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  • THURSDAY : And that means it is time to think about how the ACLU is trying to destroy our country.
    Today, the focus is DRUGS. (see first links under "interesting")
  • Bloggers : Trackback Fiesta! ... OTB, TMG, OTB^2, TMG^2 ...
    Even for non-bloggers this is still a cool way to see lots of other great, unrelated sites!
    (after finishing up here, that is!)

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  • Bomb : Oklahoma man tries to board plane with bomb ... Alfred Dreyling Jr, busted.
  • Going Nuclear : UN - "We'll vote on you"; Iran - "So?" ... they don't call them the UselessNations without good cause!
  • Weather : EU, baking
  • Oil : Breaks through the $65 mark ... then slides back just a tad, still $29+ too high!
  • Criminals : George and Jennifer Hyatte caught, in Ohio ... tip from cabi led to (re)arrest!
    (Reminder - she helped him escape by murdering guard in Tenn.)
    ... and from 6MB : "The bad news, sadly, is that they were taken alive"
  • Pakistan : Test fire of Nuke-capable cruise missile
    successful test of its first- ever ground-launched cruise missile HATF-VII, also known as Babur ... has the capability to carry nuclear and conventional warheads to a range of 500 kilometers (300 miles) with a pinpoint accuracy
  • BOOM : Truck carrying 35k+ pounds of explosives through Utah rolls, explodes ... NO CASUALTIES!
    (Prayers for the wounded, including driver)
  • UK :
  • ... Arrested, deporting 10 foreigners ... jihad denied?
    ... "Food fight" grounds British Air (in Heathrow) ... damned caterers!
  • CEO : WorldCom ex-CFO Scott Sullivan "earns" 5 years in FPMITA prison ... FPMITA = Office Space reference :P
  • Illegal(?) Immigration : Texas now a majority-minority state ... "joins California, New Mexico and Hawaii"
  • Iraq : Saddam faces execution after first trial?

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  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion :
  • ... They think "all drugs should be legal" ... and more drug-related stuff below!
    ... ACLU to get $150k to help fight against the 10 Commandments ... FROM THE GOVT (i.e. - your money!) ... WTF??
    (and that doesn't count the $250k+ the govt spent on the case!)
    ... Supporting Druids who drive w/o license, insurance or plats or
  • Drugs :
  • ... 'The Libertarian Case for Drug Control'
    ... More druggie stuff here ... SuperHawkRick has done a LOT more than I have!
  • Pledge of Allegiance : Virginia has it right! ... court uphold Pledge requirement, including "under God"
    the pledge is a patriotic exercise, not an affirmation of religion similar to a prayer
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... Links between Lodi can OBL
    ... Snipers perform the "AK-monkey-pumpers smack-down" ... BRILLIANT! ... More on Able Danger
    ... 'Eighty percent of Australian imams deny bin Laden at fault for 9/11'
    ... 'Deport. Radical. Foreign. Muslims. Now.'
    ... Even more on Able Danger, 9/11 Commission lies and Mohammed Afroze ... and not just a war against the West!
    ... Ace wraps Able Danger up in 4 bullet items, and one more comment
    ... al Qaeda releases video showing SEAL ID info .. was killed in Afghanistan late June
    ... Iraq doom & gloom ... some thoughts on passivity, and also - what media bias?
    ... More thoughts on why we are in Iraq, and why we must stay in until done! ... and links to female MPs!
    ... More on Sheehan, 'You can’t find peace in a ditch'
    ... Sheehan family speaks out against Cindy
    She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation. The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect.

    ... Steven Vincent, still under attack?
    ... War Supporter vs War Protester = duel ... condolences!
    ... Terror warning for ~09/11/05 ... "New York, Los Angeles and Chicago" ... Involving fuel trucks? ... uncorroborated
  • Israel :
  • ... Islamic Jihad - "Attacks will continue after pullout" ... just ANOTHER reason the disengagement is WRONG
    ... Appeasement does not work!
    ... Some thoughts,. observations on (then AWOL) Eden Natan-Zada's murderous rampage ... and the reaction thereto
  • Patriotism : Mother-daughter deploying to Kuwait! ... Sgt. 1st Class Brenda Berrios and Sgt. Karissa Smith
  • Hollywood : 'Enemy of the State'
  • Carter : Not just an Anti-Patriot, but also a lair!
  • National Security : Airplanes STILL not safe! ... cargo
  • Nuclear Bombings : In defense of our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Japan playing the part of the "helpless victim" - excerpt for that killing of millions thing
    And remember this name - Harold Agnew? I didn't, but do now ...
  • Highway Bill : Since when is a 91% good bill such a bad thing? ... go read it; great "presentation"!
    ... found via Not Puppy Blender
  • Illegal Immigration'ish : Non-English libraries?
    ... so, not only is English NOT our"national language" it is actively being supplanted? WTF??
  • Space :
  • ... "Triple Asteroid" found ... well, one asteroid with two of its very own moons!
    ... Source of sGRBs found ... neutron star collisions
  • Liquid Metal : From liquid to solid with the flip of a switch ... just a touch of electricity; think T2!
  • Outdoors : Cool gear! ... Civilian Lab's "Harness System"
  • "Global Warming" : A warming Siberia = global climate threat? ... damn methane
  • Pollution : Car exhaust causes cancer ... "the public should not be alarmed by the claims and stressed much more research was needed"
  • Cryptography : MD5 "weakness" defeats Speed Trap Cameras! ... in Aussie-land, anyway!
  • Firefox : Minimize to System Tray!
  • Computing :
  • ... More portability, coming soon ... kinda like Sun-Ray, but you carry the "soul" on a storage device (instead of on the net)
    ... or you could do this now with a LiveOS bootable CD) and a Flash Drive ... just sayin' ...
    ... speaking of flash drives : Pocket Rocket still the fastest, again
    ... Blu-Ray goes three-way for (odious) DRM
    ... Overclocking a 670 (3.8Ghz) to 6Ghz! ... thanks to Cholup for the correction
  • Internet : Japan deploying 100mbps-capable satellite ... color me jealous!
  • Gaming : GVS to really get you into the feeling of the game! ... "galvanic vestibular stimulation" ... PGR, here I come!
  • SysAdmins : Finally getting a search engine of their very own?
  • Linux : Google runs Linux everywhere because ____ ... all about the licensing!
  • Geeks : Google > MS
  • Conservatism : Thinking about Jesse Helms ... and his book : Here's Where I Stand
  • Unions : More on AFL-CIO - 35% of its members ... even though they agree on most things!
    The dissenters (correctly) feel the AFL-CIO no longer helps it members
    ... and why do we need unions when unemployment is ~5%? (i.e. - you can just go get another job)
  • Left :
  • ... Sheehan = Anti-Semitic Moonbat ... other comments above ... found via MPJ
    ... Dem's poll shows that they are liberal and/or immoral ... before you react, think NARAL ... ok, now react
    ... NARAL withdraws ad
    ... Lobbyist Jack Abramoff indicted
  • Economics :
  • ... Populist opinion formed by sux0rific reporting ... what media bias?
    PS - the economy is doing great!
    If we could just get oil down a bit (to, say, $25-35/barrel we'd be on fire!)
    ... In defense of hedge funds ... "provide an important source of market liquidity"
  • SCOTUS : Breyer admits fallibility ... but sticks by the "global test" garbage
  • Telecom : Reform in the name of the "Broadband Investment and Consumer Choice Act"
    (finally) a "big step in the right direction" .. and nothing happening soon :(
  • VOIP : Linksys (aka Cisco) releasing Skype-based gear?
  • BioEthics : ESCR, Abortion ... Eugenics ... Nazis? ... and a little Dobson vs Gelernter too :)
  • Genetics : Alcohol tolerance / stress gene found ... I don't have that one! (TJ = high tolerance, no stress!)
  • FEC : Reform? Define objectively? And what about Angles? ... see also : insurrection, over to the right somewhere :P
  • Peanut Crisis : We have a huge surplus ... thanks Dept of Ag? (And see my comments over yonder)
  • How To : Review Beer
  • MS :
  • ... Minor patch glitch ... you did patch yourself, didn't you??
    ... Manage XP Firewall from the CLI!

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  • Relationships : How not to get a wife ... found via Beth ... who is soliciting additions!
  • Home Furnishing : Out of FedEx boxes!
  • Army : New recruiting incentives ... "Keep what you kill and Three free civilian kills per year", etc.
  • Advertising : Its a Big Ad ... beer commercials rock, Oh Fortuna! ... found via LTG
  • Mick Jagger : Rolling Stones are "somewhere below Al-Qaeda and above belly-button lint on the list of the world’s sundry irritations" ... found via Basil Phin!
  • UF : Pitr + cloak = Sith Boy
  • NASA : Save money, let Martians come to us
  • SCOTUS :
  • ... NARAL to bomb Roberts
    ... NARAL - 'Roberts' adoptions jeopardize abortion rights'
    ... 'Roberts may have performed abortions to prevent gay adoptions'
    ... Conservative bloggers who support the gay judge Roberts - even if he is gay like some leftists say ... found via Ace
  • Jacko : Another surgery ... now, truly a clown!
  • Islamofascism : Attacking us via Aguilera-ism
  • Evolution : Scott Harlan, the Yankee Jumper, disproves it! ... but he has some options for his future! ... found via IAP
  • MS : Vista to include PW Spell Checker
  • Art(?) : Urinal scrawlings
  • Wonka : A (cough) review of this (cough) capitalist adventure
    "a loving case-study of an arch-oppressor of the proletariat"
  • Tourism : Philly to clearly mark "good areas" and "bad areas"
  • Baby : Nursemaid's elbow
  • W : Checking his messages
  • Sheehan : Evil Bush anti-cel phone conspiracy ... form the DUmmies.
  • Cloning : Koreans clone a dog, then eat it .. .so easy, so obvious ... so funny!

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  • Pacifists :
    These people that profess to practice pacifism and are so easily duped by their "warm, fuzzy" views of humanity really are a sad sort.
    --thanks Right Wing Howler! (go read the whole thing!) ... found via Beth

  • Politics :
    Attacking John Kennedy for his faith was wrong 45 years ago, it is wrong now to attack Roberts for his faith.
    --thanks GMR!

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    Day by Day; Ablation - before & After
    day by day

    Cancer Ablation center, help Muir's sister
    American Cancer Ablation Center

    Dilbert; Colossal Ineptitude

    ACLU blogburst, Cao substitutes prayer for drugs
    ...and more here

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