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  • Kerry : It is Tuesday, so let us reflect once again upon John-boy's missing 180!
    Some of us still expect our elected officials and representatives to behave like civilized people with a moral compass
  • I95 : BIG accident in Springfield, 4 tractor-trailers involved ... developing!
  • Did you know : Today is National_Airborne_Day
  • Brother against Brother: So you have read all of these, right? :
  • Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10
    ... and perhaps read the comment by Don and Annette defending their actions? ... now go read Kit & Heidi's response!
  • Carnival : Clueless #10! ... always good, and long!

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  • Venezuela : West Caribbean Airways crash, 152 passengers (+12 crew) on board ... developing
  • Afghanistan : Helo crash kills 17 Spanish peace keepers
  • Guatemala : 30 killed in gang fight ... involved MS13
  • Israel :
  • ... 50 arrested protesting disengagement
    ... Terrorists declaring victory
    ... "Anything, that will take attention away from the fiasco and failure that is and will be, 'Palestine.'"
  • Russia : Having Bird Flu (H51N) problems ... trying to contain it
  • Italy : 141 arrested in anti-terrorist raids
  • UK : 4 "Anti-Terror" arrests made @ Manchester ... developing
  • Japan : Earthquake, 7.2
  • Virginia : C2 Greyhound performs a "belly landing" ... thankfully, no injuries! ... "no landing gear for you"!
  • Florida : Private plane crash lands near Ft Lauderdale
  • Pakistan : Terror cell raided

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  • Islamofascism :
  • ... Chemicals used in roadside bombs ... and I hope Mohammed Saleh Sultan enjoys his 72 raisins!
    ... PC vs security, "pregnant women" used to hide explosives (no permalink - look for 'Insidious Terrorist')
    ... Jihad denied for Muslim converts in LA ... were planning an attack on 09/11/2005 ... found via Malkin
    ... Can we stop "America Hiroshima" any better than 9/11?
    ... Germany's Schroeder grasps for Anti-Americanism for political salvation ...implicit endorsement of nuclear terrorists?
    ... Women's Rights are a problem
    ... They hate you, but not for the reasons you think!
    ... 38 Muslim groups protest UK's actions ... Dan shows us why they are blowing smoke
    ... Here is what needs to be said! ... found via Liberty & Culture
    ... Malaysia, a model for the "modern Islamic nation"?
  • Illegal Immigration : Dems finally getting serious? ... while GOP plays their fiddle? (think Nero) ... Dammit, everyone needs to get serious about this!
  • Crawfordstock :
  • ... Mr Sheehan seeking divorce ... while she may be a bit crazy, I still feel sorry for them
    ... Just another spectacle ... flashback to the "Jersey Girls" ... no media bias here!
    ... More on Moore
    ... Same pro-terrorist beliefs as Lynne Stewart
  • Left :
  • ... Clinton claims he would have attacked Osama pre-9/11 if only he had known ... but he did know!
    ... Boxer has dirty money in her pocket? ... like $74k
    ... NOW says women can do what they want with their body ... as long as NOW agrees with the action, that is
    ... "Liberwocky" - how to translate what Libs say into English
    ... "Enemy Central" wraps-up the lefties for the week ... Boxer, Clinton, Gore, Franken, etc.
    ... ' Intercepted Memo: Keys To A Liberal Victory' ... yeah, because JUST DOING THEIR JOBS is too difficult! ... found via ER
    ... " a bit of liberal hypocrisy when it comes to the lives and health of Americans" ... and GM food
    ... They have forgotten these words from JFK
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Exec. Dir. Anthony Romero is near the top of those trying to "Destroy America"
  • UselessNations :
  • ... Kofi orders "procurement division" probe ... how about a probe into Kofi?
    ... UN misappropriating funds under the guise of their "Development Program" ... "corrupt, biased, ineffective organization and has probably outlived its usefulness"
  • MSM :
  • ... Realization of bias hits home! ... fond via Argghhh!, who adds that Blogs should get some credit!
    ... more here
  • Armed Forces : Are our reserves not being properly trained for combat? ... some good questions, and thoughts, from Mustang
  • Govt Spending :
  • ... Highway bill actually going to cost $295B ... wow! (so down to ~85% good) .. if only we could get the pork out!
    ... 'Me too Republicanism"
  • Centrist Party : Boomr wants to start a third political party ... while I disagree on several points, it is still worth a read!
  • SCOTUS : Roberts saved Reagan the possible embarrassment of a public tie to Jacko! ... funny memo!
  • Robots : Getting a new skin, +touch!
  • Drugs : Acetaminophen tied to hypertension?
  • XBOX360 : Expect multiple versions?
  • Gaming : "Legend of Zelda" Halo mod!
  • Computing : Misc WinXP tips & tricks
  • Internet :
  • ... 100Mbps connection for $50/m? ... in Japan.
    ... Free, nationwide WiFi ...from Google?
  • Offshoring : More ID Theft enabling going on? ... Australian PD launches investigation
  • Mad Cow : Rules violations ... "At no point in time did SRMs get to consumers"
  • ESCR : A Jewish perspective, part 1 ... good round-up of pros and cons
  • Pedophilia :
  • ... "Dr Sex" celebrates Dr Alfred Kinsey, and why that is bad
    ... Doublestandards abound
  • Space :
  • ... Black holes produce energy?
    ... Planet X might be bigger than thought?
    ... Figure-8 orbit? ... in theory, anyway
  • Mapping : FlashEarth ... GMaps + MS's Virtual Earth
  • Social inSecurity : 70th Birthday ... found via Ace
  • Free speech : William Paterson University denying free speech to student ... punished Jihad Daniel for asking not to receive lesbian's emails. WTF? No ACLU??
  • Assassination : Arranging a hit on your wife ... from in your jail cel ... might keep you there longer!
  • Madonna : Broken ... bones, that is. In horse riding accident.
  • Blind Dates : Annika's latest ... still trying to convince my wife to let me go on a date like that!
  • Bloggers : Sadie sucks

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  • OOTS : #215 - guest art ... nose-strike and "god of alcohol"
  • Flash : Funky Truck 4WD
  • UF : Firefox loses ground to IE, wootness!
  • Iraq : Dog ate the Constitution ... found via Basil Phin
  • SCOTUS : "Roberts once claimed that girls were 'gross' and even 'stupid'"
  • Economics : 'Greenspan Cuts Pimpin' Rate By $25 Per Trick'
    ... 'Facing cutbacks, Time no longer able to fly while you’re having fun'
  • Armed Forces : Recruits to be paid in gasoline
  • Oil : 'Gas prices have US motorists over a barrel' ... and the solution : Rhetorica!
  • Movie : New sequel - 'Rocky fights Rocky fights Rocky fights Rocky'
  • Baby : First word "Da Da" seems to be misunderstood
  • Crawfordstock :
  • ... Terrorism in Texas
    ... She has no exit strategy
    ... W, Rummy, Rove, Condi = orgy? ... she said it, not me!
  • Beat Down : Don't claim to like Quidditch
  • "Global Warming Winter": Early copperheads = global ice age ... or, confused snakes. (true'ish)
  • ALP : #140 ... there is no bomb there!
  • Penis : Fistful of Penii Penis Wars ... comment cascade! (repost)
  • Flash : Dogfart Orchestra ... found via STB

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  • Crawfordstock :
    With Casey Sheehan, there is a story of tragedy but also one of hope and honor.
    With his mother, right now, there is only tragedy, and I've had my fill of it.
    --thanks IMAO!

  • Men are from Earth, women are from elsewhere :
    If Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara go out for lunch, they will call each other Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara.
    If Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head and Scrappy.

    When the bill arrives, Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom will each throw in a $20, even though it's only for $32.50. None of them will have anything smaller and none will actually admit they want change back.
    When the women get their bill, out come the pocket calculators.

    A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
    A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need, but it's on sale.

    A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel from the Marriott.
    The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.

    A woman has the last word in any argument.
    Anything a man says after that... is the beginning of a new argument.

    Women love cats.
    Men say they love cats, but when women aren't looking, men kick cats.

    A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
    A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

    A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
    A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

    A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
    A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.

    A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, and get the mail.
    A man will dress up for weddings and funerals.

    Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed.
    Women somehow deteriorate during the night.

    Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams.
    A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

    Any married man should forget his mistakes. There's no use in two people remembering the same thing.
    --thanks Aaron (via email)

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    Day by Day

    Topper vs Feature Creep

    Soldiers Angels

    Assumption of Command

    Kerry's imprisoned 180
    The Mad Tech

    Not about size, eh?
    Fistful of Fortnights

  • Bloggie Linkfests: OTB, TMG
    ... and Harvey has been blog-napped! ... resulting in quality weenie gettingsuperlinked (found via Ogre)

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