO." And unlike many other lawmakers who may vote "no" over and over again, and lose effectiveness, our research found he is well-liked and respected, and is a true leader who can get good things done and bad things stopped. This is an open Republican-leaning seat.

    If you prefer not to donate online, mail your donations (see mailing address below my name) or call us with your credit card ready at (800) 687-2582.

    Best Regards,
    Patrick J. Toomey
    President, Club for Growth
    2001 L Street,
    NW, Ste 600
    Washington, DC 20036
    PH: 202-955-5500


    Save Our Borders (burst)

    Lou Dobbs had it right on the money when he said, "We are a nation of immigrants, and there is no more diverse and welcoming society than ours. But we are first a nation of laws, and upholding those laws and our national values makes this great country of ours possible."

    What happens if we do not uphold those laws? Dobbs goes on.

    Failure to secure our borders means that we will continue to lose the war on drugs and lose a generation of Americans to those drugs. It also means the crushing burden of our failed immigration and homeland security policies will continue to fall exclusively on the shoulders of working men and women. Not only do illegal aliens and those who employ them cost the nation tens of billions of dollars in social services, principally in health care and education, they also depress wages for American citizens by an estimated $200 billion a year.

    [Note: The following was written by Mustang, a retired Marine officer who blogs at Social Sense. This is reprinted in full with his gracious permission, and we'll be featuring more of his work next week.]

    The number of Americans who believe that our borders should be secure from illegal entry is overwhelming. Not everyone agrees, obviously, but those who argue for open borders mostly represent organizations that have a peculiar agenda. Of those who demand (although not too loudly) a secure border, there are essentially two camps: One group worries about our security in light of terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, and the other group voices concern over the economic implications of illegal immigration.

    I have had a number of conversations with close friends on the subject of immigration gener­ally, and on the issue of securing our nation from those who would do our people harm. Even those who support President Bush seem to disagree with his view that people coming here illegally, no matter the point of their origin, are simply looking for work. As evidenced by the amount of attention this issue is getting nationally, however, the problem is not restricted to border-states. People throughout the entire country seem genuinely angry that our government lacks the will, or the resources, to halt the influx of people who come here illegally.

    The issue of illegal immigration generates emotional rather than thoughtful debates among the so-called talking heads of our national media. Screeching at one another on national television does not bring to the table thoughtful discussion or reasonable solutions to the problem. In the first place, most people do not understand the implications of illegal immigration, including the politicians whose job it is to frame laws, and provide funding for the enforcement of those laws.

    The task of problem-resolution appears to fall into three stages: (1) Determine the true affect of illegal immigration, (2) Discover reasonable solutions, and (3) Implement programs that do not demean people of other ethnic groups or nationalities.

    In spite of the fact that current statutes prohibit the employment of military forces in the pursuit of civil law enforcement duties, it may be time to reconsider such prohibitions. America's open border presents a real and present danger to the people of the United States in any number of ways, not the least of which might involve the illegal entry of Middle Eastern terrorists. In fact, at least one terrorist has been arrested, a female; it is not unreasonable to wonder how many others evaded arrest or detention. Discounting terrorists, however, Americans are harmed by “illegals” who perpetrate crimes against persons and property in the United States, and do so with some impunity.

    Criminal activity along the border, according to this article, is getting out of hand. The federal government's unwillingness to address this problem is causing harm to American citizens, and of course it is the local taxpayer who has to defray the costs of increased local policing. It is little wonder that citizens have formed local groups to augment police departments, but that may not be enough. Contrary to Mr. Bush's position, these people are not vigilantes, but they could be if something isn't done — and soon.

    There are also good arguments that illegal immigrants pose a significant economic danger to the United States. A source of information and discussion on this topic can be found at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Among a wide range of issues, FAIR provides specific economic information relative to illegal immigration, breaking those costs down state-by-state. One might conclude, based on the data provided by FAIR, that the costs of doing a poor job in protecting America’s borders far outweigh the costs of hiring more law enforcement or border patrol officers.

    For more on this topic, check out Kleptocracy to the South — a good read. The bottom line, folks, is that until citizens are fully informed about the ramifications of doing nothing, Americans cannot approach the three-step mentioned above to resolve this problem. It’s your country, dear reader, and the choice is yours — but Social Sense demands your involvement.


    Welcome to the first issue of the Save Our Borders Blogburst. We have started this blogburst in an effort to keep the border issues and illegal immigration at the forefront now and up through the next election. We will be featuring pieces every Monday from other bloggers, news articles, and things we've written ourselves as we blog about this each week. Members of the blogburst can either crosspost what we have, or write something of their own.

    If you'd like to join, please send an email to kit dot jarrell at gmail dot com and put "Blogburst" in the subject line. The more, the merrier!

    Click here see the other participants!...

    Blogs already on board:

    Winds of Fate

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  • Katrina : Prayers for all those in her path ...

  • Quick Thoughts News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Katrina : Was a Cat5! .. now a Cat4, direct hit on Grand Isle, not New Orleans
    ... SuperDome may be failing? ... that would be BAD
    ... Which means it could've been worse!
    ... New Orleans web cams
    ... Could leave 1M homeless
  • Oil : Over $70 ... thanks Katrina!
  • Iraq : Sunni leaders reject constitution, draft still signed ... referendum in October
    ... 'Sunnis gamble and lose on constitution'
    ... al Reuters crew shot, by US? ... condolences
  • Russia : Lugar, Obama delayed ... "they had refused to obey the demands of the border guards."
  • Israel : 21 wounded in suicide bombing ... condolences, so much for disengagement! ... found via IMAO

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Islamofascism : Muhammad, fear, superstition, suicide, Satan
    ... Saddam-OBL link? ... support, if not more and remember - "a friend of our enemy is our enemy"
    ... France - not surrendering, actually helping to fight, terror?
    ... More "US doing good stuff", from Afghanistan ... Karishma had a VSD (My wife had an ASD)
    ... TBIFOC has an answer to captured wannabe terrorists ... even the 14 year old ones
  • Crawfordstock : Cindy's site 'hacked'? "We support the troops" ... 'hacking' (if it was hacked, that is) bad, but amusing
    ... Collection of Cindy'isms ... foul-mouthed, AntiAmerican, Anti-Semitic ... oh, and wrong
    ... She says "non-Anti-War moms are brainwashed"
  • UselessNations : "First in fraud, last in peace and utterly divorced from reality" ... "oil-for-food-for-bribes-for-weapons"
  • Able Danger : Robertson should direct anger at Gorelick
    ... Chart existed in 2002?
  • Egypt : Mubarak under pressure to reform ... the revolution will be blogged
  • Left : Less patriotic by the year ... no "big stick" for SF!
    ... Time to build a fence around San Fran?
    ... Honest definition of "Anti War"
    ... Yes, some are blaming Bush for Katrina
  • Politics : End to Political Polarization? ... or maybe not
    ... Hanson vs Huffington ... Hmm, I wonder who will win? ... found via Vodka / Jawa
  • Economics : China's hidden weaknesses
    ... Economy looking better, Buffett less so ... income outpaced / out-pacing spending (that's good)
    ... Federal regulation, the hidden tax
  • Military Tech : "XADS" bringing us Lightning Guns? ... eat your heart out, Zeus / Thor!
    ... More UAVs
  • Neato: Device that allows you to effortlessly climb buildings ... think Batman!
  • Computing : Intel going dual-graphics
    ... Best freeware
  • Internet : No cyber-meltdown
  • Google : Free WiFi, GoogleNet ... parallel Internet?
  • "Global Warming" : CAFE will actually encourage MORE oil to be used / needed ... high-efficiency double-talk
  • Housing : Crash? ... "'history had not dealt kindly' with investors who kept ignoring risks"
    ... Debt / equity as risky income tool
  • Health : Mice that regenerate hearts! ... I though you needed mutant powers, high-level spells for that!
    ... Test for Mad Cow ... before death, that is
    ... Coffee is a health drink! ... antioxidants, disease fighting, etc. WOOT!
    ... The "fat police" never sleep ... they also don't think clearly
  • Medicine : Eggs - not just for breakfast, vaccines anymore! ... can make antibodies as well!
  • Animals : More learners! ... including Orca, and chimps communicate
  • Aging : Hormones vs wrinkles
  • Nanotech : Molecular motors + water drops ... nanoshuttles, and Teflon?
  • Legal Stupidity : Trying someone they cannot further punish?
  • Celebrity(ies) : Suge shoot ...@ MTV Party in Florida

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • OOTS : #216 ... love is a EPIC challenge!
  • RVB : Season 4 should start TODAY! (true!)
  • Crawfordstock : Camp Arnold ..."a throng of nearly 25 Loyalist pamphleteers and newspapermen"
  • Theme Park : Rejected rides
  • Katrina : World not ending, other news might exist
  • IMAO : Podcast and Fun Facts : Illinois

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Help fight diabetes, sponsor Connor
    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl

    ... found via jcrue

    New B&J Ice Cream

    Perv in NY, help catch him!

  • Bloggie Linkfests: Basil-AM, OTB, TMG, .5, Jack's Army, CO, IP

  • 8/26/2005

    Bahng Chicka Bonck Beow

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Dodgeball : Just saw this yesterday (while doing Apheresis, TYVM) and let me tell you - it is Slap Nutz Funny!
    ... I mean, sure its stupid - but it knows it and embraces its stupidity in a way many comedies fail to.
  • BlogAds : They are looking for a new logo ... so get to work; if you win you get $1000
    ... and if you tell 'em I sent you Riley will get $300 :)
  • Trackbacks : SO, HaloScan messed me up just a bit and I sent a BOATLOAD of trackbacks out to some people. Dunno who. I know Basil got ~8-10 of them (Thx for the heads-up!). Anyway - just want to apologize to whoever else got a load. I'll say my bad, even though I really blame HaloScan and their "damned Internal Server Errors"
  • NIF : Totally a limited blogation weekend, so just gonna add to this post.
    ... UPDATE : It was a NO blogation weekend, wow! (And Monday is gonna be a "slow start" :( )

  • Quick Thoughts News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Florida : More on Katrina ... 2 dead (I heard 3 elsewhere, condolences) and 1M+ now w/o power!
    ... Make that 4 7 dead ... again, condolences
    ... Katrina may hit again, as a Cat4
  • 9/11 : Former CIA Director George Tenet, ~12 others, to get nailed for intelligence failure?
  • Europe : Flood death toll reaches 43 ... 31 from Romania ... condolences
  • France : Appt building gutted by fire, 17 dead ... condolences ... cause being investigated, developing
  • Military : Any recruiting deficiency is being over-compensated for by superlative retention #s!
  • Iraq : Captured terrorist sings, we nab more terrorists / weapons ... this is the news we need to be hearing more of!
    ... Progress being made on constitution? ... FNC just reported that "it is over, no constitution" ...
  • Islamofascism : Al Qaida may attack Asian financial hubs ... um, so stop them!
    (Perhaps the rest of the world will finally take notice?)
  • Cali : 500k affected by those rolling blackouts
    ... Medi-Cal fraud investigation ... what, like a 2277% markup is bad?
  • Iran : More nuclear delays? ... naturally, thanks to the UN / IAEA
    ... Excellent thoughts here ... the motivations for nukes (not as obvious as you might think), and why "bribes" WILL NOT work
    ... WaPo wrong, Iran not so far off from nuclear
  • Illegal Immigration : Border Patrol helo downed by thrown rocks ... now that is just embarrassing
    ... and all those who threw the rocks should be captured, charged, detained/deported!
  • Holloway : Kalpoe brothers re-arrested ... for "unrelated issue" ... yes, this is still ongoing
  • Miss America : Leaving Atlantic City ... $750k id handouts just not enough ... found via CFG

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Islamofascism : France, embracing terrorists again ... University to publish "Best Of" speeches
    ... Italy helping them as well! ... Italian Red Cross hiding terrorists
    ... And we have given Italy $8B+ in the last 4 years
    ... "Islam is a supremacist ideology that aims to conquer and subjugate"
    ... MCB, UK's CAIR, doesn't like the deportation rules ... which is a ringing endorsement to me!
    ... What THEY want - the truth ... Hint : think Caliphate. Hi CAIR!
    ... Thoughts on de-WEB-ifying the terrorists
    ... Misha still trolling for a fatwa
    ... Muslims, Communists persecute Christianity ... no surprise, but check the details!
    ... Islam in public schools!
    ... Terrorist-hunt-05 underway in Germany ... Schroeder must need votes
  • Crawfordstock : Cindy does John Edward / John Edwards impersonation, "channels" her son ... this woman is deranged!
    ... St. Cindy's Magical Mystery Tour ... PS - avoid DC on the Sept 24th, unless you are a ProtestWarrior that is!
    ... Leftist Creed - "Hail Cindy Sheehan, full of grace"
    ... Al Media Whore Sharpton to join circus
    ... Let's talk about the financing of her PR machine ... the usual moonbats
    ... American Legion votes unanimously to oppose the AntiWar protesters!
    ... Pat Boone lambastes Sheehan, AntiWar activists
    ... Aren't her 12 seconds up yet?
  • Iraq : Reporter drops camera, picks up gun ... and "three more shots through the front hood, the universal sign for 'stop'."
    ... Things looking OK (not great, but OK) for SPC Noah Pincusoff
    ... 'View from Iraq: Fires of Righteousness' ... found via TMH
    ... Fallujah rebuilding ... MSM silent
    ... ' To those idiots who want our troops out of Iraq'
    ... More "Saddam was funding terrorists" info
    ... 'Honor a Soldier--Get It Right!' ... some straight-shooting (no pun intended) advice for how to win Iraq
    Not that it matters - but I do not 100% agree with the good Colonel ... still interesting! ... found via IAP
    ... Adopting beans ... condolences for her son ... and she is yet another military mom that could teach "St. Cindy" a lesson.
  • Israel : Abbas ignores truth, says "they started it" ... and still cannot control "his" people
    ... Palestinians demanding Israel to provide medical treatment? ... My response would be "Kiss my ... "
    ... Some thoughts here, from the Emperor
    ... And remember, the IDF needs Pizza too!
  • Eugenics : Carle Foundation Hospital sterilizing the unwilling? ... Hmm, I thought Hitler killed this off
  • Yemen : No Freedom of Press for Jamal Amer ... found via DS
  • Military : 101 Soldierly Thoughts ... found via Argghhh
    ... Bask in the glory of the OICW
    ... 1960's SLAM - nuclear ramjet
  • Robertson : Something good to come out of this
    ... flashback : Stephanopolis can call in a hit
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Bad from the very beginning! ... I just might have to pick up Alan Sears book :)
    ... Throwing blocks for terrorists, thugs ... oh, and for pedophiles/NAMBLA
    ... ACLU-Louisiana issues apology / retraction
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : WaPo likes Hyperbole, dislikes Roberts
  • Clinton : #'s weakening ... "not exactly the unstoppable political juggernaught"
  • Air Scamerica: More here ... (two separate links)
  • Left : They actually do not have a foreign policy platform ... just a fact
    ... Dismantling "ChickenHawk"
    ... Prominent Dems maintained support for going to war in Iraq ... so spread vitriol their way as well, go on .. .I dare ya'
    ... Political Correctness, and the slow death of the American Spirit
    ... How about a nice "red hot cuppa" hypocrisy ... several flavors!
  • Living library : That's right, you can check out PEOPLE
  • Abortion : "No fetal pain" researchers just a bit biased ... surprise, NARAL's name comes up
    ... When is Pro-Choice not Pro-Choice
  • Economics : Some real numbers, oh - and Krugman misleads again! ...
    "the unpleasant reality about jobs is that there is no unpleasant reality about jobs"
    ... Krugman lies, misleads in issuing a so-called correction ... WRT election04
    ... Malkin busts him as well!
    ... Recession in '06/07? ... I am not convinced, but you be the judge
  • UselessNations : Syria hindering Hariri investigation? ... and Bolton unloads, reaffirming his appointment!
  • Unions : Northwest Airlines doing OK, TYVM ... forget the union = sweet!
    ... Growing chasm between unions and left
  • MSM : Their role is not to inform, but to influence ... or so they believe, that is a classic line!
  • "Kodee / Casey Kennings" : 'Daily Egyptian' falls for long running Anti-War/Bush hoax
    ... Humorous follow up
  • WRAMC : Code Pink shows their disrespect (hatred?) for our troops, country
    ... More Code Pink "goodness" here
    ... Relax, closing WRAMC not so bad
  • Seattle beat down : SayAnything is tracking this pretty good!
  • Abortion : LSB, on babies not feeling pain ... and I agree with her 100% (this time :P)
    ... Eugenics
  • Health : Bird Flu (H51N) approaching Europe?
    ... Men have higher IQs ... but women are "more conscientious and better adapted to sustained periods of hard work"?
  • AntiSemitism : Germans tried to keep the Jews out, to "protect property values" ... WTF?
    ... found via Ace, who shares a few links / thoughts
  • Nanny-state : Tennessee Attorney General says "No" to on-stage chewing tobacco ... Paul Summers, meet reality
    ... "I’m more than willing to extrapolate this out to see how the implications of such government intervention might impact me"
  • Taxation : Q&A has a problem with the Fair Tax ... one that I don't agree with, atleast not yet!
    ... Flat vs Fair ... Fair wins!
  • Space : Wanna see Venus & Jupiter, "together"? ... Sept 1st
    ... James Webb Space Telescope hitting a budget wall? ... Hubble had vision problems too :P
    ... Misc Hubble images
    ... Space ferry, ETA 2010 ... just in time for shuttles to retire
  • Mars : Spirit Rover climbs Husband Hill ... they keep going and going and going
  • "Global Warming" : ' You don't have to use electricity' ... "Otherwise the cries of environmentalism ring false"
    ... Suing the federal govt?
  • Nature : CO2 does not boost forest growth
  • Physics : Quick primers on a LOT of different physics topics, in "chains" ... like "Hydrogen Bomb" :)
  • Earth : Dirt is germy ... 100x moreso than previously thought
  • Weather : Forecasting to (finally) get more reliable? ... "Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)"
  • Jeep : A peek at the 2006 Commander ... seating for 7, 17/21mpg (6cyl), V8 Hemi MDS & QuadraDriveII (14/19mpg) available!
  • ID : The “ID is anti-science” position is unscientific
    ... Why a detractor thinks it should be taught!
  • Computing : More on Clearspeed's "50GFlop" cards ...was PCIx, now PCIe also. 50Gflops ... "$1000 to $10,000"
    ... A peek inside CELL
    ... Intel to crush AMD next year?
  • Gaming'ish : Splinter Cell, the movie?
  • Internet : China probing US?
    ... Pr0n to be .XXX or not to be .XXX ... not really that much of a question, IMHO
    ... Skype released
  • Firefox : BackupFox ... Direct DL here ... preserves your settings
    ... Hacking Firefox
  • Google : Google Talk, the good & bad ... by IMAO, so you know it is good!
  • MS : +Measles ... unexpected cost of offshoring? :)
  • Yomango : literally, I steal. ... I had never heard of that!
  • Disaster Planning : Has your state submitted its plan? ... SCA share some tidbits from Indiana's
  • Bloggers : The future of the medium or of Rick, or something - thought provoking.
    ... Beth implements Rule#5!
    ... Tons of "buttons", free
    ... Watcher's Council features a few blog-friends : Dr Sanity and Rick ... and 1 blog acquaintance : OTB
  • OPSEC : Guidance for MilBloggers!
    ... More WARNO here!
    ... More here!
  • A Story, bit by bit : ... "SuperEgo" :
  • Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, Pt 9, Pt 10, Pt 11, Pt 12, Pt 13, Pt 14, Pt 15 , Pt 16, Pt 17, Pt 18

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  • OOTS : #214 ... NO MORE GUESTS! ... and check out the new complete breakfast!
  • Filthy Lie : Camp Puppy Blender
  • USMC : Gunfight Rules ... (true'ish)
  • WTW'ish : Mountain talk ... you best be a-fixin' to go read this
  • Flash : Troyis (puzzle game) ... 103520 for me
  • "Maverick" McCain : Not so maverick when needing votes, comes out in support of ID ... (true) ... found via Ace
  • Iraq'ish : EV presents "How to write a Constitution" ... well, sorta'
  • Celebrity(ies) : ' The Five Stages Of A Teen Queen' ... Hi Hillary! ... (true'ish)
  • Lance Armstrong : When French say doping, they mean he's stupid
  • Moore : Letter from the Fat Farm
    ... Fat Farm diary
  • Flash : Connexions
  • Religion : Humorous church bulletins
  • Crawfordstock : Bus would be cool!
  • Earth : Core rotates faster, according to the movie anyway
  • Caption This : Fidel + Hugo, sitting in a tree .. ok, no tree - but they are man-hugging
  • Robertson : Castro backs violent overthrow of 700 Club
  • Flash : Ninja Test ... I am a "Good Ninja"
  • Whoddathunkit : Ogre has a Mini! ... (true!)
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  • Quotes : LOTS of funny ones ... "My teeth smell of pain."

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    Oh, hi. I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such self-help
    videos as 'Smoke Yourself Thin' and 'Get Confident, Stupid!'"
    --thanks Matt Groening, viaAOC

  • Freedom :
    A government is only as good as the people it governs and
    their understanding of what it means to live in a society of laws
    --thanks to our founding fathers, via TCS

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